Sprinkle No. 9

I’m sure you have plenty to do this month, so *sprinkles* in December will be easy to add-on to your everyday routine.


sprinkle No. 9 is to …

Buy a cashier a pack of gum.

Picture it like this:
You’re checking out at the supermarket or general merchandise store. When the cashier asks how you are doing or if you found everything OK, respond with something like “I’m in the mood for some gum — what is your favorite kind?”  The cashier will tell you what their favorite kind of gum is. You will then put two packs of this gum on the conveyor belt.

When he or she swipes the gum, you say “The second pack is for you!”

And … why don’t you leave me a comment and tell me what kind of gum is your favorite!



  1. Dentyne sugar-free cinnamon! :) Yum! This is a great idea! :)

  2. I am partial to Stride Sweet Peppermint myself… and what a FABULOUS idea!!!

  3. I am on my way to wal-mart and plan on doing this thanks for the ideal

  4. Annette Kuusinen says:

    Fruit Stripes. The flavors take me back to childhood.

  5. Orbit Bubblemint.

  6. Trident Watermelon

  7. cinnamon altoids! I am doing this next time in the supermarket!!!

  8. sugar free mint trident.. :)

  9. Trident light blue. Great idea!

  10. Fun idea – mine is Juicy Fruit.

  11. I haven’t had chewing gum in years

  12. What a cute idea Stacy! I have not done any of your sprinkles but just reading these has given me some inspiration to do what I can. Last week I wen to the movies and parked next to me was the cutest little Mimi Cooper in my favorite shade of blue with custom stripes. I know Mini owners are vain about their cars :-) so I took a moment to rip a sheet out of my purse notebook and scrawl on it “CUTE CAR!” and stick it under the windshield. Maybe they read it before tossing the paper out, you think?

    • NO way! This is such a great idea. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a *sprinkle* this month.
      Thank YOU for sharing.
      I haven’t heard from you in a while and I hope you’re doing OK!

  13. Original Trident or Fruit Stripe! :)

  14. Oh my goodness, I am so hooked on ‘ice cubes’ gum – any flavor – I love it and search it out where ever i shop -

  15. Kathy Meredith says:

    My favorite kind of gum is Extra Fruit Sensations Sweet Watermelon. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it! The flavor really does last longer.

  16. Orbit Sangria Fresca when I can find it. I fear they are discontinuing it. If you see it buy some and try it out. It’s a little sweet and a little tart. Perfect for those like me who cough with mint flavors.

    • Janet, I have the same problem with getting my Sangria gum! I now order it from Amazon.com and it is usually free shipping and much less expensive than even Walmart!! Good Luck to you -I’m addicted!! LOL

  17. Carolyn R says:

    Love me some Juicy Fruit.

  18. Oh how I used to love gum! But now there are so many sweetener additives in every kind, I just can’t chew it any more. I wish I could find a brand with good old sugar that has some awesome flavour! My fave flavours used to be Trident Bubblemint or Dentyne Cinnamon.

  19. Well my boys call it the “blue pack” – it’s really Trident “original flavor”. We LOVE it! I just cannot believe how expensive gum has gotten though – no more 25cent packs around here! LOL…

  20. Like most things I don’t have a favorite kind of gum. I’m one of those people who do those e-mail questionairs and don’t have a fav color, food, or gum. I can say that when I was in high school, way back in the 70′s I loved Wrigleys Spearmint, because it was the best for “cracking” and it would drive my mom crazy. LOL! Poor Mom! I tried not to chew around her.
    I do love this idea, but I don’t buy a lot of gum anymore, so maybe I’ll do it with candy bars! They are right there by the check out too.

  21. So I was standing in line, & the corners of my mouth start turning up, and my heart starts pounding, My palms are sweaty, all over a pack of gum! My cashier gal at Target was so surprised! She also introduced me to my new favorite, trident layers, green apple & golden pineapple. Thanks, Stacy!

    • Yay Lisa!

      I know just what you mean — the fluttery feeling tinged with a bit of fear that someone (in this case, the cashier) will look at you and say “You’re so weird.” But they don’t … people like to be treated nicely and they love to be surprised. It is so fun and I’m so proud of you!


