Crazy Daisy + Your Christmas List

I can tell it’s less than two weeks til Christmas because I can feel it in my whole being.  This mother of five has still got plenty to do and all yoga training aside, that all too familiar feeling of near-panic is lingering just below the surface of my sanity. I will continue my breathing and keep marking things off my list.

BUT… this doesn’t mean we can’t have a little FUN with a giveaway today.

Crazy Daisy KITS has been generous enough to offer one of their current December kits, which is full of delightful holiday designs, including a gorgeous Chatterbox album and papers from the North Pole collection by Crate Paper. These happen to be my favorite products featured, but there are so many more — click HERE to see the whole kit.

Crazy Daisy December Album




All you have to do to make yourself eligible for this FESTIVE kit is tell me two things on your Christmas list — what do you want for Christmas? Items can be anything, big or little, but give me actual things you need/want — not things like world peace. We would all love that, but I’m more curious about everyday items that your kids might purchase.

I try to create a list of things that would be easy for my boys to purchase and wrap. Like …

1. A new, less fickle can-opener.

2. Flour-sack towels.

So, tell me two things on your list (I need some additional ideas) and you might just might get a really FUN scrapbooking kit to keep or give away!

I’ll close comments on Friday at noon and post a winner by 3:00 pm PST.


  1. Two things on my list this week…make Christmas cookies with the kiddies and finish up my shopping! Thanks for the opportunity to win something so cute!

  2. Monika Wright says:

    I have the Swing-Away can opener and have had the same one for 13 years. I would choose it again over an electric any day! So on to my list…a 13″ Lodge cast iron skillet, new oven mitt and pot holders, a tripod that’s hefty enough for my Canon 40D, Flip HD. I would be okay if I don’t get any of it, really, because it’s always nice to have wishes!

  3. I’ve got a 12″ cast iron skillet on my list -my Mother in law has warned me that if I use HER mother’s cast iron skillet for anything but cornbread, I’ll be disowned. Also a new digitial camera-last one met a tragic end at the school Thanksgiving concert…ooops.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  4. I want a canon power shot and a new clock.

  5. Well, since I just got home from an u/s due to pelvic pain, I really do want healthy news for Christmas. Another thing on my list? The 5 yr Compendium book you recommended. Really!

  6. I really want a kindle. The idea of having thousands of books available to download at any moment where ever I am makes me giddy. (I LOVE to read.)

    I also want more missmatched socks. I have one “set” of three. I love them!

  7. Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    I would like some bubble bath and new dish towels.

  8. Flour sack towels are one my list, too! Seriously! My grandmother always used them to dry her dishes and now I do the same. It seems that I always need new ones about this time of year. I also want some new Cricut cartridges. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  9. Margaret C says:

    Hmmmmm… this is tough. I would like a plain glass or white ceramic cake stand. Because I make cakes….. I would also like a subscription to Threads magazine, or Real Simple, or Oprah. Because I read stuff…. !!! (mind you, world peace is up there, along with an extra few hours in the day and root canal surgery that doesn’t hurt !! )

  10. One of the things I want is another kitchen timer or two. I have one and I have a timer setting on my microwave, but sometimes I really need one or two more (I really noticed this on Thanksgiving) And I have two of those can openers – my favorite!

  11. Ikea Expedit shelves for our craft/homeschool room and some white picture frames.

  12. Two things I want — new WARM jammies and a new book to read (while I wear my new jammies!)

  13. I need a new electric skillet and am wishing for a small TV I can put near my computer.

  14. a new red purse and time to craft… =)

  15. Ashley Decker says:

    I signed myself up for Elisha Snow’s photography class from BPS & told my husband it was part of my Christmas. Last year he got me the slr camera & I love it, but I’ve never “gotten out of auto mode.” I’m way excited!! And I’m looking forward to some nice homemade gifts from my 2 year old son as well.

  16. I’d like to receive The Fearless Knitting Workbook, and a necklace made from a silver flute pad. (I’m a flutist).

  17. I would love the new Pioneer Woman cookbook and a new point-and-shoot digital camera to keep in my purse.

  18. OOO totally easy, I asked for the Kindle and really nice gloves, since my truck has not heater!!!!!

  19. Christine H says:

    I lost one of my beloved Isotoner gloves last year and so I asked my hubby and son to get me some new ones. I know I am getting them because they offered to give them to me early when the wind chills hit zero last week! I also use a particular Bath and Body Works lotion/shower gel. That’s always an easy one for mommy gifts.

  20. conniemelancon says:

    I would like Pioneer Womans Cookbook and Circle E Bird of Paridise candle.

  21. An extra pair of sewing scissors because you can’t really have too many, and the new Amy Karol book about being creative with fabric. I have so much scrapbooking stuff and am I’m really into sewing right now.

  22. I asked for new sweaters for work and gift certificates to BPS and JessicaSprague. And of course, anything from Bath & Body Works.

  23. More coffee – the good stuff I keep in the freezer and only drink occasionally and a new zester as my old one has bit the dust. Maybe a microplane?

    For nutmeg on my hot chocolate or oatmeal, lemon zesting into pasta…

    Oh and a third – a cookie dough scoop.

    Thanks for reminding me to make a list :)

  24. Well, I want the F.R.E.D. scrapbook aid (the $99 special would be REAL nice!). My poor damaged neck would find that a real help. I’d also like a new pair of slipper mules. Love the ease and comfort of slipping those on in the morning. Happy Holidays!

  25. A new pastry brush. I want to try the kind with plastic bristles–that won’t come out! Bath and Body Works liquid soap. I don’t like to run out! (I’m adding a can opener to my list also!)

  26. I have been wishing for another Pampered Chef batter bowl for a while now. I have one, but life would be so much easier with two! I would also love some time out alone without my kids…maybe to a movie or a massage.

  27. At the top of my list is a new sewing machine, mine is worn out, tired or just plain lazy, I am not quite sure, but it is old and doesn’t work very well anymore. I would also like to have the new Brad Thor book.

  28. Kim Johnson says:

    1. a new paper trimmer

    2. Wii fit Plus


  29. 2 items from my list:
    a gypsy for my cricut (have a mac so the design studio won’t work)
    a fish eye camera/lens

  30. I would love some $ for some clothes. I’ve bought 2 items from goodwill in the last two years. Or the Sewing Green book by Betz White. I got it from the library, but I would love to own it.

  31. Jennifer Creech says:

    a new paper trimmer and Sarah Palins book.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  32. a new camera, and a fiskars craft drill

  33. Clear weather for traveling and scrap organizer items. Merry Christmas!

  34. Stephanie D says:

    Black and brown socks! Really! I am always running out or the boys in the house try to put their black socks in my drawer! I also want tuition to Library of Memories but I haven’t seen info on the next class yet!

  35. The two things on my list are 1) Pioneer Woman Cooks (cookbook), and 2) digital picture frame.

  36. A pair of black oynx antique earrings and a cuttlebug

  37. 1. A new watch – the Fossil one I saw at the mall with the pink face! I have been w/o for a month now. How frustrating!
    2. A Cricut cartridge.

  38. A coach bag and an ipod touch. thats what i really really want…

    i’ll be happy with starbucks cards and new slippers :)

  39. Two things on my list are: Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook and extra large mixing bowls, preferably plastic/melamine.

  40. Small camera that I can always carry in my purse and new slippers!

  41. Theresa Elliott says:


    I actually want the new book, “SuperFreakonomics” because I liked the last one so much. I am also hoping for a Team Fitness class at my gym so I can lose a few more pounds.

    Thanks for the chance to win this kit–SO Cute!


  42. I laugh at your post because I make a list for my husband, I put what store he can buy the item at and/or the phone number of the person he can contact for something. Can’t get any easier than that. I want the 1977 Collector’s Addition Barbie Doll (I saw it at the MOA at the Barbie Store). this was the first Barbie I ever got and would love to have it again. I also just want warm winter socks. Have a great week

  43. Darcy Krumhauer says:

    I’m thinking you want suggestions for your kids to get you so here are a couple of budget friendly things I want. Ikea has an ingenious candle holder called the neglinge. One way up it holds dinner candles, flip it over and it holds a tealight candle and they are only .49 cents each! I also like to eat so would love a bag of red licorice or a single perfect See’s candy truffle that you can get in an individual box.

  44. Susan Gabel says:

    Good health for my mom and a gallon of paint for my bathroom!

  45. Vicki Olson says:

    This is straight off my list for my husband. Fiesta dishes, the brighter the better and the shelves from his shop, painted black, and delivered to my basement. He promises me these over a month ago!

  46. Warm sweaters and chocolate!

  47. My list includes some new organ music to play in church, and a Cricut machine would be wonderful to find under the tree!

  48. Two things on my list that my kids can get for me are WeR corner rounder chomper and the new Tim Hortons mug. The mugs a bit of a tradition … Canadian eh?

  49. I would like some yummy yarn for a sweater I want to knit and a couple of Cricut cartridges to inspire me to scrapbook! I haven’t been feeling the scrapbooking vibe as of late :(

  50. My wish list top 2…

    1) an Epiphanie camera bag ( & 2) a husband safely home from Iraq :)

    Can you guess which one I’m REALLY hoping for!!?

  51. Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook and some goodies from the Pass Christian Soap Company!

  52. I would like Becky Higgins 365 day kit and Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. That would be awesome to win your kit, too!

  53. 1. A Digital SLR Camera…which my husband gave me yesterday.

    2. New PJ’s

  54. Yolanda B. says:

    Scrapbook paper and more paper! :)

  55. Pioneer Woman’s cookbook and a Cricut Expression

  56. Sherry Coleman says:

    I would like a toaster. (I would also like for my husband to realize that while a toaster and a toaster oven DO both make toast, it is “different” toast.) I would also like another sweater.

  57. Holiday Barbie 2009 (because Im a HUGE Barbie fan) and Christmas punches.

  58. I am asking Santa to bring Photoshop Elements and a paddle with the scrappers on the side for my Kitchen Aid. But frankly, just being with my family on Christmas morning is enough for me!

