Cross the Finish Line at CHA!

Time flies! I can’t believe it is the Monday before CHA. I have not been to this trade show in 2 years and I’m so excited to go, see, do and TEACH. Ten years ago (long story that I will tell some other time) I had to make an entire scrapbook in an afternoon to meet an urgent deadline. I had a cute 6×6 album sitting around, so I decided to use it. I cleared on my worktable, grabbed a stack of photos from one of my category drawers, pulled and pre-cut about 5 sheets of paper that coordinated with the album and limited my embellishments to mini jewelry tags, brads, some ribbon and photo corners. I put on some upbeat music, set my timer and started slapping little pages together as fast as I possibly could.

Guess what? It worked!


That was my first “Finish Line” scrapbook and this is my most recent one.

I fine-tuned the process, developed a class and started teaching it in 2006. Every single time I teach this process/class I am surprised that it works so well. I have literally seen hundreds of women churn out albums in a matter of hours. They bring in photos of anything and everything, from Disney to funerals to family reunions. I’ve seen trips to Paris, family vacations, weddings and the life of a beloved pet be celebrated in a Finish Line scrapbook.

I am retiring this class this weekend in Anaheim California. This means I will never teach this class live, in person again. I am doing some exciting things to make the Finish Line process and productivity available in an ongoing way, but I am done teaching this class live.


If you live anywhere near Anaheim — COME! If you have a friend that has never scrapbooked, or a friend that hasn’t scrapbooked in a very long time — BRING HER!

To take my class (or any class) you need to purchase a CHA SuperShow Entry Ticket. The cost is $15 for a one-day pass and $20 for both Friday and Saturday. There will be dozens of retail booths selling product and TONS of free make-n- takes and I think you can even bring your kids for free.

If you want to register online and save $5 on the show ticket, use the promo code:


Click HERE (or on the banner above) for more information and instruction on getting registered. You can also register at the door and sign up for classes in person.

To take my class you need to bring the following:
25 to 50 4×6 photos that you want to put in a 6×6 album

a paper trimmer
fast adhesive (like a tape runner)
and  …
50 black embellishments

In class, you’ll receive:
An American Crafts album, October Afternoon pattern papers, BPS goodies and two hours of instruction that will change the way you scrapbook (some of the time) so that you can be more productive and re-discover the joy of intuitive creativity.

DON’T FORGET: You must have your own pictures (any topic.) You cannot do this class/album without pictures. This is not a ‘blank’ project that you take home and put your pictures into or more truthfully pile in the corner with the other no-photo projects you’ve made over the years.  I am going to teach you how to scrapbook your photos FAST — novel idea I know.

Here are some additional pictures of the album I created in two evenings last week. It celebrates Chase’s 13th birthday trip to Anaheim (Disneyland) — how appropriate is that?






There are total of 41 photos on 20 pages and I LOVE it. Chase loves that after two years, he finally has a memoir of this very memorable trip! Every time I create a Finish Line scrapbook I am blown away that the process works so well and that it results in a completely coordinated album that looks like it took planning and days of effort.


Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!

I received this email last week. Mary has been in several BPS classes with me and I cannot wait to meet her in person.

HI Stacy,

I am so excited that my husband and I are driving to Arizona in a few weeks and we are going to stop in Anaheim just so I can attend your class. He said that when I was taking LOM he would hear your presentations and thought you sounded like a happy nice person. He could understand why I wanted to attend your class and meet you in person. Gotta love him!!

I am looking forward to meeting you and looking forward to coming back to LOM in February as an alumni.

Mary (aka Canay on the BPS boards)

We have some really fun surprises planned for our BPS students, so come hang out with Mary and me!



  1. WOW…wish I could be there to take the class…sounds like something I really need. BUT I will be here in very snowy Maine;) Thanks for sharing pictures…

  2. Melinda Wilson says:

    I was just lookin’ at my album this weekend of this class that I personally took with you at the Scrap Etc. event several years ago in B’ham! I love it and I plan to complete another one soon. These are great to take to an all day crop and you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bunch of supplies! Thanks again for this great idea!

