The Gift of Words is FREE.

Isn’t it nice to know that you can give the very BEST gifts to the people you love on a very tight budget?


I’m serious.
There is nothing “expensive” in this world that is going to mean more or be kept and treasured longer than your sincere words. Three years ago Amy Sorenson and I brainstormed a class that would  help people give their words as a gift at Christmas time. I have long loved Amy’s words. She was one of the most published writers at Simple Scrapbooks when I was editor in chief.

Our culture makes you think that you need to buy, buy, buy for everyone — and if I hear or read “lowest prices of the season” one more time I think I’m going to barf — anyone with me?

What has happened to Christmas? There is nothing in the mall that is going to bring the spirit of Christmas into my home or my heart. If you’re with me, and your credit card isn’t too worn out yet, then click HERE and for $10.00 you can spend two weeks (yes, you have the time) with Amy and a hundred + other like-minded people learning how to more authentically express your appreciation, affection, admiration — whatever it is you feel and want to express –  even if it is just two “handwritten” lines in a Christmas card.

Give the absolute, hands-down, BEST gift ever this year — the gift of WORDS.

Leave me a comment by 4:30 pm today and tell me who would be the recipient of an “I’ll keep this forever” letter from you, and I will in a very un-random way pick my three favorites to win a spot in Amy’s class. I’ll post the winners at 5:00pm so the rest of you still have time to sign up.

Class starts tomorrow! There will be no buyers’ remorse (or returns) with this gift.

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  1. I would write a letter to my 16 year old Son. We’ve grown distant over the last year and hardly speak…apart from arguing or his teenaged ‘grunts’ in response to anything. I would love to know how and what to write to him this Christmas. He is my firstborn – and I miss him.

  2. Kim Huschke says:

    Definitely my sisters…..we lost our mom last year unexpectedly, and now we all CLING to her hand written recipe cards, and notes, etc. I love my sisters so very much (I have 3) and I really want them to know how much they mean to me. There is NOTHING that I want to necessarily buy for them, but I definitely want to give them something…..a part of me.

  3. I would write to my grandkids! They only know grandma as that old lady, but I want them to know me as young in spirit, know my dreams for them, my wishes. I want them to know I was there age once and have great memories!

  4. I would enjoy being a part of the class. I scrapbook so my children will be able to go through and look at the books and know how much I loved them. I would like to know how to put my love for them into a letter. I don’t journal much in my books (I can blame it on being dyslexic) but I do have trouble finding the right words.

  5. I would write this letter to my mother. She deserves.
    Hope to be the lucky winner, thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, my sweet mom. She would treasure anything I would write for her. She still has some of my cards and projects from elementary school. I’m 44. :) Thanks for doing this. I love to write.

  7. Kelli Johnson says:

    My son, age 7.

  8. I would write this letter to my family (my 4 children) to let them know how much I love them and that there is not a more precious gift that they could give to me this Christmas than their love and the time we all spend together. My children are all getting older and I know that soon the traditions will change as they leave and start their own memories and traditions and I cherish the time we spend together.

  9. would love this opportunity!! I would write to my siblings…7 of them!! and share memories of our childhood.

  10. It is impossible to choose just one person. Seriously. I have two best friends, Traci and Tracy. They have walked with me while I struggled to find my place in a miserable marriage. They supported me when I brought my dad to come live with us. He was dying. I was told he’d die within a week. He lived for 1 1/2 years after that. It was a good thing. My family moved in with Tracy’s family for a time. They’ve also lived with us when the would come back to the States after a mission excursion. Did I mention my marriage? They literally would come over and walk with me. We didn’t always talk about it because none of us knew what to say, we’d just take our kids on long walks together. When I found out my husband was having an affair and I asked him to leave, it was these two girls who came to the rescue. They, along with their husbands, loved me through it all. I have come to value my friendship with these two women above all others. I want them to truly understand what they mean to me.

  11. I would write to my 84yo great-aunt. She made me swear not to spend a dime on her for Christmas. She has helped our family financially this year as we struggled through the downturn in the economy. She and her husband are more like grandparents to me, they helped raise my sister and I when our parents abandoned us to their addictions. In the past 7 years, a member of our family has died every year, and she is my only living close relative. I would love to find a meaningful way to let her know how thankful I am for all she has done for me.

  12. I would write to my mom and let her know how very much she means to me. She was a single parent from the time I was 10 and she did an amazing job keeping everything together. She has made me who I am today.

  13. For my aunt’s 60th birthday last month I did a blog post ( about her; she said that it was her favorite birthday present! If I won this class, I’d write her a letter containing all the things that I couldn’t put on my blog (without hurting other people’s feelings). She saved my sanity and made me feel loved unconditionally and “good enough” like no one else had ever done in my life… I know for sure that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t had her love and support through the years. I’d love to give her this gift of words, as a small repayment of everything she’s done for me!

  14. My mom was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer about 2 months ago. Currently she is undergoing chemo and radiation and will finish up the first round of treatment on Christmas day. It’s been so hard to see her fight this battle for her very life. She is such an inspiration to me I would love to put it in words.

  15. I would write to my parents, we unfortunately don’t live near each other and don’t see each as often as I would like but I would love to express to them how much they are in my heart.

  16. I would write a letter to my mom. She does so much for our family and often we don’t tell her how much we appreciate how much she means to us.

  17. I’d like to write a note to my mom. We’re both fairly introverted, so I don’t think we express feelings towards each other as we should.

