NEW Classes at BPS (and some thoughts on story telling.)

Congratulations to Marjie, Dennylyn and Shae!

I’ve emailed YOU all with instructions on gaining access to May’s workshop. Thanks for the great feedback!


I’m curious, since my giveaway this week is a Memory Works kit, how many of YOU subscribe to one or more kit clubs?

May Flaum and Big Picture Scrapbooking opened Adventures in Scrapbooking: Kits today and I just watched/listened to May’s introductory slide show.
Wow! Good stuff.
When a new kit arrives in the mail there is a rush of excitement and an initial bump in inspiration as you dump it out and imagine all the amazing things you could create. Then life and routine tends to set in and sometimes (often) the next kit arrives before you’ve fully unpacked the last one.

See? I do know. I’ve been there.


This is where May’s class can help. She is teaching principles of creative expression that will HELP you break outside your routine and start really exploring the possibilites that these beautiful collections of product present — truly, good kit clubs are virtual personal shoppers that gather the new and coolest product and deliver it to you. Now you just need the education to move you in the direction of personal confidence and true creativity.


You’ve got the materials …
Now you can learn the methods from May.

Leave me a comment. Tell me whether you subscribe to a kit club and which kits they are. I’m giving away THREE seats in May’s class. I’ll post the WINNER tonight at 5:00pm pacific time (so hurry.)


The other class that I want to plug for a minute is Home Again, Home Again, the November installment of A Life Well Crafted with Kolette Hall — this is because I am her guest designer this month and I made the project! The project is really such a small part of Kolette’s overall message, but … it is a darn useful tool for story-tellers. It is a perpetual memory file and I am using it and LOVE it. I have tucked it inside one of my kitchen cupboards and I am so proud of the regularity with which I am updating — nothing close to daily, but quite often.

The concept is 365 index cards and a date stamp that will help you track the details of both milestone events and little moments you don’t want to forget. In a year or two the perpetual-ness will really sink in and it will become a very COOL way to look back, make connections and add detail to your life stories.

This is the PERFECT class for your “non-scrapbooking” friends. Anyone can make this project with supplies from an office store and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love to plant seeds of future memory in this handy little file box.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me.

And now, I have to give another shout out to the Write. Click. Scrapbook. gallery this month.

It is SO GOOD.


This was one of the projects/stories that really JUMPED out at me. A hybrid theme album that shares memorable childhood family vacation memories. It was created by Autumn Baldwin (who, btw is developing her first class at BPS!)


Her album has sections for the most memorable locations her family traveled to when she was young. Her father was a traveling consultant, so they got to go SEE some pretty amazing places!


Anyway … I just absolutely LOVE the approach Autumn took with this, the use a small sampling of older photos, scanned and enhanced with new technology and the simple and striking design. GREAT JOB!!


This is Elizabeth Dillow’s layout and it brought back a rush of memories for me. When I drink cola (which is not very often) it isn’t Coke or Pepsi, but Dr. Pepper and I totally remembering singing along to this 1977 (yikes, I’m old) commercial …

I was pretty involved with student government at BYU and my introduction to those great opportunities came through the “Repper” program my freshman year. I was a representative or “repper” for my dorm building and YES, we all had matching shirts and sang … “I’m a Repper, You’re a Repper …”

crazy memories.

Finally, my story — the story of Cougar Jackson. I didn’t realize that in my rush to get my family story layout turned in, I didn’t share the journaling or story. This is truly one of those stories that my family tells over and over again — at least I do. When people find out my brother’s name is Cougar there are generally questions and this story is often part of my response.


So, here’s to Cougar Jackson (I love ya bro!)

When my brother Cougar was born, several of my parents’ friends voiced their disapproval of the name “Cougar.” One person went so far as to warn our father that “someday Cougar will want to change his name” and that will be evidence that  your choice is not in the best interest of your son or his future.

