Friday FIVE for January 22 (long, but worth it.)

Yay — I’m on my way to CHA.

But before I left I wrote you this Friday FIVE of my favorite Christmas gifts … keeping reading there are some potential gifts for you at the end!


My new Herman Miller chair (I know, lucky me — Thanks Honey!)



murgle pots

A mini Gurlge pot (thanks Mom!) Mini Gurgle pots are called a *Murgles* My murgle is orange and is perfect for syrup and sauces. I also got a salt and pepper set — so CUTE.



My wonderful new Gratitude Journal (thanks Kayce!)



A copy of my Ella e-book (co-author with Lain) bound up and beautiful in a Unibind photo book. I opened it up and my mom said, “I didn’t know you wrote another book.” I responded, “I didn’t either” — at least that is how I felt because I hadn’t seen it in a bound form before. It was totally exciting to realize that with a little effort you can convert an Ella PDF into a real-life BOOK. Learn more about altering and enhancing your e-books here. (Thanks Angie!)



This adorable little ring (upper left) in my favorite color (Thanks Clark!)

I was a very LUCKY girl this year (or last year I should say) and I feel like spreading the luck around a bit.
I feel it only fair to now giveaway
FIVE awesome gifts.


Memory Works has recently unveiled a VERY COOL new program called Simple Stories. It is bee-u-tee-ful. The idea is that you create one layout for each month of the year (see all the pretty products?) and then use divided page protectors (not pictured here) to store other favorite photos for each month. HOW COMPLETELY DOABLE is that? In my mind, this would be a perfect solution for those who love and need a chronological approach — one that is so easy, you’d have plenty of time and energy left over for special theme albums and mini-books!

Learn more here.



A brand new Lucky Me line by Little Yellow Bicycle. It’s rare to find really well-designed products for St. Patrick’s Day and even more rare to find products that are versatile enough for a variety of other topics as well.



There’s less than 10 days left to enter the BPS + Compendium layout contest. Details are posted on the Insider Access page at Big Picture Scrapbooking — just login to your account. The WINNER will receive the Tickle Monstor book and mitts and lots of additional exposure alongside cool Compendium products. Seriously — if you are home this weekend, you should make a layout and upload it to our gallery–and don’t forget to download the FREE tag book while you’re there!

(I have an extra book + mitts to giveaway too)




A FREE seat in Nic Howard’s upcoming workshop, Point of View.
This four week workshop would be a perfect opportunity to get to know Nic and her AMAZING style better. She’ll be teaching our 2nd quarter 4Experts class and from the sneak peaks I’ve seen — it ROCKS.



And finally … a FREE pass to Library of Memories AND a copy of Photo Freedom which is rather hard to come by these days. I’ve got three personal copies left and you could win one (signed of course!)


All you have to do is leave me a comment sharing your favorite Christmas gift. Comments will remain open for one full week. I’ll post winners next Friday before 5:00pm.

And don’t forget … the BEST gifts in life are the gifts at all, but the givers. GIVE everyone you love a giant HUG today!


  1. my favourite gift was a box of alphabet stamps and a collection of bright stamping inks. endless scrapping fun. Love that the gurgle pot comes in smaller sizes.

  2. Cheryl Anderson says:

    My gifts from my parents this year are priceless because they were made by them over many hours. My father wrote me my own mini book on “Biochemistry to Understand Diabetes” as I have been volunteering at a homeless shelter doing diabetes classes so I can answer all their questions on soluble fiber, etc. My mother knitted me a beautiful cream colored cable fisherman sweater.

  3. My favorite gift was a game for my kids’ Nintendo DS. It’s a puzzle game and I love getting a minute or too to stretch my mental skills during minutes of down time.

  4. Hand knitted wool scarf made by my mom. Love it!

  5. My favorite gift was a Bolga Elephant Grass Basket! It holds my knitting projects and helps the cooperative that made it.

  6. Anna Vollmer says:

    My favorite christmas gift has to be the waffle iron that my huband got me…I’ve wanted one for ages, he thought we’d never use it, and now we use it about once a week! Thanks for the awesome giveaways! I’m crossing my fingers for that spot in library of memories!

  7. My favorite gift was a fluffy pink robe that I wear over my clothes every day to stay warm!!

  8. My favorite Christmas gift was not a physical gift…truly, it was seeing the joy and smiles that my son showed when he was able to ride his new extreme bike (and he’s 14)! You treasure those moments and hope that they never go away, and yes, I did take a picture of that! Thanks for the peek into the FIVE and for the chance to win! Have a fun and safe trip at CHA!

  9. My favorite gift was my mom and grandma recording Twas the Night Before Christmas on one of Hallmark’s books. My grandma always read that story to me on Christmas Eve. Now I’ll always be able to have her read it.

  10. My favorite Christmas gift is my Canon Rebel. I am learning how to use it and it is super exciting. I am thrilled to record my family’s story with awesome pictures.

  11. My favorite gift was my Pioneer Woman cookbook!! Loved it.

  12. Jennifer O says:

    My favorite gift is my Kindle. I didn’t even know I wanted one, but I do! Incredible to be able to think, “I’d like to read…” and be READING it 2 minutes later without leaving your couch! Also love the “download a sample” feature.

  13. Heather P says:

    Have fun at CHA!
    My two favorite gifts are – Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet and Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I’m using both a lot and loving them.

  14. My absolute fav was a huge picture frame to put 4×6 pictures of the family.

  15. Toni Trainor says:

    My favorite gift was my passport hard drive so I can go through the 70,000 digital pictures anywhere.

  16. my best gift was quite unexpected this year! i was sad about spending the holidays alone in town because i had to work and had no other choice! a friend of ours mentioned that she had a friend who is a single parent, with a young boy that was struggling, health wise and wondering what or how she was going to be able to provide a Christmas for her son.

    my two friends and I all gathered ideas, one got money from her family, one gathered food for a lovely Christmas dinner, and i went out and bought two big huge Christmas stockings, one for mom and one for son, and totally filled them with cool fun festive things! we wrapped each gift card in a big box, one of the grandsons who is hte same age wrapped up a box, and included an amazing letter to his new penpal! and a pair of Christmas pj’s, and we wrapped each and every big and small item for the stockings!

    the woman was totally and completely blown away that we would do this for her, a complete stranger and it totally made the whole festive season a huge gift for me! i had such a great time shopping for things and got to experience the giving, the wrapping, the shopping, even though i was all alone! this was the best gift and giving experience ever ever ever! the letter we received after Christmas makes me cry each time i read it! i have started a box for 2010 allready for our sweet new friends.

  17. My favorite gift this year was my new son (well he was more of a Thanksgiving gift, but close enough!)

  18. My favorite gift this year was having my daughter and my two grandchildren with us. Sounds like no big deal but we came very close to not having them. Her hubby is out of work and my daughter is the only one working right now along with homeschooling her children. Money is extremely tight. On top of that their car died and have been without a car for the past six months. They live five hours away and because my 88 year old mother-in-law could never make that long of a trip to go up and visit them, we rented my daughter a car to come down for the weekend. Still sounds pretty easy…..but we had to get her the money to rent the car. We tried twice unsuccessfully to do a wire transfer. We finally had to call her bank and do a cash advance on our CC. All this on Christmas Eve. But it all ended well with a wonderful visit with them all around us. Felt really good.

  19. My favorite gift was peace of mind. Peace of mind that while money was tight, the bills were paid, and there was wonderful food and beautiful to celebrate Christmas!

  20. It was an extra-lean Christmas for us this year – my dh had been on strike for 2+ months; but he and my daughter gave me a dvd of my favourite movie – Out of Africa. Thanks for your uplifting blog Stacy – I am a longtime fan since the very first issue of SS – and even moreso after taking 2 of your classes at CKU Vancouver :) I’d love an opportunity to win the Lucky Me products by Little Yellow Bicycle – St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG deal around here (my daughter is a longtime Irish dancer). Thanks for all you do, and enjoy CHA !

  21. $ was way tight this year so didn’t expect a thing, but my DH surprised me with a Wii Fit Plus. It has been so FUN to put a little ‘movement’ into my day!!

  22. My favorite Christmas gift was my Fossil Watch from my hubbie. Long story short: it was to replace the one that he gave me on our 5 year dating anniversary which was nearly 10 years ago. It was a silver Esquire and when I realized just before Christmas that it had stopped working, I was heartbroken. He surprised me with the new one on Christmas morning!

  23. My favorite gift was a turquoise huffy bicycle that my sweet husband totally surprised me with! I felt like a kid again..and actually rode it for the first time last week. I think the last time I was on a bike was over 15 years ago! It was so fun to go on a bike ride with my three kids! :)

  24. carol in seattle :) says:

    My favorite gift was just having my husband home. He was gone nearly the entire month of December (Nov 28-Dec 22) and having him home with us made me feel safe. (I also loved getting our new computer!)

  25. Chris Crosw says:

    My favorite gift was having my husband with me. He is 47 and had a stroke on Nov. 6th. He had to have a very risky surgery done to avoid any future damage. The surgery was successful and he is alive and doing well. He was unable to get anywhere to buy me a gift, but him just being with me is all the gift I needed.

  26. We have been having a financially tight couple of years and are living “close to the bone” as my mother would say. My favorite gift was a very unexpected check for $250 from some friends. We would have never thought of them doing anything like this and we both cried to think they would do this.

  27. This year? My favorite gift was a sewing machine….I was a lucky girl and got a sewing machine and PSE 8! My favorite gift ever? One year in college (I was in the band) we had to leave on Xmas day for our bowl game and I was BUMMED about it. My parents gave me the tickets they had purchased so they could come see the game! They left the same day and followed us to the south for the game. It was AWESOME and completely alleviated all my sadness about leaving my family on Christmas day.

  28. Monika Wright says:

    My most favorite gift this year was working on my December Daily album. Because of it, I took time to plan family outings, advent calendar activities, date night, cookie baking, candy making, ornament creating when everyone could be involved (and not just me alone doing it all). Well, date night was just Gordon and I, but you know what I mean. Even now, just one month later, it’s nice to look back at all we do in a month, read their reactions that I journaled about and smile at things that could have been forgotten. I love that I know that my 18-year old son’s favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas morning breakfast at his Nana’s and Papa’s (and they’re his step-grandparents, so that makes it even more special and meaningful). I wouldn’t have known that. And I did get some great gifts this year, but the album is something that will “keep on giving!”

  29. My favorite gift was 100% selfish for me, bought on Black Friday…a Cricut Expression. :)

  30. Favorite gift this year was PSE8. Love your ring…too cute.

  31. Aimee Confer says:

    My favorite gift was Cathy’s Design your Life class. I am loving every second of it!!! I am learning so much.

  32. My favorite gift is getting to be a mom at Christmas. This year I surprised my four girls, ages 1-11, with handmade white nightgowns. I figured this may be the last year my oldest will wear a nightgown, especially one that matches all 3 little sisters. Well, they surprised me by not only wearing them, but loving to wear them ever since Christmas Eve.

  33. My favorite gift was one “Santa” gave to my son, the book, “Olive the Other Reindeer.” I laugh every time I read it, and now, he does, too!

  34. My favorite Christmas gift is the cello my husband bought for me. I have always wanted to learn to play!

  35. Theresa Elliott says:

    My favorite Xmas gift would have to be my new warm Mountain Hardwear down coat. It’s great for those cold days at the bus stop!

  36. My favorite Christmas gift was the homemade gifts that my boys made…I still don’t know what it is…can’t figure it out but I think it’s a display piece for my desk…LOL!! It’s OK, I still love it whatever it is!

    Have a successful CHA! Love your Friday Fives…esp. the gurgle pot! LOL!

  37. My favorite Christmas gift this past year is the Classic Pooh cookie jar I received. I’d seen it at an antique show I visited with my mom and dad, but decided it was a bit more than I’d like to pay…only to have my mom send my dad back later to get it. It was a wonderful gift both because I was so happy to have the item itself, but also because it reminded me how blessed I am to have parents who pay attention to my interests and spoil me sometimes. =)

  38. I got the music from the tv show “Glee”! It was something I didn’t even realize I wanted but it is so much fun!

  39. The best gift I recieved this year actually happened last night. My husband got me tickets to Mary Poppins. I am a huge theater buff, so this was perfect for me…. but what made it more perfect was that he got a ticket for our daughter too. Yesterday she attended her first musical at the ripe old age of 3 years 5 days :) She was spellbound through the entire show– a perfect audience member!!! It was the perfect night!

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us every day!

  40. Trindin C says:

    My favorite Christmas gift in 2009 was from my adorable 4 year daughter. She had her first chance to shop Secret Santa store at school. She bought me a glass angel bell. She told me to use it in my middle school class to “get the students quiet” You have to love her creativity.

  41. My favorite gift this year was having my 2 year old Granddaughter with us on Christmas morning. It was such a joy!

  42. lynne moore says:

    Really and truly, I didn’t have a favorite Christmas gift.
    1. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but we do get Christmas gifts from my DH family. But we are on a round robin and the distant relatives gave us gift cards. Which is fine, but doesn’t always make it a favorite gift of the season, just useful.
    2. I really was more into the GIVING this year. Really! I think it was becase my gift list of personal wants was small and I have been feeling very full with stuff. I didn’t need anything, but a better coffee pot. I so enjoyed my time thinking about others and packaging up tidbits of this and that and making scrap stuff. So enjoyed that!
    3. I did use my above received gift card to get a new coffee pot and THAT made my New Years Eve fantastic!

  43. SueinMtVernon says:

    My favorite gift wasn’t wrapped up in a pretty box. My gift was being surrounded by the love of my son and my dad. I lost my mom last September and this was my first Christmas without her. So I didn’t really care about what was under the tree this year – I wanted to savor the time I had and be surrounded by my favorite family.

  44. I got a flip video camera and I love it.

  45. My favorite gift this year was money for a scrapbooking retreat!

  46. Barb Putters says:

    I love me UGG boots..with the huge amount of snow we’ve received so far and the cold temps they have been wonderful.

  47. Nancy Lee says:

    My favorite gift was a digital photo frame which included a flashdrive of previous Christmas gatherings and pictures of my favorite ornaments complete with music.

  48. My mom gave me a Cricut Expression and I have been just loving it. I thought I’d use it for alphas, but the shapes I’m able to cut have really been amazing. Hello coordinated journaling blocks! I have so been thinking about LOM, but its just not in the financial picture this year. Fingers crossed!

  49. My favorite gift is one that will keep giving for a long time to come – a seat in Design Your Life. But a very close second was the sterling silver and diamond earrings from my hubby. His taste in jewelry is usually pretty flashy where mine is not. He definitely got this one right!

  50. Kathie Simmons says:

    I can’t really choose. I am very spoiled by my family! But at the moment I am quite thankful for my Keurig coffee maker.

  51. my favorite gift was the Beatles Rock Band Ultimate edition! Who got it for me? Not hard to guess….my children (grown sons and daughter)! Who plays it the most? Not hard to guess that either…my children! I figure I’ll get my turn when they have conquered it. Sort of reminds me of getting crayons for my birthday when they were very young :-) In their defense, I did sort of mention how I would like to have it when it first came out. After all, the Beatles were “My Era” but I NEVER thought they were paying any attention.

  52. My favourite Christmas gift is seeing the joy and excitement in my children’s eyes on Christmas morning, and spending time with family.

  53. Kim Winter says:

    My favorite Christmas present was my iPhone. I am even doing my 365 project with my iPhone. It is just a blast! I am such a computer nerd!

  54. Favorite Christmas gift: My Gurgle pot (aqua color) (It has brought many smiles and laughs to our family dinners – LOVE IT and want to buy more in different colors – didn’t know they made it in mini size. Can you say – charge it!).

  55. Favorite gift I got: food dehydrator!
    Favorite gift I gave: handmade tutu

    I posted all about the tutu here:

    FABULOUS GIVE-AWAYS! Thanks for being so generous!!!

  56. stephanie m says:

    I asked for nothing. I was trying to simplify and get back to the meaning and spirit of Christmas. So what I got was a Canon D7 on Christmas Eve which my husband claims is technically not a Christmas gift as he did not give it to me on Christmas. Thanks for spreading joy.

  57. Great Gifts!!

    my fave this year was the Twilight book coupled w/a memory foam bath pillow HEAVEN!! wtg Dh!! :)

  58. I got the most amazing 50 days, 20 hours and 37 minutes with my daughter before she passed away. It could have been much less time so I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.

  59. Catherine A says:

    My favorite gift was a two part gift from my kids. One was – Three flower charms (Yellow, Pink & Robin egg blue) one charm from each of my three kids. The other part of the gift was an old, small empty box???… but inside was a cut out heart that simply said “box full of love”. My son looked SO proud when I looked at him.

  60. My favorite gift was Nikon D5000, which i wanted from so long…!!

  61. My favorite gift was a gift for our family from my sister… Herbie (as in the Love Bug) Pit Crew t-shirts for our entire family…You see my husband recently had his VW bug painted to look like Herbie! Herbie is a hit and at some point (after the interior is done) we plan to use Herbie to bring smiles to children through a Make A Wish type organization. Now, we can all go and be a part of the Pit Crew!!

  62. Shelby Austin says:

    My favorite gift this year was the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook!

  63. My mom made all of us sisters and my nieces matching aprons. She hasn’t sewn for years, but for some reason this year she jumped on to the crafty trend and hasn’t been able to stop!

  64. My favorite Christmas gift was a set of hand carders to card the wool from my new sheep after they are sheared in March. I am so excited about my own wool from my own farm from my own sheep! A thoughtful gift from my sister.

  65. Sara Padgett says:

    a new camera bag for my dslr camera!

  66. I have two favorite gifts one, my Kitchen Aide mixer in Apple Green(of course) and my squeeze box, which allows me to listen to all kinds of music without commerical interruption or having to change out cd’s.

  67. I don’t celebrate Christmas but do love helping others celebrate. Each year at my husband’s office, employees select a child to sponsor. My husband chose a 14 yr old girl who liked to scrapbook and wanted a Cricut. I had so much fun putting a package together for her. I also gave her some mini albums that I made myself.

  68. Wow! Such fun gifts! My favorite gift this year. . . (I was absolutely spoiled) but is a date night to the Women’s Final US Championships Ice Skating tomorrow night!!!! I can’t wait! Although the diamond necklace is close to a tie!!!!

  69. My favorite gift this year was having all of my kids home for Christmas. In our family this isn’t an easy thing because they live all over the world–South Africa, Germany and Seattle and Salt Lake City. I knew three were coming, but thought that our youngest who’s a student in Germany wouldn’t be making the trip. So the Saturday before Christmas we picked up my middle girl and her husband at the airport, ate dinner, and came home to make cookies. The doorbell rang and when I answered it was our youngest girl. What a huge surprise!! There were tears and hugs all around!!! It turns out that everyone, including our son who lives in town had chipped in so their sister could come home. It made our holidays so special this year to have EVERYONE home

  70. My daughter (8) went with my mom to a Xmas Craft Sale and found a bottle of green Stickles, she bought it with her own money. She came home to check if I had any green glitter glue stuff and as delighted to see that I didn’t. She was elated when I opened that gift on christmas morning, just so proud of herself. So a $2 bottle of Stickles was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten ever.