  18. I would write a letter to my brother and sister. With our distance we’ve grown apart, but I wish they knew how much I really do love them. We lost our father 2 years ago and we are still feeling the effects of that loss. I’d also like to write a letter to each of my children (3, expecting #4) because I have so much I want to tell them.

  19. I would write it to my mom, although she is no longer here with me. I would tell her how much she meant to me and how every little thing she did had an impact on my life!

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  20. To my Dad.
    I tell him al the time how much he means to me, but nothing says it like a letter.

  21. I would write a letter to God thanking him for all my blessings. For my babies. My 13 year old grounded me and gave me determination, 8 year old whose faith is so unwavering, 4 year old who is the friendliest person on the planet. Husband who is just right for me and and someone only God could find for me. I’d write this letter, make copies and give it to my loved ones.

  22. Please pick me. I love words and never win!

  23. My mom. Over the last 13 months, we lost my sister-in-law after a long battle with cancer. My mom took countless meals, sat with my sil, took care of my niece, did housework. Whatever needed to be done. Additionally, my husband lost his job about the same time my sil passed and was unemployed for a year. Mom helped financially support us and also watched our kids when his new job and my sub job overlapped. She’s always been so wonderful to support us however she can. I would love to give her a letter that might possibly tell her just how much I love and appreciate her.

  24. My two daughters, who are adopted from foster care. I really need them to know, now and forever, how much we love them, no matter what.

  25. I would write a letter to my daughter’s birth mother. My daughter was born in Guatemala and I don’t know that I could ever adequately convey to her birth mother what blessings her sacrifice have brought to my life.

  26. Wendy High says:

    I would write one to my mom. She has always been there for me and has taught me so much over the years! She is my best friend and I would tell her how much I appreciate everything she did when I was growing up, because that is what made me the person I am today. I would write one to my husband also to let him know how much he means to me and how important he is to me! Thanks Stacy for the opportunity!! I don’t ever win these either, but I keep trying. Oh and I am from Coeur d’Alene, so say hi to my peeps! :)

  27. Tess Davis says:

    I would write my first letter to my husband. I tell him and show him I love him every chance I get, but I never seem to find just the right words to get across how much he means to me and our family. He’s the guy who gets me, who gets our kids, and who keeps me laughing and sane throughout this wonderfully crazy life.

  28. Sherry Coggins says:

    Amy Sorensen is my favorite teacher! she has inspired me greatly in my writing and I have learned more from her than any other teacher. It has been a long time since I have taken one of her classes and would LOVE the opportunity to learn from her again (and again and again!)
    Gosh WHO would I write to??? There are so many possibilities, I have lost so many loved ones, parents, sisters, friends….I have some pretty precious people in my life (and those who have disappointed and hurt). I have t hree awesome grown kiddos and five beautiful grand-angels. In the end there is and always has been one particular mainstay and that is my dear husband!! We have been married for 32 years and through it ALL he has been with me, supporting me, listening to me, counseling me with his wisdom. Praying for and with me, being a man of integrity and honor that I can ALWAYS depend on!!!
    Yup, that is who I would write to!

  29. Definitely my mother in law. I know not everyone is blessed with a mother in law they can say they love as much as if they were their own mother. I am one of the very lucky to have one that has made me feel like we’ve known each other all our lives from the moment we met. She is the most welcoming, warm, loving person I know, and I have never quite been able to let her know just how blessed I feel to have her!

  30. This year, as a family, we are not exchanging gifts. Let me clarify that – each teacher, coach, tutor, baby sitter and local community member will receive a small handmade gift and handmade card. We are not buying gifts for cousins and aunties. Santa Claus will come, bring the top three gifts and fill the stockings. But instead of defining our holiday through the lens of a magnifying glass and super sizing each and every present or gift, we are seeking to find the potential in small things. The daily experiences that make us feel good and help us carry on. This year, we are conducting the “12 Days of Giving” and will be doing something kind and generous for 12 days, one act per family member, per day, for 12 days: 12 x 6 x 4 =288 gifts to 288 different recipients. Examples? Someone in class likes my candy cane pencil – bring one in the next day with a nice note. Drop off cookies to the Recyling guy – he always helps clear out our bottles when we arrive. Bring a cute toy for the checker at the market to decorate her register. Or put a Hershey’s kiss in everyone’s mail cubby at church. The acts are selfless, small and yet, meaningful. We are so blessed with the many people that make up our day and while I would love to give each every one of them a lovely expensive gift, what I really need to tell them is that today you mattered in my life and I am happy to see you. Our family, friends and people of our community are what makes life so much more enjoyable. With my husband so ill for the past two years, it is the people closest to me that have made a huge difference. As I know that they are so grateful that Bill is ‘on the mend’, we are especially thankful for their calm and gracious attention that has helped mend us together and live more fully in the present. Imagine the fullness of this experience as our children learn to be kind, humble, loving, gracious, merciful and serving. For this simple daily act, the spirit of Christmas will become alive and appreciated.
    Stacy- you have always been a thriving part of my hobby or my passion – as I see it. And for your presence, I am always grateful, touched and honoured to have a peek in your very inspirational life. I would be tickled and excited to be part of any class you have at BPS – no matter the cost.
    Have a great Wednesday,

    • oops! hit submit too soon. .
      this letter would be to my husband – who has been ill for over 2 years, suffered a 40 day coma, 5 surgeries and countless doctors and hospital visits. For him – I have lots to say since he needs to know what a gift he is to me!

