Random Catch Up.

Yay. I just *finally* got my Things on my iPhone to sync with my Things on my Mac. This is making me very happy.

I stayed up way too late making new lists in almost every area of my life. Kayce and I have spent the last two days interviewing six wonderful applicants for the position of managing editor at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Our sweet Amy Oastis is leaving us soon — she is headed back to school to finish her Ph.D. and she will be missed.

Today Kayce and I are headed to an out of town meeting. We’re hoping en route to review our interview notes and editing tests and work together to make the best decision. Anyway … it’s been two days of away-from-my-desk work and I was beginning to get that really OVERWHELMED feeling. I knew it was time to stay up and catch up. The only problem is I’m getting older and am increasingly less productive in the wee hours. I can say that my studio is now clean and I have some good lists. This will most definitely¬† help tomorrow’s productivity, so in that sense the lost sleep was worth it.

In the spirit of blog catch up, here’s a random list of stuff …

  • I’m trying to adjust to complete darkness by 5:08 pm. If I don’t have pictures taken by 4:30ish, it’s too late to take pictures (ie for the blog)
  • I’ve learned that I cannot meditate on my own. I put three guided meditations (Brian Kest) on my ipod last night. Will report back.
  • I downloaded A Love and Logic podcast with Dr. Charles Fay. Can’t wait to glean some additional parenting wisdom from these. If you’re new to Love and Logic, start with the series called The Power of Empathy (good stuff.)


  • Allison and I enjoyed a fun weekend together. We got more play in than work — but, that’s what friends are for. Click HERE to see what we did with pattern paper and rolling pins.


  • We celebrated a simple birthday for Chase. Every other year my kids get a party. On the off year, they get a date with Mom and Dad and a Bday dinner at home. We enjoy Chase’s chicken and surprise cupcakes (Thanks to Jennifer) The matching ice cream cups from the Schwann’s man made it look completely planned.


  • Surprise cupcakes have M&Ms in the bottom of the cone and a large and small cupcake stacked and iced on top.


  • I’m guessing Chase really LOVED that Betty Crocker Cream Cheese frosting, because I found this at the bottom of his locker on Monday morning. Nothing like having your own personal (and hidden) jar of pure sugary sweetness to eat by the spoonful hey?
  • I’m in the process of ‘felting’ a wool sweater I purchased at Value Village. You should be eagerly awaiting the resulting idea.
  • I have new BPS classes in development from veteren teachers Tami Morrison, Lisa Day, May Flaum, Karen Grunberg, Donna Kert, Jen Mohler and new teachers Karen Stockham, Sarah Hodgkinson, Lisa Falduto and Autumn Baldwin. I’m sure I’m missing a few too!
  • Enjoyed a chat with Tracey at Shutter Sisters — talked about collaborating on a class for BPS. Would be fun.


  • I’m hoping you’ve downloaded your adorable and FREE Tickle Monster tag book, and read all about the contest BPS is hosting with Compendium. You can read more on the BPS blog and get the tags by logging into your BPS account! Please NOTE that we are featured on the Compendium home page — so happy about this.


  • Got my Liz Eaton ‘Be Happy’ necklace in the mail. Saw this on Ali’s blog and had it ordered in 3 minutes flat and wore it yesterday.
  • Speaking of Trey. What a busy little boy. He landed a part in our local theatre production of A Rented Christmas. Geoff influenced Clark to try out too, since they were in desperate need of a 17 yr-old boy. Don’t tell anyone, but I think he is being paid to participate — let’s call it, creative employment.

RUS_2232_WritersBlock RUS_2211_Woolies

YIKES. Gotta go take Trey to orchestra NOW.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Would love to see a BPS class with Tracey from Shutter Sisters!

  2. *sigh* One day, when crazy life slows down a bit, I want to have time to take a BPS class. They all sound great! Thanks for having such an inspiring website.

    • Beth,
      Be careful with ‘one day’ — sometimes that day never comes. I say sign up for Elizabeth Dillow’s Inspiration Defined. It starts Thursday, December 31st and will motivate you to start the new on the look out for inspiration that will absolutely bring more creativity into your life.

      You’ll never have more time that you do right now.
      BTW, thanks for taking time to read my blog.

  3. Love the look of that BG.

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