  71. My favourite gift was a troll bracelet for my ever increasing collection of beads. The size I needed was out of stock and arrived today at the jewellers, so we will be going to pick it up tomorrow.

  72. my favorite christmas gift – having my 2 kids home for a nice long stay :-) one recently graduated from college and is now on his own and the other has been away at college – her freshman year. we’d been missing them both so much so it was nice to have them home for a bit.

  73. My favorite gift are a couple of hand-drawn bookmarks from my boyfriend’s niece. They make me smile just looking at them … kid drawings are so innocent and fun!

  74. My favorite gift his year was the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts — it is a beautiful book, both inspiring for my knitting passion but also just creative life in general — beautiful photos, soothing colors, etc. Second favorite is the coffee pot from my hubby and kids — it is the progamable kind so now I wake up in the morning to coffee — love it!

  75. such a great post! I had two favorites this year: my new twin nephews (yeah!) and goodies for my trip to Europe in March.

    Have fun at CHA!

  76. I received so many nice gifts this year, but one of my favourites was a Safeway gift card from my Mom. We were so blessed with that gift card. It allowed us a few celebratory meals for New Years and again when my brother-in-law came to visit a few weeks later. Mom always gives us a gift card to help us celebrate New Years, but this year it seemed that the card allowed the money to stretch just a little further and gave us the opportunity to do a little more for our family and friends. It was truly a blessing and reminded me of just how fortunate we really are.

    My favourite gift given was a scrapbook that I made for my husbands Aunt. My husbands Mom passed away a few years ago and this has forced a healing to occur between my hubby and her sister. It has turned in to a true blessing as she is now somewhat of a substitute Grandma for my girls. She has opened her home to us for summer holidays at the farm and this past summer was the first time that all of my husbands siblings were able to come to the farm with their families. It made for some great memories and great photo opportunities. I was able to make an album to thank her for her generosity and for creating a place where we all could come Home Again.

  77. A new coat for my new size. I’ve spent the last year losing some extra weight – I feel great! I’ve needed a new coat for so long. My old one swamped me. :) My hubby took me shopping and I came home with a fabulous wool coat.

  78. My favorite gift this year was some books i had been wanting for awhile! my sweet friend knew how much i wanted them and got them for me all wrapped up in a tote bag!

  79. My favorite gift was a purple bead necklace that my 4 year old son (he has great fashion sense) gave to me on Christmas day.

  80. My favorite gift was my old worn out workout shoes, wrapped in a box–Go and buy new shoes!!!

    Love that we can be practical with each other.

  81. This one is so easy. My SIL took my kids for a secret photo shoot the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Her gift to my hubby and I was framed portraits of my 3 daughters. They are gorgeous. Both of us were crying tears of joy when we opened them. And my girls never spilled the beans.

  82. My favorite gift was watching my children use their Christmas coupons I made for them. My husband and I felt that they have many material goods, so we wanted to give them experiences. We gave them each a coupon book with things like “picnic for the family,” “movies for the family,” “baking,” “date with mom,” and “choose the dinner menu” and seeing them excited while we went on outing they chose was great!

  83. Other than having my family together for Christmas, my favorite gift was a yellow Gurgle Pot.

  84. My favorite Christmas gift was my new Ott light for my scrapbooking table. I don’t have to work in the dark any more! :)

  85. Antoinette says:

    Have lots of fun at CHA Stacy!
    The give aways look so good and I know is sounds cliché, but for xmas we decided in the family that only the kids would get gifts and my oh my – just looking at my little girl and how much she enjoyed the holidays (and the gifts of course) was better than any other gift would have been :-)

  86. An external flash for my camera. It’s like a whole new picture-taking-world!

  87. My favorite Christmas gift is always to spend time with Family and Friends and to see the joy on my childrens faces on Christmas morning. But my favorite actual gift was from my Mom and Dad. I was given Project Life by Becky Higgins. (Yeah!) I am going to take a picture a day for a full year. I am also going to purchase Simple Stories From Memoryworks (I am a Consultant) and finish up my 2009 Scrapbook. I am going Simple from now on. With the way life has gotten so hectic, I feel the pictures and words are what count not all the fluff. Thanks for the chance to win your book and Library of Memories I think it will be right in line with my new way of doing things.

  88. stamphappy2001 says:

    My new laptop. My computer was 6.5 years old and was dying. Sure loving it.

  89. tammy perkins says:

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but can I still enter? My favorite gift this past year was 2 trips to Yellowstone/Jackson Hole area – one with snow and one without – love that place – a photographer’s dream! and I got to spend it with my sweet hubby of 33 years!

  90. The whole Christmas break was a gift to me as I was able to spend wonderful time with my three children. We had such a nice relaxing time together and really enjoyed each other’s company. My husband also had a couple of days off and was able to join us in playing games, doing puzzles, snuggling and being together.

  91. KristiGilbert says:

    My favorite gift was the computer memory my husband gave me. I’d been trying to dabble in digi scrapbooking for a while but was so frustrated with how slow PSE was. Now that I have the extra memory, it works SO much better! : )

  92. A yoga matt in a beautiful lavendar color. :)

  93. I got a Nikon D5000.
    totally sweet!

  94. My favorite gift I received this year was money from my inlaws. I know that sounds like a total cop out BUT our family just started a business a few months ago so spending money is nonexistent. This little bit of Christmas money is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve been able to buy things for myself (fabric, lotion, etc.) and I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

  95. My favorite Christmas gift was having my 3 daughters home for the holidays — to enjoy time together — girls just having fun! The silliness, the laughter, the togetherness. . . . getting reconnected. Two of them live over 3,000 miles away, so having them near was special. It’s the moments that count (more than the things).

  96. I got a nikon D5000.
    The greatest gift yet.

  97. Have fun at CHA! I’m so jealous! I only live an hour away, but just can’t convince my hubby that I need to spend $15 in admission JUST to go shopping and spend more money lol.

    Speaking of hubby, my fave Christmas gift this year was from him; a gift card to the local craft store. Not earth-shattering, I know, but he has previously purchased some really really odd things, so I’m glad he’s finally learned to just let my picky self go shopping (toddler-free! another part of the gift!) and get what I really want. :)

  98. My little girl made me an ornament at “school.” She’s only two, so this is the first gift she’s ever given me.

  99. Mary Ann Curtis says:

    My husband gave me your class – library of Memories and I’m so excited. My second favorite gift was a watch with the removable bands!!!!

  100. My favorite gift was when my 8 year old daughter said, “This is the best Christmas ever!” I told her I hope she thinks that every year! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful assortment of prizes!! WOW!!

  101. Michelle H. says:

    My favorite gift was my Cricut Expression. I had been hoping for one of these but didn’t ask for it because of the cost but my loving husband went out and bought me one along with the Jukebox and 6 cartridges……boy do I LOVE that man. :o)

  102. My best gift was the look on the faces of my children on Christmas morning especially my 3 year old when opening their Santa gift. Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. You are always so generous – thank you for the opportunity! Great gifts – love the murgle. :)
    My favorite Christmas gift: two large red wooden hearts with knobs for my studio (I love red and hearts) designed and made by my little sister and her husband.

  104. Brandie Boulter says:

    My favorite Christmas Present was my new computer. It has been a joy to edit photos!!

  105. For years I wanted a pretty little teapot set and the first Christmas after my husband & I were married, he surprised me with the prettiest hand painted teapot, complete with a sugar bowl & creamer pitcher! :)

  106. Kimberly Goon says:

    My favorite gift this year was a paper shredder. Now I don’t have to worry about identity theft!! I love it. Nothing to do with scrapbooking, but more a peace of mind gift. What could be better than that.

  107. My favorite gift this year was being able to take the entire week of Christmas off to spend with my hubby & 7 month old daughter. It’s the first time in 7 years I’ve been able to take off (gotta love retail)!

  108. a scrapbook page that my 9 year old daughter made for me. She picked out the paper and stickers herself and I couldn’t watch as she put it together and wrapped it. It’s a style most wouldn’t love but I do cuz it’s perfectly made for me.

  109. My Mio Motiva watch. Now I can keep track of calories in and calories out!!! LOVE IT!!
    I love your gifts too. I am going to put some of them on my birthday list!! :)

  110. My favorite present was from DH. He found a christmas ornament with seven little faces and got it personalized with all the names of our family. It truly must be seen to appreciate how precious it is. I also really love the earrings my 8 year old daughter picked for me. She knew I love snowmen and wanted to support that. It was a really sweet gesture from her.

  111. My favorite gift this year came a few days after Christmas and a few days before my Birthday…a positive pregnancy test! So, my favorite gift this year was my present from God of our new little bundle of joy!

  112. Brianna T. says:

    A friend ordered Simple Stories for me as a gift! I can’t wait to get it, looks so practical! Have fun at CHA!!
    My favorite gift at Christmas was having my sister coming and visit us. She drove all night Christmas Eve to get here before the kids woke up! LOVE HER!

  113. My favorite gift was that Christmas fell on a Friday. That meant I had (almost) a four-day weekend to spend with my extended family! Now that is a gift!

  114. My favorite Christmas gift is the new Pioneer Woman cookbook! I’m having fun trying new recipes. :)

  115. Okay, I didn’t actually get it yet, but it will be here in a month (fingers crossed).

    I’ve been looking for a red bag and was really thrilled when these were revealed. Now I can be stylish and always have my camera with me.

  116. Tammy Thomas says:

    my favorite christmas gift was a wonderful lap quilt my daughter made for me, lots of love went into it.

  117. My favorite gift this year was a Canon Rebel T1i…I love it but I’ve got alot to learn.

  118. You could say that my most favorite gift on Christmas Day was talking to my son while away from home, serving a church mission. I haven’t talked to him for 6 months and it was like he was here in our house again. It was so, so good to hear his voice and to connect with him verbally! I LOVED IT!

  119. My Fav Christmas gift this year was tickets to see Jersey Boys with my husband. He so does not enjoy the shows as much as I do but will sacrifice an evening to give me a gift I will REALLY love…….plus in the end, he doesn’t suffer as much as he anticipates!

  120. My mother-in-law gave me some cleaning tools from Don Aslet. I’m super excited about the window washing tools and can’t wait until the weather is nice enough for me to try them out!!

  121. My favorite gift was getting the day off to spend with all of my guys (three kiddos and my husband). It’s rare for our house to not be packed with extended family and while we missed seeing everyone on Christmas Day I have to admit that it was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable Christmas’ to date… (and my Nikkor Zoom lens wasn’t so bad either :)….

    Thanks for always being so generous…. I’m loving the murgle pots!!

  122. Not to look a give-away in the mouth (could you actually to that?), but I’ve already enjoyed the POINT of VIEW class, and I soooo would love a copy of Photo Freedom. PLEEEEASE let me win!!

  123. My two little girls like to sneak in and steal my pillow because it so comfy to them, so when I go to bed I am always looking for it. What did they get me for Christmas? A brand new pillow that they promise not to steal!!! Sweet dreams! I love it!

  124. My favorite Christmas gift was the ornament that my daughter made at school. I love getting out their hand made gifts every year and hanging them on the tree. They always make me smile when I see them :)

  125. My favorite gift this year was a mini album that my sister-in-law made of my daughter’s first birthday party and a CD of all the photos she took. I realized after the party that I hadn’t taken near enough pictures, but she she took over 100, with plenty of our little munchkin with frosting all over her face!

  126. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a WWII album that I made for a co-workers father. They had taken pictures of his “Freedom Flight” to Washington DC. My friend didn’t know how to scrap & asked if I’d do the project. I asked if there were any older pictures that I could incorporate into this trip. Come to find out, she had written down her father’s WWII stories. From when he signed up, what forts he was at, what ship he was sent on and where in the islands he was stationed. I took the old photos and stories, combined them with the new pictures and stories along with pictures taken from the internet. (Got to love Google!). What emerged was the best gift ever! The story of her father during WWII and the wonderful tribute to WWII veterans at the memorial in DC. It was THE BEST Christmas gift this year.

  127. My best gift was from my parents. My dad has cancer and I live in Ga and them in AZ so they bought me a round trip ticket to come see them for a week without my DH and kids. It was great to spend that time with just them. I got to go after the first of the year.
    As for a Christmas day gift it was my Cricut Expression and My story machines. Having a great time with both.

  128. Celia Tang says:

    I have yet to print a single digital photo since 2005, so my favorite gift was a digital frame, so I can display the photos from my various vacations, as well as my adorable nieces and nephews!

  129. I recieved two gifts that i absolutely loved…My daughter (18) got she and I tickets to go see the Moscow Ballet’s Swan Lake and my son (14) got me a wooden sign that says “There’s this boy, he stole my heart and he calls me MOM”.
    I had a difficult Christmas this year…missing my dad…and having 6 weeks of bronchitis…so the BIGGEST gift was when my two teens agreed to share the reading of the night before Christmas (A tradition for us). instead of making me try with my coughing and raspy voice!
    Thanks Stacy!

  130. My best gift was a pair of down slippers. I am notoriously cold all the time, and the slippers are helping tons. I hardly take them off!

  131. I have three favorite gifts….the first one was a shiny red teapot that actually whistles when the water boils, I just LOVE that sound. The second was a gift certificate for a massage which I still need to use, but I am SO looking forward to it! And finally the third one was just being with my family and seeing the expressions of my children’s faces when they saw some of the really fun things they had gotten, priceless indeed!

  132. **vickiellen** says:

    After our recent move out of state…my fav gift was being able to be with my family over the holidays :)

  133. Nicky Brown says:

    I’m still lovin’ my new electric blanket! It’s the gift that keeps on giving thru these cold Wisconsin winters!

  134. My favorite gift this year was time with my family. We all live in the same big city except for my brother and his wife and four children who are on the other side of the country. They all traveled here this year and we were able to all celebrate together, have family photos done, etc. All 19 of us, which includes 10 grandchildren. It was a great holiday!

  135. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a huge box filled with at least a dozen t-shirts! Long sleeved, short sleeved, tons of my favorite colors. My sister knew money was tight this year and that I don’t usually spend a lot on myself but that I love wearing jeans and t-shirts! It was a blessing and fun to wear new clothes again! :)

  136. Whitney S. says:

    My best gift was the jewelry that my husband gave me….it is fun and plus, every girl needs some bling, right?!! These are great giveaways…thanks so much Stacy!!

  137. My favorite Christmas gift was a new color printer. But life has been so hectic, that we’ve not set it up yet. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for sharing your gifts and for the chances to win. You rock!

  138. Not sure if it’s open to overseas fans Stacey so disregard if so. My favourite present was spending Christmas in a beautiful cottage in the Lake District with my family xx

  139. My favorite gift was an envelope template from my mother-in-law. :-)

  140. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a pair of wooden shoes! When I was a little girl our family went to the Tulip Festival in Pella, Iowa. It was so wonderful with all the tulips and the Dutch villages and historical displays about life in Holland. But the most enchanting part of the whole experience for me was the wooden shoes. Oh, how I longed for a pair of wooden shoes of my very own. The sound they made on the cobblestone streets was so satisfying! My mom wanted to buy me some but there was just no money for those kinds of extras. Imagine my surprise when I opened a box on Christmas Day to find a pair of wooden shoes…..that ALMOST fit!

  141. My favorite gift this year was to be able to have Christmas at my parents house like we have for the last 50+ years. They are getting to the point where having a lot of people in their home and having a big meal is more than they can handle so we all agreed to just bring snacky food and not stay too long. But it was the best day just being together like we always have. I’m not sure there will be many more years we can do that.

  142. My favorite gift was a necklace with my son’s picture on it.

  143. My favorite gift this year is what I always ask my children for: Time to spend together. My son and daughter and their spouses are taking us out to dinner on March 20th, along with my 6 adorable grandchildren, and then to see Cirque du Soleil. My husband and I definitely don’t need any more material things, and these times are priceless.

  144. Karen Borges says:

    My favorite Christmas Present this year was being home as a family. My son has Cancer (10 years old) and we were supposed to get his next chemo over Christmas but they postponed it 5 days so we could all be together. We’ve been apart (my husband and other son) too much over the last 7 months and hope later 2010 will be a better year.

  145. One of my gifts this year was very personalized and just perfect. My Mother-in-Law knows that I like soft fleece sheets while my husband likes standard cotton sheets. Our bed is typically a mess because we have sheets everywhere… So, to remedy this, she cut two sets of sheets (one fleece, one cotton) in half and sewed them together to form two sets of sheets with fleece on one side and cotton on the other. I was so impressed with her creativity as well as the usefulness of the gift! How perfect is that???

  146. I’ve now made three batches of homemade bread with my new Universal Bosch Mixer, and I’m not sure who loves this gift more, me or my family. :)

  147. Heather B. says:

    Well, my favorite gift WOULD be my new p&s camera, if I had gotten it yet!!! Hopefully it will be my favorite gift very, very soon!!

  148. My favorite Christmas gift was having my sister and her family here for Christmas. It was so much fun! My hubby also gave me an early Christmas gift and I attended the SPARK event in SLC, UT. That was also my fave…
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  149. My favorite gift was a Keurig cup at a time coffee maker! We can enjoy everything from cocoa to coffee to tea & it was from my husband & two sons. I will admit while it was a gift for ‘me’, everyone seems to be enjoying it!

    I LOVE that St. Patrick’s line!! Our youngest son will be celebrating “Lucky 13th” Birthday this year on St. Patrick’s Day!! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas & your generosity!

  150. Software: Photoshop Elements 8 so I can upgrade from v6. Thanks for sharing your 5 fav gifts and for the chance to win some awesome things.

  151. My favorite present was my kindle. I LOVE to read and love having several books with me at once!

  152. That’s an easy one! I got a Cricut Expression and I LOVE IT! Oh…well, I also got a box FULL of Martha punches, glitter, flock, and fun stuff, so I loved that, too. Actually, my friends and family were just overall super awesome to me this year! I was so blessed with the each and every gift I received!

  153. My favorite gift was from my husband. He’s sending me on a Delta Phi Scrappa weekend retreat with two friends. I just love my family, but come back so refreshed after being creative for days. I leave for the retreat in 5 days!!!

  154. Hands down meeting my new niece for the first time, she is in Seattle and I am in Boston so visits will be few and far between.

  155. Not Christmas related but very precious, I received a wonderful gift 3 days ago – my baby started to walk. He is 16 months already and wasn’t walking. I waited so anxiously for him to take his first steps and finally he did. I am one happy mama.

  156. My favorite Christmas gift was setting aside the money so that we can all go on vacation to Washington, D.C. this year!

