Sprinkle No. 6

This month is all about gratitude. Gratitude is wonderfully expressed in giving “thanks” (hence Thanksgiving) When we recognize the abundance in our own life enough to share it with another, then we are practicing true awareness.

Your *sprinkle* this week, should you choose to accept it is to Pay it Forward


in a very literal sense.

You have seven days to drive-thru McDonalds, Starbucks or some other place and give the attendant a $5 bill towards the payment of the next person in line.

THEN … (and this is the most important part) you promise to not tell a soul. Not your soul mate, not your best friend, not your child (ren.) In the spirit of true anonymity you will bless someone’s day and the energy of keeping this little act a secret will stick with you for days.

While you cannot tell anyone that you have done this, you can leave a simple “done” comment here on the blog. Let’s see how many “dones” we can accrue.

Oh, and one more thing … President Lincoln will be proud.



  1. Done! This was the best idea ever. I actually had someone do this to me about 10 years ago. I was in a cafeteria and had been having the worst morning ever. By lunch I was a walking zombie just wanting to be away from my desk but dreading the afternoon. The gentleman in front of me paid for my lunch as well as his own. The only thing I could think of was my bad day was written all over my face. The kindness put a smile on my face and I forgot all my worries.

    I have never forgotten that day and have only reciprocated once. Never thought about doing it at a drive thru and I happened to read this just before running out for lunch. Perfect timing!

  2. I love this idea. It has been awhile since I have had the opportunity, but I used to do this at toll booths–pay for the car behind me. I am so gonig to do this …..

  3. done :) my fav is to leave the remainders of a gift card or punch card and tell the cashier to decide who to use it on. lets them be a part of the blessing too.

  4. Done!

  5. done! I had someone do this for me once years ago when paying a toll on a bridge. I was so appreciative since I was a poor college student and paying the toll would have meant that I’d have been out of cash completely that week. What a treat that was!

  6. It’s so interesting that you should post this because I just did this on Sunday. I paid for the coffee of the person behind me at Caribou because I had a big order and it took extra-long. It was my first instinct to not tell anyone, but I couldn’t keep it to myself. I’m sure it was because I wanted to be recognized for doing it. Now you’ve given me the opportunity to do it again the “right” way, not seeking recognition.

  7. Done! I loved the thought of what that person’s facial expression looked like when they found out that a complete stranger paid something for them.

  8. Stacy, this is such a great sprinkle. I will never forget being in college driving home one weekend and a young man in the car ahead of me paid my toll in the toll booth. Of course he also left his business card so I am sure it was a fun pickup line of sorts but still made me feel good anyway!! LOL

  9. Done!

  10. done. thank you.

  11. Stacy-I do this with my kids once a month! We had it done to us once and have since carried on the “tradition”. The McD’s we frequent, even gives me the employee discount when doing so!
    They love the idea as well!
    Happy day!

  12. Done! I do hope it picked up someone’s day. It was a drive through scenario . . . and I just hope the person driving the Lexus behind me wasn’t offended by it and took it as the simple act of kindness which it was. The lady at the window was utterly amazed, that’s for sure! :-)

  13. Done-the first didn’t total a Lincoln so I did it twice. Thanks for the sprinkle and spreading positive vibes! :)

  14. Done! The sweet gal working at the drive thru thought it was a great thing to do for someone on Friday the 13th. Didn’t even think of that! Have a “sprinkle” filled day!

  15. Done!! It was so fun!!

  16. Done. My 3 year old wanted to take the $5 though

  17. Ann Snider says:


  18. I’m like Lisa…just two days ago I was at a little market by my house and a boy about 8 was buying two bags of groceries, and he was short a couple of dollars, and was trying to decide what he should put back. I paid the difference for him, and his whole face lit up with surprise. He was so thankful, I told him to pass it on someday to someone else and the clerk nodded. I told my daughter about it when I got home..so you are right, it doesn’t count.

    So I will come back again and type my ‘done!” later.

  19. Done! You were right Stacy… it felt great! :)

  20. We have family goal not to eat out for the months of Nov. and Dec. so I had to get creative, but DONE.

  21. About a year ago, I read a book called “Where will you be 5 years from today” or “5.” In the book there was a section called “Thank God it’s Monday” that challenged you to change your thinking of dreading Mondays to turning themn into something special. Since then Monday has been my Pay it Forward day. I always pay for the coffee of the person behind me at Starbucks. It has become more difficult to do so anonymously as there are no Drive Thru windows at my Starbucks in CT….. grrrr…. and I’ve posted it to my Facebook page to challenge others. What I did find is that this small effort gave me great joy of changing someone else’s “I hate Monday” or giving them joy to start their new work week. I now love Mondays and do Thank God it’s Monday.

  22. enggirl lorraine says:


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