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I’m a mother of two and have been “bogged” down with scrapbooking trying to capture every moment they have had.  Until I came upon your magazines and now websites and blogs.  I love your concept of the four basic albums.  I have loved Colorbok albums, now those are hard to come by.  I have a few of the Urban Chic, but now can’t find any of those.

What other albums do you recommend or are your favorite. I seem to pick the albums that disappear, then I’m stuck with an album and no extra inserts, or too many inserts and no album. Help!

Kim (A Scrapbooking Mom in Wisconsin)

This is a great question. I have three albums/companies that I recommend to my Library of Memories students. I have a ‘verbal’ confirmation from the top two companies that they are invested in continuing these lines of albums. Obviously, there are no guarantees.


American Crafts
These are the albums I use in my personal Library of Memories. I love the customizable covers and the combination of chipboard and fabric spines. I am a BIG fan of D-ring bindings (vs. post bound) that allow you quick and easy access to your pages. Here’s the link at Scrapbook.com

Modern Albums (in 6×6, 8 1/2 x 11 and 12×12)


We R Memory Keepers
These albums look absolutely gorgeous lined up on a shelf. I love the classic bookplate labels and the vivid array of beautiful colors.  They come in both 12×12 and 81/2 x 11. Again … I would go for the 3-ring versions. Here are the links at Scrapbook.com

Classic Leather 81/2 x 11
Classic Leather 12×12

Keeping Memories Alive
KMA albums have been manufactured for a very LONG time. They are the favorite of many scrapbookers. Their color palette is more muted and they are as kid-proof as they come! They also come in 3-ring styles in both popular sizes. Here are the links at Scrapbook.com

KMA 81/2 x 11
KMA 12×12

Hope this answers your questions and gives you enough options to make a choice that is right for you!

A World of 100

OK, so I’m super excited to share what I found via a link on Twitter. I *think* from Guy Kawasaki (?)

In 1990 Donella Meadows published the State of the Village Report under the title “Who lives in the Global Village?” From this essay that compared our world population to a village of 1000 people, has stemmed multiple interpretations to help ground us in our 6 billion member global village and even more important help the privileged few gain perspective on our responsibility to become engaged in causes of equality.

So, look … a wonderfully visual interpretation entitled The World of 100 by graphic designer, Toby Ng Kwong To.

On Monday, I printed about eleven of of Toby’s illustrations (see website) and devised a “game” for my family to play at Family Home Evening. It was a HIT.

Jennifer and Taft counted out 100 small treats (think M&Ms, Skittles, candy corn, Craisins) in small bowls. I sat each bowl on top of one of these illustrations that was placed upside down on the table. I used a sticky note to label the back of each illustration with the topic, ie. Education, Computers, Freedom, Fear, Food, Water etc …

Each person got a turn to select a topic and guess what the statistics/percentages might be. That person then revealed the correct number and counted that many “treats” from the bowl, into a larger bowl that represents our family’s condition/opportunity.

I hope this makes sense.

For example, in a village of 100 people, only ONE person gets to go to college; only seven people own computers and only thirty people have enough food to eat every single day.

This little activity really helped us visual our blessings.
It is something even young children can pretty easily wrap their brains around and it encouraged some good conversation among my older children.

I can’t wait for you to try it!

37_100-print11 37_100-print7

37_100-print3 37_100-print1

37_100-print10 37_100-print8

One of my happy conclusions: I LOVE Twitter — that helps me find GREAT stuff on the Internet.


  1. Yolanda B. says:

    I agree with Kim, I too have gotten stuck with albums from Creative Memories with no pages. The albums are adorable but they changed to True 12×12 pages…. {sigh}

    • The new true size side-loading sleeves (clear protectors with the same hinge as the pages) fit in the original sized albums so all you have to do is slip in your 12×12 layouts. Also, CM’s number one customer inquiry right now is concerning this issue. I suspect that they will be bringing the original size back for a limited time so that people can stock up once again. Keep yours eyes on our websites: mycmsite.com/julieolivieri or creativememories.ca and creativememories.com.

  2. Hi Stacy…to go along with your World of 100 project, you might be interested in a video called “If the World Were a Village”. It is a narrated animated 25 minute film that shows very clearly what the world would be like if there were 100 people in it. It aired on Treehouse TV here in Canada last Christmas, and although my then 3-year old son didn’t quite get it, he did enjoy the colorful animation and learning about all the different kinds of people. As a teacher I decided to purchase a copy for future use through KidsCanPress for $18.95 CAN. You can see the trailers here: http://iftheworldwereavillage.org/index.html and if you click on the Teaching Activities link it will take you to where you can purchase the video. Highly recommended!
    Have a great day!

    • Hey Girl! I was just about to post the same info but thought I would check to see if anyone else had already. Imagine my surprise when, after skipping over the names and reading your post, I discovered it was you. I have caught bits and pieces of this video on Treehouse a few times.

  3. What a great idea with the 100 things! Can you help me figure out how to print them out? I tried and they were too small to read. Any tips? Thank you!

    • Katy,
      I went to Toby’s site (see the link in my post) and clicked on each illustration. I was able to drag the enlarged illustration off onto my desktop (you could also use right-click and “Save Target As” — I think!) Once I had these Jpg images on my desktop, I simply opened each one and hit print — they printed beautifully as 81/2 x 11 illustrations. I slipped them into page protectors and put them in a 1/2″ binder.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I can hardly wait to do this with my kids! thanks for the info, we are so very blessed!

  5. Thanks so much for the post about Toby’s artwork – I shared his creation w/my library team and we’ve purchased a set of the posters to go w/the Village of 100 DVD (http://www.familycare.org/news/if_the_world.htm) we show at some of our programs. Yaaa hoo! Here was one example where my random web wanderings got me some place great!

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