  157. I received some nice warm fuzzy boots for Christmas that I love.

  158. Kimberly W. says:

    My best gift was a spa package from my brother and soon to be sister in law. It was a complete surprise and will be very much appreciated since I am seven months pregnant. Gotta love the thought! A close second was being snowed in for the holidays, so we got to spend a whole week with my family. Fun times. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love reading your blog!

  159. Best gift was having all my children and grandchildren together for 2 whole days!

  160. My favorite Christmas gift was being able to spend this wonderful holiday with ALL our family members. This Christmas was one of the few where every family member was together.

  161. scrapper al says:

    We agreed not to exchange gifts, but DH got me a massage GC anyways. What a guy! But even better was his love and support through some difficult times.

  162. Hi Stacy

    I love my white iphone speakers which go with my white iphone. I can have lovely music in my scraproom while I work now.

  163. My ex-husband gave me Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our two daughters instead of splitting the holiday this year and driving for 12 hours to meet him on Christmas Day. That was the best gift in years!!!!

  164. My favorite gift was from my husband-not getting each other anything at Christmas, but then picking up some furniture later for my scrapbook room/office. I’ve never had my “own craft room/den” before and I’m looking forward to it! :) Just organizing what I have ready so far (and a trip to IKEA!) has inspired me to scrapbook! :)

  165. A pink Bind-it-all! I want to bind everything.

  166. Things were tight this year so my only gift was probably the best gift I have ever gotten. Tires for my mini van!! We needed them sooo badly and I didn’t know when we would be able to do it. My parents and brother bought some for us and I’m so grateful. They saw a need and blessed us and I think it’s the best gift I have ever received.
    I have seen Simple Stories and would LOVE to have that. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  167. Finding out my husband got a new job on Christmas Eve day. So thankful!

  168. Ashley Decker says:

    The BEST gift of all way my 2 year old’s expressions when he saw the presents Santa had left for him & hearing him over & over & over again say, “I can’t believe Santa got me all these presents!!” My most wonderful husband also scored a few points with me for giving me scrapbooking shelves for my work-in-progress scrapbook room. (guess he thought I needed a little organization to my life!!)

  169. My kids thought it was strange but I love the head I received of recycled glass (from Pier 1) – it is just silly enough to add FUN to everyday life!

  170. My favorite Christmas present is my portion of Rock Band (the Playstation game).
    My brother has Rock Band, and my son and I played it when visiting their house this summer. I told my son that I would really like the game for Christmas. Well, knowing that Santa is for kids, not adults, my son offered to ask Santa to bring it for me. What a great surprise on Christmas morning when the biggest box under the tree was for “Karl and his mom” and contained a brand new Rock Band game.

  171. From my parents…I gift card to my favorite restaraunt and a “coupon” for babysitting. My husband and I have already used both and had a fun night out! Thanks for the change to win!

  172. My best Christmas gift was getting snowed in with just my immediate family. My husband and 4 kids and I had a blast – playing games, watching movies, reading, napping, and eating a wonderful turkey dinner. Together. No interruptions. No place to be. No agendas. Nothing’ but family!

  173. My kids gave me an Ipod Nano and I love it! I listen to it on my daily walks – it helps a lot with exercising!

  174. I’m the mom of four young children, I work full-time (from home) and homeschool our oldest two children. Life is so busy, I can barely think straight many days. I was thrilled to receive a 7-quart, programmable crock-pot! Hooray! Now I can let it cook dinner for me on days when I have so much to do I’m meeting myself coming and going!

  175. Kelly Oetzel says:

    My favorite gift this year was a brand new Nikon camera with touch screen. Completely surprised – were suppose to taking it easy on gifts for each other to focus on our son :)

  176. ScrapperKaren says:

    My husband and I were able to travel to NY from WA to be there for my parent’s 50th !! Anniversary party. It was the day after Christmas and we flew out on the evening of the 25th which was hard but the kids were ok with it. We had a fabulous time and I will be forever glad that I was able to share this special day with them!

  177. Jenny in Illinois says:

    My fave gift wasn’t really a gift at all. My mom passed away in August and the best gift for me was that my brother & his wife came from Idaho to my dad’s house, while my family of 4 was there. We all got to have Christmas together and that was the best Christmas gift I could have ever asked for.

  178. Karen Schmidt says:

    The best christmas gift I received was the Nikon D300s from my Husband. Its a little intimidating but I love learning with it.

  179. My 6-year-old niece decided on Christmas Eve that she needed to make a “present” for MeMe & PopPop, Uncle Brian, Aunt Carol, her mama and daddy, and me (Aunt Lynn). She gathered all kinds of art supplies and enlisted the help of me for some and her other aunt for some. She handmade pop-up cards for each of us, colored and signed them, and had us help her wrap each of them up.

    It was by far the absolute best gift I have EVER received because I know the love and true belief in the meaning of Christmas was behind it. I have it still sitting on my dresser where I can see it first thing each morning and last thing each night.

  180. Hands down, it was a fuzzy black teddy bear!
    My mom said she hoped we (my 2 sisters and I) weren’t disappointed, but she’d only gotten us each one present this year. One of us lives in AZ and the other two of us live in NJ.
    On Christmas Eve Cindy and I were with Mom, and Patti was on the phone. We opened our Christmas cards together and read them at the same time.
    Mom said she knew sometimes all we wanted was a hug from Daddy (my dad died in 1987; I was 26 and my sisters were 21 and 22) and she thought she’d give us the next best thing.
    We opened our boxes and we each got a black teddy bear – made from our dad’s fuzzy black winter coat! His paws were made of the dark burnished gold lining of the coat!
    There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! It was like getting Daddy for Christmas!
    (I’d have lost it if she sprayed it with his old cologne!)
    This was the BEST gift ever from anyone!!!

  181. Without a doubt my favorite gift this year was my grandson born on December 15th. My daughter’s due date was January 29th but Gabriel decided he wanted to celebrate the Christmas season with us. He did have to spend a week in NICU but thankfully he came home two days before Christmas and is a healthy little boy. I have to add he is the first boy born in my family in 27 years, my son was the last little guy, lots of girls running around. God truly blessed us!

  182. julie ann says:

    Ooo, such fun stuff! Honestly, my favorite gift was that Santa actually remembered to stuff my stocking without the assist from me! ;) Dh and I decided not to get each other anything because there was truly nothing we needed, so it was fun to reach into my stocking and find that he had remembered me! (especially since I usually do the stuffing, including myself)

  183. I gave away my old Canon powershot to my inlaws who we are encouraging to embrace technology. To replace it I got the Canon SD940is. I LOVE that I now have a camera I can have in my pocket to capture more of those moments I can savor later.

  184. My favorite gift was the family gift my husband surprised my daughter and I with: the Wii Fit! We’ve had lots of fun and laughter playing with it. My second favorites were the gifts cards to buy card making & scrapbooking goodies with — woo hoo! :-)

  185. My favourite alltime Christmas gift from my husband involved lots of tears. We were leaving in the Netherlands and being from the UK i had a HUGE list of things that i wanted ie clothes as i am 5ft 2″ and most Dutch people are huge. The first thing i opened was an abdominal exerciser and i wasn’t impressed as i thought he thinks i’m fat. The next gift was a George Foreman grill and i thought he really thinks i’m fat and i burst into tears. He insisted that i open the box to the grill and nestled inside was a ruby and pink diamond ring designed by a friend. I wear it every day and my husband monitors the success of his presents to me by whether he reduced me to tears!!

  186. We had a family portrait taken in late October, the first in 4 years and I received the prints for Christmas. They made me smile.

  187. Diane Anthony says:

    My favorite gift this year was a cozy blue zip up sweatshirt from my husband. He was so anxious for me to open it because he was so unsure if I would like it. I loved it.

  188. My favorite Christmas gift is my new MacBook Pro courtesy of my oldest son, daughter-in-law and hubby! It’s awesome! I also got a copy of CS4 for it…best Christmas present in years!

  189. I got a very beautiful and tiny gold filigree cross charm to wear on a necklace chain. I love little, dainty charms and this was perfect.

  190. Verona Highsmith says:

    My dd & dsil gave us an ipod itouch with speakers. It is in my scrap room to play music while I scrap, or quilt. They are trying to bring us into the 21st century. They really surprised us. Also we had 10″ of snow on the ground in north TX for a white Christmas, it was definitey a winter wonderland.

  191. A total surprise was when I got home after my cruise to walk into my kitchen and family room that had a new wooden floor. Shocker! No more rug, just a new wooden floor. Loving it!!!! TKS Jenn!!!

  192. neat gifts! my favorite gift this year was some work out wear from lululemon. i’d never buy it for myself, but when your kids buy it for you…you just can’t take it back!!

  193. Heather R says:

    my favorite gift this year was my wii fit from my hubby, he listened to my hints!

  194. My favorite from this past Christmas was my LL Bean sweatshirt from my Mom. Favorite of all time would have to be from high school, my parents sent me to France for 2 weeks with the French class

  195. Kim Hopkins says:

    Favourite gift? Warm socks with snowflakes on them!

  196. My favorite gift was a date night with my husband that includes dinner + going to see the Broadway show Legally Blonde. It’s coming in February and I am so excited! I love that it is a gift that I could look forward to weeks after Christmas!

  197. Would love a copy of the book – I’ve been searching all over for one!! Anyway – my favorite gift was that we had a great day – I’ve been having health issues and Christmas Eve and Christmas day were perfect in that aspect. What a true blessing and gift from God that was!!

  198. My favorite gift was a new lens for my camera. Great gift and I was shocked, which makes the gift all the better. ;)

  199. After a very BIG birthday one month before Christmas my husband got me the only thing I asked him for and that was a spot in your Library of Memories class. I can’t wait! I have such a good husband…very obedient :)

  200. My favorite gift? I finally got an ipod! Now I am able to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I’m driving around town. Love it!

    Have fun at CHA!

  201. My favorite gift would be my slippers my 87 year old grandmother made me. I thought to myself I live in Florida what on earth was she thinking. Little did I know Florida would hit 38 degree’s in the weeks that followed Christmas. MY slippers ROCKED my feet and I know they were made with all the love in the world.

  202. The best present? Sitting around OUR Christmas tree on Christmas morning with my dad, my mum and my brother, opening presents. Christmas was at home this year, my second ever.. but I guess I don’t really live there anymore…so I wonder if it counts.
    Still it was great not to travel. More family arrived for the rest of the day and it was wonderful.

  203. Stacy that chair you received looks incredible. I’m always on the lookout for a great chair and may splurge on that this year. My top gift this year was from my mom, I finished grad school last year but never framed my diploma. My mom had it done for me, and I have such a nice, proud feeling now everytime I look at it!

  204. my favorite christmas gift this year was having my husband home after a death in the family just before xmas. it was a long 3 weeks that included 2 holidays without him!!!!

  205. Christy Pair says:

    My favorite gift was a string/yarn canister from The Small Object. She and I learned to knit together when I was pregnant with my first (2007). Now three years later she is a gifted knitter and I am a mama to three (twins). She is a very thoughtful friend who has been super supportive in my life even though she is going through her own major trials.

  206. Being home for Christmas! We missed a few while we were on missions on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands of Spain and in the Dominican Republic.

  207. My best present this year was my Scooba. It is so nice to have something else around that can mop floors, so I can do other things. I can now clean bathrooms and have the floors being cleaned at the same time! :)

  208. Shelly Powderly says:

    My kids picked out their favorite photo. My husband had a purse made with the photo on the front. It really touches my heart. This was my favorite present from the past few years.

  209. My best present was spending the day at home, snuggled with my sweetie.

  210. My favorite Christmas gift was watching my husband open his wii from my grandparents. We’ve wanted one for years but finally found a good deal and it was a total surprise to him. He loves it and we feel like kids again playing Super Mario Brothers together.

  211. The full nature of Sherk’s injury is currently unknown, and the former lightweight champion was not immediately available for comment when contacted by

  212. The two hand made ornaments that my kiddos made at school. They were so excited to see me open their gifts and then hang the ornaments on the tree!

  213. My best gift was being able to spend time with family in CA :)

  214. You received some wonderful gifts! My favorite gift this year was a cat – my husband doesn’t really like cats, but he knows that I do and have always wanted to have another one (I used to always have a cat growing up at home). So he picked out a very sweet young cat for me and I think even he has been won over!

  215. My best gift was a charm bracelet. My Aunt who has no children decided to give me her full charm bracelet along with a letter explaining each charm. It is so special to have this piece of her. I feel like she entrusted me with her life history. I probably won’t wear it often but it means so much to me. It also inspired me to start my own charm bracelet. It is a little like wearing the scrapbook of your life on your wrist.

  216. Seriously cute cowboyish boots :)

  217. hubby got me a laptop. I have been a digi scrapper on a desktop for six years, so very excited about being portable, LOL

  218. It’s sad, but Christmas already seems so long ago..and it was less than a month ago!
    So it is fun to think over and remember some of the highlights of the holiday. My favorite gift again this year was my stocking full of goodies from my “santa”. It is such a thrill to see what he finds to include in my stocking. Its all the little stuff that he takes the time (a lot of time) to find just for me…some really silly stuff (like silly string), nice stuff (a beautiful silver ring), practical stuff (socks – love it!), and so on. It is more the thought he puts into each little thing that makes it so meaningful to me.

  219. My favorite Christmas gift was a bottle of perfume from my hubby. I never wear perfume, but he has always love it when I wear some. So, he hunted until he found the right sent. He loves me!

  220. 3 commercial sized cookie sheets. I can bake a whole recipe’s worth of cookie dough in one batch!

  221. My favorite Christmas gift was a necklace made from a silver flute pad.
    (I’m a flutist).

  222. My favorite presents were the ones my kids picked out for me. Their school had a “santa shop” where the kids could shop (using money that their parents have given them). My daughter gave me a necklacae that says #1 mom and my son gave me a coffee mug that says World’s best mom. Soo cute :)

  223. Francisca says:

    We don’t give gifts with Christmas, because we have ‘Sinterklaas’ in the Netherlands, on Dec 5th where we give gifts to each other. But one gift that I gave myself this Christmas was my photobook ‘Christmas- Through the Years’, which I made based on your idea. You even wrote a blog post about it: The book is still on my desk and I feel such a great feeling of accomplishment. Thanks again for your inspiration and example!

  224. Denise Hunter says:

    My favorite gift was a photo scanner to make your photos & negatives into digital images! I love that I will be able save them forever. Now what do I do with all these pictures? Thanks for reminding me that Christmas wasn’t that long ago!

  225. My favorite gift was a Le Creuset dutch oven – in red! It is already well used.

  226. My favorite gift of all was a book that my eight year old son’s class wrote, inspired by “The Important Book”. The class worked together to write about the important things about moms, dads, teachers, and the principal, then each student wrote about what was important to him/her. My son wrote that “my parents love me enough to let me play hockey.” It made me cry! I love handmade gifts the best!!!

  227. My favorite Christmas present…..a lifesaver book!!! It’s been a tradition since my brother and I were young young young! Who wouldn’t love that?

  228. My favorite gift this year was from my Mom. She practiced (after not playing the piano for quite some time) and played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for me. I loved it when she would play this for me when I was little. I would beg and beg her to play and she would usually stop what she was doing and play for me. It was the best gift!

  229. This looks like a layout waiting to happen! My favorite Christmas gift this year??? I guess I would have to say a snow storm that kept my family & I at home for the entire day watching Christmas movies and playing all the toys Santa brought! I love my extended family, but it so rare for my husband and I to spend an entire day JUST lazing around with the kids! Thanks for another great giveaway.

    BTW my best scrappy Christmas present was 2 Cricut Cartridges and a chipboard mini album shaped like a castle all from my bff!

  230. My favorite Christmas gift was a hand made leather journal from my husband.

  231. She was actually born on Dec 2 – but I am now the proud grandma of a beautiful little girl! Best Christmas present ever!

  232. My favorite Christmas gift was the little package my 6 yr. old son brought home from school before Christmas break. It was addressed to “Mom” and in it was a mini photo album that was decorated with Christmas foam stickers. I ABSOLUTELY adore it and always will! I am always looking for the perfect album and I think I’ve found it:) I don’t think I’ll ever take that off my coffee table! Now I just have to decide what pictures I should put in it!

  233. My best Christmas this year was a new house!! Hubby and I moved into our first home on Dec19th. It was wonderful to wake up Christmas day in a house that was ours!

  234. My favorite Christmas gift would have to be the mirror that my husband made me. It is so pretty!

  235. Cheri Piles says:

    Timew were rough this year so my husband and I decided not to give gifts to each other and make the holiday more about the family, creating wonderful foods together, playing holiday music everyday, just spend more time together. I thought this would be hard on all of us come Christmas morning but we did great and it ended up being one of the best Christmas’ we’ve celebrated in our 18yrs. My mother in law did suprise me with a day pass, a class and crop party to the expo in Portland and she treated our 15 yr old as well, that was more than kind and generous and we can hardly wait to go, as it will be her first one!

  236. My favorite Christmas gift was actually not a physical gift but a spiritual one. For years it has been extremely difficult for me to love the unlovable, forgive the unforgiveable, and to accept the unacceptable. I have been “hell bent” shall we say, for far too long. I was critical, overbearing, judgemental, and just a miserable person all around, I believe. This past Christmas, I asked God to take that from me. To help me love people. All people, no matter where they have come from, or what they have done. Just to love them. And God gave me that. For that is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

  237. My best gift this year was opening up the envelope from our baby’s ultrasound, finding out we were having a boy, and seeing the emotion on my husband’s face. A very touching moment that I will never forget. If I had to pick a physical gift it would be the gorgeous Miche bag my husband got for me.

  238. kimberley says:

    my favorite gift this year was a copy of photoshop elements 8…love it!!!!

  239. My best gift this year was opening up the envelope from our baby’s ultrasound, finding out we were having a boy, and seeing the emotion on my husband’s face. A very touching moment that I will never forget. If I had to pick a physical gift it would be the gorgeous Miche bag my husband got for me. It’s beautiful and I use it everyday.

  240. My favorite present this year was a gift from my husband: Eddie Bauer slippers! My feet have always been so cold, but these slippers keep them nice and toasty. What a difference it makes to have warm feet! Happy feet!

  241. My favorite gift this Christmas was a DVD that my daughter made. It was pictures from the last 5 or so years and included secions on her, her brother, vacations, other family members, events etc. It was all set to Christmas music and is about 1/2 hr. long. It is wonderful, she did a fabulous job and I cry every time I watch it.

  242. omigolly, you always find the cutest stuff – best present? the annual Starbuck’s giftcard from Mom. At first I wished for her mad shopping skillz and some great presents, but I’ve grown to look forward to the Starbuck’s treat…I stretch it out for months…my husband? he’s already spent all of his :P

  243. My favorite gift was a Lisa Leonard necklace (which makes 4 of her necklaces I own now!) – the friendship necklace. I received it from my amazing boyfriend!