  3. Candace B. says:

    I won’t make it to your class but I will be scrapping with you in spirit. I, too, have to quickly put an 8×8 album together for our school’s auction. We will be losing 5 teachers due to state budget cuts if the parents don’t come up with the money. So we have to find items for the auction (a H.S. in Bellevue, WA…I’m sure you can relate in that you live in WA). I was volunteered to make something and I settled on an album using the 7 gypsies Savannah line and I’m making the embellies myself. I hope I’m up to it. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. Melissa Mueller says:

    OMG! I am sad that you won’t be teaching this class in person any more but I am so excited that I signed up!!! I have read numerous of your teachings and am so excited to meet you in person! You inspire me to do better and more and I can’t wait to have your guidance to enhance my skills and ability to get things D-O-N-E!!! Can’t wait! Thank you for sharing your ideas and techniques! You are a true inspiration to me and many others!

  5. I am sooooooooo looking forward to taking your class and, hopefully, meeting you in person! I have my bag packed, my 50 (ummm, well, maybe more than 50) black embellishments, and just yesterday I picked up my photos. I am so good to go. And I really hope you don’t mind signing things. Because I’m bringing The Big Picture and Photo Freedom with me. Seriously, those two books changed my scrapbooking life!

    And, Candace B, that is such a great idea. I think every school district, school system, or just plain school is suffering in this economy. I know teachers and especially instructional assistants at my school are worried. What a genius way to help meet the budget differential.

  6. I’m over on the East Coast, so won’t be able to take your class, but I will be with you in spirit — I’ve got my supplies all ready for Saturday when I will be working on my second Finish Line Scrapbook. I’m using the instructions from Rachel Gainer’s article in SS last Feb/March. I was hooked when she wrote “I’ve never even completed a layout in 4 hours, let alone a whole scrapbook.” (that’s very true for me) So, I tried it last spring with 2 years of preschool photos and it was amazing. This time I’m working on photos of my mother’s garden, pulled right from my category drawers and using this week’s I Love Color scheme. Can you tell I’m an avid Stacy follower?

    • Yay for Cathy!
      Hey we will miss you and I cannot wait to tell you of other FUN Finish Line surprises coming down the pipe.

      I’m so happy you left me this comment.
      have a great day!

  7. Margot/NZ says:

    Well it’s not possible to attend your class from New Zealand, but I’m hoping that these hints you are dropping means you are bringing Finish Line scrapbooking to BPS so that we can participate on-line.

    Soooo hoping!!!!

  8. The midwest is a bit far away for me to attend this class. I’m hoping your ‘hint’ means you’ll soon have an ‘ella’ book for us. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  9. Hey Stacy…with LOM right around the corner I wanted to share this with you. A few weeks ago Ali Edwards shared an idea with her blog readers about what she does with the holiday cards she receives every year. It was like she was speaking to me. I had Ziplock bags in my holiday closet dating back to 2004 filled with the Christmas cards we’d received. I knew I couldn’t throw them out but had no idea what to do with them. Once I saw Ali’s idea I got right to work and within a day had 5 new layouts to document the holiday cards we’ve received over the years. Here’s the other GREAT part….I knew RIGHT where to put them!!!! Thanks to my ever changing and evolving LOM system I popped them in the People We Love album with the thought that one day I would create an album just for Christmas. That is what I love about LOM…it’s easy and FLEXABLE!!! I am so excited to take this class again as an alumni this year and I am encouraging my sister to take it too…I just know she will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you for all your time in creating and sharing this amazing class…and most of all thank you for letting alumni take it again!!!
    Amy Dow

    • Amy,

      I’m so glad you shared this with me. I too LOVED Ali’s idea. I too have several years of ziploc bags — I think you’re on to something here.

      Thanks! Thanks!

  10. lynne moore says:

    So glad to hear you will be giving us more ideas on FLS in the future, but bummed I won’t ever be able to take the class live with you. I “get” the idea in principle, but never seem to get it right – I keep overdoing the stash – and know it would come together with a live class. :- )

  11. Stacy,
    I was so glad I had the chance to take this Finish Line class with you last year. It is seriously a brilliant concept, which moves photos into albums in a very fun way. Have fun wrapping up the last live class with this idea. Hope to see it become a book or other cool product sometime. It really is an awesome way to go!