When Cougar was 9 or 10 years old, he and dad were driving home from some sort of boy bonding experience in the truck when Cougar suddenly said, “Dad, I think I want to change my name.” You can imagine how my father braced himself for what was to follow.

“What would you like your name to be, son?”

“Well, instead of Cougar Hall, I’d like to be Cougar Jackson or Cougar Johnson – those names seem more like football player names. “

Dad, obviously feeling a degree of relief told Cougar that there wasn’t much he could do for him. He explained, that with some effort, you can change your first name, but changing a surname is not really possible.

“Well, I like Cougar, so I guess I just stay Cougar Hall then.”



  1. I dont currently subscribe to any kit clubs, but the one you showcased sure looks puuuuurdy! :)

  2. I actually only subscribe to two right now. The Sweetwater Kids club for my kids to scrapbook with (thanks Kolette Hall, LOL) and the Busy Women Scrapbook kit from Adorn It. I love both of them though!

  3. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs right now but I love that they arrive all coordinated to take the guess work out. :-)

  4. Jennifer A says:

    I LOVE getting the monthly scrapbooking kit from Two Chicks Designs. The owner is a scrapbooker like me who doesn’t have much time to create and wants to be able to sit down and create with beautiful supplies that she “knows” what to do with. She tells her stories in a similar way that I do and her kits reflect it.

  5. I subscribe to Scarlet Lime’s kit and recently did a big trade with Margie for three Girls Loft kits… I was in a buying freeze but wanted the kits so I traded her credit to my Etsy shop! :) How fun! :) Thanks for the giveaway, the class looks great!

  6. Marjie Kemper says:

    For a few years I subscribed to two kit clubs, but I’m hesitant to name them. Here’s why: I enjoyed them for about 12 months, but then it seemed like what they were either (a) sending products I had already purchased through online sources (no lss near me) so I wasn’t getting the advertised hot/new products or (b) their monthly kits often resembled each other… the same “new” stuff in each separate company’s kit.

    That said, I’ve got a lot of kit stash left! Would love to give the class a go. Have not been disappointed once with a BPS class.

  7. I have been tried a couple kit clubs. I just finished a 3-month subscription to My Scrapbook Nook and prior to that had subscribed to CMK until they closed their doors. Trying to decide which club to go with next … I’ve been trying a few others out. Right now my #1 choice is looking to be Scrap Attack.

  8. I currently don’t subscribe to a kit, because there are so many companies out there I’m overwhelmed by which one is the “best” one to get. Money is tight – so I have to be careful with my pennies and make sure a kit fits my style before I committ – as I don’t want too many embellishments adding up that I might not ever use. I’m interested though because I’m a good student and do what I’m told! And I get inspired by being shown new products and techniques that I might not have tried otherwise. I’m babystepping there…. :)

  9. Cheryl Delsanter says:

    I currently don’t subscribe to a monthly club kit, but have ordered single kits before. I love them, but often still have trouble putting pages together. Go figure!

  10. I don’t subscribe to a kit club. I’ve always wanted to though, and feel like it would make it easier for me to choose product to use on a page if I did. :-)

  11. I subscribe to LRS – Little Red Scrapbook and have for probably 4 years. . .I have bits of every kit still – some never used. . .HELP!! LOL


  12. I don’t subscribe to any kits but I am constantly looking at them wishing I did! I have bought album kits quite often but never the monthly kits. It would be fun to learn how to use them to maximize their value.

  13. I did subscribe to Scrapbook Sussies for a while – there was so much product in it that I couldn’t get around to using it all!! I had to stop for a while to use up my stash. She has some great stuff…

  14. I’ve never subscribed to a kit club before, but I keep thinking about it. I can picture my anticipation each month before I get the kit, and my excitement when I receive it. Also, how fun it would be for products to be picked out for me?

  15. Melyssa Leighty says:

    I currently don’t subscribe to any kits, but if I were to win a spot in the class well then I would most certainly find one to subscribe to! :)

  16. i’ve never subscribed to a kit program yet, but I really like Scarlet Lime and Studio Calico.

