Sprinkle No. 12

Your *sprinkle* this week is very simple.


I’d like you to start each day this week with a prayer that your heart will be open to the needs of those around you. I’d like you to specifically ask God to help you feel His Spirit and I’d like you to ask Him to help you recognize and act on promptings that you have to smile at, talk to or somehow reach out to people that cross your path.

Christmas is not an easy holiday for many people. It can be lonely and full of sadness. But I absolutely believe that willing hearts are guided and able to help. I realize that this may sound more like a “Sunday post” than a *sprinkle* but I’m at a place in my life where I just really want to be me and not worry about making or taking offense. I honestly can’t think of a better way to *sprinkle* your life and the lives of others with goodness this week, than by asking for the ability to give someone what they really need.

For me Christmas is for gathering family and friends and making treats and honoring traditions, but it is ultimately about our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is about celebrating his birth and the opportunity we have to learn of him and try to become more like him. If you have a minute, or rather 3 minutes and 51 seconds, watch this and let it inspire you.

Thank you for being a part of my life.
Merry Christmas!



  1. Carrie Whiteley says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder Stacy, I really needed it. I only wish that it would have come earlier in the season so that maybe, just maybe I would have gone in to this holiday season with a different perspective. I’m sitting here crying as I think of the opportunities to serve that I have missed because I was just too busy. I will carry this message with me in my heart throughout the coming year and pray that I can touch someone’s life for the better. You are an amazing person and I look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for your spirit and for being willing to share it with all of us. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Christine H says:

    Have to tell you, my husband and I went to a local diner for breakfast a few days ago. We are regulars so we were talking with our waiter about how old the diner was and how they struggle with roaches. I know, gross meal time conversation. The lady next to us at the counter motioned him over and said something to him and then left. When he came back over to us, I asked if we had grossed her out or offended her. He said, “Yes, so much that she paid your bill and said to tell you Merry Christmas!” It was the day after finals in our college town and the place was filled with students. We passed it on and paid for the food of a table of kids. What fun! I wonder if she reads your Sprinkles???

  3. Thank you for sharing this Stacy – I have lately been struggling with the fact that I don’t “give” as much as I used to and I have lost perspective on a lot of things. This is a great reminder and has certainly got me thinking. Thank you for sharing so much with us on your blogs – like Carrie posted, I look up to you in so many ways too – you really are an inspiration to me. Best wishes to you and that lovely family of yours for a wonderful Christmas and blessings to you all for 2010.

  4. Stacy,

    As always you have some sort of profound and wonderful tidbit to share with us each and every day. I am so thankful for your words of encouragement, and your cyber friendship. You are indeed one special lady, who is a mentor to so many, including me. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It’s encouraging, motivating, and inspirational.

    Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and happy new 2010.

    Hugs, Amy

  5. I know you’ve been struggling with whether or how to include this part of your life in your blog and whether folks are listening, care, or mind. a) we’re listening! b) we care, and c) it’s from and about YOU – a “friend” many of us have come to know – so we certainly don’t mind. THANKS for the courage and willingness to share yourself so openly with folks you don’t even know really. I know religion is a large and important part of your life. You’re sharing it in just right amounts, folks know where to find it if interested, and you’re not particularly “preachy” about “my way or the highway.” The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and if you’re hearing Him shout at you, well – you’re doing just fine in listening and how to interpret. Merry Christmas! Can’t thank you enough for sharing yourself, putting yourself “out there” for all to see, and I can’t BEGIN to touch the amazing thing that BPS is in my life and for so many!

  6. Thank you for the courage of your convictions. For the past few years I have struggled with the “requests” to say “Happy Holidays” at work and hear the lengths that some will go to remove symbols of all sorts from our FireHouse, City Hall and other community buildings. So, we decided as a family to say Merry Christmas, to try another tactic and take photos of the houses we love and drop them a note to say thank you for the display. (rather like the memorable houses with gardens that you suggested during the summer…) and help with small things like leaving new sweaters at the nursing home where Grandma used to receive care.
    It has not helped me with the Post Office guy that wears the BAH HUMBUG button, or the folks that are continually politically correct but at least I feel better about my own celebration of the season to pay it forward a little. You see the company that insisted on getting rid of all those traditions cut 1800 jobs and my lay off gave me a gift this year I had a choice to make Christmas greetings of my own choosing. Now, if I could just figure out how to make enough money from the creating and crafting that I love….

  7. Stacey, thank you so much for this reminder. I think you quite possibly saved my life, literally… I have been filled with profound lonliness, desparation and emptiness for awhile now and have been so caught up in my “woes” that I know I have done a really poor job at looking to others whom I can serve or help. I have felt so alone and confused. I lost my job, my father and my best friend of 20 years (she was only 34) in a three month period and I have been on a, “This world has nothing for me” trip for far too long.

    You have a gift, that I believe God bestowed upon you, to share your infectious personality with those around you and to the world. You make people think, you make people laugh and you make me want to be a better person. I do not know if I ever would have it in me to give up and take my own life, but I do know that my thoughts have slipped in that direction and you have set me straight, and for that, I thank you more than you will ever know.

    Happy New Year….

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