  31. I would love to win this.

    My letter would be to two very special women, each a part of my life during a very difficult time for me. I was 19, pregnant, and my boyfriend left me. Thankfully, I was a nanny at the time. The mom of the kids was amazing and begged me to move in with them. She proceeded to take care of me for the next 7 months and was even there when I gave birth. The second lady was the woman that I had planned on giving my baby to (I had decided on adoption). This woman became such a good friend to me. I spent nearly every weekend with her and her family. I loved being around them. She wsa always there for me (at 3 in the morning when my ex boyfriend told me he had gotten married, during childbirth, and even after when I was having second thoughts). She is still an amazing woman and I love her dearly for everything that she did for me! I could never repay her for the kindness that she showed me during such a lonely, scary time in my life. However, with a letter, I could try in some small way, to let both of these ladies know how much they mean to me! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  32. My new born daughter and young son would receive these gifts, just in case I’m not around to tell them all these things later.

  33. It would be my third children Jesus. He is such a gift to us parents. He helps do chores and ever since he was 2 years old, he said Mommy I do it for dusting or whatever I needed. In the Ultrasound of him, he was smiling as I knew he would be one happy baby and child. He would keep this letter from me till the day he died cuz he loves memories and stuff that is cherished to be passed down.
    I was the receiptant of old recipes on checkbook stubs, envelopes, any pieces of paper from my grandma that of her friends have written. Each dated from 1941 on up.
    he said he wishes for him to keep them in the family genes cuz he loves to cook and bake like me. he is an excelled student, very observant, a go getter, likes to experiment and like the saying goes: third time is a charm.

    thanks for the opportunity to win cuz, the last class was with Kolette and Jason Hall.

  34. mine would def be to my husband of 5 plus years. he’s one of he good guys in life. he works hard and has been studying ALL year to learn more and follow his interest and still provides for us and helps around the house and does the bedtime routine without hassle. im lucky to have him and to go through my life with him. and i dont think i tell him that enough, or quite in that way…. so maybe i need to write it down for him……. yip think i should :>

  35. My dad. He passed away 17 years ago today. My sons never knew him and I am very sad about that. I wished that I could write to tell him what good kids they are and how each of them possess qualities that remind me so much of him. He would have loved my boys so much and they would have been crazy for their Pop-Pop. I know it is probably silly to want to write to my dad now…but I do.

  36. Leora Henkin says:

    My letter would be to my Aunt Lea who lives in Jerusalem. My mom has been gone for too many years now. My Aunt is really my only remaining family on that side. She is wonderful, but because of the distance we don’t get to spend enough time together. This year, she has been my Yesterday and Today class buddy. Via email, she has blessed me with wonderful stories of their childhood and of my grandparents. I have said thank you, but I really want her to know how deeply I cherish her and her stories.

  37. I would start by writing a letter to my step brother. The time that I have gotten to spend time with him the last few years far outreach the times I have spent with my biolocical brothers. He means the world to me.

  38. My two brothers – we grew up close and with living far away and life, we’re just not as close as I’d like to be. Our dad committed suicide 6 years ago, and there’s so much we need to say to each other to affirm the love and family we still have.

  39. I would write 2 letters. The first one would be to my sister who has early Alzheimer’s. I would just love to tell her how much she means to me, how much I appreciate all the things she has done for me and how much I love the amazing aunt she is to my children. When my mom passed away she became the mom for all of us and I never take the time to let her know how much she means to me.

    The other letter would be to my brother. He has such a gift of words so I just say ditto to him when we writes this amazing emails to me. He goes out of his way to write all my siblings an email on the anniversary of my moms death (Dec. 18) and then to write each of us a letter on my moms birthday (writing as if it was from her) to us. He is an amazing person. Thanks!

  40. Sher Baechtold says:

    I think I would write to my single friends who don’t have children about how much they have meant to me and what they have brought into my life. I am conscious of telling my family members all the things I remember about our times together that make our family special but I think that singles don’t get the same thing on a regular basis and it would be special to them. Sher B.

  41. I would write letters to both of my daughters, Sarah 16 and Kristen 10. I actually did write a letter to Sarah on her first birthday and had planned on writing one every year since, but life got in the way. Also, my husband’s niece that we hardly ever see and her son, letting both of them know that even though they are around us much they are still in our thoughts and that we love them both very much.

  42. There would be a few people I would love to give the Gift of Words-my grandparents who live quite a distance away, especially my grandmother who lives alone and doesn’t drive much. I would also like to think of a gift to give the preteen girls in a Bible Study group that I recently started. Thanks for the chance!

  43. My daughter would receive the letter. Thanks for sharing.

  44. What a great opportunity Stacy, First and foremost I would have to write my husband to let him know what he’s done for me. 2nd to my mom she has dimensia and is having a hard time remembering things, it’s so hard to see someone you love go thru this. Then I would have to write to my 2 children, My oldest understands at 20 years old how much he is loved but not sure how totally much and my youngest is 14 we’re at that teen i know it all stage. But as I sit and think of who else I could write a letter to I think I would have to include a lot of people that are in my life and that has helped me thru things over the years. So I think everyone should get one!

  45. Vinyl lady says:

    Just thinking of how words effect me in so many ways. I would love to learn how to become more effective at sharing my sincere feeling with others that are close to my heart and those that are at a distance. I think the first gift of words would go to my kind and sensitive husband. He is a great example of how to be kind to all people especially those that struggle through life. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about how my words this Christmas Season can bring joy and peace into others lives. Thank you Stacy for sharing yourself and talents with the world.

  46. I would write this letter to my mom. Since my dad died isuddenly n 2008, I realize how important it is to let people know how you feel.

