New Year’s Resolutions. Let BPS Help!

Yay! I’m back. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in your corner of the world. I’m still fighting a nasty cold, but I have also been in full holiday mode and LOVING it. I have not set my alarm clock in over a week and I am finally NOT waking up between 5:00 and 6:00 am — in fact, after several rounds of Band Hero and 4 episodes of 24 with Geoff last night I woke up at 8:07 this morning. What? I know, so GOOD for me.

But onto more important things. Today is New Year’s Eve and I’m completely thrilled with the round of Big Picture Scrapbooking workshops that opened today. Let’s examine briefly how each could help you with a New Year’s Resolution:

Resolution: Fall in LOVE with Scrapbooking again and feel really INSPIRED for creativity in 2010.
Workshop: Inspiration Defined

My personal recommendation would be to take Elizabeth’s 4 week class in January to GROW your ability to find and personally interpret inspiration and then join me in Library of Memories to set up a comprehensive system that will support inspired scrapbooking moving forward.


If you need more information, listen to Elizabeth Dillow‘s audio message and analogy of scrapbooking and Gerbera Daisies. According to Elizabeth many of us are attempting to grow a beautiful flower with just dirt and a clay pot — no water and NO sunshine. Don’t worry even in the midst of a cold, dark winter, sunshine is available — you just have to know where to look and how to bring it home (so to speak.)

This class is FULL of inspiring ideas, people and resources.

Resolution: Scrapbook Me (finally.)
Workshop: The Challenge of Me.

If you have not yet dedicated an entire album to YOU. Make this a resolution now and sign up. I don’t how to say this in a more straightforward way. I know you have thousands of photos and I know you likely feel behind. Here’s the truth. There is only ONE story you are qualified to tell. Your story. If you haven’t done this, Lisa Day‘s  workshop is just the hand-holding you need.


This workshop features daily challenges to create pages all about you, your family, your work + dreams and your world. I love the very honest layout Lisa shares about finding personal enlightenment, illustrated with a lotus flower. Lisa also shares a totally embarrassing layout about me — in fact, I think you’ll find Lisa’s sharing through her layouts very encouraging — she is a wonderful example of using scrapbooking as tool to self-discovery.

Resolution: Use scrapbooking to support me in a healthier lifestyle.
Worskhop: Wellness Journey


You’re NOT alone if you want to get in shape this year. The thing is you could be part of a really cool community of creative women finding more wellness and recording their progress in a scrapbook. Join our fearless and very healthy leader, Lisa Cohen in our third session of Wellness Journey. Back by popular demand, this 8 week workshop will help you understand and apply true principles of healthy living. Truly, if you want to be healthier this year, start HERE.

Be sure to check out Sprinkle No. 13 — it will help you quickly look back and celebrate some of your favorite moments from 2009.
I’ll be back this weekend with holiday highlights in our home.
Happy NEW Year!



  1. Happy New Year and yes, I’m signed up for the Challenge of Me. This will be the right kickoff to the New Year. :)

  2. I wish I could take some of the classes. Alas, my scrapbooking budget is shot for the time being. Not from Christmas tho’. Have a great New Year’s Day and many blessings in 2010.

  3. Lorraine Reynolds says:

    You forgot Cathy Z. and Design Your Life. Talk about a resolution to help make my scrapbooking more beautiful and together than ever. Happy New Year.

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