  59. says:

    A set of each Elle’s Studio Vintage flashcards
    Pink Paislee’s ‘Twilight’ collection

    I’m pretty easy to please!!!

  60. I’d love a laminator and the remastered Beatles album “Revolver”.

  61. I would like the latest Black Eyed Peas CD and a bracelet that I saw in a shop made by a local artist. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  62. heather diane says:

    an ipod speaker thingie to go in my kitchen…
    can i wish for pre-pregnancy jeans to fit too? that would be a nice give.

  63. dawn P in St lOuie says:

    I would like so many things it is hard to pick just two. Let’s see:
    a personal trainer for 1 year 2x a week
    the entire line of everything w/ Tim Holtz’ name on it!

    Thanks for making me think of me for once!

    Merry Christmas.

  64. I would like a new camera, just a point and shoot and we some new silverware.

  65. I would like to have a new pair of slippers!

  66. I would like a pair of LL Bean slippers and a Williams Sonoma dutch oven. Love your web site. Thanks Stacy.

  67. I would love a record player with a USB port to put my old records on my iPod. And the PBS dvd- Cranford. Great show.

  68. Things that my kids could buy me…

    A gift certificate towards a BPS class (and the time to finish the projects)

    A new good quality utility knife

    Things Hubby could buy…

    Becky’s Life Project kit

    the sterling silver bracelet from Lisa Lenoard

  69. I would love to get an iPod for Christmas. (I know, I know, welcome to the 21st Century!) I would also love to get some more of my favorite Bath & Body Works lotion and spray. (That one the kids could definitely do.) I am loving some of the suggestions here, so my wish list is growing. :)

  70. Jennifer C. says:

    I’m hoping for a car charger for my cell phone (lost my old one) and books for me to read – I never spend money on books for myself!

  71. Tammy Thomas says:

    I told the kids I’d love to replace the utinsels in the jar on the counter they are old and cracked, warped etc (spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks etc.)

    thanks for a chance to win.

  72. Aside from the DSLR that I desperately NEED, I just would love to have some down time to spend with my family. It’s such a busy time for us, since we’re in the tax business. I wish I could have time to enjoy the holidays more. Is that too much to ask for?

  73. it’s funny to ask for things like this, but I always enjoy getting them:
    mittens and socks

    one can never have enough fun, warm socks (thanks for turning me on to Little Miss Matched!!) to wear around

    when your one pair of mittens gets wet, but you want to go back outside with the munchkins, what do you do? grab your SPARE pair of mittens :-)

  74. At the top of my wish list is a GPS to help me get where I need to go and also Michael J. Fox’s new book Always Looking Up:The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist to give me pointers on staying positive while I’m getting there. :)

  75. I’d love the Making Memories embellishment center to hold all of my ribbons & buttons & other fun goodies. I’d also like the Cuisinart griddler (combined griddle/panini maker).

  76. My Christmas wish list includes a wooden cutting board or two or three (one for meat, one for veg and one for fruit) as well as another Pampered Chef muffin pan. I LOVE mine but it would be so much fast with two so one could cool in between.

  77. a dock/speaker for my iPhone–would LOVE a bose one.

  78. I’m hoping for a gift certificate to my LSS and a GPS.

  79. Sheri Gerrow says:

    I would like a collapsible Salad spinner because the one I have takes up so much space in the cupboard and Your Shape for Wii because this is the year I am going to get into shape and I have no time to go to the gym so I can do it at home whenever I have free time.

  80. i need a decent point and shoot camera for my purse and a fancy camera strap from the etsy shop for my dslr! love the giveaway!!

  81. Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, Pink Chuck Taylor’s size 8, hand-stamped jewelery with my daughter’s names or initials (love the vintage pearl stuff), any cricut cartridge…

    just a few things! :)

  82. Rachael Ray Knife set
    Label Maker (my old one died and I can’t live without one)

  83. I need new socks (black, white and brown) or I need to learn how to repair holes! Does anyone darn socks any more? I would like Brava, Strega Nona!: A Heartwarming Pop-Up Book.

  84. The Planet Earth dvd, for the whole family to enjoy. Also a book called “Have a little faith” by Mitch Albom. I love his books.

  85. I would love a copy of the dvd “Planet Earth” and a book called” Have a little faith” by Mitch Albom. I love his books.

  86. debi brumback says:

    First Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I would love a delicate china tea cup set from Macy’s that i love, and Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. And believe me I have no problem with your Christmas kit. Thanks.

  87. Wii fit and Lisa Leonard jewelry!!!!

  88. Gift Cards to Shutterfly and/or MPix, I have a ton of pictures to be developed, also, new house slippers.

  89. Hannah Means says:

    I’d like some Cricut cartridges and another mat. I’d also like for Provo craft to put out a Design Central for Macs.

  90. I have asked the kids get me the following; a shower puff/scrubbie for my shower and a tube of chapstick.They are 7 and 8 and they use their own money to buy presents.Stuff I really want and I did ask them to work at getting along………

  91. It’s fun to read over the different ideas! A couple things I’m asking for: black glitter TOMs shoes and the Twilight box set.

    I started a list at – it’s fun to track things as I see them!

  92. Molly McCarthy says:

    Okay this is too cute to pass up!!
    The two things on my Christmas list that I need are:
    1. Socks – workout ones and everyday socks.
    2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  93. I would like some thick, cozy socks and a big, warm sweatshirt!

  94. seeing your can open reminds me I don’t own a garlic crusher… think I might make that first on my list, and second I think will be a clamp set so I can make my own picture frames, it’s about time I got them out of the cupboard and up on the wall. thanks for the chance to win… off to make the list, then check it twice, merry Christmas!

  95. These gloves are at the top of my list:
    I like to check my email on my iPhone while I walk into work, but I have to take my gloves off – these are brilliant!

    and the Zutter Bind-It-All. I dropped some serious hints that they should pick it up at the LSS 40% off dat after Thanksgiving sale! :) Hmmm….maybe I should do a little snooping! ;)

  96. A new computer printer…Mine is so not working – colors are all off!! Also, some delicious smelling Philosophy shower gels!!

  97. Jennifer O says:

    Some lotion that they think smells good. Some tarts for my tart burner. I think the kids could handle that!

  98. What a great set! I would love to win it for my mother :) This Christmas, I’m asking for a fleece zip up jacket and a deluxe Scrabble board.

  99. I’d love more cricut cartridges and a gluepad. :)

  100. Gift card to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and lots of Tim Holtz goodies!

  101. Twilight books & iRobot vacuum

  102. New slippers by Acorn and a Sugarland CD. Oh, and the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook. That’s three things, but I couldn’t resist!

  103. I would like new hot pads and a soft pink robe.

  104. Super cute giveaway kit!!

    I really want a new point-and-shoot camera to go with me everywhere AND new winter outerwear so I can get out in the cold weather more often and enjoy it!


  105. Hello
    I would love…..
    A book of carwashes since I NEVER get one and my carpets cleaned professionally!
    Thanks for the chance

  106. 1. New pj’s…I realized the other day i bought the ones I’ve been wearing when Taylor was 1…and she’s 10!!!

    2. A wide-mouth funnel….just one of those things I’d never ever buy for myself, but might use daily.

  107. Margie Cronhardt says:

    I would love a a new nonstick pot that would be big enough to do rice or pasta. I would also love a new Vera Bradley purse. I doubt I’ll get either…we are not giving to each other this year in an attempt to cut back. Kinda depressing if you ask me.

  108. Wendy Baker says:

    I would love a digital SLR and some fun little mismatched socks :)

  109. 1. a new stove
    2. canon rebel

  110. I’ve asked my family for either a gift certificate for a photography lesson or a small vacuum cleaner. I need both, but I know which one I would prefer!

  111. Two things on my wish list: collage photo frames and coordinating placemat/napkin sets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I would love a pair of Wellingtons now that we live on the coast, and a new pair of mittens!

  113. I want “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” and a new nonstick skillet.

  114. I asked my husband to take my kids to the local pottery studio. One made me a new pencil cup and the other a spoon rest for the kitchen (the two items I requested). I cannot wait to open them and see their beautiful work!

  115. Sue Carter says:

    I would like a Le Crueset dutch oven in red and a new pair of slippers!

  116. I would like a black belt ( I have finally accepted my waist will never be quite the same after 3 babes!) and an everyday, fun, inexpensive, child-friendly watch. Thanks for the cute give-away.

  117. Thanks for the opportunity for the great giveaway! I would love to have a new Vera Bradley purse in one of the new patterns and some new bath towels since we are getting ready to redo our bathroom.

  118. I would like some luxurious bath shower gel (from a nearby spa) and a book on how to take better photos.

  119. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’ve asked for a webkinz so I can play online with my kids and also for a new paper trimmer.

  120. 1. downloadable music gift card
    2. D-SLR (Love my Film SLR from Canon, but I can’t to to the next level with Elisha Snow’s classes until I “Go-DIGI”

  121. So cute! I am asking for a new camera strap and a fun coat for winter.

  122. Two things that I would like for Christmas are:
    1. A rolling pin – my old one broke.
    2. An armband for my Ipod Touch for the gym.


  123. A new camera strap (pretty!) and a gift certificate to Papertrey Ink.

  124. Tracy Dayett says:

    I ask for a specific CD (Tim McGraw) and believe this or not…flour sack towels. I think I saw a package in a closet but was really good and didn’t look further. Thank you for a chance to win!!!

  125. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway. I would love to have a new Vera Bradley purse in one of the new patterns and some new bath towels since we are getting ready to redo our bathroom

  126. I would like a new mod pink floral zip around wallet and a running watch!!

  127. Limit to two…yikes. Well, this afternoon I was trying to think of kitchen gadgets I love that would be great for my kids to get – I would love a set of really NICE spatulas. Different sizes that can be dishwashed. I would LOVE a new camera. I don’t think I NEED one, and I’m pretty sure no one knows I want one, but it would be fun to get a more updated model of the original Rebel.