  47. Without a doubt, I’d write a letter (handwritten!) to each of my three kids. They are young, so for now the letter probably wouldn’t mean a whole lot. But as they grow up, I would pray the letter becomes a treasure. A gift from their mom that they will alway have, no matter what happens. And I suppose I can say I’ve learned from experience. When I was six my mom passed away, and now as an adult, I truly value each handwritten note, card and recipe of hers. While she did not write an “I’ll keep this forever” letter to me, seeing her writing on other things is what means so much to me. It was a part of her. Something all her own and unique. Now to think, for me to handwrite a note to my own kids, as well as tell them how much they mean to me – wow, that would be a priceless gift.

  48. I would love to take this class!!! I know that my husband would hold on to a letter from me forever. Our 18 yr old son wrote him one for his birthday and he talked about it for days!!! Thanks, Stacy!

  49. The gift of words are so powerful…I would put pen to paper and write words of gratitude to those who have made such a difference in my life…teachers from long ago, a co worker, someone at church, and my husband.

    I have a letter from my Dad, who died 2 days after my 16th birthday. It’s a wonderful letter, full of daily life and his humour. So I have been on the receiving end of this gift of words, and I am forever grateful.

  50. Jennifer O says:

    My parents. One or both. Probably my mom. Since becoming a mom myself sometimes it feels like there really are no words that describe how you feel about your child and at the same time how much you need to thank you your own parents. The sacrifices, the tough love, the unconditional love. I can’t even type this without tearing up, don’t know how I could write the letter, but I’d try. A parent’s love is amazing.

  51. Leslie Kubtan says:

    I would write such a letter to my loving Husband and unborn child. The story of my husband and I getting married is a fairytale in and of itself. I am 46 and we are trying our best to have a child. My child might not get the chance to grow old with me as I am quite old on the front end. I want both to know how blessed I feel to have them in my life. Thanks for the chance…Leslie Kubtan

  52. I would write a letter to my 19 year old sister. She’s a freshman at college, and so often girls her age don’t hear what we should tell them: they’re beautiful, smart, loving, capable. It’s hard being away from home for the first time, and I want her to know how much she’s loved.

  53. Margaret C says:

    I would write to myself. Seriously. I am at a place in my life I never expected to be when I was 16, and I can only just remember that girl. I would have loved to have had a letter to myself at 36 from 16 year old me. Or 22 year old me, reminding me how fresh and challenging it was to be newly married. Or 27 yr old me, reminding me of how passionatley I wanted to teach. Or what 30 year old me, suffering with Chronic Fatigue, REALLY wanted to do when she was better. I think that would be cool (if a tad narcissistic !!!) Thanks, Stacey, for all your inspiration and comfort.

    • I adore your response! I too have felt that I’d like to meet again with my 17 yo self and learn a thing or two from her. What a great idea!

  54. I would write a letter to my dad who died almost four years ago. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him terribly. I would hope that my children (ages 14, 11, and 8) would have something about their grandfather that may never have otherwise been known or remembered. And it would give me the chance to share with my dad appreciations and admiration’s and love and thanks and grief and sadness that I can no longer voice to his ears…

  55. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I sometimes have a hard time writing how I feel and would love to learn how to do this more effectively. I would write a letter for my husband of twenty years who has always been there for me and who is now having to help me deal with my aging parents who are both suffering from dementia. My second letter would be to my daughter who is the light of my life.

  56. Beth Brown says:

    It would be to my daughter. She’s 10 and has an auditory processing disorder…written words are everything to her.

  57. I took this class last year and LOVED it. I would encourage everyone who doesn’t “win” to spend the $10 and take the class. I guarantee that your Christmas cards will be more meaningful and you will save far more than the $10 on gifts you don’t have to buy because you’ve found a way to “say what you need to say.” Which is definitely a win!

    This year I need to do a word gift to my Mother. Which sounds like so many other responses on this board, but my case is a little different. I grew up with a step-mom who was my MOM in every sense of the word. She died at age 56 of kidney cancer (11 years ago). I miss her terribly still. Only because of my Mom, was I able to have a relationship of sorts with my Mother throughout my life. Mom kept my Mother and I in touch from the time I was four years old. Somehow, when Mom died, my relationship with my Mother suffered and became very strained. In fact, it broke entirely for a few years. Now we are speaking again, but it is very surface stuff. And I want to be a better person and get past it all. Life is too short. And she needs to know that ~in my own way~ I do love her very much. I’ve already taken the class and have “forever access” so I don’t need to win – but having the class interaction would be very motivational for me.

  58. I would write a letter to my dearest friend Kelle whom has been suffering with brain cancer for 8 years and lives with this still growing tumor everyday. She is a mother to 5 beautiful children and at times had to raise them herself. She is now married to a great guy who does all he can for her. I would tell her how much she is admired and inpires me everyday. For to have to live with Cancer and the pain that comes with it everyday and raise her children and still does all she can that shows true love and dedication to the ones she loves. She also sends cards and money to our troops whenever she can with money she and her family really don’t have to spare. So yes , I would definetly give her something just as simple as words for Christmas.
    I would then send my aunt a wonderful letter telling her how much I love and respect all she has done for my family even in times of her own dispare. For my Uncle has lived with cancer for at least 20 years now.This amazing women has gone through a lot and still loves strong and helps others out whenever she can and however she can.
    My Uncle would also recieve such a letter, for all he’s done for my family despite his health. He was always there to pick things up for us when we had times of trouble. I admire him and his courage for all he has done for our country and my precious family.
    Lastly I would write a letter to both my children and my husband telling them how much love and appreciation I have for them.