  17. I am not a kit subscriber! But have to say, I am old too.. loved the flash back to the Dr. Pepper commercial I totally remember all the words, funny thing is my kids do to. Apparently I sing the song still.

  18. Hi Stacy! I don’t subscribe to any for the EXACT reason you describe. I have enough trouble getting things done as it is (2 kids – 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) so the idea of having kits stacking up is enough to make me cry! But I do have trouble with the artistic side of scrapbooking – the coordinating of papers, knowing which accents to add, etc. For that reason, kits have always been appealing to me… Sounds like May’s class would be a blast. Would love to win this one! Thank you!! (for the record, I love your brother’s name – and from your story, sounds like he has the character to match!)

  19. I subscribe to scrapshotz a canadian kit of the month club. They have awesome kits I love getting new product, and now that I am back at university full time, it’s nice to get the kit and create without having to figure out what goes with what!

  20. Hi. I don’t belong to any kit clubs. I used to but they just piled up and up and up. Then the recession kicked in. I would love to win a seat in Mary’s class just to use up what I have on hand. Love the little file too with the date stamp. Too cute.

  21. Helen Carter says:

    Don’t belong to any kit clubs, but do pick one up occassionally if I really like that particular kit…would love to have fun with May she always has such great ideas!!!

  22. Christine Scott says:

    I have subscribed to Express the Moment and Scarlet Lime kits and love them. However I recently stopped my subscriptions trying to force myself to use what I have! My problem is exactly what you describe. As a result I have 25+ kits built up that I haven’t even touched. I get them out, touch everything and then put them back, waiting for just the right photos. I have used some of the kits, but never in the way they were intended and I always end up with a bunch of leftovers that just sit. I even have a box for them now! Help!

  23. I’m not a subscriber right now – can’t justify the outlay when I’m not working :0(
    …But, I DO have some kits – some still in their mailing boxes – that could use a little love and attention… :0)

  24. Kathy Stechschulte says:

    Hey…I just ordered my very first kit this Monday from Scarlet Lime. :) I have been thinking and researching them for about a year and this week I just took the plunge. I’m a little worried about using the kit as I tend to be a slow scrapper, but I am very excited. I am already looking for it in the mail!!

  25. I used to subscribe to several kit clubs but stopped because I never really used them. I have a couple rubbermaid containers full of kits that I’ve never used. I’d love to win a seat in May’s class just to give me the inspiration to use the kits I’ve accumulated!

  26. Cara Baker says:

    i do not subscribe to any kit clubs and quite honestly, don’t think i will in the future, either. the temptation is certainly there…great coordinating, new products delivered right to my door…and yet…my whole life seems overridden with stuff already….i can honestly say that I have spent well under $100 in the last year on my scrapbooking hobby, and i’m thinking that most of that was getting pictures developed. i already have the stuff….what i really need to work on is the TIME.

  27. May’s recipe class was great. So I’m sure this will be good too.

  28. I used to subscribe to the MemoryWorks monthly kit and I was also in a kit club with my Close to My Heart consultant. Unfortunately, my family has had some economic downturns and I had to cancel my subscriptions. I have plenty of kits left, however, so I could make good use of this class.

  29. I have many unused kits that I opened with much excitement and joy and then life got in the way as you described. When I lost my job in January of this year, I cancelled all my kits and promised to use up what I had on hand!! I was blessed with a new job in April and moved to a new state. All my supplies will come out of storage later this month and it will be like Christmas for me!!! I can’t wait, hoping I can convince my husband that unpacking the household stuff can wait while I set-up my scrap space – highly unlikely but it will happen soon enough and I will be smiling! Wining a seat in the class would be great! Thanks Stacy

  30. I do not belong to any kit clubs but I think I would like to join!

  31. I have subscribed to many kits over the years. I currently subscribe to Scarlet Lime and Jenni Bowlin. I love these kits! In the past I’ve had Club Scrap, Scrap Goods, Studio Calico, and one more that I forget the name of just now. All of the kits have been great. One of the things I love about the kits is their galleries. I find such wonderful inspiration from the designers who are using the same materials that have arrived on my doorstep.

