Wrapping Center + Nie Nie

There’s a good chance that many of you are already DONE wrapping your Christmas  presents.


I suppose there’s an equally good chance that some of you (like me) aren’t even close. With this in mind, I share with you my FUN, little wrapping center that I set up about a week ago. It is downstairs and just outside my studio and it makes me happy!


I’m sure many of you read Stephanie Neilson’s blog NieNie Dialogues. I’m sure many of you know that this remarkable women recently appeared on Oprah. If you haven’t had the chance to become acquainted with Stephanie, her story, her family and her courage. Take some time to do so.

The Arizona Republic has written a two-part story on the Nielson family and their recovery after  a near-fatal plane crash.
I LOVE these photos of Stephanie at home.



  1. I like that you have a little tree at your wrapping center – and thanks for the Story People tip – I subscribed and today’s story was charming :)

  2. Love the wrapping station! Super cute!

    And thank you for the update on Stephanie! I remember following her story last year, and I’m so glad to hear she’s doing so much better. :-)

  3. I love your blog. I did not know of this brave women. What a great story of encouragement. She has a postive attitude which I am sure will help. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I was starting to enjoy the R&G article about Stephanie and scrolled a bit too low on the screen. Caught comments that completely disgusted me and afraid I kept on moving. Decided to go to her blog instead for a more detailed look at how they’ve been doing vs some people’s lousy sense of humor or being. ick. Just to warn ya! Stay clear of the comment section!

  5. Thanks for sharing Nie Nie’s story – I didn’t know about it until this post and I did get a chance to visit her blog & see the Oprah thing on her – and she’s been on my mind ever since. Very impressive human being and seems like she has an equally incredible family and faith. Wow.

  6. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    We learned of Stephanie Nielson’s story this past week, and my 9 year old and I watched a few video spots about the family. After viewing her husband’s reaction, my nine year old piped up, “Tiger Woods had everything and it didn’t matter too him. Her (Stephanie’s) husband just has her and that’s enough for him because he loves her. This is why you keep telling me to pick a REAL man when I grow up, huh, Mama?” Yes, dear. That’s why.
    What a shining example of true love these two are.

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