  128. I’d like a charm for my Links of London Christmas charm bracelet and nutcracker plates from Williams Sonoma.

  129. Christine Mc says:

    An ipod nano so I can listen to cool tunes and a trader joes cookbook.

  130. Hmmm…I would like a carrying case for my cricut expression and a Beth Moore Bible Study book.

  131. Melinda Wilson says:

    I would love to have a funky cute candy dish (with lid) for my computer desk. Another great item I would love to get is an itunes gift card so I can download some new tunes!

  132. I would like a purse from Vera Bradley and the movie Up. Great giveaway!

  133. Barb - De Pere, WI says:

    Hmmm, I’d like the Christmas Tree charm for my Kameleon ring, and the Sweet Treats Cartridge for my Cricut – even though I don’t need any more!

  134. What cute papers!!

    I’d LOVE more crafting supplies – stamps, ephemera, Tim’s Type Charms – it’s quite an extensive list! *lol* And there’s a Papaya tote bag I’m really hoping I get!

  135. A wii, and an apron. I bet I get the apron!!! ;)

  136. I want a real pair of pajamas (not sweat pants and a t-shirt), slippers and Becky Higgins Project Life Kit

  137. Large, tall, clear jars to use as canisters on my kitchen counter. Saw them in a magazine and thought it would be perfect. Also, running socks would be nice.

  138. My top two things this year are another larger back up drive for my computer to hold my massive amounts of pictures and I also requested a new cookbook by the Dean bros.

  139. Kathryn Methot says:

    I would like to receive Season 2 of “Dexter” and a hard case for my guitar.

  140. Lisa in Spokane says:

    I love the paper! How fun!! Two things on my list are Colbie Caillat’s CD – Breakthrough and any season of Gilmore Girls. Not things I need but things I would like to have :)

  141. I would love a small radio/cd player for my office at work and a cardigan that I can wear at work when it gets chilly.

  142. I’d like to get Julia Child’s Mastering French Cooking and a few more cartridges for my Cricut. :)

  143. I would love an iPhone and new hoodie!

  144. Two things on my list are a Sunbeam Mixmaster and an Ipod.

  145. Susan Boyle’s CD and a massage.

  146. Since Mom and I don’t exchange gifts (finances) and we have no one else to get gifts from (everyone is on this no gifts kick it seems) I have to give you two things I have on my someday list. A Cricut or Silhouette and a new electric recliner.

  147. Laurie Cooper says:

    I would like a new watch, and some new clothes that fit well!

  148. On my list this year are a BOSU (exercise ball), and a new double griddle

  149. For me this year it is all about a warm butt, so I want a long coat and a seat cover from my car. There is a $1,700 lens that I have my eye on, since that isn’t gonna happen, I am focusing on a warm behind this winter.

  150. I would like the mistletoe & co collection from Pink Paislee and new kitchen canisters

  151. Ileana Carlile says:

    I love those cute papers and their colors!

    On my wishlist – a new watch with bigger numbers that I can see, and a new tignanello purse…

  152. Would love Suzanne Sommers new book Knock-Out and another pair of sterling silver hoops, since I seem to have lost one this year!

  153. I love those towels you showed us! Two of the things on my list this year are a Johnny Reid
    CD and new warm gloves…today it was -37 Celsius with a wind chill of -49 Celsius here in Alberta – TOO COLD! Colder than we usually have it.

  154. I am hoping for Photoshop Elements 8.0 and maybe the new Silhouette Rhinestone Starter kit.

  155. I would like the new Suzanne Sommers book Knock-Out and a new pair of silver hoop earrings, since I seem to have lost one this past year.

  156. I haven’t even given my family a list! I guess I better get on it……..#1 A pair of Tim Holtz scissors. #2 One of the new scents at Bath and Body works

  157. stamphappy2001 says:

    Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life Class and a can of loose tea, Roiboos Caramel.

  158. Hmmm … tough year for us. Mostly I want good health for both my husband and myself! But since Stacy doesn’t have the power to ensure that, I’ve had my eye on the Mimi D-SLR bag with the giraffe print and the Pioneer Woman cookbook. I’m not the best nor the most dedicated cook, but her stuff always looks yummy.

  159. I would love to get that Cuisinart Food Processor that Macy’s keeps advertising. (Hint to my husband who is standing over my shoulder!), and anything handmade. I love things that people make themselves.

  160. Two things on my list are a travel coffee mug and a new pair of jammies. It isn’t Christmas without a new pair of PJs to lounge in :).

  161. I, too, try to have things on my wish list that both husband and children can find and wrap. Two of those this year are a Silpat baking mat and CO Bigelow “Lemon” perfume.

    You’re such an inspiration to me, Stacy! Thank you!!

  162. Sheilah Stewart says:

    Two things on my Xmas list:
    1. I have returned to yoga this year, and love it more than ever. I dont know if they make this, but if they do, I would like a “yoga pose a day” calendar (the kind where you tear off a new page everyday).
    2. A milk frother, so I can make my tea lattes at home, instead of spending $3.81 at Starbucks when I need a fix. A nice model can be had for $15.


  163. Scarves & socks! :)

  164. Two things on my list are Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue” and a food dehydrator!

  165. Kirstin L. says:

    I would like a watch and cute gray sweater!

  166. Two things I would like this year for Christmas…
    #1 Asics running shoes ~size 8
    #2 a family sized skillet
    Love you Stacy and your blog!!

  167. I’m hoping for the new Sue Grafton book and a Crop-a-dile corner rounder. Merry Christmas!

  168. Some things on my list: a 2″ square punch and a reusable water bottle.

  169. rebecca keppel says:

    I would love a Cuttlebug and a grind and brew combo coffee maker :) Good thing I am doing my own shopping ;) Merry Christmas!

  170. warm scarf and gloves

  171. Kathie Simmons says:

    I would like a moss colored gurgle pot and the world and American history timelines at I love the gurgley sound of the gurgle pot and, being an extremely visual person, timelines help me see history.

  172. I’m begging Santa for registration to LOM this year! I’d also love to get an MP3 player. I feel like the only person on the planet without one!

    But if you’re looking for ideas, those aren’t very good ones, since you’re teaching the class and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen posts about your music player. So, how about your favorite scented soaps/lotions? Maybe a pretty vase to put flowers in (with a hint that you want flowers every once in a while)? A big mug for hot cocoa? Cozy slippers? A fun set of holiday glasses/plates/serving dishes? New pajamas? A cute toe ring?

    Happy Holidays!

  173. A new coat and warm slippers. :)

  174. scrapper al says:

    I don’t have a list this year, but if I were making one, it would have the Revolution+12 inch platform and a new coat on it.

  175. A homemade ornament to add to my collection. New dishclothes.

  176. I would love a cable stitched cashmere sweater and some new wooden spoons for the kitchen.

  177. Slippers the ones that are suede outside and fuzzy inside and shaped like little elf boots) and glitter. =]

  178. Ooh I’d love to have the Sandalwood & Rose body wash from Bath and Body Works and a new pair of jeans!

  179. I want a gift card so I can get some new clothes & I’d also really like a flat iron. Nothing too major. Of course, now I’ve added this kit to my list! ;o)

  180. 1. Ipod Touch
    2. Asics running shoes

  181. I would love to get King Arthur Flour’s book: whole grain baking. I would also love to get some new wonderful yarn to make something out of.

  182. 1. French rolling pin
    2. ATG tape gun

  183. Cynthia B. says:

    2 things I need: 1) a new oven mitt. My favorite one is quite worn.
    2) an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Constantly arguing w/ my son on whether or not he should wear pants or shorts to school. If it’s anything over 60 degrees F, he insists, “it’s not even cold!” (as he stuffs his hands into his pockets *sigh*).
    There are more things on my list, but I don’t think my kids would be shopping – let’s say, for example…for a new scanner for me. ;)

    • There is a cute digital one out there that has either a boy or a girl that “dresses” for the weather! When it is cold, the boy is dressed head to toe including a hat and mittens, when it is hot, swimsuit and sunglasses.

  184. Merry Christmas!!
    I would love anything my boys ended up finding for me and taking the time to wrap up. I think what I would most want from them is a gift certificate for a massage. Never had one and I think that after being mom to 2 little boys, wife to busy basketball coach, teacher to 27 needy 4th graders, & a grad student…I need a relaxing break. I would also love to have the new Photoshop Elements 8 software.

  185. Donna Mayo says:

    Anything my kids make me is always special. If I had to pick two things they could get me not made, it would have to be a gift certificate for a facial. I am past over due for that little perk. And I collect Angels so something to add to my collection always makes me smile.

  186. Doreen Kay says:

    I would LOVE a new camera, I know I’m not going to get one, but a girl can dream.
    I would like an IPOD nano and walking shoes.

  187. Two things on my list this year include registration for a beginners sewing class (I’ve always wanted to learn) and airline tickets to visit my best friend.

  188. Christine McMullin says:

    Two of the items I’ve put on my list are a) Market Spice tea and b) a set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids containers. (my leftover container cabinet is a MESS!)

    BTW, I love those flour sack towels!

  189. rachel in Cali. says:

    Two things on my Christmas list are:

    *Jumbo muffins tins (2) – I love making banana bread and to be able to make jumbo banana muffins that I can take with me makes me smile. ;0)

    *Cozy slippers with bottoms – I love wearing slippers when I’m at home (kind of like Mr. Rogers). I want the type with the bottoms that aren’t just fabric like the slipper so if I run outside to get the mail or something my slippers don’t get wet.

  190. rachel in Cali. says:

    BTW – the OXO can opener is great!

  191. Two things on my list are the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher stapler and Photoshop Elements 8.0 Missing Manual for Mac (I just got PSE 8.0 for myself and I’d love to learn how to use it really well).

