Treats and a Trick or Two.

Oops — I think I set this post to publish at 6:00 this morning and then never finished it.
Story of my life — it’s done now. This is essentially my weekend report — which flew by so FAST — can’t believe it’s already Tuesday.

First up, four adorable children all decked out for Halloween — what a TREAT it is to be a mom and help a young person create the “visual” piece of their imaginary story!

Halloween was a success, from the smallest Bumble Bee to the teen who can leap the tallest buildings (in a single bound)




That, btw is what this variety of Bumble Bee says (over and over and over again)


and that is NOT a bzzzz, but a high-pitched scream warning you that you are about to be bitten. Wait … is that blood on his shirt, or raspberry jam? We may never know.


And this cute boy doesn’t make any sounds … but he did dance around a bit on his floppy legs. We watched the quintessential Ray Bolger on YouTube. He wasn’t sure of the hat when I brought it home from Value Village, but once we had the hair and makeup in place — it all came together nicely.


Lastly, the boy who wanted to wear the spandex suit that he had worn for his inside party. I said “I don’t think so … but what if you were Clark Kent with some additional clothes?” Reluctant at first, but happy in the end. Apparently he got a good response on the doorstep.

My biggest boy chose NOT to call his mother on Friday night when he came home late, so I had to get up and re-read some of my Love and Logic for Teens book and reground myself in the sound philosophy that as parents we need to take care of ourselves first. When he asked about going out on Saturday, I was able to say “Not tonight, I really need to get some good sleep.” He ended up having a few friends over to watch a movie — which was perfect, because I went to bed! He is such a good kid, but was not in the mood for a costume this year.


The theme for the November gallery over at Write.Click.Scrapbook is family stories. I have wanted to record the famed “Cougar Jackson” story for quite a while, So I loved making this an “assignment” — I still managed to procrastinate until the 11th hour, but I got er done on Saturday afternoon.


Slip memorabilia like newspaper clippings, maps and tickets into a glassine envelope. This allows you to remove the memorabilia for reading, etc.. and provides a barrier between potentially acidic paper and your photos. It’s of course always a good idea to spray newspaper with a deacidification spray.



I also made a layout JUST FOR FUN, using the “sweet” color combination posted on October 23rd. I’ve posted the full image in the newly formed I Love Color Flickr group. I hope you’ll share your color-inspired work with us from time to time. I know I really need MORE unnecessary creating in my scrapbooking routine. I’m working on that!


My trick for this page is two-fold …
1. Keep lots of Un-Do on hand. I got up Saturday with the idea of putting Addie’s photo underneath the title because it wasn’t obvious who the mail was for. My AC stickers came right up and went right back down thanks to my handy bottle of Un-Do.
2. Attach a square or circle punch photo to the outside of a card or letter before tucking it in a scrapbook page pocket. I had fun playing with circles on this layout and I love the look of the circular photos that so easily indicate who those two letters to Addie came from.


And … I got all the great homecoming pictures back from my friend Keri Barham and was able to uploaded them to a Shutterfly share site. I LOVE these sites—they are so dang easy to create and are a major solution for sharing photos in a fun and visual way.


If you live in the greater Spokane area and need a photographer (Christmas cards are just around the corner) give Keri a call — she took Allison Tyler Jones’ class at BPS and her skills have just taken off. It’s so exciting to see so many doing amazing things with photography these days. I LOVE it.

Here’s the link, to my little share site, you want to take a peek.

OK, back to meetings and email.


  1. What a great idea to use the envelope for memorabilia–I’m always trying to think of ways to incorporate it into my albums! THANKS!

  2. Love all 4 costumes! Especially love that adorable Asian bee. My asian beatuies were Bees on their 1st Halloween in the US too.

  3. I “heart” Stacy Julian!!!!!

  4. I LOVE your page about mail….and I second that motion for the “unnecessary creating” that’s really VERY necessary! :)

  5. Great post Stacy—I hope one of your “bee-utiful” friends saw this cute little Bumble Bee of yours! That would be a cute page.

  6. Thanks so much for your link to the Un-do!! I ran out several months back and have been scouring stores for it and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I finally settled for something similar, which I found doesn’t work at all! I just ordered a bunch! Thank you! :)

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