  244. stampinwithbeth says:

    My favorite gift was from my 6 year old nephew, who is also my godson. He picked out (all by himself) a special picture frame from Kohl’s so that I would have a frame for a picture of the two of us. I wanted a recent picture of us, so we had an impromtu photography self portrait session. Whenever I see that framed picture, or think of silly comments while we were taking the pictures, I praise God for the blessing he is in my life!

  245. Kathy in MN says:

    My sister took old 8 mm movies from my parents and had them scanned and made DVDs for everyone in the family. We used to have movie nights as a kid and this just brought back all those great fun memories. Still smiling about it-and its January. Priceless.

  246. I love my new DSLR! I’ve been saving up IOUs from my husband so it was fun to cash them in!

  247. My favorite gift this year was the photo session that my niece did for us. My son left shortly after Christmas for an LDS mission and it was our last family portrait for two year. Having our family together for one last Christmas was the best gift.

  248. My favorite gift was the wall hanging my husband made for me with my favorite quote–”Home is where your story begins …” Plus I love hanging out and playing all day with my kids in our jammies–so relaxing!!

  249. iPhone! (happy iPhone dance)

  250. My favorite gift, believe it or not, was a slow cooker. I’ve never had one of those before and now I’m cooking roasts and beans and even granola. I love it!

  251. My favorite gift was a turntable with a USB port so that I can listen to all my old records on my iPod! How great it that?

  252. a calendar my 7 year old made at school. The pciture he drew of our family is adorable and makes me smile everytime I look up from my desk to refer to the calendar!

  253. My favorite gift was a knitting needle case hand-made by my Mom. But really the best gift of all was not tangible but a fun memory. Our family decided yrs ago that we were not going to exchange gifts with one another but my Mom always tries to do some fun inexpensive gift exchange. She and I wrapped up practical, inexpensive gifts in odd boxes/packages. She put a screwdriver in a toothpaste box, pocketbook hanger in a crayon box, a tool set in a Frosted Flakes box, etc… It was so much fun to see everyone’s reaction and it was like unwrapping a gift 2 times.

  254. What wonderful gifts everyone’s shared here! Such a beautiful way to have people participate in your giveaway!
    My favorite Christmas gift this year was $ my husband gave me. That sounds a bit money-hungry or something, but I don’t mean it that way. I very much want to add to my art stash & finding what I like best here is close to impossible. So, rather than get me something just ’cause it was something, he cleverly hid money within other gifts – a “bookmark” in a craft book I wanted, wrapped around a bottle of hand lotion, etc – so I may buy stamps & inks & ephemera I’ve wanted. I so very much appreciate his understanding of my “addiction” to making art!

  255. My favorite Christmas gift was a family trip we took together in early December. We try to do this most every year, and this year we went to Southern California to visit Disneyland, LegoLand, the San Diego Zoo and relatives from both sides of the family! Having the gift of time with my family is better than any gift that can be wrapped and put under the tree, and my husband and I treat this annual vacation as a gift to each other. The memories are priceless, and it gives me lots of fresh pictures to scrapbook through the cold winter months!

  256. I received Pioneer Woman’s cook book, which is fabulous. I made her cinnamon rolls the other day and gave all but a dozen of them away (it made 5 dozen) so much fun. And this giveaway is fun too!

  257. My husband surprised me with an ipod nanno. It was a gift that he thought would help me deal with a transition that I am going through at work. Best of all, I now have music wherever I go.

  258. My favorite gift was the creative ways my husband gave me the gift of time. He created several punch cards: one for “couple walks, tied to a water bottle i had wanted, one for foot massage attached to foot lotion and a bunch more. i enjoy gifts but what i really love is time.

  259. Heather Noto says:

    Wow, Stacy, you got some great gifts! :) My best gift was the leather jacket I’d been asking for. My old one is about 20 years old, so I really needed a new one. Otherwise, spending time with family is the best gift ever.

  260. My favorite gift was the ink catridges my hubby refilled for me so that I would never run out of ink to print my photos at home. I am constanly running out of ink and sending him off to the store to purchase new catridges. He has been saving all the empty cartridges and took them all in to be refilled (let me tell you-there were ALOT of cartridges!). Well, that sweet man has supplied me with more cartirdges than I could ever imagine and…it came with a certificate hand made by him awarding my more cartirdges as I need them!
    I love you, Stan McGrew!

  261. A box full of scrapbooking goodies from my hubby!! I played with them lots the week after Christmas and had a blast!!

  262. I got a beautiful Lisa Leonard family tree necklace…I adore it!

  263. We celebrate Chanukah and this was the first year that the kids were really into giving gifts. My son surprised me with a huge box of scrapbook paper and other goodies. What fun!

  264. Hi Stacey,
    This year, for the first time in 39 years I did not have my grandmother with us. She passed at the ripe old age of 92! She was a blessing from the Lord, so believe it or not I wasn’t sad. Instead, the greatest gift that I got this year were albums from my mother to my children (my DD is named after my grandmom). The albums had photos of my children with my grandmother throughout their tiny lives (6 & 2) and I inherited most of her photos dating back to the 1800s!
    And I know that you just wanted one favorite, but my husband gave me PSE8 to help with all the editing of the old photos! Yeah me!!

  265. My favorite gift was a complete set of Paula Dean ,pots and pans (been asking for a new stock pot but hubby got it all). Plus I got a new slice. It was great.

    I love to cook and scrapbook so this was great for me.

  266. This year, my favorite Christmas gift has to be the Willow Tree Angel Father and Daughter figure that I received from my dad. Growing up in a divorced home since second grade, my relationship with my dad hasn’t really taken off until a few years ago. When he moved 12 hours away last year, the time we spent together changed drastically. Rather than a few hours here and there, we now spend days together (planned trips) and I really cherish that time. He’s taught me many valuable life skills as well as all of the handy tips to take care of my home, but I truly value the time I have with him now.

  267. Danna Jones says:

    My favorite christmas gift was to have my family all together. My oldest moved out this year and we didnt know if she had to work.

  268. My favorite gift was my new MacBook. LOVE IT!

  269. I got the cutest apron (in green my favorite color). It was simple & exactly what I wanted!

  270. Sharon Holesh says:

    A nice set of Amazing Grace by Philosophy from my 3 kids

  271. Damiane Lucas says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was one that I gave to myself. That’s to say, I put “CHRIST” back into Christmas throughout all of 2009 and set out on a reading journey that I did not veer from. Each day in 2009, I diligently followed a Bible reading schedule, prioritizing my walk with God. On December 31, 2009, I finished reading the Bible in its entirety! What joy!

    Prior to 2009, I had always read the Bible, a scripture here and there, but never in its entirety, until last year. This was my best Christmas gift. And guess what? The best Christmas is yet to come — when CHRIST returns!

    Can I have an AMEN?

  272. My husband got me a FLIP video camera that I LOVE! It’s made me capture more of our day-to-day life!

  273. My BESTEST Christmas gift was being with my daughter Cait & my 5 yr. old grandson Shane. We live 700 miles apart and have never been apart for any Christmas. This is my peace in life, spending time with them!

  274. My favorite gift was spending time outside in the snow with my family. Sledding was pure magic.

  275. My favorite Christmas gift this year was the book “hugs for sisters”. 2009 was a stressful year and my sister wanted me to have a hug whenever a needed it. All I have to do is open the book and read a page and I have a hug from her.

  276. I best gift ever was this year my daughter came home jan. 16 2010 we had christmas that night felt just like it was the 24th. She is in the U.S. Navy.

  277. My Favorite gift this year was a true to form white Christmas. It had been years since I last saw snow on the ground at Christmas.

  278. My favorite gift—customized NIKEs. The best shoes I have every had–and with my name on it–what could be better?

  279. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a beautiful piece of original artwork, done by a very inspirational man who paints with his mouth! It was a total surprise from my husband :)

  280. My favorite gift was a portrait of my kids and grandkids – priceless.

  281. My favorite gift was a calendar that my daughter made at school. Each page used her handprint to make a shape (like a turkey, liberty bell, robin, whale, clouds, etc.). It makes me smile each time I look at it. What a great keepsake it will be to have her handprint at this age.

    Have fun at CHA!

  282. My favourite gift ever was tickets to see the play the ‘mouse trap’ in London. It is the best show ever and just before they start, you have to promise not to tell anyone the ending. Love that!!

  283. My favorite Christmas gift was my engagement ring from my hubsand!

  284. Andrea MacDonald says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a trip to a resort that had little log cabin that we stayed in. It was a nice quiet family get together. It was so peaceful and needed. I don’t think any other gift could compare.

  285. Jennifer C. says:

    My favorite gift this year was an addition to my scrapbook storage system. I’ve been buying the pieces a little at a time when I could and my SIL bought two cubes for paper storage!

  286. My best gift was an act of God. We had a major blizzard in our area which may have been looked at as a tragedy at Christmas time. Our family chose to look at it as a blessing in disguise, as it forced us not to travel, but gave the 5 of us precious time to be together celebrating the birth of Jesus. The time was so special as we spent the whole day in jammies, snacked, watched family videos, and opened gifts. It was a true gift from God. I also love my VHS to DVD converter so I can preserve those memories longer.

  287. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a fleece blanket that my sister made and hand tied for me in our school colors. We draw names every year and she had not drawn my name, so imagine my surprise when she dropped by my house a few days after Christmas with a wrapped gift- just because. My sister is my best friend and that is one of the best gifts too.

  288. Cindy Davis says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was having some extra family time. Oh and my Cricut!!

  289. My favorite gift were some green and purple containers to store my scrapbook supplies in. You got a great stash of gifts Stacy!

  290. My favorite gifts were some green and purple containers to store my scrapbook supplies in. You got a great stash of gifts Stacy!

  291. My favorite Christmas gift this year was time at home with my family. I work for a college and they closed us down for two weeks so we could enjoy time at home. It is the best gift ever. My kids are 11 and 6 so the magic is still there and to have time with my husband who is a teacher and also off the same time this year was wonderful. The time the four of us spent together for those two weeks was a memory that I’ll keep forever.

    Dianne P.

  292. Jennifer Shortino says:

    My favorite Christmas gifts this past Christmas was spending the holiday with my brother who is battling brain cancer. Its been a year since his diagnosis and almost a year since his surgery. I am so grateful he is still with us and making progress. My favorite gift from my husband was a great date book. It is small enough for my bag, but large enough for me to write in. So simple and so perfect for my busy working mom scrapbooker life.

  293. Bec Kilgore says:

    My favorite gift was getting to be the shopper for the family my work department adopted for Christmas. I am an alone empty nester with no grandkids so getting to go buy bikes, toys and clothes was just too much fun and brought back so many memories.

  294. Donna Bell says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was the Wii Fit Plus and the AE Active for the Wii! Have used it everyday since I got it! It is helping with my resolution of losing 40lbs this year…

  295. My favorite gift was set of cupcake making goodies from my mom…decorating tips, baking papers, sprinkles…GOOD STUFF!!

  296. My favorite gift was my new coffee pot!!

  297. kandi petorak says:

    My favorite gifts this Christmas was GIVING not receiving. However, the best thing I received was a hamper organizer for the laundry before it goes into the wash.. you know darks, lights, colors and towels. It’s so great not to have the laundry all over the floor.

  298. jeanette C. says:

    Coupons for foot rubs are a favorite

  299. My kids all went together and bought me a Bamboo Craft tablet. Now comes the fun of learning to use it!

  300. PhotohappyCdn says:

    I love all my Christmas gifts this year (I was spoiled!!) but the one I am getting the most enjoyment of is my 15 inch MacBook Pro Laptop. I have been a PC girl for years but am loving my Mac (and I’ve only touched the surface of what it can do!) Looking forward to learning and enjoying it even more all year long!


  301. My favorite gift this year was my Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet. It was a Christmas/Birthday gift combo, which was fine with me. I have wanted a Tablet for over a year and never would buy myself one when I saved my money for it. It has made photo editing so much easier. And I also love my We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper. Making cards has never been better.

  302. Cynthia B. says:

    My favorite gift was a new printer/scanner. I think I’ve used it more for scanning than printing – everything from girl scout cookie info to dentist claim forms…don’t know how I got along without it!
    You really scored on your Xmas gifts, Stacy! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome giveaways.

  303. I love my digital picture frame. Loading the nearly 1000 pictures brought back all kinds of memories. This year the holidays were quiet with a husband recovering from surgery, however there was still time with family, food, and lots of laughs – love the time together. I’m so blessed.

  304. I wanted a penguin – carbonated beverage maker – for Christmas. I told my family about it for months. But true to my family, they waited until two days before Christmas and no penguins to be found. Thats okay. My favorite was watching my dd (16) open an iPhone box. She thought it was empty (her plan did not allow her to get a new phone upgrade until February) but my husband got her one. She was so excited and speechless. It was her only gift other than the usual socks, PJs. My other dd (11) was even more excited when she got the webcam she has been wanting. My DH got a picture of our dog that my nephew painted. It is spectacular! Thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  305. My favorite Christmas gift this year was nothing. My husband and I have overspent throughout the years and especially at Christmas. This year, my husband and I have finally decided to take charge of our money and create a budget. We decided not to buy each other anything. It felt really good to save so much rather than spend so much. I have finally realized that I am thankful with what I have and rather be dept free than have a new coach purse or some expensive jewelry.

  306. Tiffany H says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a drawing my daughter made at school of our family. It’s beautiful.

  307. Stephanie T says:

    My favorite gift was having my Mom spend Christmas Eve night with us so we all woke up together on Christmas morning, and spent the whole day together.

  308. I especially love Christmas-time because my birthday is the day before. Most people think it is a bummer to have a birthday on the 24th, but I’ve never known it any other way. I love presents and even more like to shop and surprise my 3 kids (ages 3, 5, and 7). I shop Craigslist and watch sales and start collecting things for months before Christmas. My favorite gift that I purchased for my son was something super cool to me- a gently used Lego Steven Speilberg Studios set… I paid a whopping $30 for it (I think it retailed for about $150 new) and I have watched my five year spend HOURS playing with the pieces, creating new movie sets and story lines. Just pure, creativity which I LOVE!

  309. Whitney P. says:

    My favorite gift this year was not store-bought. It was when my little 2 yr. old, Jillian, peed on the potty for the first time just before bed on Christmas Eve! Priceless, and yes, I did take a photo of the potty! Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaways! I’d love to win! :)

  310. A new DSLR camera from my hubby! So much fun!!!

  311. My favorite gift this year was an ipod. While I was thrilled with my pink ipod, it was the sweet inscription from my hubby that I loved most. He even signed it with a nickname that he doesn’t like said aloud.

  312. Kimberly Ann says:

    My favorite gift this year was a necklace from my husband – he picked it out all by himself!

  313. A cookbook! No-Knead Bread in Five Minutes a Day – Whole Grain!

  314. Julie Lueck says:

    My favorite gift was really our family gift. My poor old couches bought 15years ago, pre children, were worn and stained and could not keep a new slip cover on to save its soul. We got a leather sectional and a new 52″ flat screen tv. We waited a long time and I nearly lost my sanity fighting with the slipcovers. My family of five can all lay down at once(if desired) and TV is now like a movie experiance! Just like with colors, I was really amazed how the stucture and feel of the room changed. Okay, It’s more like I was Jeykell with the slipcover battle and now I can just be mild manner Hyde.
    PS My Twilight series on audio cd was a close second.
    PSPS I am learning…I see a BPS LO story here.

  315. Karen Farrar says:

    My favorite and only christmas gift was a necklace that my son bought for me at his Santa Shop at school. Last year was difficult for our family. This peace-filled Christmas might have been the best ever!

  316. It’s a tie this year… my daughter framed a painting that she did in school (from the heart and beautiful)… my husband bought me a cricut expression (said he felt like a crack dealer when he gave it to me) ;D

  317. My favorite gift was a necklace with birthstones for my son and son-to-come. Adorable!

  318. shelley s. says:

    my favorite gift was brain noodles, from my husband. they are giant pipe cleaner type things, meant for playing, shaping, building. meant for kids, but fun for anyone.

  319. My favorite gift was the add-on to my Willow Tree Nativity set that I got from my mom & dad and my sister. They’ve decided go together and get me pieces every year until I get the whole thing :)

  320. I had two favorite gifts..but of course I must explain. I have had a really hard time now that my kids are older 15,11 & 8…all in school all day and alone in a quite house. For some this is a dream but for me it is sad. I don’t like being at home most of the day alone. So my husband bought me a warm fuzzy sweatshirt from American Eagle and my 15 year old daughter got me a warm soft cozy blanket, so sometimes when they are gone I put on that cozy sweatshirt curl up in that blanket and watch a little “say yes to the dress” (my favorite show) and am not so sad anymore.

  321. We were finally able to get the girls a wii for christmas & my hubby got me the wii fit. I’ve been wanting it forever, such a great gift. I love that it motivates me to exercise!

  322. my favorite gift was a beautiful dress my husband gave me. He spent a lot of time choosing it along with all the accessories from headband to shoes! Oh, how I would love a seat in your LOM class! Thanks for the chance to win!

  323. I came back home after a trip to see my family and found a “vase” of origami flowers (and the vase itself) that my husband had made while I was gone. He worked on it every night after work.

  324. Margot/NZ says:

    I love the perfume that my DH gave me – all the more because he doesn’t really ‘approve’ of perfume (he thinks its unnecessary). He went to the store, discussed options with the assistant and chose a suite of Revlon perfumes for me – five different scents so I can ring the changes.
    Lots of lovely give-aways here – thanks for the chance to win (and if I’m chosen for the LOM, as I’m an alumni, I’d gift it to my friend Rosalie)!

  325. MommaBean says:

    My favorite gift this year is my new Nook. It came in the mail TODAY. Happy Reading to me thanks to my DH.

  326. Vicki Olson says:

    I was very spoiled this year. I received many nice things but my boys gave me the most thoughtful gift of all. While we were out shopping my son came and got one of my daughters, he was obviously excited. He said he found exactly what he wanted to give me. And it was perfect. He found a cat paw photo frame and he knew i would love it. And I did.

  327. My fav. was a seat in LOM from my sweetheart.

  328. My favorite gift was our new Sony Cybershot 10X Optical Zoom Camera. I have had a 3X zoom for almost 6 years and was clueless that this new technology was out in such a small camera format. I really did feel like it was ‘Christmas’ morning taking pictures of everything from traffic while sitting in the car to a very close shot of an ornament on our tree. The best part was that the camera was thoughtfully given to us by my in-laws!

  329. A Keurig coffee maker…I love it.

  330. I was a very lucky girl this Christmas too! My favorite gift is my Nikon 50mm lens. I rented one for our vacation in November. My dh secretly went through my email (definitely not a bad thing) to find the rental email to make sure he got exactly the right lens. He spent an hour and a half looking! Love that man!!

  331. My favorite gift was a box full of mismatched goblets/champagne glasses/shot glasses to make fun desserts & appetizers. I got the idea from Applebee’s serving dessert shots. My sister said she never thought she would be shopping at Salvation Army for my Christmas shopping. We sat down to Christmas breakfast with our goblets full of strawberries. Very fun and exciting way to liven things up around the table!