  192. I would like some new lighting installed in my studio for working at night. I would like to have my master bath retiled. Practical, but totally would make me happy…

  193. I am hoping for Rod Stewart’s new CD, and new ‘jammies or gift certificates to the bookstore are always great!

  194. I would highly recommend The Pampered Chef Smooth-Edge Can Opener!! Yes…I am a Pampered Chef Consultant, but it is awesome and great for recycling and kids in the house!! It basically releases the lid from the can instead of cutting it…no gross food build up and no sharp edges to worry about! :)

    I feel like I have an endless wish list of “things” but am loving hearing about my *surprise* from school from my super excited preschooler!! LOVE handmade gifts from children! I can hardly wait to see it in person! I even tried talking her out of telling me…that I wanted it to be a surprise, but she didn’t want it to be a surprise. The whole conversation was just too sweet…need to record the memory! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration Stacy! LOVE the new blog(s) format!

  195. I love reading what others are wishing for… my list includes; Registration for a lampwork bead making class and Satsuma bubble bath from The Body Shop. But will be happy to see smiles on my kids faces when they unwrap and enjoy the little things in their stockings. Merry Christmas!

  196. On my list is a new iPhone cover– mine is broken– and an electric blanket.

  197. Michelle Evans says:

    The book This I Believe (recommended by Ali E) and to have my angels I cross-stitiched many years ago framed!

  198. The SIMS 3 expansion pack and a pink purse.

  199. I would love one of those ever so cute little fuji cameras taht are like the old polaroids…it prints out a super cute little 2×3 print perfect for little projects :) I also have my eye on a super sweet necklace at Liz Eaton’s website. On the more practical side, I do need a new can opened and some of those flour sack dishtowels would be especially handy :)

  200. I wish for “Pioneer Woman Cooks” by Ree Drummond ‘cuz I like to cook and appreciate photography and she has them both. You can see it here I’m also wishing for a 50mm 1.4 lens for my Canon.

  201. 2 things on my list are:
    1) a rain jacket for my camera and lens
    2) a Weight Watchers bathroom scale

  202. Ginny P. from AZ says:

    I would love some new slippers and a Dust Buster! Love your blog, Stacy! Merry Christmas!

  203. more fiesta ware dishes in any color;
    a grippy tripod or a photo rope from photojojo;
    custom photo “skin it” for my new blackberry, mine lasted for 2 years on a razor phone
    fingerless gloves;
    I also read that microwave popcorn is not all that good for you so one of the old stir arm poppers from the early 1980′s with fun multi colored popcorn found at KMart;

  204. cindy barriga says:

    1.” will do a favor” certificates
    2. socks
    3. buttons
    4. ribbon
    5. love

  205. Grandma LaLa says:

    Here are 2 great ideas that I would love to have, and that would be easy gifts for your boys to give:
    1. a microfiber hair towel. If you want quick-dry hair, it really works! I’ve seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond.
    2. CHI silk infusion- a leave-in conditioner that makes even coarse hair like mine feel like silk. Pure heaven! You can get it at Target.

  206. 2 things on my Christmas list:
    1. Recipe Cookbook from Sephora (miniatures of all their yummy bath washes!)
    2. Zip Dry Paper Glue (love that stuff!!!)

    Good luck with your lists!!

  207. things on my list
    1) crop-a-dile… i want my own so i can share with my friends.
    2) blue gurgle pot (seriously)
    3) a new pair of TOMS shoes :)

    my husbad will probubly not understand how much i really really want them!

  208. Two items on my Christmas wish list are:
    1) the medium and large punches for the i-top brad maker
    2) a fashionable camera bag/ purse combo similar to the ones by Jo Totes or Epiphanie bags

    Hopefully my husband will get the hint and I’ll find these goodies under the tree soon!

  209. I don’t have a lot of things on my list this year, but here are a couple things that I would love to have.
    1. A wireless card for the computer we just put up in my crafting room. That way I could access the internet while I am scrapbooking etc.
    2. I would love to have a ticket to go visit my good friend who lives in Toledo, a bus ticket would be great, I don’t need to fly or anything, just a bus ticket would be wonderful.

  210. 1. New smallish earrings, any color
    2. Photo albums – any kind for 4 X 6 pictures

  211. 1. a pretty piece of jewelry
    2. some new pretty smelling lotion

  212. i’d like a
    1)new video camera to record my travels
    2)wool socks. winters in new england are brutal on the toes.

  213. I’d love
    1. a screw top jar opener. Taking a jar of pickles back to the shop today to ask the manager to open them for me.
    2. a spiral binder for A4 booklets

  214. A digital voice recorder and a Bamboo Craft Pen & Tablet. If that doesn’t pan out some new cutting boards would be great too! :-)

  215. Carmel Keane says:

    I would love:
    1. Some new smelly’s

    2. A waffle maker.

  216. Each year it gets harder for me to think of things that I need (and each year I realize how very blessed I am!) But on my list this year:
    1. votive candles for my bathroom (I light them every morning and evening as I get ready for the day/bed–they don’t last forever, but I love the calm and peace they invoke)
    2. fun socks (I love what kinds my children pick out — dog, chili peppers, palm trees, ocean…)

  217. Just yesterday I responded to a query from my student nephew on what I would like for a gift. As he does not have much money here is my reply and what I told my other nephew who lives on the computer

    1. sticker alphabet or number set(s) in any style or colour (knowing my nephew I may well get glitter or shiny)
    2. a mug with a nice photo printed on it

  218. I would like 2 new tables for my craft room – I’ve just moved into a new room and have found the perfect sized table from Ikea that would fit side by side in front of the window. I plan to have one for my scrapbooking and one where my sewing machine is permanently out. It would make it so much easier to get things done. No more getting out and putting away.
    The other thing I would like is Cathy Zielske’s Clean and Simple Designs for Scrapbooking – I have the sequel but would like to have the original! Cathy has just joined my (very short) list of scrapbooking heroes! (The others are you and Becky Higgins!)

  219. i’d like a stainless steel with copper liner water bottle, an ipod arm band, a slotted spoon, some littlemissmatch socks, and a large “duck” bath mat.

  220. I want this awesome pair or boots and a Mac! Not counting on getting either though.

  221. I honestly haven’t even thought about what I want for Christmas this year. I am having a very hard time getting into the spirit as I am far from home. I am blessed, however, to be with my husband and children, so trying to pull myself out of it!

    1) wool socks & tights to get ready for next winter (the ones I have are starting to wear very, very thin)
    2) a new lens for my camera (but it is very, very expensive), so something at a more realistic price would be fuzzy slippers.

  222. Two things on my list are:
    Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick #8
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 in English

    I will probably get the two from husband :)

  223. 1) Set of Simpsons DVDs
    2) Stocking full of Trolli gummy candies

  224. Anne Brooks says:

    Wasabi mint candle and a sharp knife. That’s it. That is all I want.

  225. 1. A new pair of Winter boots that fit- my feet have changed since my youngest was born!
    2. Adhesive- so I can keep making things! :)

  226. Hmmm…
    1.Last year my daughter (17 then) purchased tickets for her and I to go see Annie. I loved that and hope she does something similar this year
    2.There is a sign at the gift shop I work at…it says “There’s this boy, he has stolen my heart, he calls me MOM” and i would LOVE that from my little guy (14)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Dancingly, Denise
    check out my holiday sale at:

  227. The first one isn’t too personal but I would love a gift card from HomeGoods/Marshall’s. It’s my favorite store ~ I never stop them and not buy something.
    Being a chocolate lover, I’d also like some milk chocolate Lindt truffles ~ another favorite of mine!

  228. Chris Cross says:

    I want (or should I say really need) a new robe. I bought my last one in 1998 from Victoria’s Secret and it is the best thing I own. In fact my daughter and I sometimes fight over it. However, it is finally wearing down enough I need to get rid of it. It will be hard to replace.

    I also want a new pair of Crocs. My husband got me my last pair two years ago for my birthday and the bottoms are slick.

    What can I say, when I get something I love I have a hard time parting with it. Somethings can never be easily replaced. Good luck family!

  229. 1. Tonic serrated scissors.
    2. Socks. All of mine are getting holes.

  230. A few things on my list are:

    blue votive candles
    a new cookie sheet
    some writing from my kids for their scrapbook

    Happy Holidays to all!


  231. I am asking for a Martha Stewart scoring board and a magazine subscription.

  232. We don’t do christmas with presents since we have a gift giving holiday earlier in december here in the Netherlands (Sinterklaas). But my birthday is Januari 1 and two things on my list are a sewingmachine and a new dongle for the laptop (I sat on it so it broke… :-/ ). We don’t have kids, I’m sure my husband can manage wrapping a dongle and hey, I would be happy with the sewingmachine wrapped or not ;-)

    As for your list, maybe something you like to eat that comes in a can or box, or a letter you could save in your album?

  233. Dawn McCarty says:

    a wirzard and some cricut carts. but anything scrapbooking would be fine

  234. 1. I’ve asked for a letter from my husband and son for years, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have asked them not to buy a gift, just sit down and write me a letter and tell me what Christmas means to them, traditions that are special to them, funny things they remember throughout the years , anything – I just want to put their heart into it!
    2. A card (since #1 probably won’t see fruition). There are such beautiful cards available, I treasure the cards I receive each year. My son and husband always take the time to make sure that their cards say just the right things – I’ve taught them well!

    But as a new grandma to an absolutely beautiful little girl, I don’t need anything else – I’ve been blessed early! God is so good!

  235. I have a new duvet set on my list. I just haven’t found one that I love yet. I would also like some silicon baking mats.

  236. 1. I would like an automatic soap dispenser (has the little sensor to know when you need soap) for my kitchen (gosh that sounds dorky, lol!)…I saw one in a Bed Bath & Beyond ad and at first thought “why would you want that??” and then I thought about how much I hate when I’m cooking and have stuff all over my hands or have been handling meat/poultry and am trying to wash up without touching anything…so now I really want one.
    2. A good pair of outdoor gloves…we had a snowball fight with the kids a couple of weekends ago and I realized that I need some good waterproof gloves!

  237. 1. Silicon baking mats would be great.
    2. I’m out of combs all the time, so those please.

  238. Janet Bobo says:

    I want a pair of black gloves, and I have asked for the Becky Higgins “Project Life” kit. I don’t think I am too hard to buy for – I love anything to do with scrapbooking, and I adore this kit you are giving away!

