Google and me.

Stuff I looked up this weekend via Google.

  • stringing lights on a Ficus tree (not much luck)
  • words to the 12 Days of Christmas (I do this every year)
  • information on some new supplies for my LOM class (more info coming soon)
  • pumpkin pie spice (needed to make my own)
  • how to replace the clay in our Cadoo game (had to email Hasbro — will share what I learn)
  • where to find a favorite book from my college days (Amazon — of course!)

My friend Karen sent me this YouTube clip a week or so ago. It’s so cute.

This is why I’m a Google girl. They get it. They get that everything I do is part of my story.
I am fiercely loyal to products and companies that understand that I’m not just buying or living …

I’m writing a story.



  1. I have lights on my ficus. They add a little extra sparkle! I strung mine by wrapping them around the trunk and weaving in & out of the stems of the leaves. I like it because you can’t really see the light cording, just the lights!

  2. I keep a bunch of those little trick or treat size containers of playdough with my cranium game.

  3. Ficus Tree—oh that brings back memories and possible a layout! My husband came into our marriage with one and I kept trying to kill it (not on purpose-well maybe) by forgetting to water it. I would notice leaves dropping and then would water it. It always seemed to be in the way and we just didn’t have the “perfect spot” for it. We would wrap lights around the trunk and then weave through the branches like Amy said. However, our tree was always scrawny so the cording never hid! We gave his tree a new home at his sister’s (she grows a jungle in her home) and it has lights on it all the time and is thriving!!

  4. Cute video!!!!
    I’m also a Google lover. Aften my son ask me to google something for him!!!:)

  5. We had lights on our ficus for quite a while (weaving like the other folks have done), but have for the last couple of years hung up the lightweight ball ornaments – which gives it a feeling of whimsy.

  6. That was one of my favorite books too. I think I discovered it in high school or college. I gave a copy to my college boyfriend. I found it in a bookstore two blocks from campus. I discovered that not only was the publisher from Atlanta (where I went to school and an hour from where I grew up) but the author graduated from my college. So meaningful on so many levels to me. My college boyfriend was killed, and the book was given back to me, but it’s boxed away with some of his other things. I’d forgotten about it until now. Thank you.

  7. Love the video…sooo cute!

  8. Andrea MacDonald says:

    Gotta Love Google!

  9. Too funny Stacy!! I google all the time. I just googled Life is Good PJ’s for my daughter! Need to find a shirt in small!

  10. I so understand. I am a Googler too. We put lights on our ficus back in Colorado and it looked great. We no longer have the ficus cause we couldn’t bring it into Arizona with us. have fun.

  11. Tiffany N says:

    Regarding the clay in cadoo: my kiddos have collected (at various times) those minature playdough containers with playdough in them. We have substituted out cadoo clay for those playdough minis and they work well.

  12. Linda Mann says:

    Loved the UTube clip! Love Google, too. They’re the best search engine!

  13. Kimberly Ann says:

    So, speaking of LOM, when is registration going to open? I’m really excited to take your class!

  14. I’m excited to hear more about your next LOM class! Had to pass on it this last year and have been waiting patiently to take it in 2010!!

  15. LOVE the You Tube clip. It really hit home, I’m married to a man from Paris. :) Thank you for sharing!

  16. love the youtube video. I’m a googler, too.

  17. I used google too to find pumpkin pie spice. :) Love the Paris google search on you tube, it was super cute. Thanks for sharing.

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