  332. I was really blessed this year and received many lovely gifts. The one that I love the most is a Family Tree necklace by Lisa Leonard Designs that my hubby gave me. Everytime I wear it I take my family with me…even if we are not together.
    Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes Stacy!

  333. My favorite and only gift was being able to sign up for LOM. If I got the class for free, I could use the money from tuition towards purchasing the organizational products. I am so excited about the whole concept and can’t wait to get started.

  334. Doreen Kay says:

    We had a very lean Christmas this year but my boys did get me a digital keychain because they know I take hundreds of pictures and now I can carry some of them with me.
    Thanks for the give aways

  335. My favourite gift would be my husband finishing some paving up to right outside the laundry door. He was still working on it christmas eve and it looked wonderful!

  336. Help! I can’t find information on the contest. Can you direct me?

    I got lots of wonderful things from my list this year, but my favorite was a beautiful hand-stamped necklace with the names of my daughters. I wear it almost every day now.

  337. My family asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said the best gift would be to have them all home. With a snowstorm on the way, we thought it was going to be a quiet Christmas just my husband and I, the kids didn’t think they were going to make it. Much to our surprise the kids rearranged their schedules and came home a day early and made it in before the storm. We were able to spend 5 days snowed in with our two kids, their spouses, the two grandkids and two dogs. It was the best Christmas ever!!! We slowed down and took time to enjoy family time. We played games, watched movies, took naps, stayed in our pj’s until noon. And we were able to make it to church on Christmas Eve, to all sit together, singing Silent night by candlelight……the real meaning of Christmas. This Christmas I’ll never forget.

  338. This year, my favorite gift was a package deal: My husband surprised me with a night away at a nearby hotel and spa. It wasn’t far to drive and included a night in a wonderful room with gas fireplace (we watched a romantic comedy), dinner, a bottle of wine, breakfast the next morning AND he threw in a massage for me at the spa the next day! To top it off, he arranged for both of our kids to sleep over at friends homes ( I didn’t have to do a thing)! Quite a treat!

  339. My favorite Christmas gift this year was season 7 of Monk. We missed almost all of that season when it was on TV, and I’m getting such enjoyment watching them.

  340. Guida, meanwhile, has lost his past two outings, most recently falling prey to Kenny Florian by submission at UFC 107. Before that, “The Carpenter” was bested in a gritty decision loss to Diego Sanchez at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale, a bout that was ultimately awarded both by readers and at the 2009 Fighters Only Mixed Martial Arts Awards as the “Fight of the Year.”

  341. Toss up. 1) The time my son spent with me making doughnuts on Christmas Day because my husband was out of town until New Year’s. So memorable! and 2) a pair of yellow duck boots from my husband, mainly because as I opened them he said, “I saw these and thought of you.” In 20 years, he’s never said that before. He’s practical, kind and generous, but this was just simply heartfelt. They look goofy with a business suit, but I try and wear them at some point every day because now I look at them and think of him. They seem so much warmer because of it.

  342. My favorite gift was new memory for my Mac so I can not be so frustrated with PSE and digi scrapping. Have a gurgle pot on my wish list and now I will have to add a murgle pot too! Also feeling very thankful for my well loved copy of “Photo Freedom”.

  343. I hate craigslist cause its so hard to find things, but I found this craigslist alternative: that lets me view things by pictures its SO much easier to use and they have everything craigslist has plus more. craigslist alternative squibers

  344. My favorite thing about Christmas was having my daughter and son-in-law stay with us from Arizona. That was better than any gift. But if you really want to hear about a present, I got a beautiful leather handbag from Wilson Leather, and I am really enjoying using it.

  345. My favorite gift was the new digital camera thãt my mother gave me and a jewelery box with my niece and nephews picture on it.

  346. My favorite gift is a homemade coupon book my young adult daughter made and gave to me. My favorite coupon? An attitude adjustment, redeemable as often as needed.

  347. Tracy Dayett says:

    My favorite gift this year was being here with my family…I had my second Brain Surgery in November at Harborview in Seattle and just getting to see the beautiful faces of my two children on Christmas Day was the greatest gift!

  348. Julie Dawson says:

    My favourite gift was my gold bear charm for my Pandora braclet. My husband had me so convinced he was not buying I was sooooo surprised to receive it and I love it. The best bits about Christmas are always the fun and busy day you have with all those people you love!

  349. My favourite xmas gift was a guide to New York – so I can prepare for our visit in June (I live in New Zealand and have never been to USA!!!)

  350. A super-duper (and heavy) fondue pot from my husband. He packed it in his bag (still in the box) and flew from Montgomery, AL to Okinawa, Japan with it. I’m pretty sure he left some clothes behind to fit all my stuff in his suitcase but I love how thoughtful he was in his gifting.

  351. My favorite Christmas gift was an BOSE Wave System and the happy hours with my little family!

  352. My favorite gift was a pretty jade bracelet and matching earrings from my husband. He got it from my favorite, newly discovered heritage shop here in China. There are very few shops like this in China that honor the traditions in China with great taste, high quality & unique cutting edge designs. Best of all, the shops and their products are extremely colorful. Thanks for the great give-a-way. I love a chance to win! : )

  353. Natasha W says:

    I was very suprised at Christmas when I received a Navman from my husband. As a trained map drawer he thinks everyone should read maps, all of the time. It was something that I never thought he would ever buy me. Now I can get the children to activities on time and without getting lost!

  354. Well I could say that my seat in Design Your Life or LOM are my favorites. Not that I don’t love them but my absolute favorite gifts were the plaster handprints of my children that my husband helped them make to go on my studio wall and the amazing AMM Venturi purse that he found on ebay for me. I already had a brown one and he knew I wanted another one so went on ebay and found me a really cute green one.

  355. Laurie Cooper says:

    January 23, 2010 at 4:14 am

    My all time favorite Christmas gift was our son – born on Christmas Day ten years ago! Such a special day – and such a one-of-a-kind son!

  356. Oh love your gifts… received and giving away… so clever. My fav gift of this last Christmas was a whole box of bar ones (like mars bars) all of my very own from my son… I absolutely adore chocolate and am savouring these… mmmm yummy.

  357. debby warthen says:

    Have a great time, Stacy! My favorite Christmas gift is that our daughter and her three children who have been estranged from us for over two years (their personal choice, our personal pain) came to our house on Christmas day. We didn’t have any presents for them and no money to go buy any (my husband has been off work for 4 1/2 months with an injury). They didn’t care! We felt so blessed to have them back in our lives- it truly was a Christmas miracle which we thank God for daily. We are re-building relationships and ties, but this was THE best Christmas ever!

  358. My favorite gift was watching my daughters this Christmas season. At 8 and 11, they are really learning and living the true meaning of Christmas. My most fun gift was my Pazzles Inspriation (cutting system- yay!) from my family. Thanks so much for a chance to win one of these AmAzInG prizes!

  359. I received a Kindle for Christmas and I’m so addicted to it. It is a wonderful gift for a reader.

  360. My favourite gift last year for Christmas, was staying home. We stayed home as a family and although we had visitors it was comforting be at home and knowing we didn’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere. My favourite material gift is my bedside touch lamp that I’ve been asking for, for a while so when I read in bed at night I don’t disturb my partner so much.

  361. Crystal Bowles says:

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was a digital photo frame from my oldest daughter. It was my favorite because it was a surprise and I rarely get surprises. She is out on her on now and making her own money and she was so excited about buying gifts for everyone with her own money.

  362. Oh Christmas – I love the holidays!! The best “gift” was being snowed in with my family Christmas Eve. We had all this stuff – to do – and then we got stuck at home together…wow, what a wonderful thing. S-L-O-W-E-D everything down and we got to really enjoy one another.

  363. The best gift I received this year was having my son home for Christmas! He lives 3000 miles away and I hadn’t seen him for a bit over a year. Oh it was wonderful having him home for Christmas!!

  364. My favorite gift was the simplest – the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. I have made so much from it and am now enjoying cooking again! Thanks for the giveaway Stacy!

  365. What a great resource!

  366. I have two favorite Christmas gifts. The first is a set of books from my husband and little girl. They deal with how to put your crafting to work and start a business. The gift was so thoughful… The second favorite gift was a Dunkin Donut gift card. Mmmmm, I love Dunkin coffee….

  367. My favorite gift was having our parents at our house for Christmas Eve. I always tell my children how lucky they are to have four grandparents living so close to them. Our parents are getting older and I don’t know how many more holidays we’ll all have to share so the times we can spend together are pretty precious to me.

  368. My favorite gift was a DVD that my son made for us using our wedding photos. He cleaned up the photos and put beautiful music with them. I was surprised and of coursed cried tears of joy. We will enjoy watching this in February for our 20th anniversary.

  369. Oh I would so love to win (okay and all) of these, they are so cool!

    My favorite gift was Christmas morning with my husband’s whole family who drove 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 hours to share Christmas with us and seeing my children’s faces as they opened their gifts and shared the whole day! At two and four that is an accomplishment for a couple of hours! Of course perhaps it is also selective memory and the help of the afore mentioned family? :>) Thanks for the chance Stacey, you ROCK!

  370. Favorite Christmas Gift: My Rachel Ray chopping knife. Don’t know how I lived without it! LOVE that new Memory Works line – great colors! Fun prizes! Thank you for the chance to win!

  371. My sister painted a picture for me as my Christmas gift. She’s so talented, it’s gorgeous; but I know how much love and time went in to it… it’s a treasure to me.

  372. Angie Kyle says:

    My favorite gift this year was that my elderly grandparents (in their 90′s) were still alive by Christmas for us to make the 12 1/2 hour trip to see them and for them to enjoy visiting with our children. My grandfather has had multiple heart attacks and at age 80 was in such bad shape that they couldn’t do anything for him and sent him home to die. Sadly, we’ve been afraid that everytime we go visit them, it may be the last time we see them. Every time the phone rings at an odd hour, I’m afraid it is the call. Miraculously, they have kept on going for over a decade. It has truly been a blessing that they have gotten to enjoy our children, and we have gotten to enjoy them and make new memories. We try to make each visit very special.

  373. Stephanie says:

    My mom got me 4hrs. of childcare for two seperate days. I have been at home alone with my two year-old son 12 hrs/ day almost everyday since he was born. It will be so nice to have time for me to relax and do what I want. We rarely have a babysitter available other than for “big” events, i.e weddings.

  374. My favorite is my Kindle, by far. I’d pretty much stopped reading anything but blogs and magazines. Now I have a whole library of books whereever I go!

  375. Malia in Seattle says:

    My father in law passed away unexpectedly last weekend. My favorite gifts right now are the things he’d share with is/way he lived his life. Some of his sayings:
    “You play the hand you’re dealt.”
    “I’m an optimist– what choice do I have?”
    “Only a fool laughs at his own jokes” (and he’d laugh at his own jokes).

    He was an optimist and always looking ahead. He was 88 and bought himself a new red Honda Accord two years ago and just got a new Apple Laptop a month ago. He was frugal but appreciated quality. I am grateful that I took so many pictures of him and listened to what he had to say… thanks to scrapbooking his “gifts” to us will be tangible forever.

    • My sympathy. . .lost my mom @ Thanksgiving so that explains why something like a drawing was my fav. gift. . .it was a holiday season in which gifting was of minimal importance.

  376. My favorite Christmas gift was a Scotch/3M ATG 714 with enough adhesive to last a year. Thanks, honey!

  377. My favorite gift was last mother’s day. My mother became ill and I had to fly to Arizona to be with her….missing my own mother’s day :( I got a phone call wishing me a happy day and my three boys asked me to look on thier You Tube page. They had made a video telling me of all the ways I had touched their lives and how much they missed me!!! A video scrapbook!!!!!!!! I was a tearful, appreciative mess.

  378. My favorite gifts are always gifts my kids make. My favorite from this year was a calendar my 7 yr old daughter made at school. She is always so cute when she gives it to me and watches your face to see if you love it as much as she loved making it! Priceless!!!

  379. My favorite gift was so unexpected. My daughter got me a package of high fashion, hot pink colored ear plugs to wear at night so I can sleep without hearing my husband snore. She knows I detest the color pink. We laughed for hours after opening her gift!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  380. One of my favorite gifts would be the necklace that my parents had made for me that was recreated from jewelry that belonged to my grandmother. She meant so much to me and I love that my parents took the time to create something that I could wear everyday to remember her. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  381. Hands down a drawing by my granddaughter that was incl. w/ a gift card. (not a gift card person so that made it a cool present)

  382. Ok, this will sound so dorky, but my favorite gift was a Simple Human soap dispenser. It has a sensor to dispense the soap, so you don’t have to touch anything when your hands are icky! I wanted it for the kitchen and love how I don’t have to touch the soap dispenser, especially when I’ve been handling meat. What’s funny is that I’d really wanted this and didn’t realize I’d told both my husband and my mom, so I ended up receiving two of them, lol!

    Now the best gift my kids received was Rock Band 2 and Lego Rock Band….my husband and I stayed up late almost every night of our Christmas break playing together. I also just love it when my 7 year old asks me if we can “rock out tonight”!

  383. My favorite gift was given to me by my husband. It was a huge Teddy-bear. We were married for less then a year at the moment. I share with my hubby that I always dreamed about having huge stuffed animal. Actually since my childhood… And to my surprise I got this huge soft and cushy bear just a day after my 37th birthday (my BD is Christmas Eve). I was so happy! My dream come true and I felt so blessed to be married to such a caring person.

  384. My favorite gift this year was the one I gave to my husband. In nineteen years, I have never been able to surprise him with a gift. It’s not because he’s picky or anything, it’s just that he never really mentions anything that he wants and doesn’t really feel that he needs anything. This year, I had a friend make a shaving horse for him. A shaving horse it something that would’ve been used back in colonial times for the craftsmen to shave the wood needed for shingles or buckets or parts of a chair. He was so pleased and surprised and that was the best gift for me.

  385. My favorite Christmas gift was a Canon 50D!

  386. Penny Grimsley says:

    Hey Stacy. You are so much fun. Love your FIVE! I have to say my best Christmas gift was not given me on Christmas day. Layoffs and wage freezes at both mine and DH’s job had our money tight. And you know every mom puts her kids first.

    So, ON Christmas day I loved seeing that my boys got what was on their wish lists. My own Christmas gift needed to wait until 1/15 – and it was an iMac. Now I can finally begin implementing LOM with iPhoto and I have been working so hard this week to acclimate to Mac {love it} and to work on tagging photos. Total fun! And worth the wait. And worth deferring so my boys could have a Christmas that seemed and felt like all their others. =)

  387. my favorite gift was a starbucks gift card from my hubby. we had agreed no gifts, but he happened to win this gc at the school he teaches at. snuck it into my stocking…very sweet.

  388. camera, i was very excited to get a new camera i’ve wanted a step up from my point & shoot

  389. My favorite gift this year was a new sewing machine – it was completely unexpected but so very appreciated!

  390. hmmm my favorite gift. I could say my new point and shoot camera with 10 x zoom, that’s pretty cool. Or my lovely penguin bowl. My mother in law got it at a craft fair it is ADORABLE!

  391. My favorite gift this year was a new sewing machine, I was hoping, and wishing, and it paid off!

  392. Billie Jean McGinnis says:

    my favorite gift is the baby we found out we are having. I just lost my mom in the beginning of December so this was a wonderful blessing.

  393. Love that my 18 yo, got me a cd. He claimed it was ‘weird’ that his mom like the same artist that him and his friends like. He got if for me anyway.

  394. My favorite gift was that our whole family–3 kids, their spouses, & our 7 grandchildren–all gathered at our home for a lovely Christmas time.

  395. Susan Reid says:

    My first grandchild’s handprint in clay. It is hung in my scrapbook room, next to her Dad’s, her Uncle’s and my handprints.

  396. My best present ever – the first Christmas I wasn’t with my parents. We had visited them in October and weren’t going to see them Christmas. My husband couldn’t stand seeing my cry talking to them on the phone on Christmas day, so we drove 12 hours the 26th to spend 3 days with my family. There have been many presents since then that are great, but the love he showed that year is something I will always remember.

  397. Summer Mobley says:

    My favorite gift was a book called A truth universally acknowledged: 35 Writers on why we read Jane Austen. I am an AVID Jane Austen reader, and my mom ordered this book for me as soon as she found out it was being published!

  398. My in-laws gave us a family weekend trip away skiing.

  399. My favorite gift this year was a bright pink ipod. Since I got this new one, I was able to give my old one to my son, who is thrilled to have it.

  400. My favorite gift this year was a bright pink ipod. Since I got this new one, I was able to give my old one to my son, who is thrilled to have it.

  401. My favorite gift this year was my new 50 mm lens. I am trying to learn how to take better photos this year.

  402. Great giveaways! My favorite gift was from my 7 year-old son who wrapped his dollar that he got from the tooth fairy and gave it to me. (The first and only tooth he lost so far.) Such a little sweetheart!

  403. My favorite gift this year was our trip to Utah to be with family for Christmas. Both sets of grandparents live there and it makes for easy visiting. My sweet husband wasn’t thrilled with traveling for Christmas, but we all were really missing family and he knew I really needed it. It was a wonderful trip. I’m so glad we got to go!

  404. my favorite Christmas present this year was not a present at all, it was the visit from my Grandmother and Uncle, who had to travel through a bad storm to get to my house and we had to postpone our celebration until they arrived; but it was such a great visit!

  405. Helen McLaughlin says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was the opportunity to go home to see my dad a week before Christmas. We never get the chance to go home for Christmas, and I was so glad to see everyone!

    If I had to pick a material gift, it would have to be the blue ribbon that my 11 year old gave me. This summer I was making a card and I was complaining that I didn’t have any blue ribbon in my stash. She bought my 6 spools of different shades of blue so I’d never have that problem again. What a sweetie!

  406. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a remote for my camera from my husband. He said he’d like to have his wife in our family pictures this year! ha!

  407. Christine H says:

    New clothes….in smaller sizes…hurray! Thanks for the great giveaways. Hope your class at CHA goes well.

  408. My favorite Christmas gift was being able to spend Christmas with my husband, 2 kids, my parents, my sister and my brother! Granted we got snowed in since it was “The Historical Blizzard of OKC” but that gave all of us more time to spend together and catch up!

  409. My very favorite gift this year was my family being together. Yes, I received wonderful gifts – the tangibles. They were all lovely, truly they were. I am most grateful though for the experience of spending time with all my children, my parents and my in-laws all at the same time this year. Oh, and the best of that experience – A CALL FROM MY BROTHER! He is delpoyed to the middle east and everything and everyone in our house came to a standstill to get to talk to my brother for a life-altering, forever cherished hour of conversation! We were blessed!

  410. My favorite Christmas gift was my ticket to Cathy Z’s Design Your Life Class!!! I am so loving Cathy’s style (both teaching and scrapping), and am learning more than I even hoped for.

