Sprinkle No. 10


Warm or cool, rain or shine, this is the season of ringing bells and these people warm my heart.
This is why I have declared it “be nice to a bell-ringer week”

I made a personal pledge several years ago to always find something to drop in the famous red kettle. I encourage you to make a similar commitment this season. This means you’ll need to be prepared with singles in your wallet and/or change in your pocket. If you have children talk to them about The Salvation Army and get them involved too.  I stood inside Walmart for a few minutes on Monday and was amazed at how many people walk past the bell ringer without even seeming to notice. Sad.

Your *sprinkle* this week is to notice these dedicated people.

Say Thank You.
or, even better …


purchase a $10.00 gift card inside the store and hand it to your bell-ringer on the way out. Drop some change in the kettle and say “This is for the Salvation Army and this is for you!”

Speaking of bell-ringers, you can get your own virtual red kettle here and you can download a bell-ringer iPhone app here.



  1. I have always put money in the little red pot. My father was part of the Salvation Army his entire life. Since my daughter could walk she has been giving the kettle a treat (that is what she called it when she was younger). I always have money in the car. We have a rule too that we give them both coming into the store and leqaving the store. I just wish more people realized that 5 or 10 cents from everyone everytime sure does add up to a lot of help for those in need.

    Happy Ringing!!!

  2. This is something that I have always done with my kids! The Salvation Army helps so many people, local, national and international. This is a great sprinkle, even the smallest amount adds up and is multiplied. God bless!

  3. I always give something to the Salvation Army.. my dad told me a story when i was a kid, that it was because of them that he HAD a Christmas.. Makes me feel good to give, but also to remember the kindness given to my dad. My daughter even reminds me to raid the chage jar in my car when we see them. I don’t give to many charities blindly like this.. instead, I send a small check to a different charity each month (per the advice of my accountant), but these guys always get something & a check too..
    Thinking I might get a coffee card or something for the next bell ringer I see..
    Thanks again for this column.. makes me feel good..

  4. My thanks also to you Stacy, for including The Salvation Army as a Sprinkle! My grandparents were Officers, and most of the family played in the band, my mother worked for the Day Care Center in Boston/ Dorchester, MA, she started as a bookkeeper and retired as director! I have seen firsthand all the good they do! Happy Holidays to you, your family, the blog family and all the readers!

  5. Well I just could NOT believe my eyes when I saw your suggestion for this week’s sprinkle! Yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I dropped some money into the S.A. bucket on my way in. (This is something that I try to “be prepared for” as you put it during the holidays.) The same gentleman has been the bell ringer at my grocery store for several years, and he is just full of joy! When I left the store, he looked so cold, that I drove right over to the Starbucks on the corner and bought him a hot chocolate. Needless to say he was pretty excited when I brought it back, and I felt pretty good too. Talk about a win-win! So Stacy, I guess our great minds were just thinkin’ alike this week. :) Keep up the great work — your blog is such a pleasure!

  6. I saw you at Walmart on Monday and would have said “hi” but you were chatting with someone. I’m glad you have this as your sprinkle because I tend to get caught up in what is next on my to do list and walk in and out of the stores focused on what I need to get done. I do remember I said good morning to the bell ringer at Walmart but know that at other times this season I haven’t done a thing. Thanks for the gentle suggestion to acknowledge these kind people and the work they are doing.

  7. Today I went grocery shopping and there were 2 bellringers, one at each end of the entry hall, I took note and went in to do my shopping. What could I do for these people? At least they were inside where it was warm and dry. I didn’t know if they were coffee drinkers or pop drinkers, I thought about bringing them each a donut but decided against that. In the end, I bought a package of Hershey’s chocolate bars. I went through the self check and went to sign my credit slip at the attendant desk. After signing I opened the package of chocolate bars, gave one to the cashier that was manning it and told her Merry Christmas this is for you. She was thrilled. Then I went out to the bell ringer at one end and gave the kettle some change and the girl the candy bar, she was so excited and said “oh I love these kind, Merry Christmas.” she had a huge smile on her face. The other end of the hall, there was a new gal just came in so it started off her shift with a smile. She was very thankful and wished me a Merry Christmas too. I walked out feeling really good. What a great idea this was Stacy!

  8. Christine H says:

    We are dedicated red kettle donors. My son has been in scouts since the first grade (he is an 8th grader this year). They ring the bell every year and I make sure he always signs up for a shift. He is always excited to talk about how full the kettle got while he was there. I love how this simple task can do so much for those in need and my son (who is fortunate beyond his 13 year old understanding). Now I have go to do this gift card idea. I know some of our small town ringers are also those that need some help. Can’t wait to do this!

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