  239. I would like a micro plane for spices and lemon/lime rinds. My old style grater just doesn’t quite do it right. And a silicone cupcake pan! I make muffins all the time. No matter how much I grease or spray my old pan everything sticks!

  240. a new camera lens, a laptop case(I cn’t take it anywhere rigt now )and some bazzill cardstock(I love it!)

  241. On my list: Photoshop Elements 8 for PC and a new camera bag.

    I wish I could find a pic of the can opener I use. It is awesome. And I love love love flour sack towels. My kitchen towel drawer is full of them!

  242. Ginny Ritenour says:

    Cricut was #1 (and I got it already!). My son likes to pick out socks for me every year (the super-nice, funky kind at the fancy store downtown), so I guess I need…. SOCKS!

  243. Two things I would like are: (1) Philosophy’s Pure Grace shower cream; (2) an hour long massage (have discount coupon) at a local spa (the hot baths aren’t cutting it anymore). An extra set of hands wouldn’t be so bad either.

  244. I always like PJs and slippers and maybe some pink fuzzy socks thrown in.

  245. I asked Santa for a cello and a treadmill. I want to teach myself to play the cello and I want to do the Couch-to-5K as a New Year’s goal.

  246. Teresa Boyer says:

    I’d love a new lens for my camera, and a new winter jacket.

    Merry Christmas

  247. I have asked for a Canon Rebel DSLR (I know, dream big, right?) and a tub shelf to put my book and glass of wine on during my all too rare hot bubble baths.

  248. #1 on my list is I want my husban to get my engagement ring fixed, I lost the diamond (along with the setting) 6 years ago when we moved into our house so all I have is a band

    #2 I want my parents to move back to their old house, they moved in October & now live more than 500 miles away

  249. On my Christmas Wish List you can find….

    1.. a turkey baster
    2.. a pocket sized point and shoot camera

  250. peg risley says:

    I would love a weekend get a way just for myself so I can srap, or site see or both! When does a mom ever have a day off???? Thats all I want!

  251. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    For Chirstmas, I would like…
    1) new socks
    2) HP Premium Photo Paper
    Both I would use every day.

  252. I would love:
    1) new socks
    2) HP Premium photo paper
    I would use each of these every day.

  253. 1) PerAnnum My Book
    2) Yarn Winder

  254. 1. art by my kids that dad has helped them frame
    2. socks in solid colors
    3. memory card for my camera
    4. lens hood and cable release for my Canon

    We are truly blessed…not much I need, but there’s always stuff I want. Merry Christmas, Stacy. Hope you get everything you want.

  255. 1. extra battery for my canon 50d
    2. Silhouette

  256. Jenny McGee says:

    1. Philosophy cleanser
    2. a good book


  257. Sue Campbell says:

    I’d like a subscription to Family Fun magazine for ideas to do with the 2 students I mentor during the year. We do crafts alot and I am running out of ideas for them.
    I also want a family game night with my family. Children live out of town and while they are home for the holiday I’d like to have a night for the four of us.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share this.

  258. 1. cute running clothes, as we all know that cute = faster!

    2. flavoured Christmas-themed coffee

  259. Sherry Coggins says:

    Oh my goodness….after reading some of these comments I just began wanting a whole lot more! ;)

    I always tell my family to write me a letter (then I can keep it forever!!!) and who does not love hearing/reading kind words written to you by your loved ones?

    But since you asked for “real” items I will play by the rules:

    1. a new watch…cute, fun, certainly not an expensive kind
    2. Bath & Body Lavender lotion and bath soak…ahhhh my favorite indulgence
    3. See’s chocolates, because I would NEVER buy them myself. My OWN box! :)

  260. Two things that I would really want.
    1. I would love a cricut Expression. I have the baby bug, but am thinking that there is so much more I could do with the Expression
    2. Storage for my scrapbooking supplies. I can never remember what I have or I can’t find what I know I have, as I don’t have any dedicated places to put things.

  261. I would like a gym membership/a couple personal training sessions to get my self in gear. I like to post about the New Year’s goal of running the couch to 5K. I might have to borrow your idea.

    # 2. I need new gym shoes.

    Merry Christmas!

  262. Well, I don’t have kids and the dogs aren’t much in the way of shoppers, but I still have a list! LOL! I would love the Epic 6 with the Letterpress kit and I also have the Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg collection on my list.

  263. I’d like a new computer (OK, kinda big) and a pair of cool boots! :)

  264. I would love the photoshop class from Jessica Sprague and a warm cozy sweatshirt!

  265. And how in that case to act?

  266. 1. more “A Prairie Home Companion” cd’s (from the radio show, not the movie)

    2. a lovely face jug I saw at Tamarak in West Virginia

  267. Two things, that’s hard a lot of mine are big things.

    I really want a job for my husband for Christmas, an itouch. And yoga pants, they are a staple in my wardrobe right now

  268. 1. Book – The Scrapbook in American Life
    2. A new, pretty journal to use as a Hostess Journal to record the menus, guests, etc. from parties and dinner I host.

  269. I am so hoping for Cathy Z’s class and something really fantastic like a new robe…..

  270. KristiGilbert says:

    1-a rotary cheese grater
    2-an stamp to make creating cards for soldiers easier

  271. 1- a GPS (my husband totally doesn’t believe in these)
    2- a new Cricut cartraidge

  272. 1. The hard drive on my computer restored – it crashed shortly after the move and we lost all the pictures from the move, including our last picture standing in front of the house and the semi truck pulling away with all our stuff…

    2. A new IPOD. My broke in the move…


  273. I would love to play with the letter press and a silouhette SD. Big ticket items I won’t be purchasing in the near future

  274. 1. A Bosch Universal Mixer, to begin a new homemade bread habit.
    2. A lettuce knife—perfect size for my stocking.

  275. Whitney S. says:

    I love this kit! It is great! 2 things I would like for Christmas are:

    1. This picture I have had for a few years framed…’s been in my closet and I really want it up on my wall!

    2. Fun jewelry…..I’ve had the same stuff for so long, I need something funky and new….I don’t care if it’s cheap, I just want fun!

  276. Sharon Worley says:

    1. A shiny, new toaster!
    2. A new oven mitt – (I’m giggling as I write this because my two teenage sons get me this EVERY year – it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!)

  277. 1. A pair of warm slippers for days like today when it is 9 below at 9 am!

    2. Some new underwear (don’t think I’d let my kids buy that for me, though!)

  278. 1. Wii Fit Plus
    2. The movie “Julie & Julia”

  279. 1. Merona Wrap Scarf from Target
    2. Becky Higgin’s Project Life kit

  280. I REALLY need a small portable space heater that I can move around the house with me. Right now, I just can’t get warm.

    I also love braceletts so any really cool braceletts would totally make me happy.

    Thanks for all the cool ideas!
    - Deb P.

  281. 1. a snow day causing school is be closed so I can spend doing fun things with my children
    2. a houseful of peace, happiness, hope, love and joy each and every day of this coming year

  282. 1) Burt’s Bee’s lip balm

    2) Yankee candle tarts

  283. 1. MP3 player (finally!)
    2. Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook

    Happy Holidays!

  284. 1. New Train cd
    2. Cuttlebug embossing folders.

  285. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    1. to sell my house that just went on the market 4 days ago. :)
    2. time

    okay – those probably don’t count as “real” so:
    1. Reidel wine glasses
    2. new fun family game for Christmas

  286. First is a new electric skillet. My husband threw mine out that I had owned for-ever and he just hated for some reason, lol. So I’d like a new one. I also asked for a pair of gold cross earrings.

  287. A steamer/ricer. A sewing machine (even used) to use for scrapbooking.

  288. 1. The game Taboo; and
    2. some organizational stuff for my scraproom!

  289. 1. ONE-the book I saw at Starbucks Sunday. Looks like the one titled “Five” that you featured a while back
    2.A new, small-ish flashlight that will fit in my pocket and be easy to turn on when I walk our dog at night.

  290. Imagine I am sitting on Santa’s lap – For Christmas, I would like a Kellie Rae Roberts necklace and something creatively fun from a few Etsy shops.

  291. Amy Anderson says:

    1. getting my camera cleaned – i’ve got spots on my sensor and i’m devastated.
    2. fantastic photos from our vacation watching our kids with their cousins. they don’t get to see each other often so any visit with them is hugely special to me!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  292. **vickiellen** says:

    1. photoshop class
    2. new running shoes
    :) :) :)

  293. 1. sneakers
    2. a photo printer

    Merry Christmas!

  294. 1. Grey UGG slippers
    2. Gift card to

    Merry Christmas!

  295. Michelle Price says:

    I really NEED-

    1. new sheets for my bed
    2. Design Your Life class taught by Cathy Z.

    Happy Holidays!

  296. A breadmaker…nothing makes the house smell better!
    A Family Tree necklace from Lisa Leonard designs.
    I love surprise gifts, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that Santa grants me these two wishes!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  297. 1. an iPod for my hubby
    2. a cricut expression for me

  298. 1. dress watch
    2. cropper hopper paper storage

  299. a compact photo scanner for 4×6 pictures and an electric can opener that works

  300. 1. A new dishwasher ( Hard for kids to purchase & wrap, so….#2)

    2. A portable laminating machine, like the $20 one at Target

    3. Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook

  301. I want a book and a steamer.

  302. 1. one of those brownie pans with the things set inside to already cut the brownies (not sure what this is called)
    2. a charging station-saw one for under $20 at Target that I’ve hinted about

  303. On my list this year:

    * a yoga mat
    * an iPod shuffle
    * Brighton charms for my badge holder

  304. Love the giveaway… I have many things on my wish list! But my top 2 are;
    1. Gift Certificate to Ballard Designs because we are currently building a new home and planning to move Jan. 2010… so I need to buy rugs, house things, etc.
    2. Target gift card because I hope to set up and organize my scrapbooking room in the new house!!
    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!! Michelle

  305. I would love a an SLR camera….and some new gardening tools!

  306. On my list are knitting needles (Addi Turbos), and Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac. A heated foot massager would be super too.