  411. The most touching gift for me? A boxed set of three older Robin McKinley novels.

  412. Wow you were lucky last year! my favorite gift was getting to spend time with my Dad, great relaxing fun time!

  413. Hmmm…favorite Christmas gift…well, I wanted a Wii and an apron. Got the apron, but not the Wii (had to buy that myself). I also, as my car died, had to buy a new one…darn, back to car payments again. Although I got many lovely, useful and fun gifts, I think my favorite had to be a ceramic tile that my 10-year-old nephew decorated and printed on it “You are AWESOME Aunt Leslie.” That, and spending time with my wonderful, supportive, and understanding family, make the list of my favorite Christmas gifts.

  414. My best gift was that my daughter has now been seizure free for one year. What a total change in her and her personality. Priceless!

  415. No gifts this year, that was the best gift. We spent most of the month helping a family move who’s home was incredibly infested with mice and more but wont gross you out with the details. But by the time we were done, we were both just very content to come home, SHOWER for a loooonnnnnggg time, and sip on a cup of hot cocoa. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I can’t honestly say I did it for love, can’t say I did it for ANY good reason, except simply that it was the right thing to do when they had been abandoned by everyone else. It was one of those times when you just had to pull yourself up to do something really tough and do it with absolutely no reward in mind. It was a Christmas We’ll never forget. I’ve gained a new insight into the genetic makeup of my husband who has endurance and tenacity that I can only dream about having. :) I”m not certain I’d have volunteered to do it on my own.

  416. jaxcheryl says:

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was being able to spend it with my son and his family for the first time in 10 years.

  417. my favorite gift of all was the ability to give my little one the Christmas we wanted her to have.

  418. Vickie Sheridan says:

    I am going to be a grandma for the first time in July 2010. My darling daughter and son-in-law gave me a set of blocks that I change weekly to how many weeks till I am a grandma….I almost cry every time I look at them. It wasn’t easy for them to get pregnant and we are so blessed and happy for them. That grandbaby will also be the best present forever!!

  419. My best gift this Christmas was a new engagement ring. In August I lost my engagement and wedding rings at the beach, and was heartbroken. My husband had had my rings made for me. Well, he contacted his friend who had made the engagement ring, and had him make another for me, just in white gold instead of gold. He even presented it to me the same way as the original – tied to a bottle of Coke in the refrigerator, for me to find when he asked for a glass of Coke. :)

  420. My favorite gift this year was a combo for my husband and I, a new kitchen sink. I just love walking into the kitchen and seeing that shiny white sink smiling back at me! :) Actually makes me want to do the dishes, an added bonus! We had a relaxing holiday at home this year with plenty of time to enjoy each other.

  421. Michelle Evans says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was an I’m sorry note from my teenage son who has recently made some very bad, forever life-changing decisions that will not only affect him, but our whole family

  422. Kate McKenzie says:

    My favourite Christmas gift was my iPhone that my two children got for me. They are now both working full-time jobs and they thought that it would help me get more organized…and it is working, absolutley love it! But what wonderful children I have! The past couple of years have been a struggle in both my business and personal life. My children have been so helpful and supportive, they are the greatest gift I have ever received.

  423. My favorite “gift” was having all my family HOME! We enjoyed being together and sharing good memories, fun times, and making new stories to be recorded!

  424. My favorite Christmas gift this year was to have my mom here with me for the holiday. She has some serious heart issues and has givien me several scares this year so being able to look at her sweet face over Christmas breakfast was a wonderful blessing. To make the gift even better – she has moved in and I now get to care for her everyday. She has loved me fiercely all my life and its wonderful to return the gift now. I love her so much.

  425. My favorite gift this year was spending time with my youngest brother who was able to be home from Texas for 4 days before going back to Texas and then on to afghanistan for a year.

  426. My favorite Christmas gift was not one that I received but rather one that my mom gave to one of my daughters. She gave my daughter a sewing pattern for a housecoat and a note for a trip to the fabric store and an afternoon of sewing with Nana!!!! The gift of TIME – you just can not ask for anything better than that. Over the holidays they made it and my daughter had a great time with Nana. The proud look on her face when she brought the housecoat home was priceless. Thanks – Mom

  427. My fav gift would be my 7 gypsies printer tray that my sis embellished and put in photos of me and the hubby throughought our marriage. Your gifts were awesome too!

  428. Katie scott says:

    Inspired by your December mini book of fun things to do in December; we started a new tradition of using an Advent Calendar for daily family meetings to discuss the meaning of Christmas &/or fun family Christmas activities like making gingerbread houses and home made cards. My kids loved it & wanted to make sure we remembered to do Advent activities next year & even asked if we could keep doing the Advent in January! Thanks for the advent idea!

  429. A watch. Brown leather strap with a HUGE face.

  430. I got so many great gifts (everything on my Amazon wish list for example) but my favorite (and most used) gift was the new high powered computer my husband built for me.

  431. Gina Baynes says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was our new house. Well, not new, it was built in 1943 but we had been waiting to buy it from my brother-in-law for 2 1/2 years. We had almost given up and were talking about looking elsewhere when he called and said, “You can move in December 19th!” It’s half the size of the house we had been renting and it needs lots of updating…but it is ours! I can’t wait to begin the process of transforming it and making it a home that truly reflects who we our.

  432. an iphone from DH. I love this thing!

  433. My favorite gift this year was an external hard drive for my computer. My husband and I weren’t buying for each other this year so it was really a surprise.

  434. I guess it would be corny to say that every year for Christmas my present is being with family and that’s my favorite present so I get my favorite present every year. If you want something more concrete, I guess I’ll have to say that one year, DH and I got ourselves our DVR. Now we have a hard time watching live TV. :)

  435. Without a doubt my favorite gift was my son being home for 10 days during the holidays.
    He’s in the Air Force so I don’t always get to see him for the holidays or my birthday which is Christmas Eve.

  436. Without a doubt my favorite gift this year was my son being home for 10 days during the holidays. He is in the Air Force so I don’t always get to see him on Christmas or my birthday which is Christmas Eve.

  437. My favorite Christmas gift was my new paper trimmer. I love that thing!

  438. I was a very spoiled girl this year, but I think my favorite was teh Flip video camera. It is such a handy little thing to have. We are taking my nieces to Disney in march and I can’t wait to use it to capture all the fun!

  439. Angela Stewart says:

    My favorite Christmas gift of 2009 was having our first new baby to enjoy for Christmas -she is such a joy and reminds us constantly that we are blessed to have each other to share each and every day with! :)

  440. My favourite gift this year is a giant {80cm across} clock chosen & bought for me by 2 of my kids – 9 & 11 – that says “Life is not measured by moments but by the moments that take your breath away” – they were so pleased to have found me a “scrapbooking” clock!

  441. My favorite Christmas gift for 2009 was a new Canon Camera package…..and a tripod….and a flash……and a care kit…..and another lens!!!! I have been shooting pics lately and haven’t had much time to scrapbook. But now that I am seeing all the new products revealed at CHAW, I am itching to get back to scrapbooking!!!!!

  442. peg risley says:

    My favorite gift this year was the one that I bought for my DH. He’d been watching info-mercials since my daughter was born (9 yrs ago) about the cooker with a timer that makes everything from breakfast omelets to desserts. he never broke down and bought one himself. The look on his face was priceless – and he loves using it to make omelets and pancakes! Its the gift that keeps giving!

  443. My favorite Christmas gift this year was furniture. My husband and I decided to forgo buying gifts for each other this year, and instead bought new furniture for our living room. It’s arrives on Wednesday. Can’t wait!

  444. My favourite gift this year was a purse my husband bought me. I guess the reason it is my favourite is that he had his friend who was traveling to Thailand buy the bag for me … all that planning makes the bag that much more special because I know how much he wanted me to have it!

  445. My husband bought me a pair of ski pants from a consignment shop! I love them, I needed them, and I love his frugality!

  446. This was my year! I got a Nikon D3000 and a expression cricut and some other things I have been wanting. I’m not such want I did this year to have recieved these things =D

  447. Mamasue123 says:

    Hello, love your blog, been LOOKING for your book everywhere ! You are one popular lady aren’t you? :) My favourite present this year was that my mom and dad are still present in our lives, Christmas just will not be the same without them. As they age I look at them and realize more and more just how special they are and how they made me who I am today! They have both have had considerable health problems in the past so every year is a blessing ( even if dad had a pancreatitis attack in the middle of supper…sigh). My favourite material gift would be new snow boots, we now have a dog who needs walking and we have tons of snow this winter, so my feet are toasty warm for our walks!! Keep up the great work, Sue

  448. Mustangkayla says:

    My favorite gift this year was a Cuttlebug! I love your gifts and give-aways! I’m going to have to go check a few of them out!

  449. How generous! My favorite gifts are my husband and two children!

  450. Janet Meyerhoffer says:

    My favorite gift was a new digital camera. I was not expecting this gift at all and it was a total surprise. We usually don’t exchange gifts and just buy for our children. My husband knew how much I needed a new camera and bought me one. I was in shock, but oh so happy.

  451. My favorite gift were new socks! Sooo cozy and cute too.

  452. My favorite gifts this year were family…being home with my wonderful husband and teen-age son…and spending New Year’s with both my sisters and their families at our home. It was a special holiday filled with lots of laughter and love.

  453. My favorite gift was my husband’s wonderful family who made this Christmas so much fun even though my daughter and her husband didn’t make it here for Christmas this year. It was a first, but I had a great day thanks to all my extended family. (My husband and son included, of course!)

  454. I apologize for my comment however I do think the arguments aren’t that great. Maybe you can structure it some more? Other that that I do appreciate the post and the contribution :)

  455. My Dad sent me a pound of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for Christmas and I think of him every time I have a cup! I really miss living near a Starbucks since we moved last year so the coffee really made my Christmas!

  456. My favorite gift was our family gift of an iMac. It has made our lives so much easier, since our previous computer was about 6 years old and a PC. My second favorite was from my SIL, she sent my a candle set from red envelope.

  457. My favorite sentimental gift was the Christmas mugs my boys bought for me with their own money. My favorite scrappy gift was my Gypsy from my husband!

  458. My favorite thing this Christmas wasn’t really a gift but a finding of sorts. Several days before Christmas, we had a big snowstorm. And I was convinced and devastated that I had lost my earrings while shoveling the snow. For days, I was so upset at myself for having lost them. My dad had bought them for my birthday a year or 2 after my mother died. And I’ve pretty much worn them ever since on a daily basis. Well, luck will have it, I didn’t not lose them out there in the snow. I found them in my room where they had fallen off of my nightstand. A gift once again.

  459. My best gift was being with my family….but also getting to spend a day shopping with my husband while we both spent our Christmas money on some updated clothes! :-) I love that he shops with me!

  460. What awesome giveaways! I read Nic Howard’s blog often. And I have been seriously tempted to get the Simple Stories. Plus your LOM. Stop it. It’s just too good!

    My favorite Christmas gift? Honestly didn’t get much this year. We bought a new computer in November and my husband and I agreed to not get each other anything. My favorite parts of Christmas were getting to spend lots of time with family and being able to help out some less fortunate folks this year. Those things made me happy so that was the best gift I received…happiness.

  461. Well money was tight this year, so we didn’t do Christmas gifts for each other. But my favorite gift ever was a few years ago – a swing for the back porch…still use that swing a lot. Thanks

  462. What a fabulous 5…and great giveaways!

    My best Christmas gift was a pair of cozy slippers from my sister’s family since we leave our snowy boots at the door, but I don’t like having cold feet. (I also gave myself a Manduka proLite yoga mat, which I’ve been breaking in and really love!)

    I have to say that more than anything, I loved spending time with my sister’s family and giving my 3 year old niece a couple sets of Little Miss Matches socks. She hates wearing socks, but barefoot just isn’t a good option in a NW Minnesota winter. As soon as she opened the LMM socks, she immediately pulled them up to her knees and showed off her stylish new look. So thanks for sharing LMM–otherwise I wouldn’t have known about them!

  463. Junglewife says:

    What a fun post! i got a NEW Canon digital camera which I LOVE!!!!

  464. mrsmojanks says:

    My favoritegift was watching my 8 year old make presents for her 3 younger sisters. She went through her stuff and found the treasures that her sisters loved the most and wrapped them in notebook paper she drew all over. Nothing else compares. I am so glad to see the love flow through them.

  465. My favorite gift this year was a paw pendant made out of chocolate diamonds… Santa helped my little guy get it for me and it totally surprised me and made me love them even more than I already did :)

  466. WOW my favorite Christmas gift was just being with my family. Mom was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months before Christmas. So just being able to spend time with her and my kids and the rest of the family was the best gift of all!

  467. One of my favorite gifts was from my #3 sister. She gave me a Byers Choice caroler, which she knew I liked. She found it on sale in Feb09 and kept it the rest of the year. What she didn’t know is that sister #2, who died in Jan09, also liked the carolers. This makes the gift extra-special to me. It feels like a special gift to both of us.

  468. My favorite Christmas gift this year was a new, small, point & shoot camera that I can tuck into a pocket and take anywhere! Love it!

  469. My favorite Christmas gift was when my husband gave me a new wedding band that is beautiful. We had sold my original one when we had twin girls and had to pay the hospital bill. The ring was wonderful but the poem he wrote to go with it made it so special. Thanks!

  470. Kim Johnson says:

    My favorite gift was from sister. We lost our father last January to Lymphoma and she made a calendar from snapfish full of pictures of him over the years and other members of our family. It was a very emotional gift and brought me to tears as soon as I opened it.

  471. My favorite gift was being able to spend Christmas with all four of my children. Now that they are older it is hard to get everyone together. We baked cookies together, played games together, cooked and ate together, and went to church together. It is great spending time with each one individually, but when I have them all together it’s the most wonderful feeling; like everything is right in the world.

  472. My favorite gift was the money my daughter & brother gave me so I could register for the LOM class.

  473. My favourite gift was a Diptique candle from my son this year. He is an observant present giver and seems to manage to choose something I love but would not buy for myself as it’s an extravagance.

  474. My favorite gift this year was my new “rain coat” for my camera and zoom lens! I can now stand out in the rain to get those great soccer shots to scrapbook!

  475. Donna Mayo says:

    My favorite gift this year was a visit from my sister and her kids. It has been 10 years since we spent Christmas together and after a very stressful year it was nice to kick back with my sister.

  476. My favorite Christmas gifts were a beaded necklace from Superhero Designs and a lensbaby for my camera, both from my terrific husband. What a way to make me feel great and challenge me to be more creative!

  477. Hmmm…my favorite Christmas gift? Having my husband home for Christmas eve AND Christmas day. I think this was the first time he’s been home for both in over 15 years of working retail management. I LOVED it!

  478. My favorite gift this Christmas was being able to stay at home with my husband and three year old son during the holidays without traveling. I have traveled for 40 Christmases but this year it was just us alone at home. It was absolutely wonderful!!!! We opened up gifts, stay in PJs for 1/2 the day and played and played. No stress of traveling…what a gift.

  479. My favorite gift for Christmas was a digital photo frame from my daughter and son-in-law. I learned that Paul spent hours picking out just the right photos to load into the frame. I think it was a labor of love, but he’ll probably deny it.

  480. says:

    I’m realizing more and more that the very best gift for Christmas truly is the reason for the season. Gifts are nice but the gift of God’s Son. . . how can you beat that???

  481. My favorite present on Christmas was a book, The Christmas Sweater, from my 18-year old son. Loved the book and the special thoughts that came with the book. Very touching and heartfelt.

  482. Sue in Grapevine says:

    My favorite gift is a metal water bottle from FlyLady’s website. It’s double-walled so it won’t sweat.

  483. Melinda Wilson says:

    My favorite Christmas Present this year was a Brighton bracelet from my husband. It has hearts on it and little notes underneath.

  484. Karen Mountcastle says:

    My favorite gift is a blue topaz necklace from my husband (of 35 years!) He and my son collaborated on it – my son was deployed to Afghanistan (just returned home this past week – thank you God!). Anyway, they spent several Skype and phone conversations picking a stone, figuring out the setting and picking a chain. It’s beautiful and made more so because these two special men did it together!

  485. Andrea Duhe says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a scrapbook weekend away with my girlfriends!

  486. My favorite gift was a necklace earrings and bracelet from my husband. It is sooo lovely! I also got plenty of scrapbooking things that really make my heart sing!!

  487. I received my favorite Christmas gift this year…this year my daughter’s school had a store, and the children were given a budget and picked out gifts for their families. It was the only gift under the tree that was an unknown. It was a little silver colored locket that said “mom”. My five year old said, “I saw that, Mommy, and I thought you would really like it, and it would make your eyes happy.” It did, sweet pea, it did.

  488. My son bought me an edger to chip ice on the driveway and a duster for the ceiling fans. Not glamorous, but he knew I would appreciate it when using them. So practical.

  489. My favorite gift was NO SICK KIDS. The past 8 years we have had either preemies in the hospital, hospitalized sick children or one of the kids throwing up while opeing presents! YUCK! We were all healthy this year!! I also loved the gift certificate for a massage! :)

  490. Michele in La says:

    My favorite gift was the Star Wars trilogy – mostly because my husband and I each bought it for each other!! After 20+ years, we still are just too much alike :)

  491. Angie Ladeau says:

    I’d have to say my present to myself was my favorite: BPS’S “Design Your LIfe” and “Library of Memories”. Loving it!

  492. My best gift came from my boss. She knows how much I appreciate her and she decided to let me know how much she cared with an amazing gift. She graciously gave me a sterling silver custom designed ring with a princess cut chocolate topaz. I will always think of her now as I wear my wonderful new ring!

  493. I got great knitting needles, both double pointed and small “addi-turbos” with which to make hats, mittens, and socks. Having the family together was a plus too!

  494. I loved the gift of having my in-laws join us for Christmas. We don’t get to see them very often now that we live in Georgia. My second fav was my new laptop. I was finally able to access all my pics, so I could scrapbook them!!

  495. Kind of funny but we really cut back this Christmas so my favorite gift was actually what I gave my brother – not something I recieved. My mom had saved school papaers for the three of us for years and gave me the box a few years ago. I was not quite sure what to do with them, but this year I made the plan and made each a scrapbook with the school papers and lots of pictures from us growing up. The loved it and I loved making them!

  496. my son and daughter-in-law didn’t want my first Christmas alone to be lonely, so they sent me an evergreen bush in a pot with Christmas lights & mini-ornaments to decorate it. And to think that I had nearly throttled him when he was a teenager!!

  497. Frances C. says:

    Christmas gift was excellent … spending it with my family in Hawaii … no gifts but the gift of company with one another in paradise.

  498. jennifer hamilton says:

    The best Christmas gift was given to me from my Grandmother. She gave me the first ring my grandfather ever gave her and made me promise to pass it (along with my grandparents love story) to my daughter who is her namesake.

