Sprinkle No. 11

If you’re like me, you’d love to be DONE with Christmas preparations by the end of this week. You’d love to have your lists complete, so you can settle in for mostly quiet, at home traditions and celebrations with family and friends. This means, you likely have a TON to accomplish this week!

Remember that my *sprinkles* page is all about adding easy everyday joy to your busy life. This week, my *sprinkle* this week is for YOU.

Sprinkle No. 11
This is what I need you to do: Tie a jingle bell (or two) on at least one pair of your shoes. As you “run around” in productive preparations, allow yourself to hear the jingle-jingle and remember that only YOU can make your spirit bright.

The oft-sung lyrics to Jingle Bells, talk of bells on bobtails that make spirits bright. I don’t have a team of horses to pull me around, but I do have two feet that will be moving fast this week and I believe bells attached to my shoes might just remind me to keep my spirit bright and happy amidst all the hustle and bustle.


If there is NO way you can bring yourself to tie bells on your shoes (like I did), then put a few in your pocket or purse and when you bump into them you’ll have the same opportunity to pause, look around, smile and intentionally brighten your spirit.

9 Days ’til Christmas … You can do it!



  1. OMG – when I was in High School and College – I would tie jingle bells on my shoes for the entire month of December – you could hear me from a mile away. Such a great memory you just brought back – thanks!


  2. Love, love, love this idea!! I’m going to suggest my girls do it, too! :)

  3. I have a couple pair of Christmas socks that have bells on them. I love wearing them and seeing the reactions of people when they hear me walking near them. Most people just smile, some ask if it is me jingling and some just look confused. It makes me happy when I hear them jingle.

  4. The bells are a special theme around our house during this time of the year. We start watching “The Polar Express” on Thanksgiving and probably 5 or 6 more time by Christmas.

    The first year it came out on DVD, we found a Max Lucado lesson online that used the story as a parable in relation to our relationship with our Father. We actually used this lesson during a family movie night at church and gave everyone a bell tied to a leather string to serve as a reminder of what they learned after watching the movie. It was a really great night.

  5. Stacy I saw this blog post about making a “sprinkle rack” out of an old target spice rack and thought of you!


  6. You’ve just brought back memories from high school! We used to do this every year!

  7. I love this! I’m putting a pair on my boys’ shoes when they get home from school today, they can wear them to school for the last 2 days. Of course I’ll do it myself too, but they will love this! Thanks Stacy, as always, for your inspiration and FUN!

  8. What a fun idea!

  9. I love this idea. I made jingle bell bracelets with my kids last year so they could wear the bells in December time to make a few more I think.

  10. I have the most beautiful Christmas charm bracelet that jingles. I wear it all the time. The jingling sound makes me happy.

  11. Stacy ~ I dug out my jingle bells as soon as you left my house! I now have bells on my shoe laces and I just adore the sound. I guess my cats do too. They are all following me around the house like I am the worlds largest cat toy!!! Thanks for brightening my day.

  12. I have little red Jingle bell earrings which I wear each December. Not too large to be annoying to me – just fun!

  13. Also still doing Sprinkle No. 9 – such fun! Today I created one of my own. It was a hot summers day (in Wellington, NZ) and there was a road crew (of 2 guys) on our hill filling in a massive hole and tar sealing etc. I drove up and down that hill at least 4 times today running various errands. Each time they would have to stop and move aside to let traffic through – and did so with a smile and a wave. On my last journey (after picking my daughter up from school) I picked up a big bottle of cold water and handed it to them as I went past. Well he beamed! and so did my daughter!

  14. Thanks, Stacy…i needed this!

  15. Linda Auclair says:

    I work in a HS library, and I am *TOTALLY* doing this on our last day of school this week. The Media Center isn’t too terribly quiet most of the time, but when it is and I let out a “jingle” I’ll have a smile on my face all day! Thanks for a fun suggestion. I love your sprinkles!

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