  59. I have no words to describe how much I need this class.

  60. stamphappy2001 says:

    My “I Keep it Forever” letter would go to my Dad. He died 11 years ago after battling 3.5 years with colon cancer. I never doubted that Dad loved me, but we never said it until the last couple of months of his life. I am so glad we finally did. But there is so much I would like to say. He was and still is my hero. Even though I had time with him in the end, I still wish I would have said more. Yet I still haven’t done any scrapping about him. I need to, I want my kids to know him. My oldest was just 2.5 when he died so they don’t know him. But I feel like I just can’t do him justice.
    Karen G

  61. I will write to my nieces and nephew. I don’t have children of my own, so I have happily taken on the role of being a fantastic aunt. I want them to know that I will do anything to help them dream bigger, believe stronger, and hope more brightly than I ever thought was possible. And I want them to know that they have someone who will always think they’re adorable, who will always ignore their flaws, and who will always go through the drive-thru at Sonic. ;)

  62. Candace B. says:

    The only means of communication I have with my mother, now 86, is with letters due to her hearing loss. And coupled with that, I have always had problems expressing sentiment with everyone…I am kind of “dry” spoken if you know what I mean. It never occurred to me that I could learn how to write in a way to truly express how I feel. This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you!

  63. My word gift would be for my husband of nearly 17 years. We’ve spent more than half our lives together and each year brings new surprises, both in challenges and in joys. This last year has been harder than most and stressful for all. He’s been traveling much and working so very hard for our family. That means that the moments at home are spent changing lightbulbs (we laugh b/c the lightbulbs start going out as soon as he hits the airport-always in hard to reach places!), yardwork, minor repairs, getting up to speed on the daily life of our family-you know the who did what when and who needs what kind of stuff, and is always filled with making the most of those precious moments by spending lots of it playing together as a family. I am amazed by his strength, courage, and perseverance and am so very proud of him as a father. Yet I’ve failed at conveying these feelings in the midst of our at times chaotic lives… I fear that he feels himself a failure in my eyes and that could not be farther than the truth.

  64. My mom. I’m adopted, and my birthparents contacted me when I was 25 (I’m 42). I’ve now got a good relationship with my birthfamily, of which my parents — especially my mom (my adoptive mom, whom I call my *real* mom, as opposed to my birthmom) — have always been extremely supportive. But this year, my parents and I somehow got our emotional wires tangled, and they began to feel (unnecessarily) threatened by my relationship with my birthfamily. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, but there were some sort of awful conversations, and though we’ve patched things up, I feel our relationship is still at an “eggshells” point — which it has never, ever been before all this mess. I’m hating it, and would love to give my mom a gift of words that would help her fully understand what her being my *real* mom really means to me, and how it can never, ever change, no matter what. :]

  65. Julie Mannering says:

    I would write a letter to my daughters!

  66. Jeanne Sandven says:

    I would write a letter to my Grandma who passed away a few weeks ago. You never realize all the things you would like to say until someone is gone and I feel this would be very healing for me to put down on paper what an inspiration she was to me and how much she helped in making me who I am today.

  67. Whitney S. says:

    I would write a letter to my parents. I don’t think I can tell them enough how thankful I am for what they did for me and the way that they raised me. I was so blessed as a child and I never really knew that until I became a parent. I have seen other family’s and can’t help but think how lucky I am to have my mom and dad. They really are the best parents for me, even though I know that they aren’t perfect people, they were perfect for me! That right there tells me that there is a plan for us! I just hope that I can be that kind of parent to my sons and teach them and help them and do all that I can for them!

  68. My gift of words would be to my husband. Sometimes our lives are so busy and we are caught up in the day to day… carpool, homework help, taxi driver, cook, maid, etc. I can jot things in the scrapbook or a note to a friend or family member, but it would be great to really sit down and spend some time writing a love letter. Thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  69. I would write a letter to my kids – sharing all the good I see in them just as they are right now, explaining how much I love guiding them as they grow. Thanks for sharing the opportunity to win, Stacy.

  70. Ginny Ritenour says:

    Mine would be an open letter to my friends. They give so much of their time, energy, kindness and so selflessly. We always tell each other how much we love them, but in more of a comforting “ditto” kind of way. I would love to be able to shower them with my praises and lift them up to realize how much they mean to me.

  71. Melinda Wilson says:

    My “I’ll keep forever” would be to my mom. She has been a single parent since I was 15 years old and let just say “I’m no spring chicken anymore!”. She has been there for my sister and I through the good times and the bad times. Unfortunately, my sister lives five hours away so she doesn’t get to see mother much and I am the caretaker of my mom (not that she needs much caretaking – she gets around better than me some days!). But the greatest thing she has done in my life is be the best grandparent that my children could every have. My in-laws had passed away, my father is not around much so she has been the example that my children have learned from . . . and she has done the greatest job!!!

  72. It may not be very original but I would pick my mom. We are having rough times right now and she has really been there for us. I just can’t imagine what we would do without her. But even more then that she is there for my family all the time! My kids absolutely love her – for them she is “that” special person who you know the is absolutely on your side all the time!She wants to know every little detail of their lives and even more importantly takes the time to make sure to learn those details. She speds time one on one with them and makes sure that they feel individually special and extra loved. She makes a point to spoil them and dote on them knowing she can and we sometimes have to be the disciplinarians. I love how she is always willing to do whatever needs to be done and she is always there in a pinch for me. She is just the beat! And while I do make a point of telling her. I need to make a point of telling her again and again because I really can’t say how much I love and appreciate her enough.

  73. Melyssa Leighty says:

    Mine would letter would go to my oldest daughter who is just now starting to struggle with the pre-teen stuff, who popular, why are girls sometimes so mean, why are boys so weird. As she gets ready to go into middle school next year I think a letter to her would help to keep her grounded in all the craziness of growing up.