  307. Kim Huschke says:

    Two things on my list are an ATG gun for my scrapbooking and new silverware.

  308. I would like a bread machine and some pretty socks :) Of course, my kids are more at the age where I’m more likely to get stuff like Hungry, Hungry Hippos or a hairbrush with a princess on it!

  309. Vickie Jones says:

    I got an ITouch for my Birthday, I’d like a sports carrier for it that lets me keep the case on it.

    We are going to Alaska in June, living in AZ I don’t have allot of winter stuff, so I’d like some good gloves

  310. Joanie Baloney says:

    I hope I get some comfy, fuzzy socks like my DH got me last year and new counter-top canisters to hold my flour/sugar.

  311. I would love some new flannel sheets to keep me warmer at night and to sign up for Cathy´s BPS class!

  312. So funny to be asked what I want when as moms and spouses and daughters and aunts we compile lists on what others want. So here goes my 1st Christmas list in 45 years.
    Karma perfume by Lush
    Ikea Expedit shelving in white would be just the ticket to organize my scrap space.

    • If you haven’t already looked at the IKEA Besta shelving, take a look at it too. 15+ inch deep shelves hold 12×12 albums, come in many widths and heights, can easily add more shelves, AND it comes in white. I went to IKEA to buy the Expedit and came home with the Besta and LOVE it. Just an idea for you!

  313. Two things on my Christmas list this year are Cathy’s class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, because i have enjoyed Alie’s so, and one of those fancy new coffee machines that also make hot chocalte.

  314. Two items I would like to get:

    1. Wine bottle stoppers (for those partial bottles)

    2. New cross country ski boots

  315. My list is simple this year. I need a new salad spinner and an 8×8 inch square pan.

  316. Two of the things I have “hinted” about to the kids are
    1) 5 x 7 cutting board (don’t always need the big one)
    2) comfy slippers that won’t get too warm

  317. I would love an ipod with an ideck for my kitchen. :) I would also love to have an i-top! :) That would kick butt…but for YEARS Christmas has been about the kids and mom and dad hasn’t gotten anything until tax time! :)

  318. Kim Winter says:

    What an adorable kit.
    On my list:
    I-Phone – It is time to upgrade and I want a good one!
    New tennis shoes…. not sure what kind, but bigger size. :)

  319. I want a new point and shoot camera for my purse and a paint by number kit of one of my own photos.

  320. I have so many things on my list. At the top is a red camera bag from Epiphanie Camera Bags and I would really love a new couch.

  321. The needed gift are those leather pothandle covers for my Caphalon pans. The ones I have are 21 years old that I got as a wedding gift! The wanted gift would be to surprise me with a recovering of my office chair, which is a Herman Miller and with embarassingly worn out fabric! Wow to wake up to some bright happy fabric would be a BIG surprise.

  322. A few things on my list: Capri-style comfy PJs and Willow Tree angels

  323. Two things I would love from the kids, that’s easy. A handmade ornament with the date on it, and candid picture taken without my knowledge.

  324. I would love Photoshop Elements 8 and a cool new watch!

    Happy Holidays!

  325. On my wish list is a pair of warm slippers and new pajamas!

  326. At the top of my list:

    1. New body spray and lotion from Bath & Body Works (only time of year I get these).

    2. A couple of good books to start off the New Year.

  327. My list includes a Pandora charm, my kids add 1 for my birthday and Christmas and it is so fun to see what they pick. Also PhotoShop Elements 8 for my new Mac :)
    Merry Christmas!

  328. I asked for a peacoat, and some workout videos.

  329. My wish list is: Photoshop Elements and a Wii Fit!

  330. Charmayne Bowling says:

    A few things on my list~A new pair of Ugg’s to keep me warm while we wait in the preschool line everyday. A new ruffle scarf~black! Thanks for the chance to win this cute kit.

  331. Bea Medwecky says:

    I would love the Canon S90 (or perhaps the G11) plus a warm pink sweater.

  332. I’d love a book on a personal interest of mine scrapbooking, knitting, photography.
    I’d also love a coupon for time to read the book. Like “I’ll babysit/cook/clean/organize for you Mom for an 1/2 hr. or an hour Sunday(s) so you can sit and enjoy your book and learn something new about something that interests you.” I think this can teach kids to learn more about the person receiving the gift (personal) and to serve others.

  333. Two of the things on my wish list are a Scorpal and an ipod Touch. Since I have no husband or kids, I think I will buy myself the ipod Touch (hehe).

  334. Sara Padgett says:

    I’m asking for Photoshop Elements and shirts!

  335. I want a new SLR camera – Canon XTi and a new laptop. Or maybe books, bath & body lotion, costume jewelry, I’m easy to please.

  336. debby warthen says:

    I have asked for a new TV for my retreat room and a kindle. I know our budget and the probability of this happening, but, hey Christmas is for dreaming! ;-)

  337. OH On my wishlist for christmas is some fuzzy slipper socks and bath stuff or lotions MMMMMM they smell nice. Those are easy enough for my kids to get me and also wrap

  338. I’d love a sewing machine that I dared to use on card and a new fountain pen.

  339. I’m asking for the short chocolate UGGS for Christmas! I would love them so much! They are a splurge. Some other fun things include: Little Miss Matched Socks, The Pioneer Woman Cookbook and some BLISS lotion! Last time I checked I was on the NICE list – A girl can only hope!

  340. Photoshop Elements 8, a new sewing machine table, and gift cards ($5-$10) from all of the little shops I love to stop in on my lunch hour!

  341. Only two things…jeez..
    Looking back on years ago, It’s interesting to see how my needs/wants have changed. i really think I put items on my list now that are more needs than wants! (And, they’re much more domestic than back in my college days!)

    1. I would like some more rubbermaid drawers for my scrapping stuff. I have two and would like two more.

    2. New baking sheets. Mine have seen better days!

  342. a new colander…and a cheap watch (i break them!)

  343. There are a number of online photo/scrap classes I would like to take that are on my list. And I also need a new can-opener, electric though! Thanks. Happy Holidays!

  344. The BIGGEST item on my list is granite kitchen counter top. ;> Santa can’t put that in his sleigh. I have to wait (and dream about it ) for my hubby to get me that. There is always next year. The smallest item on my list is a “bind-it-all”. I have been looking for a good deal on this item (even used ones). So far it still a little too expensive for me.

  345. I would love another beaded band for my watch and some funky LittleMissMatched socks!

  346. Tracey Randolph says:

    My kids are not good at keeping secrets, but they do know what my favorites are! My youngest daughter has been asking to look at my scrapbooking supplies to see what they look like or what I have. Also she has been asking if I ever buy my supplies from Wal-mart, (because we have no LSS in my small town)- (answer is yes! I’ll buy cute scrapbooking supplies anywhere!) My oldest daughter was wondering if I could use another travel mug for my cappuccino….yes I have at least one….everyday! So getting these items from them that they have carefully,but not secretly, thought of would be GREAT!!!

  347. I would love a radio arlam clock and a lense for my SLR.

  348. I wanna try my hand at Photshop ELements, so that’s on my list. I also want a pea coat…. they’re so sharp-looking

  349. My list includes a a new purse and a Gurgle Pot in mustard.

  350. This year I asked for a new pair of Ugg boots and a new lens for my SLR :)

  351. Madeline St Onge says:

    A kitchen aid Mixer and a set of Paula Dean pans, oh and a new 3-in-1 printer

  352. This is a hard one since I don’t do wish lists … but I’ll give it a try.

    A pair of vintage cowgirl boots in brown & those small portable sewing machines I could use for scrapping & card making.

  353. a cover for my camera strap (from etsy) and a bluetooth for my phone. Thanks for the chance to win the kit- I love your blog- so happy and inspiring!!

  354. A new crafting desk and a new Mac!

  355. I want some new bedding for the master bedroom and some new bath towels. My goal for 2010 is to get my home in order again

  356. Kim Fischer says:

    For Christmas, I would like a hands free device for my cell phone so I won’t get a ticket if i talk in the car after January 1, 2010; and I would like a nice new traditional hand can opener to take to my new home that I’ll hopefully move to by February 2010. :)

  357. 1. A leather jacket
    2. Ellie Krieger’s So Easy cookbook

    I’m pretty sure that Santa will definitely be bringing the first item on my list!

  358. Great products! I want Rock Band, so I can be the singer I was always meant to be. And I want more scrapbook paper. I’m addicted.

  359. Great kit – hope I win it :)
    For Christmas I have asked my chilren (grown) for

    family portraits of each family

    New robe – desperately needed :)

    and just throw this in – new scrappy stuff, will never turn it down :)

  360. A Wii and subscription to Scrapbook Trends. I’d be the happiest camper ever!

  361. I’d like a travel coffee mug from starbucks and a nice water bottle for use on my treadmill. I’d also love (but pretty sure I won’t be getting) my boys to detail my van and get their stuff out of there!

  362. I asked for new slippers (the current ones have holes!) and an orchid. I expect this year to be better than the last..when our house flooded! Thanks for asking!

  363. A laptop camera so we can skype with out of town family. And jewelry – earrings and necklace sets are the best for easy coordination.

  364. Nice giveaway – maybe i can scrapbook the pictures of my goodies from my wish list…

    want a Nikon camera and the awesoem tamron telephoto lens… then i just want my kids to be full or smiles, giggles and nothing but a fun-filled season!!! Enjoy to alll!

  365. Megan Gerrity says:

    I would like a higher score in Bejeweled Blitz than my friend Robyn. I would also like to be carded and then the person to say “there is no way this is your license – you can not be 36!” And a pair of jeans that look good on me – not dumpy!

  366. Jeanne Ann says:

    There is nothing on my gift list this year, I believe I have hit the contentment mark. I do however never pass up a book to read and I do love my Estee Lauder face cleaners. They have made me look better this year.