  499. my fav was the Mac software Snow Leopard

  500. My 9yo daughter made me a bookmark titled “Words that describe my mom”. It is absolutely priceless. :D

  501. An ornament given to me remembering my baby girl…

  502. My sweet hubby actually went and got the list of scrapbooking supplies I most wanted! I was impressed :)

  503. My favorite gift was having my whole family together. I love that more than anything.

  504. First of all – - I just got back from CHA and I purchased your album kit at one of the vendor booths!! I actually got to handle and lLOOK through the album in the previous post and I loved it!!

    I loved a painting that my mom got for us – It’s the Liz Lemon Swindle “Be It Unto Me” of Mary and the Baby Jesus. It’s my first ‘real’ painting and it’s beautiful!

  505. Julie Staub says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a new Canon point and shoot for my purse, so I can capture more of our family memories while we are out and about! So grateful for it!

  506. I am new to your blog and I love it and your perspectives on life and scrapbooking!

    My favorite Christmas gift was actually one I gave, but get to participate in the receiving as well! I enrolled my husband and I in a silversmithing class. It’s an activity where we can learn something new while spending time together. We’re really looking forward to it.

  507. Judi Weldon says:

    MY best Christmas gift was to have DH home for Christmas. He works away from home for weeks at a time and so to have him home for Christmas was a double blessing

  508. My husband and I decided to not exchange gifts this year. For the first time I was totally engaged in watching the delight of my 3 young children open their gifts. That was the best gift for me this year.

  509. My sister gave me a random assortment of gifts with a little note on each explaining it’s purpose. Things like a Life is Good reusable bag – to remind me life is good and the Compendium book How many People does it take to Make a Difference to remind me that I make a difference. It almost made me cry.

  510. OK…I’ll be honest and say that I got the CUTEST Brighton purse from my DH!!! It’s adorable and I’ve enjoyed it every day since Christmas. That was my favorite tangible gift. Now…honestly what I wanted MORE THAN ANYTHING this holiday was for my kiddos to be healthy for my niece Megan’s wedding. My 7yo daughter Emily was the flower girl (Megan is her Godmother) and my 10yo son Ben was an usher. They were so excited to be a part of the wedding and I knew they’d love every minute of it but my kids are ALWAYS sick in the winter and I worried for over a year that one of them would pick up some germ and not make it to the wedding. Thanks to lots of vitamins, flu shots and praying (ok…I know the praying was the most important part but we mothers like to think we have SOME control…HA!) they were both healthy and able to participate in the wedding. It was an amazing day and my kids will always have those wonderful memories. So…my biggest Christmas gift arrived in the form of good health on January 9th and it was the BEST day for my whole family!!!! :)

  511. I honestly find the best Christmas present every year to be the joy I see in my kids as we celebrate the season. But materially my new camera lens was nice too.

  512. Allison S. says:

    Hmmmm my best Christmas gift? Well, actually the hubby and I decided we were not going to exchange this year and instead completely focus on our 2 girls (15 and 9). They got some really great gifts, and we were so happy to sit back, watch and realize that our little family is the best gift of all.
    There is another gift…my sister and I had been estranged over this past year over a series of misunderstandings…we took some baby steps over the Christmas break via email, and now we are back to an even better place than we were prior to our falling out.
    Thank you for your lovely website…

  513. My favourite gift was from my DH – he did a photo collage of some of my favourite family photos and printed it out A2 size via Photobox. He chose a design that will compliment my new crafting space, and I was totally overwhelmed. Every time I see the photos, I smile, and that is the best gift ever. My 10 year old daughter also picked out a lovely necklace and earrings set from her schools “Secret Room” for me – the PTA get a range of small gifts in that the kids can purchase for a minimal fee, and they wrap it for the kids to bring home to put under the tree, and its a wonderful surprise :)

    Thanks for your generosity x

  514. My best Christmas gift was a family recipe book that my mom made. Simple and wonderful all at the same time.

  515. My best Christmas gift was time spent with family members. We just lost my uncle, and being together as a family was the best thing for all of us. Gave me new energy and focus for documenting our stories and time together.

  516. I have a couple favorite gifts…

    when I was 5 I got a doll house. It was very modern. It was a ranch style house and all metal. I have no idea where it is anymore but I still remember how delighted I was to see that Santa had brought it to me.

    As an adult, special gifts are sometimes harder to come by. The first year my son and I were alone for Christmas, he bought me a special ring. The gift was the amount of effort and time he put into earning the money and then planning out the whole gift. I still need to make a LO telling that story. It was very special.

  517. I love the holidays and being able to visit with family, but the travel does take its tole. This year, on the way home from the road trip, Hubby and I drove down the coast of Calif. and stopped when we wanted, stayed where there was a room, and just explored this part of our state that we hadn’t really spent much time in. The best gift was the gift of time, alone, just the two of us, getting lost, finding our way and eventually making it home with a great story and lots of photos.

  518. Maribeth Thomas says:

    This year, a Kindle, that I did not know I wanted or needed. Thank you to my thoughtful husband. Years past – a pack of handmade hugs and kisses coupons from my son (now 26) when he was in second grade. Throughout the years – just good memories of family gatherings are the best gifts ever.

  519. My favorite Christmas gift was that my mom was able to join us for the holiday at our home in Missouri! I was feeling so homesick and we were unable to go to VA this year for Christmas. But, my mom joining us made my holiday THE BEST! (And, the grandkids loved it too). Having her here to join us in our holiday traditions was the best gift EVER!

  520. Catharine says:

    My favourite Christmas gift this year was waking up with our 3 little ones in our own home! We elected to have a quieter Christmas this year with a lot less travel. It was easy to see the kids loved the “slow” Christmas!

  521. Jeanne Ann says:

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was the pure enjoyment we had opening our gifts. We took turns so we could see what each person got. Because things were a bit tighter this year each got fewer gifts, but knowing that each gift was well thought out and really appreciated meant more to me than anything else.

    Thanks for the great work you do Stacy, and see you in NC!

  522. Lynn in FL says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was time spent in San Antonio with our son, his wife, and our 4 year old granddaughter. Experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a four year old… doesn’t get any better than that!

  523. I got a Wii for Christmas and it has been awesome. We have had so much fun with it.

  524. Renee T. (italgal on BPS) says:

    Many years ago, my husband surprised me with a diamond anniversary band. This was a complete and total surprise…no “hints” or suggestions as to what I was hoping for. This, in fact, was never even on my radar, and I am not really that into jewelry generally. My husband did this completely on his own, and gave me this Christmas gift, saying our time together has been the best years of his life. That ring remains the most treasured Christmas gift I will ever receive.

  525. Stacy, my favorite gift this Christmas was a book my husband got me. It is a book about taking digital photos, and on how to use Photoshop. It was the sweetest gift, because I had asked for photograpy lessons, but we don’t have alot of money this year, so he decided to get me the book. I really do love it. He also got me a Gypsy, but I love, love, love the fact that he put so much thought into it getting me the book!

  526. Project Life.

  527. Barbara W. says:

    To really get my “stories” told, I received a new Nikon camera and Photoshop Elements for Christmas. I have been making digital scrapbook pages using Pages in iWorks on my Mac and was successful, but there is just so much more that can be done in Elements. I am enjoying learning to use it and my new camera.

  528. My best gift this Christmas was the sewing machine from my boyfriend. I’ve always admired layouts with sewing details and now I can make some too. And make some curtains, pillows, and much more.

  529. My favorite gift was having 2 Christmas celebrations–one with each side of our family. 2000 miles traveled over the course of 10 days was well worth it! As for material gifts, I would have to say the speedlight and lens my husband surprised me with this year.

  530. Fun giveaway!

  531. My best christmas present was a happy holiday. We had a nice family party and really enjoyed each others company. It wasn’t about money or gifts this year, it was about the basics. Spending time with each other, being thankful for what we have and just laughing together. This was the first christmas in a long time that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. It was perfect.


  532. My favorite gift was being with my family, second favorite gift my Cricut Expression!!

  533. My favorite gift was a firt travel with my baby (almost 2 years old). My best vacation. Now my next gift will be your book.

  534. We traveled to spend time with family. That was my favorite xmas “gift”.

  535. My best Christmas gift was a bag of KISS M & M’s from a friend. Stepped out of my box and went to the concert with my husband and had the time of my life. The thought of the candy, was so right on.

  536. Lynette C says:

    2009 I did not have any physical present to unwrap. No, not even one. I did have a couple of christmas “school” projects cards given to me from my kids which I treasured dearly from my heart. How can one not seeing these innocent, silly, funny, child-like creations not love them and the givers.

  537. Darcy Krumhauer says:

    My favorite gift was the perfect beach cruiser bycicle I got from my husband and have been asking for about 5 years!(but not this year, I had given up.) My adult daughter went with him to make sure it would be perfect and it is! Robin’s egg blue, Hawaiian hibiscus on fenders, a bell, big white leather seat, and a wicker basket, you know, in case you want to pick up a bunch of flowers and a baguette!
    PS: Want to let you know that I am Darcy from Finishline scrapbooking Anaheim and I finished my album Sunday! Your class was amazing and totally the inspiration I needed to actually make a book. I am one of those more wanna be scrapbookers, I buy stuff, plan stuff, but never do actual scrapbooking. I am stunned that I have actually made a scrapbook now and all thanks to you. I think I am not paralyzed anymore Thanks

  538. Hi all! It is wonderfrul to read everyones posts and nice to read that people are noticing the non material things that are really the true meaning of Christmas. We hosted 24 family and friends in our small bungalow and I just loved walking around seeing everyone eating and visiting around the table and assorted chair groupings. I even commented to my nephew that there was still room in the kitchen for a few more people!!!
    Our family does a gift exchange that is called the “recycled Christmas” so the one gift that is brought is something you’ve made with things you have or it is something that you no longer have a need for. The range of gifts was amazing!! From a,handmade bread board, mini quilt, pictures, photos, metal sculptures, preserves,a bag of books and cookies. I feel so blessed to be a part of a family that put so much love and thought into their gifts. The gift of time and of oneself is the greatest gift of all.

  539. My favorite gift this year was a little *ION slide /negative scanner – we set it up yesterday [finally!] and I’ve already whizzed through more than 800 slides – using the LOM system to decide which ones are scrap-worthy of course. I cannot wait to try the negative part of it!

  540. Such an easy question! My Cricut of course! I got it early in October so I’ve had plenty of time to play yet I’m still finding all kinds of things I can do with it. Used it just this morning.

  541. Apart for one very big yummy piece of chocolate from Australian?

    Spending Xmas day with my almost 1 year old son, just hanging out, playing, eating.
    And spending the next day (we have 2 Christmas Days in the Netherlands) with my best friends and my mom at my newly installed dinner table, just yummy food, good conversations and great laughs.

    Apart from feeling the flu coming on, it could not have been better.

  542. My favorite gift was a self portrait my daughter had painted of herself in her 8th grade art class. She wrapped it in handmade wrapping paper, too, and I almost didn’t want to open it! Now I just have to get it framed!

  543. My favorite Christmas gift is one that grew! lol It was a hard year for us, my hubby lost his father in August. Since he thought I was his pretty princess he bought me a pair of diamond hoop earrings, yellow gold with baguette diamonds. We had looked at ones with round diamonds but they were out when he went back to buy them. The sales lady told him to go ahead and get them and I could exchange them. Last weekend we went back to JC Penneys (bless their little hearts) the sales lady who waited on him, remembered him and said she had been checking but they were still out. My sweetie said, what about those (right earrings, twice the diamond weight) and told the lady to wrap them up. Plus she took off another % because we had first saw them on a special sales day. I should mention we’ve been married 29 years.

  544. caitlin czirban says:

    My favorite Christmas gift this year was my neice Brooklyn being born and being able to witness such a wonderful miracle!

  545. My favorite “gift” was keeping Santa alive for one more year. Our daughter is 8 and she is a 2nd grader in a mixed grade classroom, and the 3rd graders don’t believe in Santa. She asked if santa was real and i asked her what she thought. Grace said, “i think he’s real.” I asked whether she wanted to believe? she said, ” Yes, cause i know when you stop believing then the magic goes away, and i don’t any more magic to go from this world.” She is so smart. She asked Santa for a wooden pedal car. Santa could only come up with a metal one, that will only be used for a short time cause she is to big for it, But Grace was so tickled that he got her what she asked for, and he gave mom and dad gifts that she asked him to give us as well and that he wrote her back this year! PRICELESS

  546. Dawn in St Louis says:

    my most favorite gift was an antique magazine/newspaper rack in a cream metal from my mother. It has helped me organize my stash of magazines and books. and i have a bit of room to grow. thx for the great giveaways!

  547. My favorite gift this year was a completely unexpected daisy necklace from my sweet hubby! I seriously has NO idea he had bought this for me…it was something I hadn’t asked for. The fact that he found something that is so totally me, that I didn’t ask for was priceless.

  548. Having a wonderful family that actually knows and celebrates the true meaning of Christmas. We start the day with a birthday party for Jesus before we even look at our stockings or presents.

  549. My favorite gift was a Flip. So many fun little videos of the boys :)

  550. mary beth says:

    Stacy–you have the most amazing site and ideas. Thank you for being a constant inspiration to us all.

    My favorite gift this year was finding out we were moving, which means getting my very own room dedicated to scrapboking. Plus, this room will have 8 foot high walls. My current craft room is shared w/ hubby and it has a-frame ceilings–the walls are only 31″ high! I will be able to store my goodies in an organized fashion and hubby’s stuff will be in another room. :)

  551. My favorite gift was a scarf that my daughter knitted for me in her spare time at college! I was so surprised, and this cold weather is just perfect for it.

  552. I love those adorable murgles and am giddy knowing they make S&P shakers! Thx for an awesome giveaway.

  553. My FAVORITE gift was seeing my boys faces when they saw what Santa had brought them!! It gets me every time!

  554. I would have to say my IPod Touch, I use it everyday. I have my grocrey list, to do list and best of all, my creative journal and list of notes for future project. Love that little gadget. Thank Laura D.

  555. My best gift was my GoWearFit. It’s a bodybugg for home use. Love that I can check throughout my day how many calories *I* am burning, how many steps *I* took, not what the *average* woman my age and size does, but ME. It makes me more accountable to myself for how much time I’m actually in the moments of my life, living and reacting, and how much time I’m sitting and really doing nothing but wasteing time. Love it, love that my family got if for me, love that I’ve lost seven pounds in the month I’ve been wearing it, really love knowing that I’m doing something minor that will really cause changes in my big picture.

  556. You always write the most fun and colorful posts! My favorite Christmas gift was the TIME my husband gave to me. Instead of giving each other gifts this season, we decided to give each other the gift of time. We spent it out at an amazing cafe where we slowed down and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was priceless!

  557. Hi Stacy,

    My favorite gift was our “To the family, from the family” gift of Lego Rock Band.

  558. Each of my kids picked out a charm for my pandora bracelet this year. They did such a good job picking out something that reminds me of them. I love carrying around a piece of them each day. My favorite gifts are the ones that have meaning attached to them.

  559. Emilie S. says:

    Besides the gift of giving…one of my favorite past times. My favorite gift was hiring a professional resume writer. I was so recharged and full of extremely helpful tips on interviewing, looking for a new job, and negotiations. All from 1 amazing resume makeover with a real professional. It really boosted my spirits right before the holidays, so I could focus on my family instead of how miserable I am at my job!

  560. Annemarie says:

    My dad….. He was given 3-6 months to live in July of 2008, and though he was not feeling well, he was at my sister’s house celebrating with my mom, and his children and grandchildren who he loves, and who love him so much!

  561. I loved all my gifts because they were given to me by people who love me.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  562. I guess one of my favorite christmas gifts was the year my hubby and went to Graceland to see the Christmas lights and it was snowing during the tour.

  563. WOW! What a giveaway!!!! MY fav gift was my photography class I am currently taking at BPS! Thanks to my sweet hubby!
    Amy in CA

  564. Lorraine Reynolds says:

    My favourite gift was my cupcake maker. Although it is essentially a very restircted use oven. It’s cute, and my kids love to help get the mixture ready, and decorate them. So its really about spending time with them.

  565. My favorite Christmas present this year was a stapler that my husband tracked down for me. A friend of mine bought her stapler for a quarter at a garage sale almost 30 years ago, and I have coveted it ever since I have known her–thinking it would be impossible to find today. When my husband kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas, I mentioned off-hand that I wanted my friend’s stapler. He called my friend, got the numbers he needed, did an online search and found it and a lifetime supply of staples!

  566. I love my new cricut – it’s so much fun! But Super Mario Bros. Wii is another great one since my family is having so much fun playing it.

  567. My Best gift was Photos!! My 3 daughters all 20 something had a photographer take some “urban” photos of the three. They then printed 8 and put in a collage frame and enlarged one and put it in a single frame. On top of that I got the cd of all 300 photos taken to use as I please. I cried of course. The best part is that this was the last Christmas as we have always known them. My oldest is getting married in 2 weeks and she and her new hubby will both graduate from Medical School in May. It may be a long time before we have Christmas together again. My daughters knew just what their Mom would love!!

  568. Kathy Olson says:

    My favorite gift this year was my camera lens. It has allowed me to take awesome pictures of the people I love. It is a zoom lens, so it has allowed me to also focus on those things that often get lost in the background of my pictures. I can’t wait to take pictures this year!

  569. Time with my family, my three boys are all grown now and have their own girlfriends. So we decided that we would change our family Christmas day to Christmas eve so for the first year in quite a few I had my whole family togeather, this is better than anything money can buy. As for the material stuff one on my son’s gave me a Harmoney Ball necklace and it will be my most treased possession.

  570. My best girlfriends gave me a day at our local farmer’s market to shop and pick out my own gift! This is a huge market that I rarely have time to get to, so now I can look forward to a day of exploring with friends.

  571. My favourite gift was the gift to nurture a newborn in India or Cambodia, given to me through Tear Fund by my sister. So very cool that someone that really needed help got the help they needed because of the generosity of my sister :-)

  572. My favorite Christmas present was an angel handmade by my son. Can’t wait to find it in my Christmas decoration when next season rolls around ;)

  573. My favorite gift this year was the Wii system we gave our kids. I have had more fun playing with that and the Wii Fit that we got to go along with it. We have laughed more as a family playing with that thing!!

  574. my FAVORITE gift this year by far, were bookshelves for my living I hv a place to store all my books… i’m such a bookworm!!!

  575. my absolute favorite gifts were from my inlaws: 1) a little help with gas to visit them in georgia and see snow with my two boys (their first!), and 2) Christmas cash that we used to take those two boys to DisneyWorld (their first!). lots of memories and photos!!

  576. Jennifer Webb says:

    My favorite gift was a quiet Christmas morning at home with my husband and my girls. We usually have several places to visit on Christmas morning but not this year! As far as material things go, my husband surprised me with a Cricut E!

  577. rachel marquette says:

    my favorite gift? a close tie between my snuggie from my husband! and I love that he surprised me with a cricut E! I didn’t even know I wanted one.

  578. My favorite gift of all for Christmas was watching my 3 young boys come down the stairs and see their faces light up and their eyes grow wider each moment as they discovered what Santa left for them under the tree.