  74. I would write letters to my family, oh how family dynamics make it challenging for healthy relationships as we get older!
    To my Dad who I worshipped and who passed away about 14 years ago, who never got to meet my husband or my kids. To my Mom who is getting older and doesn’t spend any time with me or my kids and how she doesn’t realize what she is missing. A letter to my husband who is my best friend and such a special person to me and yet I don’t know how to tell him without sounding goofy. And finally a special letter to my kids who make me smile every day and mean more to me than I know how to express!
    This sounds like an awesome class and I am going to check it out!

  75. My letter would go to my 10 year old daughter. We have been going through a really tough time lately. She disagrees with everything I say and corrects me all the time and I get really weary with it and take my lack of patience out on her. I know that I should be the adult in this relationship however I find myself reacting instead of reassuring, lashing out instead of loving her. She is so grcious to forgive me though and I appreciate that about her. Baby steps looking for the good and finding it.

  76. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

    I have a hard time writing & expressing how i feel (even in journaling) and would love to learn the how to. I would really like to write a letter to my parents & brother whom we got to meet again after 15 years and express my appreciation and gratitude to them as well as the sacrifices, the tough love, the unconditional love. Now, from all the sufferings and sacrifices they all doing, I realize how important it is to let people know how you feel and it’s not too late to do it.

    My second letter would be to my dear husband who is the light of my life and our family . I want them to know how much they’re loved.

  77. My “I’ll keep this forever” letter would be to my mom. She’d love it. ;)
    Ever since I became a mom myself, I have seen how amazing my mom really is. The relationship that her and my son have together is truly a blessing. She is an inspiration to me and I’m not sure that she knows that.

  78. to my unborn child. He/she is gonna be #7 and coming into a very busy family life. I would love to be able to have a letter letting him/her know how very special she is, and unique and so very loved even as #7.

  79. I would write to my son, Jonathan. He’s a junior in college and before I know it, he will be out on his own. Being a boy and all, he’s not much into conversation, or listening, for that matter. So my letter would be my way of telling him how much he means to me. Sometimes it is easier to write feelings than to say them face to face.
    I’m sure I’m going to take this class whether I win or not, so thanks for the chance!

  80. Jenny McGee says:

    My letter would go to my husband. He is going through some tough things right now,and I would love to write and tell him all the good that has come from our life together. Tell how good of a father he is to our two boys. Just let him know he is loved and appreciated each and every day. This is something that is not done enough in life. You gotta tell them before they die and you regret it. No Regrets… Thanks

  81. I struggle with words, i would write to HIM, my significant other……dont think i tell him all i should

  82. I would write letters for our 5 little grandchildren (ages 3 and under) so they will always know how loved and special they are. I wish I had some words from my grandparents – sigh! And thank you for the motivation to do this.

  83. i would write to my mom. i would remind her that she’s right. she’s always been right. and i’m glad that i figured it out when i was 19 because our relationship has been really great since then. it was always good, but realizing that your parents really do know what they are talking about, do understand you, do GET you….well, that’s pretty huge.

  84. Oh, it would be my husband. 7 months ago he traveled to not-so-safe Congo to bring home our 2 adopted children. We sort of joke that I delivered the first two children and he “delivered” the second two, but really it was a long and difficult trip and the best part is that he’d do it all over again. He’s the best husband ever and our whole family is better because of him. I’d love to learn how to really effectively communicate my appreciation and love to him and others!

  85. I would write a letter to my mother in law.. let her know that although we don’t always see eye to eye on things, I owe so much to her. She had her son, a gift, i am sure she cherishes, but one that I cherish even more. She is a caring, kind and thoughtful woman, whom I think has more offer her grandchildren than she realizes.

  86. Michelle Evans says:

    I would write to my 16 yr old son who is struggling with his life right now. He got himself into an abusive relationship (she’s the abuser) and yesterday she physically attacked him. I’d tell him all the things I know to be true about him and how he is “worth” so much more than he knows and how he deserves a healthy relationship.

  87. I would write to my oldest daughter — she is six and just starting out navigating school, friends and such on her own. I know there are times ahead when she is going to have hard choices, hear criticism and I want her to know what a smart and incredible girl she is.

  88. I think I would give this to my parents. I haven’t expressed enough how much they mean to me or how much they have done for my life to enrich it.

  89. I have six children and although each one should have such a special letter, I would write them to my 10 year old son. He and I have been struggling lately, butting heads over almost everything. He is very bright, has so much talent…but has little (self) motivation to do anything with it. My pushing and (mom) motivation has really strained things between us. I love him dearly but he pushes my buttons big time. He could definitely stand to hear some better words from me.

  90. I would write a few letters. One to a special teacher from my youth. She was always so kind and loving–she was there when my Dad committed suicide, she knew that my answer was a cover up and she loved me still.

    My sweet husband, who has put up with me–that sounds like everyone, but just know that I am so blessed to have him.

    My Mom-who has aged beautifully, inside and outside, never becoming a bitter person after my Dads death.

    There are so many people that we truly should share our hearts with.

