today, half way around the world

but right here on my computer,  I am participating in an event called the …


Amanda Jones and the designers and team at The Studio are hosting.

While Amanda is based in London, anyone can participate. This is of course the beauty of our global scrapbooking connection. I adore Amanda’s philosophy behind the blog challenges and classroom tutorials she offers. It is basically that everyone needs to feel welcome in the world of paper crafting and she wants to simply provide inspiration that can be tailored to your particular resources, experience and style.

“It’s about making the challenges suit you, and taking them where you want to go!”

So … here’s the scoop: Starting at 7pm (GMT) on Friday 13th November we will be hosting a BIG scrapbooking event. It will last for 48 hours and there will be games, challenges, special guests and PRIZES! A new challenge will be posted every 2 hours for the whole weekend! It wouldn’t be much of an event without a grand finale and we certainly have one of those lined up. Cathy Zielske herself will be setting the final challenge …


Addie helped me photograph my challenge, but the rest is …


a secret and you’ll have to register for the event to see more.

The BEST part of all is that all proceeds benefit Charity:Water

Thanks to Amanda and The Studio for inviting me to participate.



  1. It will probably not surprise you too much to know that my Taite has that same lime green dress that Addie is wearing. Love it! :)

    • Oh my goodness. Addie LOVES this dress. We just bought it two weeks ago and she has worn it at least 4 times and walks around saying “New Dress” over and over.
      So dang cute.

      And yes, I knew you had great taste!

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