  22. Eclipse – Polar Ice

    Love it!!

  23. What a great sprinkles idea!! My favorite gum is Fresca Sangria by Orbit. Absolutely fruity and delicious!! Our locals quit selling it and so now I buy it on Amazon by the case!! LOL –Free Shipping and so much cheaper, too!!

  24. stamphappy2001 says:

    Oh I love this idea. i will do it next time I am at my gas station. My favorite is 5′s Flare. Love the “hot” taste. Reminds me of Big Red with out the sugar.

  25. OMG what a cool idea… and we usually go to the same cashier (or try to) and she has been known to give us an extra coupon or use one from her “stash” if we don’t have one… she would love that little surprise for her!

    I did the halloween sprinkles on cream cheese on the kids bagels on Halloween morning and lets just say THEY LOVED IT!!!!

    I love these ideas!

    I will have to link you up when I eventually blog about it!

  26. Laurie Takens says:

    Fruit Stripe for sure – even though the flavor doesn’t last real long…

  27. Monika Wright says:

    Orbit BubbleMint. But the kind with the hard, candy-like crackly shell, not the soft one. Love it, and I’m not even a fan of mint.

  28. juicyfruit! fun idea.

  29. My favorite is Extra Polar Ice in Peppermint

  30. Kary in Colorado says:

    Great idea! My favorite–5 Cobalt! I get tired of chewing it before it runs out of flavor!

  31. We sprinkled “our cashier” tonight! I quickly explained to my almost 7yr old what we were going to do when I realized we were going to “our girl” and he even asked her what her favorite gum was, found it on the shelf, put it on the belt….

    The cashier loved it and was so super excited and surprised!

    Thanks for a wonderful idea!!!

  32. Love Beamens and Black Jack…both hard to find, but they show up every now and then.

  33. Okay, so I did this.. it was funny too.. The woman working the register was older and very sweet.. when I asked her favorite, she said she never chews it. But she saw me with my children and said that her grandson, about the same age as my daughter liked Fruit Stripe.. Well, I bought the mint gum my husband loves and the Fruit Stripe for her grandson.. guess I made 2 people happy with this sprinkle.. I really love the inspiration for Human Acts of Kindess that this column brings.. Thanks so much..

  34. ok, i did it today at target. i happened to get in the line of my favorite cashier. she’s always so pleasant. i asked her about the gum and she came around to my side to help me select a pack. After she rang it up, i handed it to her and said this is for you. she seemed surprised and then said she couldn’t take it…target policy and such. i insisted she keep it and then she said she had to ring it up separately. so she did. although it was a bit more complicated than i had anticipated, i was still glad to do it.

    thanks for the inspiration..

  35. My favorite is Orbit “Pina Colada”. I love your sprinkle ideas, they do just what you say they will. A sprinkle of love here, and a sprinkle of love there, a sprinkle of love everywhere :)

  36. Whoops… I forgot to add, to Mary Ann. Beamans and Blackjack gum is offered through Lehmann’s catalog.

  37. Thanks SO much for the great idea. My cashier said, “For me? Are you SERIOUS?” Three times. LOL. Then she said, “Aaahhh…the kidness of strangers.”

    Keep the wonderful “sprinkles” coming…the cashier’s response made my day! :-)

  38. I Always keep Polar Ice in my purse–Its VERY SOOTHING for a sore throat.

  39. Hi Stacy: Always read your sprinkles but have not partaken before. Yestrerday while at the supermarket I decided I would! I didn’t buy gum but picked up a little tube of candy and put it on the conveyerbelt…… and then I started to get nervous! As I was paying I pulled the candy out of the shopping bags and the lovely checkout girl said”those are yummy’ and I said “I am glad you like them because they are for you!” Well the look on her face was priceless and then I am sure I blushed too – but it was so worth it! Am on a roll now and will repeating thislittle gesture numerous times thorugh holidat season! Thanks for inspiration.

  40. i finally did this today-i was so nervous to try it. so happy to bring a moment of cheer to a nice checker! i heart your sprinkles, stacy!

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