  32. I’ve never subscribed to a kit club. Would luv to try though. Thx for the opp!

  33. I have wanted to try a kit club, but I am afraid of having what you said happen- the next kit would show up before I used the first one, and so on, and so on, and pretty soon, I am just a storage facility for kits. I would love to win the class (because I truly love BPS classes), and it would offer some guidance on using kits. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs–I have way too much product on hand already that I’m not using. I would love to take the class and adapt it to what I already have–which is a lot of matching stuff already (Chatterbox stuff…American Crafts…lots of coordinating stuff) Thanks Stacey!!!

  35. I’ve subscribed to SEI’s club for about two years, but am thinking of switching to Scrap for the Cure as they are more often my style.

  36. I currently subscribe to the monthly kits from Memory Works. They are awesome. I love how they put such random and unique items together. It really gets me to think outside the box. Love them!!!

  37. I used to belong to a kit club and loved it. That particular club isn’t around anymore but I keep thinking that some day I’d like to join one.

  38. I’m a kit club junkie!! I love Studio Calico, Scarlet Lime and Jenni Bowlin. Just recently picked up Cocoa Daisy and I’ve also got an occasional Kenner Road kit. Love and use them all and May’s class looks fantastic.

  39. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs, but I do have lots of digital kits that I haven’t done much with.

  40. I used to subscribe to a couple of kits, loved having things come to me & the prompting to use them! In fine-tuning our budget years ago I stopped subscribing. I do love the personal shopper aspect of it & somehow it feels easier to take chances & try things when you have a kit on hand to use up! :)

  41. Right now I am only subscribing to Scarlet Lime kits. But I have explored many others and have some of the kits still in their ziplock bags as proof: Little Red Scrapbook, Cocoa Daisy. Paper Playground to name a few…

  42. Thanks for the awesome opportunity, Stacy. May rocks!! I used to subscribe to Studio Calico…and I miss it!!! No other subs for me right now…

  43. Michelle Evans says:

    I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs, but I have purchased a few and love them!!
    Thanks for the give-a-ways!

  44. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs, but if I win a free spot I will certainly sign up for one.

  45. Sara Padgett says:

    I don’t subscribe to a monthly kit. I’ve thought about it but have never made the jump yet.

  46. I really wanted to take her class but it wasn’t in the cards for me this month, but after I see some more sneaks on your blog, maybe I’ll be lucky. I sometimes buy a kit from Studio Calico but I don’t subscribe … I also drool over many other kits but never give in to the temptation.

  47. I don’t subscribe to any kits. I found I was doing exactly what you are talking about…kits unopened when the next one would come! I love downloading and taking classes that way I feel like I can accomplish something!

  48. I do subscribe to Scarlet Lime kit club but have not been using the kits like I could. Would love to try the class – thanks for the chance!

  49. Mary Kay Seckinger says:

    First— some people were concerned that our son, Baxter, would struggle with his name, too. So far, so good, except at 8 he’s expressed an interest in changing it to Jango Fett.

    Now, to the kits: I used to subscribe to Suzy’s Kits, but found just what you described– the new one would come before the last one was used. For that reason, May’s class intrigues, and I’ve been tempted by the Studio Calico kits lately. Hmmm… Might be the perfect scrapbooking storm.

  50. I have not subscribed to a kit club to date. I have often thought about it…then not doing it due to feeling overwhelmed with which club to go with, what to do to keep up with what they send each month…I think this class is for me! I have taken a few classes on BPS and absolutely love what you all do!

  51. I dont subscribe to any currently – single mom budget makes that a bit tough, but I love looking through the kits to see all the yummy goodies that come in them :)

  52. I don’t currently subscribe to any kits. I found that I rarely used them and I couldn’t justify spending the money. Maybe if I win a spot in May’s class I can break that habit!