    I have been wondering just what has happened to this month so far. I seem to be mostly ready for the holiday and can’t say I really remember getting it done. A new reponsibility at work has taken all my waking hours it seems.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Stacy! God Bless You

  367. I would love a duvet cover for my bed, and chair pads (sage green or apple red) for my dining room.

  368. On my wish list is an oregano plant so we can use more fresh herbs in cooking and cute muffin cups / liners so I can make more cupcakes & muffins.

  369. I want new slippers and a cover for my mixer.

  370. 1. Picture frames. For someone who loves to take as many pictures as I do, I hardly have any displayed! They are just sitting on my computer, collecting cyber-dust…
    2. Hats. I love hats. Baseball hats, cowboy, beanies…maybe I should ask for a hat rack instead…

  371. Sue in Grapevine says:

    Two things on my list are a Bow Easy b/c I have lots of beautiful ribbon, but can’t tie a very good bow & some salted caramels – w/or w/out chocolate coating.

  372. I would like a sewing machine-not an expensive one though, just one I could use to start with for scrapbooking.

  373. I would love a backup hard drive!

  374. So…my kid is three…and is currently only concerned with what Santa is leaving HIM for Christmas…but…two things I really want:

    1) A flip camera

    2) The Creative Habit by Twila Tharp

  375. 1. Donna Downey’s Inspire workshop (can’t wait to meet Stacy there :))
    2. books including, the Middle

  376. Anne-Marie Wiley says:

    I would love the book “Fabulous Folds for Cardmakers” and a pair of warm fuzzy socks.

  377. On my gift wish list this year is Red Business Envelopes, Suduko daily calander, a small compass, and the board game Blokus.

  378. Marti Richards says:

    Well, I would love a new phone that has a keypad for texting. My current phone is horrible for that and seeing that this technology challenged older Mommy needs to get jiggy with it (they still say that, right?) and keep up with her younger friends, it would be most beneficial. I also have asked for one day for Daddy to take the kids so that I can scrap while it is still daylight and actually go to bed at a decent hour. I usually stay up waaaaay too late scrapping (last night it was 3am- yawn!) to get my time in. Of course, my 4 year old DS thinks that Mommy needs Spiderman pj’s to match his and my 13 month old DD will probably just want to give me big sloppy open mouth kisses- I would happily accept those, too. :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  379. This mom of 4 wants an All-Clad 12″ covered saute pan from W-S that costs too much, so any covered pan of that size, enrollment in CZ’s Design class (I am an alumnus and want the layered templates), on that note Photoshop for my new MacBook (have it for PC, who knew I had to buy the whole thing all over again – yeesh!), cute lipgloss (any 3 +5 yr old girls like), new gloves, miss matched socks…

  380. Oh, those papers are beautiful!

    I have asked for a gift certificate to your LOM class (that will likely come from my husband) and new pot holders among other things!

  381. I would like a prepaid photo plan so I can print about 1,000 pictures and a backup hard drive for my photos.

  382. Sounds crazy, but I want new bushes for my front yard and new paint and curtains for my kitchen. And while I’m at it, I’d love “52 More Scrapbooking Challenges” and a new trimmer to replace the latest one I’ve worn out!

  383. 1. Another “scrapbook” purse. I have the AMM Vituri and matching wallet but I want at least one more and they aren’t making them anymore so my husband has been on the search. I get TONS of compliments on the one I have.

    2. A seat in Cathy Z’s Design Your Life or in Library of Memories. I know I won’t get either of those but I put it on my list anyway when I made it up for hubby and the kids.

  384. I must agree with the can opener. We’ve already gone through two and are working on a third, just in the past year! I would also like a couple pairs of jeans, nice snazzy-looking jeans. I know I’ll never have my seventeen year old body back, but something close is reasonable :)

  385. Two things on my wish this year are:

    A Hand Mixer (the one I currently own was a wedding gift over 13 years ago).


    The new Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook

  386. amy miller says:

    ok for Christmas this year, I specifically asked for GPS in my car that also answers the phone (hands-free) and for a little stocking stuffer I always ask for new slippers and a williams-sonoma rubber spatula. They come in so many pretty colors and this gives my kids something to hand pick out for me, plus see me use throughout the year. I love it because they withstand the heat and you cannot destroy them!

  387. Barbara W. says:

    Would love to win the kit as I plan to do lots more paper scrapping in the New Year.
    The top two things on my Christmas list are:
    1. Photoshop Elements (so that I can also learn more about digital scrapbooking)
    2. Gift cards to scrapbooking sites or shops so that I can continue with this creative
    BTW – love your book, Photo Freedom. It is my inspiration!

  388. kat-in-texas says:

    Two things on my list (my whole list is two things!):

    1. Ugg slippers
    2. Black down coat with a fur hood! (faux of course :)

    Thanks, Stacy!
    p.s. my ‘dream gift’ would be a Sticks Art Lazy Susan! ha.

  389. I would love some alone time with each child.. as they are all teens and older not an easy thing to get! I would also love a new pair of jeans that looks good and are comfortable seems to be an oximoron

  390. Melanie Cooper says:

    Lets see….

    some things on my list are

    a new planner for the new year and

    PENS, I love pens in all colors, shapes and sizes

  391. On my list is a new label maker since mine bit the dust and one of those Martha Stewart pizza cutters – you hold a “cover” type thing instead of a handle. Just like the coolness of it.

  392. It sounds crazy, but I need a new flag. Ours was beaten up during the last storm. I am also asking for Sweet Home Alabama the movie. Living in a house with four other boys (three kids and a husband) I feel the need to sit down and enjoy a chick flick.

  393. 1. Rain boots. I live in Seattle and I don’t own rain boots!
    2. An alarm clock. Boring, I know, but I dropped mine and now it beeps strangely and
    is missing the colon.

  394. I am happy to say I KNOW I am getting the two most important things on my list. I get to see my grandson right before Christmas and my mom and dad on Christmas Day. Who needs stuff when you have family?

  395. Carol Casavant says:

    I would like new slippers and a gift card to Barnes & Noble…

  396. Jeannie Weeks says:

    On my Christmas list this year I have an external hard drive for backing up my photos and a new crock pot (mine is over 30 years old). I am pretty much ready as I am going to get and looking forward to time with family Christmas Day.

  397. Diane Anthony says:

    Caribou Reindeer blend and Dove Peppermint bark chocolates. MMMMmmmm!

  398. Sharon Holesh says:

    I want anything Philosophy. Amazing Grace Body Emulson Lotion is my all time favorite. It makes my day when I put it on every morning. Can get at Sephora, Nordstroms or of QVC. I would also like a Pandora braclet of charm ( expensive though)

  399. this is easy.. all I have asked for this Christmas
    1. an electric pencil sharpener.. I am tired of chewing up pencils when I sit down to do home work with my daughter.. the pencil sharpener will just make me so very happy.
    2. a subcription of Pogo online, so I can play with my family.

  400. phones that don’t break into static when I walk more than two feet away from the base, and a subscription to a kit club :)

  401. Well, actually, I asked for a Gurgle Pot… I think I got the idea from you, Stacy! And also, Williams-Sonoma has this cool cake pan in their catalog that makes a cake that looks like an Oreo cookie. So I asked for that. I always love getting cooking/baking stuff.

  402. This Christmas, I’d love to get the movie “Up” on DVD, and gift certificates to my favorite bookstore – Joseph-Beth. =)

  403. Happy Holidays, Stacy! And thank you for your continued words of wisdom and ideas of inspiration!

    One of the “things” that I would like for Christmas is a bike! A pink one in honor of friends and family who have/had breast cancer, and one that I can ride through our neighborhood with ease (10 speed boys’ bicycles are no longer as feasible at this age!) with my two children.

    The second item that I would like is a simple yet professional quality video cam (one that doesn’t run out of memory or batteries would be ideal!) so I can capture ordinary and special moments at unexpected times.

    Best wishes for all to have a joyous holiday season!


  404. Two things on my Christmas list are an i pod i home and Lightroom to edit photos. Thanks for the chance to win this super cute paper. Merry Christmas!

  405. Two things on my list are stamps from Papertrey Ink and a 19″ flat screen tv for my craft room! Merry Christmas! Beth

  406. One thing on my Christmas list is Breaking Dawn, the 4th Twilight book. I already read it, but I want to own my own copy. Another thing on my list is a new Vera Bradley handbag. I can’t get enough Vera!

  407. I want
    Michael Buble – Crazy Love CD
    a new Cannon Power Shot as the front of my old one feel off during the Light the Night walk a few months ago.

  408. My List:

    An Aqua Gurgle Pot.

    Nikon D3000

  409. I would really like the Compendium Book “Believe” – - really need that kind of inspiration and reminder right now.
    I also want a pepper mill. Crazy? I really like pepper and have never had a pepper mill. I LOVE fresh ground pepper at restaurants.

  410. My Christmas list is a WACOM Craft tablet and some lilac shower gel. Trying to break into the digi world and I love the smell of lilacs.

  411. Anita Matthews says:

    Okay, two easy things for my munchkins to get me that I love are some Godiva chocolate (pure decadance) and a gift card for our local bookstore. These 2 simple items equal guilt free book shopping and chocolate gnoshing for Mommy!!

  412. Kimberly Ann says:

    Two of the items on my list are a whiskula (I think the real name is balloon whisk) and Baby Sitters Club books for my collection.

  413. On my Christmas list is a coat rack (I tired of the coats on the back of my dining room chairs) and two days of peace and quiet (my mother-in-law liked this idea she’s throwing a slumber party for the kids!) so I guess I know one thing I’m getting for Christmas!

  414. Gift certificates for BPS and LittleMissMatched. I want to do my own shoppping :)))

  415. A couple of things that are on my Christmas list are a subscription to Scrapbooks Etc and a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar camera bag.

  416. 1. iPhone
    2. Brighton watch (Turin)

  417. 1. Photoshop Elements 8.0
    2. pilates mat (love the pilates class through the local adult education school)

  418. Two things on my list: the Storybook cricut cartridge and a new laptop. (I’m really dreaming on that laptop. Totally not in the budget.)

