home and happy.

So, happy, happy, happy to be home.

I’m getting old, so I’m much more willing to take things (like trade show recovery) slow. Don’t forget S-L-O-W is my word. I got home late Tuesday night and took ALL day Wednesday off. Did not get up early (7:00 instead of 5:30), did not unpack, did not turn on my computer. Did read, play and fingerpaint with Addie, did go to restorative yoga, did take Taft to the orthodontists, did make dinner and did watch American Idol with my family.

My husband’s ENT group (Spokane Valley Ear, Nose and Throat) has been building a new surgery center since last May. The building is done and open for business and the open house is scheduled for February 23rd. Geoff has wanted me to help him arrange furniture in the waiting rooms, purchase art for the walls and add decorative touches, etc… throughout. My answer has been “after CHA …” and so Thursday I made good on a promise to focus on him and this new surgery center — it really is such a beautiful building and we worked on it ALL day long. I was so tired, but very pleased with the progress we made. We’ll be painting two accent walls today and hopefully we’ll also find two tables that I have pictured in my mind. I really wish I had taken some ‘before’ pictures, because darn it, I’m GOOD. Even just moving chairs and end tables around and bringing in greenery here and there has made such a difference. I can’t wait to finish up!

I can hardly believe that Library of Memories starts in less than a week — SO EXCITING! I am eager to dive in this year and let it consume me.

So, before I get too busy and miss my chance, I thought I’d share a FEW of the products that delighted me at CHA this year. I haven’t been to trade show in over two years and I had so much fun seeing and talking to industry friends. I really, truly and most sincerely enjoyed walking around and feeling the excitement of innovative products, people and ideas.

If you have not yet had a chance to listen to the Paperclipping Roundtable, then you might not know that I am going to be a rotating panelist with Noell and Izzy’s team, that includes Nancy Nally and Ana Cabrera. I’m very happy about this. I have missed the industry community that was a part of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and I have been very impressed with Paperclipping and Scrapbook Update, so I’m joining in to see what I can learn and what I can contribute. If you click on the link above you can listen to the roundtable show that “we” (Izzy really) recorded from the Hyman’s hotel room. It was FUN and since my very short lists are very short, so — I recommend you visit Paperclipping and Scrapbook Update to explore some of the videos and links posted there as well.

TWO Paper Lines I LOVED.

(from among ALL the paper lines I loved)


BASICS from Basic Grey
This is a line of lines, ledgers, dots, grids and more. Cannot wait to get my hands on these versatile papers and make a special place in my paper files where they will live (forever.)


LUSH by My Mind’s Eye
So, this is obviously more than a line of paper. It is a ‘by color’ collection of fabulous and usable products. Lush comes in other colors like black, red, blue, green and pink (I think.)

ONE *NEW* tool that I am going to OWN.

(and I’m not even a tool girl!)

THE CINCH by We R Memory Keepers (filmed by Oh My Crafts)
I am super excited about what will be my book-making tool of choice. I love round holes and I’m totally sold on the feature that allows me to choose how many round holes I will create — I sort of ‘accidently’ made a video with the girls at Oh My Crafts. I guess I just got a little excited and couldn’t help myself.

There’s more … much, much more, but I’ve got to go jogging and finish my unpacking (seriously.)
Have a wonderful Saturday.


  1. Everyone who went to CHA is sharing a lot of great things they saw. I think it’s interesting to see what each person likes.

  2. I want the Cinch (it looks soooooo easy) and the Basic Grey paper line is a dream come true. I LOVE BG papers!

  3. Would love to have a Cinch. I get a little tired of having to hand punch my bindings because I like holes and I with my albums all sizes I like the idea of being able to pikc where and how many holes to have. That’s really cool. Love those paper lines too. Beautiful.

  4. Candace B. says:

    You crack me up!

  5. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I love that LUSH line by My Mind’s Eye — I’ll be looking for that!

  6. Midwestgirl says:

    I have been counting the days and weeks until LOM starts. Can’t believe it’s almost here! I am so excited to immerse myself in this class.

    That Basics line and Lush are going to set me back some serious coin, I can just tell.

  7. Oh I LOVE the Cinch. I wonder what the price point will be. I see homemade calendars for next Christmas ;)

  8. Good for you girl! We all should take time to be slow more often. Loves…Shanie :)

  9. Love it all – have to get me a cinch too!!

  10. Love it all – thanks for sharing.. hope the jog cleared your mind.

    I need a cinch too!!

  11. Love your update! Will we get to see some photos of your husbands new digs? I would love to see what you did!

  12. I’m in love with the row of WRMK leather albums behind you! I have 4 various colours for LOM, happy colors :)

  13. I enjoyed listening to the first episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable — it was fun to hear your voice. You keep saying you’re getting “old,” but I was struck by your happy, youthful voice in the podcast. Happy Monday.

  14. hi

  15. I have been visiting this blog for some time now, i have just subscribed to your RSS so i can i get updates on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!

  16. I loved the CINCH at show – my favorite new tool. I’m having a special … the first THREE people to pre-order a CINCH from Croppinsville will get a FREE CINCH t-shirt AND FREE shipping (to the U.S.).
    It’s a CINCH!

  17. Stacy! This video filled me with extra lvoe for you.
    Is anyone cuter and more enthusiastic than Stacy J? Heck no!
    Oh yeah…and that tool is cool too.


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