  53. Michele May says:

    I usually don’t work from kits and have never subscribed. But recently, I purchased a single kit from Cocoa Daisy and it is just lovely.

  54. I so am a kit subscriber…the closest LSS to me closed down over a year ago and I have to drive ovr 30 minutes to get to one that is nearby. So…I have actually subscribed to two kits at the same time for different reasons. Scrapbooking from the Inside Out (which I do not get currently but plan to restart in the new year) and Paper Posies. I love them BOTH and ADORE how different and amazing they each are!

  55. I haven’t ordered a kit! But they always look sooo great

  56. I used to subscribe to the Scraproom kits, which I totally adored. I’m hoping to begin subscribing again soon. I have to use some of my old kits up first though!

  57. I don’t subscribe to a kit, mainly for financial reasons. I am so very inspired by you, Stacy, and truly enjoy your blog. I would LOVE a chance to experience a free class. Thanks for everything you do for us as Moms and Women.

  58. I subscribe to Cocoa Daisy and I’ve also purchased some Jenni Bowlin kits as well.

  59. I subscribe to too many! SEI, Storytellers & HOTP Personal Shopper. Maybe if I spent less time orgaizing by kits, I’d get more scrapbooking done!

  60. Yolanda B. says:

    I was doing my homework on different subscriptions and when I had decided to sign up, I got layed off….bummer….so I had to put if off…

  61. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs. They look really wonderful but I haven’t investigated them. I’ve seen some interesting ones out there.

  62. Studio Calico
    Scarlet Lime
    Jenni Bowlin

    All of them wonderful kits and very inspiring!

  63. I get my monthly kit from and I love them!
    $25.00 a month, free shipping, when you commit to, I believe, 6 months.
    In fact, I have to run home right now – it might be on my front porch!

  64. I wish I can subscribe to more than one kit, but right now I only get Studio Calico (which I will never give up). Thanks for the chance to win a pass to May’s class.

  65. carol in seattle :) says:

    I don’t subscribe to a kit right now…I did a six month trial a few years ago and found that I was too intimidated to use it. So now where are those kits? Still in their packages, in a box! Waiting for the right time to be made into a project. How sad…..

  66. Melanie but you can call me Mel says:

    I have subscribed to numerous in the past, some are extinct now, like Club Scrap & Scrapjammies.
    Currently I am getting the Girl’s Loft kits from Margie, and I purchase random kits from Cocoa Daisy, Studio Calico, CK, whatever strikes my fancy.

    I would love to take this class to learn more versatility with using my kits.



  67. I do not subscribe to any kit clubs, but I have always wanted to join one, like Studio Calico, Scrap Cafe, or Cocoa Daisy. I do browse them online and stare at them longingly, LOL!

    PS: I LOVE the story of Cougar Jackson.

  68. I have never subsribed to any kits. I have taken a BPS class once. I have a very ill daughter and my extra funds pay medical bills. I haven’t been able to justify purchasing kits. Although it is something I have always wanted to do.

  69. I don’t subscribe to a kit right now. I had a six month trial a few years ago and found that I was too intimidated to use it. And now where are those kits? Still in their packages, in a box! Waiting for the right time to be made into a project. How sad……

  70. I used to subscribe to Tarisota here in Australia, but I stopped – for exactly the reasons you mentionted. I used to feel a great buzz when I received the kit, but then put off doing stuff with it because it all looked so lovely…too lovely to break up (!) And then the next one would arrive…

  71. I don’t subscribe to any kits. I love looking at them online, but they just don’t fit into my budget.

  72. I subscribe to Girl’s Loft (since July fro 6 months).
    I love Scarlet Lime and would like to subscribe to that but not possible at the moment.

  73. I subscribe to Studio Calico. I dropped it for a few months because I wasn’t using enough of it, but since we have no prosperous LSS here I resubscribed. I’m still feeling guilty that I don’t use it up very quickly, so I’d love to win a spot in May’s class.