  579. My favourite gift this year was from my daughter. She drew me (and everyone else who was attending Christmas dinner) a wonderful and detailed drawing in full colour. And everyone’s picture was different. She’s quite the artist (and scrapbooker!)

  580. My best christmass gift was my four year old being so excited to give Daddy his gift, he did not even look at what Santa had brought until he had given Daddy his gift and watched him open it. The simple joy of giving.

  581. Christmas is also my birthday so I don’t even think I could choose. There is one favorite memory though – watching my daughter find the reindeer bell she asked for hanging on the christmas tree and then once she found it ringing it to make sure it was “authentic” like in the Polar Express! It has the most beautiful chime to it. Now whenever I hear that bell I’ll think about the look on her face when she discovered it hanging on the tree.

  582. Wii Fit! I’m proud to say I’ve been using it almost every day!

  583. My favorite gift this Christmas was the pleasure of staying home with our family and not having to travel. It was pure joy to stay in our jammies all day, enjoy good food and play with new toys and games. Heaven!

  584. Lisa Garner says:

    My favorite gift was watching my son enjoy the season this year. He has autism and it has taken many years for him to understand the holidays. He was totally into them this year and I loved it!! The magic of the season in his eyes!!!

  585. Keeping traditions alive, was the best intangible gift. I lost my mom in September suddenly. I wasn’t sure how this holiday would feel. She loved hosting an elaborate dinner with sea food and ethnic favorites. I replicated moms dinner right down to the cranberry sticky whip.
    I also laid out all my holiday scapbooks how fun it was to pass around and see all the changes remembering all the love we’ve shared.
    My bottle of Karma perfume was greatly appreciated too!

  586. Jennifer D says:

    I received a fabulous toy from my husband, a Silhouette machine! My favorite gift, though was the sight of our baby checking out what was under the tree. (After 10 childless years of marriage, this was the best gift ever!)

  587. My favorite gift was that my parents were able to spend Christmas with us. I’ve spent very few Christmases with them in the past ten years. My favorite tangible gift was my Cuttlebug. I’ve never had a die-cutting system, and I’m having so much fun with it!

  588. Erin in Germany says:

    My favorite gift was all the wonderful moments share with family over the holidays! Thanks for the chance to win!

  589. my favorite was a necklace with a “mom” charm on it! I wear it every day!

  590. My favorite gift was a photo cube my mom made me of pictures of our time in our favorite beach town Cannon Beach, OR. She made it to remind me how good it feels to get “ocean time” and so I can think about “ocean time” everytime I look at the box.

  591. My favorite gift was being able to visit with and see lots of family over Christmas.

  592. My favorite gift was my I Touch. I love playing reversi on it and seeing all the cool countries I am playing against.

  593. My favorite gift this year was the laughter and family time we get gathering around our new Wii. Lots of fun, friendly family competion and a little calorie burn too. It will be a gift that keeps on giving all year… Love that.

  594. My favorite gift was a gorilla pod, now it will be easier to take pictures of me.

  595. My favorite Christmas gift was being snowed in with my family for 3 days! It was an unexpected bonus and by far the best time we’ve had as a family in years. No one hurrying away for work obligations or to meet up with friends. Just lots of movies, games, hot chocolate & cookies, laughter and love.

  596. My favorite gift was my WHOLE family coming to see us in our new home with our new daughter. It was so special to be able to share her first Xmas with her cousins, aunts & uncles, and my parents. :) What a fun time to share. We even made mini-albums to remember the holiday together while we were experiencing it!

  597. Thayer Bentley says:

    A Cricut Expression :)

  598. My favorite gift was a picture my daughter painted for me in art class. My daughter is 14 and she told me that she had a hard time waiting until Christmas to give me the painting. She was so excited for me to see it.

  599. My favorite Christmas gift is the tree ornament my children make in school each year.

  600. My snowglobe night light from my mom – so cool! My mom still gives me the best gifts at Christmas!

  601. My Dad gave/made me the best Christmas gift ever this year. Growing up we had this little wooden chair that had been my Dad’s. Over the years it became worn, rained on, used as a step stool when painting and then splattered in paint. My parents were recently going through some things to give away and donate and my Mom wanted to throw the chair out. I asked her if I could have it and said that I planned to restore it and have it for my three boys. Months had passed and I had forgotten all about the chair. On Christmas, my Dad handed me a large Christmas bag (you know the plastic kind you wrap a bike in?) -anyway inside was the little chair and my Dad had completely restored it for me. I cry just thinking about it. My Dad has his own business and travels often, so he doesn’t have a lot of spare time. I am so honored that he thought enough of me to redo that chair for me and my boys. It is something that I will keep forever and someday pass onto my boys and their families.

  602. Kim Huschke says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was just a little tiny resin figure from my girls—they picked it out at the local Christian book store.

  603. My favorite Christmas gift was negative biopsy results! Long story, but I had surgery 12/23 and somehow nothing else seems important when you are waiting for such info!

  604. My favorite gift was the plate my daughter made at school – complete with a thank you note she wrote to me thanking me for paying for it! ha!

    She’s 7 and already asked if we can replace our usual “Santa Cookie” plate with hers – the answer is “of course!”

  605. My best Christmas present was having my best friend home from Boston this year! It was great! The trip to Hawaii from my boyfriend was pretty fabulous too!

  606. My favorite holiday gift was my new Skechers Shape-ups sneakers. I think they help stretch my legs a bit to help “shape” them, but the best part is the urge to want to walk in them. Thus the dog’s favorite gift was probably my new sneakers.

  607. Stephanie S. says:

    Gift’s were slim at my house this year for the adults so my favorite gift was my daughter’s excitement and joy over her gifts and the note that “Santa” left her.

  608. My favorite gift was from my out-laws of all people! In October they took a trip to New York and on the journey stopped at the sacred grove. They gatered some of the leaves that had fallen to the ground and took photos. At our family Christmas party each of their childrens families recieved a framed dried stem of leafs and another frame with one of the photos they had taken that day. Beautiful!

    It really is a gift that keeps on giving because it reminds me everyday that Heavely Father is real and He loves me!

  609. i got a new bike! In my favorite color (blue)! Thanks, hubby. ;-)

  610. Cyndi Speelman says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a face mask and hockey stick. Yes, over the last 2 years, I have lost 110 pounds, and now on Saturdays I spend 2 hours with friends playing floor hockey. I can run now. My three boys think it is pretty cool that their mom plays floor hockey. Kind of crazy for a 39 year old mother of three.

  611. The best gift this year was a Silpada necklace that I can wear everyday.

  612. I love Murgles!!!
    My favorite gift was my new Nikon camera!! LOVE IT!!!

  613. Jenny McGee says:

    What a great set of gifts you received and the prizes are a great set of gifts too. Thanks for a chance to win.

  614. our fuzzy socks from Old Navy that were only $1. simple, frugal and cozy :) daily happiness

  615. My Son Gabriel who is in the Marines for the last 6 years and getting ready to go to Afghanistan got to come home for a two weeks visit. There is know better gift for a mom of 5 sons and 4 serving in the Military!!!

  616. Christine says:

    The best gift…time off from work to relax and enjoy. Also the gift of not spending so much this year. Just a few things for everyone.

  617. My favorite Christmas gift was a set of cute notecards and journal. I got the set as a Secret Santa gift at our family holiday party, and I love it!

  618. My best gift was watching my three year old open presents. The unbridled excitement and joy at the simplest things was incredible.

  619. I loved each of my four gifts – particularly liked the completely unexpected ‘Notebook’ magazine from a dear lady at church … partly because she thought of me, partly because it has just been a great mag to browse through.
    Some great gift ideas here, with your cool gifts! Thanks!

  620. Oh my gosh!!! That Tickle Monster book looks FABULOUS!!!! My son is 3 1/2 and he would love that!!!

    I think my favorite gift was a new curling iron that my husband picked out. It’s great, and nicer than what I would have bought myself. But my favorite memory for Christmas was spending Christmas Eve with just my husband and son. We’ve never had that opportunity before and it was glorious.

  621. Being with family…honestly.

  622. Kim Gasper says:

    Husband offers himself to willingly, without complaint, to clean out the garage over our Christmas break off work. Well, it didn’t happen, but he was very creative in the delivery of the gift, and I’m holding out hope that the execution of the gift is still coming.

  623. My favorite gift was being with my family in our new home.

  624. Charlene Williams says:

    My favorite holiday gift was my new flannel jammies with matching thermal tops. I am all about comfort during our long Alaska winters :)

  625. Michelle P. says:

    Hi Stacy, my favorite gift was a book of pictures from Celine Dion last tour. Have fun at Cha and tks for this great giveaways!

  626. Hi Stacy! My most treasured gifts this Christmas were the excitement of my kids’ faces when they woke up on Christmas morning and realized Santa had been here! I can only imagine the thoughts going through their little heads!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these AWESOME prizes & for the info on the eBooks!

  627. My favorite gift was getting away with the family to our new cabin in New Mexico.
    Our kids are growing up so fast I am trying to treasure every moment!!

  628. Sarah Wiehe says:

    My favorite gift was a new Bible that my husband gave me for the Kay Arthur Bible study that I will be doing in 2010 (and the evening he lets me go to the bible study)

  629. New running pants so I can brave the cold winter days of Ohio! But, my favorite Christmas morning memory was when my son opened his guitar from Santa!

  630. My favorite gift was having my great niece and great nephew come to visit. They went to the local thrift shop and bought us each a very nice gift – from the heart – that’s what Christmas is all about.

  631. My favorite gift this Christmas was my new Uggs! So warm and needed in this very cold winter in the North East.

  632. Nicolle Tafoya says:

    We recently moved close to the cost and the weather is cooler. My feet have been so cold, so my favorite gift from my husband was a pair of Uggs.

  633. My favorite Christmas gift was a Paula Deen teapot. Nothing like a good, hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s day!

  634. my fav? a little ninja statue my youngest picked out for me at the gas station. She wants me to mark it “major award”…..

  635. When I was six my dad made me a wooden chest that I still own to this day.

  636. We live away from family, and it is always hard during the Christmas Season to be away from them. My parents sent a tote, that was the twelve days of Christmas. Each day there was a piece to a nativity, a handwritten story to go in an included binder, and gifts to go with the story, that were traditions we had growing up, such as “Holly bear” who gets passed around to family members along with a good deed, and my mom mad each of us six kids a Christmas rag quilt with our family name on it. It had a poem and was passed around to each family member to sleep with. There was a lot of love and time put into each of these special twelve days, and i will always treasure these special keepsakes, and traditions to be passed down to my sweet little ones!! Best gift ever!!

  637. My favorite gift was from my mom…pedicures and lunch with my mom and sisters!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  638. My favorite gift was a brand new DS from my husband. I love playing again each other. I think he did a pretty good job this year. He is the best!!

  639. I had 2 favorite gifts, a new camera and my very own gurgle pot. Love both of them!!!

  640. My favorite Christmas gift, other than the wonderful time spent with family, was the pair of leapord print rain boots from my husband. I wanted rain boots, but the best part was that he picked them out himself!

  641. Hi Stacy! The Memory Works system looks fabulous! My favorite gift was getting to stay home for Christmas this year! I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

  642. Great Christmas gifts and great prizes! Rhanks so much for the giveaways!

  643. By far my favorite gift is a trip to NYC with my two older kids, 15 + 11, with my husband. We also have 3 + 5 year olds that will stay with grandparents. I am looking forward to a trip with these two who have and are teaching me to be a mother. They are, in many ways, easier than the “little girls” so sometimes I don’t spend time daily with them. I look forward to a week to just learn about them and see NYC for the first time through their eyes.

  644. Heather K says:

    My favorite gift this Christmas was to spend the holiday with my best friend for the first time. I’ve been waiting for this for twelve years and it was the best ever.

  645. My favourite Christmas gift was a handmade wooden side table. It was made by my son who has Aspberger’s and learning disabilities. I cried when I saw that he had burned “Merry Christmas Mama, I love you” on the underside of the table in his own printing.

  646. Our Christmas tree in our new home – complete with the personalized ornaments we have been collecting for each year we have been married.

  647. My favorite Christmas gift(s) this year are the ones that my girls went and shopped for me.
    I run a Children’s Christmas store where i gather donations all year long and then only kids can come into my store (i set up in the home ec room @ school) kids come in and pick out a gift for Mom and 1 gift for dad – $2/gift. my “elves” and I wrap up the gifts and help label them… All money raised is donated back to the school – purchasing a reading program this year! NO parents are allowed – i get kicked out too. The joy and stories from these kids is amazing.

    my girls were so giddy and had to keep a secret for so long.. fun, fun, fun…

  648. My favourite Christmas gift were the colouring books and new pens that my children were given. It meant that they were able to be creative AND keep themselves entertained for hours while I was able to read my new book – in relative peace and quiet.

  649. What a great giveaway! Did you have your santa hat on while typing up the post? ;-)
    We don’t really do presents with christmas but we have a gift giving holiday earlier in december called Sinterklaas. We celebrate it several times with groups of friends and family and get spoiled rotten with lots of little presents. I especially enjoy it when people make me gifts or make an effort to wrap it extra special. But the best gifts are the reactions I get to to handmade gifts I give!

  650. Best gift was spending Christmas Day with our best friends (nay they are out southern family). I moved from NY to FL 20 years ago with no family or support system but my DH. We met our southern family, the Silvas, three years after moivng here and have been close ever since. Having family to spend the day with was the best gift.

    What a great prize pack for someone to win. Thanks Stacey!

    Guyland Gal

  651. Agamemnonsmom says:

    My favorite was a panini maker. We use it all the time.

  652. The best gift this year was my brother and family drove in from out of state. Watching my brother enjoy his nephews and them him was a feeling I can’t even try to describe. I’ll catch it in a scrapbook in a few months but it moves me to tears when I think about it.

  653. My favorite gift was being with my husband and four boys. My youngest got the Tickle Monster book and it is so cute. I love my new North Face jacket from my husband.

  654. My favorite gift was a collage picture frame from my husband. He doesn’t usually do well with buying gifts but this one was good.

  655. My fave Christmas gifts were a bracelet by Betsey Johnson and the white bookshelves for my scrap room…I got such great goodies I couldn’t pick just one!

  656. My favorites (again, can’t choose!) were a super warm and fuzzy fleece that I may live in until spring, and one of those roll up mats to bake on – makes clean up so much easier!

  657. My favorite gift was a beautiful jewlery box that my husband gave me. He also gave me all the starter supplies I need to start making my own beaded jewlery. So cool!

  658. At first I was going to say my favorite gift was the (long wanted) 50 mm macro lens for my camera. But when I thought for a minute, I realized the absolutely best thing I got for Christmas was seeing the happiness on my Mom’s face when all three of her kids and all her grandkids were with her for Christmas – several grandkids are grown and out on their own, so it’s hard to get us all together. But we did it and we made Mom’s Christmas. And that made MY Christmas.

  659. My favorite Christmas gift was flying out to Florida the day after Thanksgiving to help my Mom drive back to TX to stay and visit for the whole month of December. I have both my Husband and my Dad to thank for that – DH because he footed the bill and put up with us for the whole month (but he ate VERY well!) and Dad because he stayed home with his dog and let Mom visit us. It was really hard to load the car back up on the 30th and drive Mom back home and then leave yet again on the 3rd of January to fly back home to my family. During this visit Mom was motivated to look at a few houses that were up for sale and I am hoping that means she and Dad will be moving this direction before too long. The twins were so thrilled to be able to spend the Christmas break playing and creating with Amma and awesome memories were created during that short month. Truly my most favorite Christmas present of all.

  660. My favourite gifts this year were some storage containers from my husband. Not the most romantic gift ever, or even what I needed. But it’s the best because he was truly thinking of me and what I love doing and encouraging that.

  661. My favorite Christmas gift was a seat in Design Your Life class. It is amazing.

  662. Linda Brill says:

    My favorite gift was one I gave to myself: Self-care. I enjoyed Christmas because I am eating healthy, working out faithfully, and nurturing the artist in me by doing “The Artist Way” program, writing, and “playing.” I attended Christmas concerts and events and participated in music programs. Part of my self-care included signing up for the Library of Memories class. Loving and caring for myself is an essential prerequisite for loving and giving to others.

  663. My favorite gift this past year was a new Nikon camera from my husband.

  664. Michelle W says:

    For years, I longed for a piano of my own. After awhile, I gave up on that dream.

    While that piano was not adorned with a bow on Christmas morning, my husband told me how he had looked at a few & thought of surprising me. But, he wanted me to pick it out.

    It wasn’t just any piano, either. He fulfilled a dream of a lifetime…a beautiful baby grand. A dream I never thought was possible.

  665. We opened an envelope that contained the gender reveal ultrasound for baby #4 – we are having another boy and are thrilled. It was the best, most memorable Christmas gift I can recall!

  666. Oh, I am dying to take that Nic Howard class but it’s not in the budget!

    My fave gift was what my husband gives me every year and I love it every year – cold hard cash. :)


  667. My favorite gift was the little tv we got for the kitchen….something I have been wanting for a long time and something that sort of connects me more to my family….and, I have been cooking MORE with it….weird hey? :)

  668. My favorite Christmas gift was a beautiful blue heart necklace that my 7 year old picked out for me all by herself. :-) It has a rose in the middle and is very pretty.

  669. My favorite gifts are always what my kids get me. My husband takes them to the store and lets them pick out whatever. This year my 3 1/2 year old son decided that I needed underpants. He picked me out a 6 pack of pretty panties. Very practical and will definately be used. I love to see how excited they are when you open the gift they picked out, that is the true gift.

  670. Liz in NZ says:

    My favourite gift this year was not for myself but the gift we gave our daughters. We bought them Kayaks and hid them under the house directly under the tree. The look on their faces was priceless when they finally worked out that yes there was a gift for them under the tree, it just wasn’t where they thought it was going to be.

  671. My favorite gift this year was actually a family gift. my sister and hubby gave me and the kids Wii. the kids love it and i now i need to get wii fit so i can put this to good use.

  672. I was a lucky girl on Christmas morning too. My husband gave me an ipod…I may be the last person in the US to finally explore iTunes but it feels as if he gave me back the gift of music. The past few years have been filled with Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell—great kids music, but I had no idea how much my soul was missing music.

  673. Just squeezing this comment in at the last minute!

    Best gift for Christmas was probably our new microwave. I know, not fun. But we use it all the time–but even better, I didn’t have to clean the old one!!!!

  674. Hi – really great web site you have made. I enjoyed reading this posting. I did want to issue a remark to tell you that the design of this site is very aesthetically delightful. I used to be a graphic designer, now I am a copy editor for a merchandising firm. I have always enjoyed working with information processing systems and am trying to learn computer code in my spare time (which there is never enough of lol).

  675. Jennifer Sears says:

    my awesome new blender that replaced the broken one. so happy to be making smoothies for my family again! yummy!!!


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