  419. I already got my Christmas wish – a healthy husband. We have spent a year battling his health problems and for awhile I thought I’d be a widow this year, so my list is pretty short – keep him healthy and strong
    - enjoy Christmas morning around the tree together (all 8 of us!) for the first time in two years (son just got home from a mission) and the last time for two years (son #2 leaves for a mission in January)
    What more could a girl want?

    (but I really do love that paper, so I would love to win it!!!)

  420. A box of After Eights chocolates (something I ask for every year) and maybe a gift card for Starbucks!

  421. Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

  422. 1. A cute laptop bag for those times when I don’t need the entire Swiss Gear computer backpack that is big enough to live out of for a week.

    2. An adorable necklace I saw at Target the other day on the $5 jewelry rack.

  423. Two (inexpensive) things on my list:

    Really warm & comfy sweatpants

    Wood salad bowls

  424. A Flylady calendar-can’t live without that thing!!! And the DVD Mama Mia! I just love that happy little movie…

  425. Cheryl Sande says:

    I am being practical this year I want new slippers and new snow boots. Yes it is cold here in Minnesota!!!

  426. I told my oldest son (14) that he could get me an ITunes GC or the new Kris Allen or Allison Iraheta CDs, although I followed up by telling him that he didn’t have to get me anything. I would also love some new Christmas PJs or a Christmas shirt.

  427. Cindy McDannold says:

    I want a new “Smart Pot” crock pot and some new organizers for my everyday silverware.

  428. A new heat/air unit….sigh….
    but it really is one of those things I can’t live without.

  429. I’m in the mist of organizing and a revamp of my scrapbook room. Finally decided on a color, so there is my two things.

    1. A gallon of paint from Sherman Williams, Color Slick Blue

    2. Jetmax Paper storage.

    Of course help in the organizing would also be much appreciated!!

  430. Kim Garrett says:

    Snow boots and a ski vest in hope of snow here in Virginia this winter.

  431. Two things on my Christmas Wish List:

    1. Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown (LOVE his show on Food Network!)
    2. Texture Hammer by Tim Holtz

    (Stacy, I love those flour sack dish towels…I get a new set every January. It’s so nice to start the year off with nice new towels!)

  432. 2 things,

    a new blender! &

    a nice new sharp paper trimmer

  433. lynne moore says:

    I actually feel really fortunate this year to have a very small gift list. Top of my list is the book. The next is a Marvy mega punch in the largest circle size. (But a gift certificate to Joann ETC will cover that one…LOL…I like to do my own shopping.)

  434. I’m hoping Santa will bring me… the book “Half the Sky” and season 3 of “24″ on DVD(yes, I’m playing catch up!). Cannot believe that Christmas is in nine days! YIKES!

  435. Michelle H in CA says:

    On my Christmas list this year I have a pair of quad roller skates (I need to get in shape) and a few cartridges for my Cricut Silhouette. :o)

  436. Margaret Burton says:

    My first wish and I told my husband a long time ago is to take the Library of Memories class. My second one is a digital camera or gift cards to JoAnns..

  437. I would love to get the perfect brownie with lots of brownie mixes. I would also like a new cartriage for my cricut.

  438. On my Christmas list is a counter-top compost pail (preferably cute but not cheesey) and a new bead for my Troll bracelet.

  439. I had measuring cups on my list this year. Hubby came through (we opened gifts on St. Nicholas’ Day) with these beauties from

    I LOVE them! EVERY single size you will EVER need. LOVE them. :D

    Hmm… I also LOVE the Glee soundtracks. BOTH of them are amazing. That group of 20-somethings… they are fabulous!

    Merry Christmas!

  440. As boring as it sounds I could really use new bath towels! I also want and need a new sleeping eye mask…gotta keep out those streetlights and early sunshine when I need my sleep.

  441. On my christmas list this year are new Uggs (it is getting so frigid here) and the new Harry Potter movie on DVD.

  442. I would love a Penguin carbonated water maker and a pair of old fashioned grey sweatpants. Just plain old gym sweatpants. thanks, CindyML

  443. I would love some “Sensuous” perfume by Estee Lauder, and that big ol’ tape runner (can’t think of the name at the moment!) Thanks for asking! :)

  444. I would LOVE a few pair of Joe Boxer short socks to wear when I work out. I love the thicker padding in them.

    I also have on my list a new 2.0 gb memory card, U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton and beautiful perfume by Estee lauder.

    Even if I get none of the above I will be happy. My family (extended and immediate) are all healthy and well and we will have a fun christmas with lots of laughter, food and talking. : )

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  445. I’d love to receive:
    -a fun new bracelet
    -A new Silpat (I accidentally cut one when I was baking!)

  446. Julie Lueck says:

    I would love my three year old son to be potty trained(I sent my oldest son to my sisters house for a week for potty train boot camp)and babysitting coupons. Can you see a trend? Somedays I am sure I won’t survive my youngest boy. I just don’t remember the other two being this tough. I think that is the grand plan. Merry Christmas to all.

  447. A free ticket out of matching socks when they come out of the laundry–I’d say for a month. Plus some cute socks. Mine are wearing out.

  448. 2 things I want for Christmas…

    Season 1 part 1 of GLEE on DVD.
    a trifle dish.

  449. On my Christmas list this year is a mac and some good tea.

  450. On my list are a really pretty camera strap cover from the sellers on Etsy- LOVE them- great BLING for your camera! and a photo editing class to help me learn how to use my new Photoshop Elements 8 software!! Yeah!
    Merry Christmas Stacy!
    Also wondering when we will hear about the Library of Memories class!!

  451. With 3 boys in my house (I’m sure you know what comes with that) and a little girl, I have asked them for a big box of Peace. I just crave some peace (quiet might be nice too) sometimes. They don’t have to buy anything just wrap me up a pretty box! Love them to death but they are so loud!!!!!

  452. Cami Haveman says:

    Would love a set of Copic Markers and every Basic Grey 6 x 6 pad available!

  453. I have tons of scrappy things on my list. Would be happy with a gift card to Archivers or Two Peas so I can also have the fun of shopping! And while my kids will probably not be able to get this I am dreaming of a new desk so I can have a dedicated place to scrap and not have to use my kitchen table! Blessings!

  454. I would love a second set of Birkenstock insoles (I am alwayswitching them from shoes to boots to different shoes or misplacing them in between swithces) and a new toque (the kids don’t like my old one and it doesn’t owe me anything). I am finding that this Christmas the stress of the perfect gift isn’t the same. This year it is more about being together and being grateful for eachother. Not that we are material, but this year definitely feels more focused on family and I am enjoying it.

  455. Kerri Norrod says:

    What I wish for this Christmas is a jewlery amoire and time spent with my six year old niece making crafts and baking. She is too cute and so much fun.

  456. oh my! is it so wrong to want a coach bag and matching wallet?! :) i was a good girl this year…i think!

  457. I really want a pair of Croc high heels. They are so cute and you know they have to be comfy! I also put adhesive on my list. I never can have enough!

  458. I want a polaroid camera with film or a diana camera and a new lens for my digital SLR (an expensive one that I probably won’t get). A girl can wish.

  459. Some of my wish list items include copics markers, some OPI nail polish, an itunes gift card and some games for my Wii.

  460. On my wist list is a new food processor and a nice little digital camera to carry in my purse!!!

  461. I always ask for gift certificates for a manicure and pedicure. I love to have the pampering and hot pink toes just make me happy!

  462. I would love a professional organizer to come and help me with my clutter issue… and maybe an ipod nano.

  463. Rebecca Brooks says:

    On my Christmas list are some iFrog ear buds to use with my iPod and some warm boots to wear on cold days.

  464. 1. The new Alton Bown book (The Early Years, I think)
    2. A new photo printer

  465. Karen Neder says:

    1. A new pair of flannel pajama pants

    2. The game “Elefun” – my kids at school loved that game when my intern brought it in. They still ask for it!

  466. Linda Ford says:

    My wish list includes Photo Shop Elements and the new Jimmy Buffet CD.

  467. Would love a kitchenaide mixer, but that’s not gonna happen!:) I’d really like some warm boots and better digital camera!

  468. Something practical….OXO Good Grip Pop Containers
    Something dreamy…a new Nikon D90 camera!!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  469. I want my husband to find a job…or else for me to find a decent one. But that’s not what you meant. I really want a storage case for my circular knitting needles. That would be great!

  470. There’s a cute little owl pillow in the kids’ bedding area at Target that doesn’t match a thing in my decor but is just so doggone cute I can hardly stand it. That’s on my list. And Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) jersey. Both totally unnecessary items in life, but two things I would love to have!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Stacey! Thanks for all of the inspiration you’ve given me over the years. I just love the Sprinkles section of your blog!

  471. Janet Hurzeler says:

    I would like new strings for my cello. Since I’ve recovered from shoulder surgery, even my musical instrument needs a new beginning. I’d also like a cat but allergies make that impossible for now.

  472. A Scrapbook-A-Day Calendar from Borders, chocolate covered coffeebeans, Jordan almonds, my wedding ring resized (3 kids, and it’s now too tight to wear), fuzzy socks from Old Navy, toenail polish, a new journal, The Holiday dvd, Tim McGraw’s new CD, Wallflower refills, cute and colorful hat and mittens, ragwool socks.

  473. LeAnne Smith says:

    My DSLR just died yesterday…luckily after my son’s first Christmas program but not before I blew out my b-day candles so I’d really love to find someone who can fix it before Christmas next week. Unreasonable to ask? Yeah, so how about a new body for my lenses. Oh, and maybe a cricut expression too. :)

  474. I’d love a brother cs6000si sewing machine and a set of the Bridget Jones’ Diary dvds. How nice it would be to wake up after Christmas is over and begin sewing on my new machine will listen to Bridget Jones go through her wacky life and find true love! Merry Christmas! P.S. Thanks for your post about having to let the cleaning lady go and the about all your blessings and how you handle your life. It really does help to hear how others struggle to be true, happy, and real.


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