  74. I currently subscribe to two kits: Cocoa Daisy and Studio Calico. Both are FABULOUS … well worth it!

  75. I currently subscribe to Studio Calico but next month will be my last. I just can’t afford it anymore.

  76. None, I do not subscribe to Kits. I find I have too many supplies that I really don’t need anymore at this time. I like to force myself to use the stash I already have since at one time I bought it thinking it was amazing and useful. Don’t get me wrong that I don’t buy anything but I try and limit to those times when I’m scrapping at the LSS and I just can’t resist that new line of paper.

  77. I do not subscribe to a kit club, but have often been tempted as I enjoy the kits I buy at the LSS —- would love to learn how to use them effectively!

  78. Lisa knudsen says:

    I don’t subscribe to any kits…but mightbe persuaded!

  79. No I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs…never have…though I’ve purchased a few kits here and there, and I love the way everything works together. Sometimes I get brave and split them out, and then it’s like Christmas – a whole new world when they are separated.

  80. Ashley Decker says:

    I currently do not subscribe to any monthly kits. I guess you’re looking around to see what kits people are purchasing, so it would be great to maybe get a list of some “hot” kits people are purchasing.

  81. I only subscribe to one Cocoa Daisy-that’s all I can afford for now!

  82. I usedto subscribe to sweetwater’s kotm but I was not doing anything with the kits so I cancelled!

  83. I currently have kits from the Girls Loft, Quick Quotes and Embellish it. Would love to win a seat in order to find ways to use them.

  84. I used to subscribe to The Scrap Room. I still have some of their kits….and hence the reason I don’t subscribe any more. I love the kits, but I just wasn’t using them. Currently I get Stamps of Life in the mail monthly. It’s just stamps, so nothing consumable. I feel a little less guilty! :D

  85. I don’t subscribe. There are some great stuff in the kits though!

  86. I do not subscribe to any kit clubs but would love to. Tight finances and all that. But I can still drool over all the goodies!

  87. I subscribe to Quick Quotes kit of the month, I just started this summer after visiting their booth at a local scrapbook expo. I love that everything I need is delivered to my door!

  88. Shelley F. says:

    Unfortunately, like many others, I currently do not subscribe to any kits due to budgetary constraints :-( I would love to though….all that yummy goodness!!! I have in the past picked up a kit here and there from Cocoa Daisy….subscribed to Self Addressed…….and have drooled over the Studio Calico kits.

  89. I used to subscribe to two kit clubs. I loved getting the kits in the mail every month. Just like you said it was a temporary bump in creative thinking, but life went on. Now I just have a pile of kits waiting to be used. I have found that shopping my stash and putting my own kits together has helped me get pages done in less time. In 15 minutes chunks I can gather pictures, supplies, and journaling to put together later. Love that!

  90. Studio Calico… I love this it is the best thing I have ever done for my self. It feels like Christmas every month and I love the gallery the product. I just can’t day enough good things.

  91. I don’t currently subscribe to any kits. I tend to make my own up and make due with that. Would love to learn more.

  92. I do not subscribe to any kit clubs but would like to start. I love the idea of having all of the pieces in one place.

  93. I subscribe to the Girls Loft kits…I took a class with Margie in Nashville – love that girl and her energy and the kits she and her daughters put together. I occasionally pick up a Cocoa Daisy kit or another if it’s something I know I’ll use.

  94. Sherrie M. says:

    I have many kits from Little Red Scrapbook and Mosh-Posh that need to be used! I recently cancelled both subscriptions because they were piling up and weren’t being used. Love looking at all the new selections for all the clubs on the first day of the month….its like Christmas!

  95. I don’t subscribe to a kit at the moment. I have in the past. I am designing for My Scrapbook Nook.

  96. I don’t subscribe to a kit right now. I would love to, but money is just to tight right now!

  97. Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    I don’t subscribe to any kits right now but am contemplating the Memory Works one.