  12. hi Stacey, did you every do this as a feature in simple or one of your books? m

  13. I just couldn’t leave your blog without saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Beats wasting all day at tmz reading about Tiger Woods lol.. Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  14. 10 years ago I believe I was in that class. IT was isnpiring then, I am sure that it will be inspiring in it’s new format. I have used that format over and over…. thank you.

  15. Stacy, why do the embellishments have to be black? just curious

  16. Stacy, I LOVE your latest finish line scrapbook of Chase’s Disney trip…beautiful!! However, I’m SO SAD that this will be your last time teaching Finish Line Scrapbooking…I was so hoping to be able to take this class with you one day! Since I’m on the East Coast (and on a limited budget), there’s no way I’m making it to Anaheim :-( Oh well, such is life…I am looking forward to LOM starting soon (LOM ’09 alumni) and one day hope to take another class from you IRL…I took Photo Freedom from you at CKC Valley Forge in ’08 and it was *magical* for me, I got so much insight from you. Have a happy day!

  17. WOW…. Its amazing!! unlucky me… I stay no where near to CA.

    Stacy, you are the one who introduced me to scrapbooking. I flew to US last year and became the member of local library, some how your book photo freedom caught my eyes and since then I am your admirer!! I dont have much photos so organising is easy but now photos are piling up and I have started scrapbooking. I cannot attend your LOM classes this year as I have a planned trip to India. Hope to attend next year and Thank you for all your inspiration!!

  18. Stacy, I sooooo need this class, but I live far from Cali so definitely cannot make it. Is it possible to record / video tape your class and make it into a workshop on BPS please, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top :) I think there is a great need for this type of scrapping, esp. in my life.
    Thank you!

  19. To quote a third-grader I knew who was told to sit still in class, “You are killin’ me, woman!” I considered flying to Anaheim to take this class, but I just couldn’t manage it. And now I find out it’s the last time you’re teaching it. Please please please tell me that since you specifically said “live and in person,” that means you or someone else will teach it at BPS one of these days.

    I was in Spokane last weekend for the US Figure Skating Championships and thought about you and your family. (My husband grew up in Spokane, and the rest of his family still lives there.) I took LOM last year and can’t wait to do it again. Have fun in Anaheim!

  20. I am really looking forward to coming to the Finish Line class. I got a complete laugh at your Disneyland book. I was wondering what pictures to bring to the class and I decided on Disneyland from various years instead of just one Disneyland trip. My grown children barely remember that we went to Disneyland so this book will be a lovely reminder of those times.

  21. This will be my first time attending CHA & the motivation to get me there is taking this class. I cannot imagine getting a book done with 25 to 50 pictures, but I know with Stacy all scrap-things are possible. I too am a LOM alumni (taking it for the third time this year!) and am lucky enough to have the wonderful guidance, support and patience of Molly & our beloved scrapbook store, Treasured Memories. One of my favorite “exercises” from LOM is the photobook scrapbooking and this sounds similar so I’m already inspired! See you on Saturday!

  22. I am attending this class and can’t wait. I only purchased a class ticket, not admission to the show floor. Given Stacy’s note that you must have a floor ticket also, I called the SuperShow office today. They said you DO NOT need a floor ticket to attend a class. (they of course recommend it, but it’s not required). Just don’t want anyone to spend money unneccessarily.


  23. Jennifer Shortino says:

    I took the Finish Line class in Chantilly, VA 2 years ago and it changed how I scrapbook. I still do 12 x 12 layouts, but now when I photograph events, I’m not limited to a few 12 x 12 pages to tell the story. I do a finish line book and it tells all! Also, I used Finish Line concepts to do 8×8 albums about trips to Disney World. I felt 6×6 wouldn’t do the pictures and efemera(sp?) justice. So, I have storage box for just Disney paper/stickers/stamps etc..and I use only those items (instead of black embellishments) for my 8×8 Disney books. Stacy was a brilliant inspiring teacher and if you have the opportunity to take this last (sniff sniff) class I highly recommend it.

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