Sprinkle No. 7

Keeping with the month-long theme of gratitude, this week we are going to ‘note’ our gratitude to the people we love most.

Chatterbox Eclectique

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Look through your stash of pattern paper and pick a sheet that you LOVE.
2. Cut it into 3″ strips
3. Cut each of these strips into 2″ pieces


You will now have 24 pieces of pattern paper.

Stack these little notes by your bed, your desk, your kitchen sink — wherever you will see them.
Write short expressions of gratitude to your immediate family and hide them in unexpected places, to be discovered in unexpected moments.


You could hide one inside a locker or coat closet.


You could hide one inside a shower.

OR, you could hide one …

  • on a review mirror
  • inside a backpack, lunchbox or briefcase
  • in a toybox
  • in a shoe
  • under a cup of coffee
  • in a wallet
  • in between a stack of clean clothes
  • under a pillow

Get the idea?

Our goal is to use all 24 ‘notes’ of gratitude during the next seven days.
Obviously, you will be able to leave several notes for each member of your immediate family — so get creative and be specific!

If you live alone or with just one other person — you may want to spread the LOVE a bit farther. I’ll leave this up to you, and I can’t wait to hear some of your adaptations.

Have a wonderfully GRATEFUL week.


  1. Brilliant idea, Stacy! And that’s one of my favorite papers too! I might just have to steal this one! :) Hope you are well…!

  2. I really love this idea. One time, several years ago, probably at least 7 or so, our daughter left notes for my hubby and I all over the house. Most of them just said I LOVE YOU! I’ll tell you they gave us both a real lift. I was just noticing today there is still one inside the door of the medicine cabinet. We just don’t want to take it down, so as bedraggled as it has gotten, it still is there.
    I will sure be doing this one.

  3. Love this — on my to do list for today!

  4. Love this idea! On my to do list for today!

  5. My 8yoDD has been doing this for awhile and now that my 6yoDD can write she does too. They are usually a “To Mom, I love you. Love Shayna” but sometimes they are “Thank you for…..” They usually leave them on the nightstand or pillow of my husband or I. Occasionally I find them other places. I like to leave them notes after they’ve gone to bed in their sock drawer. So when they open it in the morning they find a quick gratitude note.

  6. Wonderful idea! Thank You!

  7. What a fabulous idea! I’m home from work today and have the perfect opportunity to hide my first round of notes to my favorite people!

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