  98. Kary in Colorado says:

    I subscribe to Jenni Bowlin’s kit and have for several years. Loved her class this summer! I must admit, I’m tempted by the Cocoa Daisy kit too, but I am lucky to have a couple of LSS in my small city, so I try to support them instead.

  99. I’ve been subscribing to the Scraproom kits for a few years now. I love them!

  100. I don’t subscribe to a kit club right now, but it’ something I’m going to look into soon! I love Scarlet Lime & Cocoa Daisy, and I drool over their releases every month, but I just haven’t made the commitment!

  101. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs right now, but I wish I could. I love the kits and accessory kits that Cocoa Daisy puts out. Maybe someday…

  102. I love kit clubs. I’ve rotated 6 month stints with Cocoa Daisy, Scarlet Lime, and my local scrapbook stores. I’m really looking forward to May’s class for some ideas on how to use all these kits!

  103. I don’t subscribe to any kit clubs, but I do have some that I’ve purchased and they are still in the packaging:(

  104. I’ve stopped all my kit clubs because I wasn’t using them! I have piles and piles of kits sitting here waiting for inspiration and pictures. It would be great to win a spot in May’s class and get some new ideas for using them up!

  105. Julie Mannering says:

    I don’t subscribe to any yet. I would love to, maybe someday soon :)

  106. I don’t subscribe to any kits. I love Studio Calico though! May’s class sounds great!

  107. would love to play with a studio calico kit one day…i tend to make up kits out of my own stash to take to crops and well i have way too many of those made up already …..would love to win a seat please

  108. Oh I’d love to be in that class.. Right now I get Jenni Bowlin and Scarlet lime.. they are sitting in the boxes they came in.. I don’t know to break them up or keep them together.
    I’ve taken like a million BPS classes… then I took a break this summer.. maybe it’s time to start up again!

  109. Hey Stacy,
    I am a Club Scrap Member and have been for almost 2 years. It is the most wonderful company. The forum is a fantastic place to hang out and I have made so many friends there! The kits have the most fabulous paper. All the designs are exclusive to their company. They are also the oldest kit club, having just celebrated there 10th anniversary!

  110. I get ktis from The Girl’s Loft – ad love them – hope to sign up for Scarlet Lime in the future – Thanks for the chance to win!!

  111. I don’t subscribe to a kit club, though I’m hoping to convince my husband to do it for Christmas. I like Jenni Bowlin and Cocoa Daisy. I want to learn how to make my own!

  112. Rachel :0) says:

    Not a subscriber to regularly mailed and purchased subscription-type kits. Though I am highly addicted to kits put together by manufacturers, especially DoodleBug and page kits by my lss: Pebbles in my Pocket.

  113. I LOVE kits! I subscribe to ScrapRoom, and my friend subscribes to Studio Calico, so I often get some of their add ons. I used to get Memory Works, and occasionally one of us will also get Kenner Road, Jenni Bowlin or something else.

  114. i love my kit clubs — i have been with jenni bowlin (the best in the universe) almost since kit 1 (i missed the first 2 months i believe)…i also am loving studio calico!! i am a mess with mixing designs, but i can whip out a kit & just create & not worry!

  115. Tiffany H says:

    I don’t subscribe to any kits. I’ve seen some nice looking ones on the web but have never made the leap to actually purchase one. They’re often expensive and/or you have to commit to a specific length of time; they don’t give you an option to “try” their kit before making a 3 or 6 month commitment. Maybe one of these days…

    • CarrieAnne says:

      Tiffany, try your local scrapbook store. Often they offer kits, and usually you can purchase without any commitment at all. I personally think they are more fun as well!

  116. CarrieAnne says:

    Wow, I love kits and supporting my local scrapbook stores! I have two here in Colorado, Treasure Box and Capture and I subscribe to both of their kits. I have tried several others, but to be honest, my local scrapbook stores, really have it nailed down. They offer the most diverse group of papers and embellishments so I just have to stick with them! If you want to try out kits, I suggest you try the local stores, each kit is a bit more, but you can choose to do only 1 or the full enchilada!