  91. My 2 sons would receive my letter. Thanks for the chance to take this.

  92. I would write a letter to my dad. He is one of the best people I know, and I am a lot like him in many ways, but I tend to have an easier time talking with my mom about things. I want him to know that he is one of the most important people in my life…something I’ve tried to do in a mini album but just can’t seem to find the right words

  93. I would give this letter to my parents. They have been there for me since the beginning. I had gone through a horrible time in my life 3 years ago where I did something that cause my husband and family some very serious financial hardship. The worse day of my life was to call my family members up and admit to them what I had done, but my parents were there to see that everything turned out okay and that I still have the wonderful family that I have today. I am a stronger person for it, my marriage is stronger for it and even though we are paying them back for the money borrowed, I think we are a stronger family unit as a whole for it. I can’t express in words the thanks I have for them.

  94. If my grandmother was still alive, I would have written to her as she had a major impact on my life. She loved me and was my cheerleader, but was also capable of letting me know when I was making poor choices. As I have moved to the over 40 section of any questionaire, she no longer has to parent me so she has taken my grandmother’s place. Daily I see all of her great qualities that she has given me and once in a while, I look down at my hands and think hmmm…aren’t those my mom’s hands? Then I think, those hands are a constant reminder of her love so I would write to her.

  95. I would write the letter to myself. I would like to express in this letter how everyone has changed my life in the best way. I don’t ever want to forget that. I would read it at loud on Christmas day. That way everyone in the room can hear I much I appreciate and love them.

  96. carol in seattle :) says:

    I think I’d write to my daughter. She’s the only girl in a house full of boys and she needs to know how loved she is and how important she is to our family.

  97. conniemelancon says:

    I would write a letter to my daughters and let them know how much I love them and how proud I am of them. That I think they are awesome parents.

  98. Tiffany H says:

    I’d write my letter to my mom. We’ve been having troubles lately getting along and this might be a good way for me to reach out to her. It would be nice to rebuild the close relationship that we used to have, especially before Christmas.

  99. My letter would be to my beloved late husband, he was taken ill and passed away with in 5 days very unexpectedly a few years ago.

    The time he was ill he was unconscious so I never got to say my goodbyes and tell him just how much I loved him and to thank him for 25 wonderful years, so i would have – should have given him a letter expressing my love and happiness of my years with him.

  100. I wanted to let you know that I linked to your memory/activity advent calendar today. Such a fun idea and yours is super cute!

  101. My grandson who lives with us would get my letter. He is a very sweet boy and I don’t tell him enough. I would also tell him how special he is to his grandfather and me. I would doccument the story of how he came to live with us.

  102. Not only do I need to tell my own four children the many, many ways they have enriched and shaped my life, how much they have taught me, and how completely LUCKY and BLESSED and PRIVILEGED I am to be able to be their mother….I would write to my unborn grandchildren, coming into some future world, about what I believe really MATTERS in this one life we are given. It’s so easy to get caught up in the trivial and worldly. I want them to hear and learn from my experience on this earth – that nothing is more important than them, the relationships in their lives, and the pure goodness they bring to the world.

  103. I would love to write a letter to my son (6 now) that he will receive when he’s an adult. I would hope that he grows up to be a healthy, happy and intelligent young man. I hope that one day that he will be as lucky as I am to have such a wonderful son or daughter. It makes me so happy that he is in my life.

  104. My mom and sisters. For some reason I have a hard time saying everything to them I’d love to say. They’re wonderful people and hugely enrich my life!

  105. My birthmother–I have so much I wish I could say but dont know how….she’s 75; had 7 children (I’m the only one she gave up)….I never have a gift that’s good enough or feels right…..I found her 16 years ago but see her and my siblings rarely as it is sooo hard…and I know time is limited…..

  106. Kerri Norrod says:

    I would write a letter to my neice that she would receive when she is an adult. I would tell her how much I love her and reflect on the many special memories I have with her.

  107. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I would use it for my sister. She has helped me out in so many ways that I just don’t know where to begin. She is so wonderful to my kids and will do anything for us. She truly is wonderful. How do you express your sincere appreciation?

  108. I am not good at writting, at all. I would love to take a class and write a letter to my son. He will be 2 in January.

  109. I would write the letter to my daughter. I would like to tell her how proud I am of her overcoming so many of the challenges presented by her disability..and just what a brave girl she is. Oh I have writen much to her in her scrapbooks but I would like this class to help me phrase it better.

  110. My Dad. He does so much for us and takes care of us so well. He’s the best. He works so hard to provide and is so loving and giving of his time and money!

  111. Right now I’ve been getting thank you letters from my students I taught last year who are getting ready to go to college next year. This has made me think of how, sadly, I have never done the same. I would write thank you letters to the most pivotal teachers in my career–Barbara Franklin, Claudette Brassill, Linda Libby, and Karen Cherewatuk, who ultimately inspired me to teach.

  112. My grandmother… she has meant so much to me throughout my life!!

  113. Wow. I think I have a lot to say :O to a lot of people– ha
    But I’ll keep it simple and start with a letter to my future and future opportunities. I have some important things to say to them. Then I’ll add my husband and my dad. I love them both to pieces. I wish I could say more to my dad to let him know and less to my husband ;) ha. I think he catches my “bad”.

  114. I think I would write to my Dad and for sure to my daughters!! Excellent giveaway and hope you randomly pick me!!

  115. It would have to be my dad. You see I’ve disappointed him greatly in the last year and he’s having a hard time forgiving me. We’ve never been very close but this has put us even farther apart. No one, not even my Mom, can understand why he’s having such a hard time forgiving me. This would probably be a good class for me because it would help me get my feelings on paper.

  116. Vickie Sheridan says:

    I would write a letter to my daughter. She is my only child and will be expecting her first child next year….our first grandchild. I don’t find it easy to find the words to say what I would like and hope this class will help me.