  117. I don’t subscribe to kits …yet. I love looking at them and dreaming, but for right now, we can’t financially. When we turn over a new leaf, kits will definitely be one of my bonuses each month.

  118. I don’t subscribe to any clubes right now. I haven’t had the chance to really see what comes in a kit. Besides if I had new product coming to my home on a monthly basis, my hubby would probably have a cow, I have quite a stash right now that I need to work on using. So these classes would probably be a great way to learn ways to utilize those things.

  119. Yes, I love kits! I sub to Studio Calico, Quick Quotes, my LSS, and Unity! I always watch Scarlet Lime and Cocoa Daisy though!

  120. Melissa F. says:

    I subscribe to Cocoa Daisy, Scarlet Lime and Studio Calico – yes I love them all and could use this class!

  121. Christine H says:

    I have purchased page kits, mostly when I run out of time before a crop. They are great. I’ve actually decided I do better planning and making a page and then finding pics for it. I have considered kit clubs but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m leary of committing that much of my scrapbooking budget to something I have no say in what I get. But maybe….

  122. Lauri Bauer says:

    I subscribe to Cocoa Daisy, Jenni Bowlin Studio and Scarlet Lime and love them all! I really need some inspiration/coaching on how to use them!!! This is a great giveaway…thanks for the opportunity to win!

  123. Hi, I belong to the Girls Loft and Embelish It. Would love to take a class from May!

  124. I get Cocoa Daisy, Scarlet Lime, Embellish it, and Jenni Bowlin. Since I just got back from Ethiopia a month ago with our new daughter – everything is still sitting in packages in my scrapbook room just waiting for me to have some time and inspiration.


  125. Heather B. says:

    I sub to the ScrapRoom – lovelovelove getting a little bit of so many different lines!!

  126. Liane Donovan says:

    None currently. But I have done sever through the years. Lately I spend all of my money with CTMH or my LSS!

  127. I don’t belong to a kit club and I’m not yet sure if I want to. I’m also already signed up for May’s class because I thought her class might help me decide. I really enjoyed her Recipe’s class so I knew this would be packed with information.

    I’m happy to get credit at BPS if I win because I seem to be taking many classes there!

  128. I would love to have a kit arrive on my doorstep every so often, but I haven’t yet dove in and ordered one. I think I fear that maybe I’ll end up with a bunch of stuff that I’ll never use and then it would be more economical to just go and purchase what I know I like, but maybe good to look at it like a jumpstart to create something that I might not have otherwise. Hmmmm, something to think about!

  129. Molly McCarthy says:

    What a timely entry! I’ve used 2009 as a tester year for kit clubs. I’ve tried six and my favorite is Cocoa Daisy.

  130. Lisa in Spokane says:

    I have never subscribed to any kit clubs. I would love to try a kit out though :)

  131. Would love to win a spot in this class. I have an untouched kit just sitting in a bag next to me; clearly I need a little help with inspiration and getting started ;)

  132. I haven’t subscribed to any kit clubs or bought kits. i would definately need May’s class to show me how to cope withall the goodness that comes in a kit1

  133. I subscribe to Studio Calico and love it! Great giveaway stacy!! Lovin the new site!

  134. I have been a member of Club Scrap for 3 years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The products are fantastic, and I have been introduced to not only scrapbooking, but cardmaking, stamping, making books and amazing projects in general. They have 3 monthly kits – Sr, Jr and Stamp (geared more towards projects and cardmaking than scrapbooking). They don’t have a minimum membership either – you can join for one month if you want. But you get free extras if you join for 3-6 months, and I guarantee once you get a kit, you won’t want to stop. They also have free AMAZING directions for us busy people. Minimal waste and the kits cost about the same as an avg trip to the craft store. Can you guys tell I like Club Scrap? :)

  135. I had subscribed to Freckle Friends kit of the month club and loved’em !!!!!


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