  117. Ann Snider says:

    I would send a letter to my now deceased mother-in-law. I only had a living mother in law for 10 years. During those years I was so busy getting use to marriage and starting a family and finishing school that I didn’t get the chance to build the kind of relationship that I would so treasure now. Nothing bad every happened between and us and she is a saint, but I would just like the chance to write her a letter and have her know how wonderful her kind gestures to me were and how grateful I was for every little thing.–the Alberston’s specialists and that block of cheese…just to name a few. That would be a letter to cherish!

  118. It would have to be my Daddy. He is 89 and means the world to me. I tell him all the time but there is something about the written word that makes it seem more believable. He has had a profound effect on my life and my children’s and I want him to know how loved he truly is.

    Thanks for the chance.

  119. I would write a letter to my daughter who is 19 now. She has had a very tough time deciding what to do with her life and although she still doesn’t know what she wants, she will be starting college in January. I think she needs to know that no matter what she does and what decisions she makes, I will love her more than life for always. I think I need to express all the positive things I feel for and about her, as she never really hears them. Even when I say them I don’t think she really hears.

  120. I really need to write a letter to my husband…it’s been too long since I’ve expressed how I feel about him and our relationship.

  121. I’d write a letter to the father of my college mentor, Virginia. She passed away several years ago after a hard fight with cancer and only a few short years after her mom had been killed tragically in a car accident. Virginia had a profound influence on the lives on thousands of students and her memory lives on with them. I’d write a letter to her dad to tell him how much she meant to me and how much I think about her still. I’d thank him for raising such a wonderful daughter and for encouraging her to share her light with the world.

  122. Bobbi-Jo G. says:

    This is like an answer to a prayer. Seriously. I have a sister in law who has recently made some choices that have caused her to be ostracized by most of her loved ones. It’s been such a struggle for her (and, I’ll admit – for me). My husband and I made the decision early on to continue including her in our lives because she is a daughter of God and we love her. The thing is, she and I have never been close. We always were kind of at the opposite ends of the “lifestyle” scale. We didn’t ‘get’ each other. Maybe we even envied each other… a little. Point is, this season – she is going to feel alone. Very alone. I have been struggling with how to put into words our feelings of love for her without it sounding corny or worse – phony. My feelings are genuine, and my love for her has increased through this trial, but putting those feelings into words…. hard. I would love your help.

  123. this sounds like a GREAT class Stacy – I just may have to sign up :-) I would write letters to my mother and mother-in-law … although I tell my mom that I love her and how much she means to me, I don’t think she really gets it … she was not around during my teenage years so of course we grew apart (I look like my dad and think like him so that does NOT help) – we’re close now, but don’t live in the same town and she doesn’t see the grandkids much – I’m not sure how to say what I want to say to her – that without her, I am not me …

    to my mother-in-law, I want to express my thanks for all of her help and her love and support, but for the wonderful job she did of raising my husband and his brother – because of what she showed them as they grew up, they are so amazingly strong and good and honest – and she is a golden gem of a woman!

    thanks for reminding me what I truly value – not the holiday itself this time of year, but why we have Christmas in the first place – the gift of love is the most simple way to explain it I believe :-)

  124. My letter would be to my Grandma. I wrote one to my Grandpa after he had a heart attack—he died a year later, and I was so glad that he knew exactly how much he meant to me. I don’t know why I still haven’t written one to my Grandma, I guess I feel like I couldn’t possibly put that much love and gratitude into words. A letter for Christmas would be perfect, since she doesn’t really need and more STUFF. I need to get on that….

  125. Wow, I think I’d write a letter to my daughter. We’re so much alike, sometimes we have a hard time relating, and we get on each others nerves, but I want her to know that I love her so much and will love her forever.

  126. Years ago, when I was in high school, I wrote my parents a letter. I had seem them struggle financially for many years but when I was working my first job I realized just what this meant to them. I had seen family members divorce over the many issues that my parents struggled with and yet, they remained committed to their marriage. For better or worse, richer or poorer and in sickness and in health were vows that were challenged and upheld for 28 years until my mother died at the age of 48 nearly 9 years ago. My letter was praise to them for what they believed in and how they demonstrated it always. I went through all of her belongings looking for that letter and it was the only thing I couldn’t find. What I would give to know where she put it. I know she would have kept it. Luckily I do have two handwritten letters that my mom gave me on two separate occasions. She always disliked her penmanship but these are my most valued possesions. I think of this every time I add journalling to my scrapbooks and know that someday my children will cherish those words just as much. I know they will cherish them forever just as I will with my mother’s letters. The gift of words is so powerful!

  127. HI Stacy.
    I am NOT entering to win your giveaway (great giveaway – give it to some young Mom that will enjoy such a nice gift). Our family was inspired by this talk.
    And so we gave the gift of learning something by heart last year to one another.
    It was the BEST Christmas EVER. We heard The Living Christ, Isaiah chapter 53 (yes, the entire chapter ‘by heart’), a 5 year old grandson recited the 13 articles of faith, an 11 year old granddaughter recited the YW theme. Many more. It was so inspiring. We are doing it again this year. We have expanded it – in that we can choose – to either memorize or share how we are a better person than we were a year ago because we have either improved a talent (share), we have learned a new skill (share ). I can hardly wait. A note: I believe the gift was even better – because we didn’t do this IN ADDITION to gifts we bought at a was THE gift. Just so wonderful.
    Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.
    I still love you Miss Stacy.

  128. I don’t know if I’m too late or not, but I would write a letter to my husband.
    We decided we wouldn’t give gifts this year due to finances, but would write a note to each other. I didn’t know there was a class for that- I’d love to take it and know how to write a keepsake.

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