Library of Memories [ANSWERS.1]

First round of LOM Q+A begins now.


Quick reminder: The full (two-page) class description and informational audio message can be found HERE. Please read both pages of the class description, listen to the audio and then print and read the class syllabus and the initial supply list. Many of the questions I’m getting are answered in this class description.

The prize for most frequent question asked goes to:
Is there anything alumni students can be doing while “we” wait for our registration email?

The short answer: YES! Spend time with your pictures.
More specifically:

  1. Work on purging photos from 2009 and creating 4 seasonal or quarterly highlight folders.
  2. Upload these 2009 highlight folders for online archive
  3. Flip through all of your storage binders with someone you love.
  4. Scrapbook. Make a page a day if you can, pulling photos from your storage binders.

Even more specifically: If you have changed your email address, be sure to update your account at BPS. We will send you an email on January 26th with instructions on how to register as an alumni. Please don’t worry about space — we have reserved a spot for all alumni. As an alumni, you should have received information on a hidden URL that will give you access to the pre-classroom materials. If you have not received this contact and Kiley will assist you.

ALSO … Regarding alumni students. Please keep in mind that we are eager to grant you two additional consecutive years to retake LOM free of charge. This means if you took LOM as a paying student in either 2008 or 2009, you will be able to audit this session FREE of any charge. If you originally took LOM in 2006 or 2007 you may join us again this session at a discounted rate. Again … more information will be sent to you on January 26th.

I’ve broken the rest of the questions into two parts: Logistics and Content I’m hopeful this might save you a few minutes finding the answer to a question you have too!

LOM Content

Question: I am reading and re-reading the Course Syllabus and the updates look fantastic.  I purchased Photo Freedom when it first came out and have implemented your system and used it for a couple of years.  I would love to take the BPS class for further inspiration, but don’t consider myself a newbie to the LOM system.  Is this a class for someone like me, or is it more for those who are just getting started?

Answer: If you have already implemented the basics of my system using Photo Freedom, you will not only LOVE the additional information and guidance inside the classroom, you will be super prepared to go deeper and fine tune all that you are currently doing. You will LOVE the community and the chance to discuss subtleties with others that are also using LOM. PLUS … there are so many updates this year designed to give you a more comprehensive view of memory keeping that you won’t want to miss out. I know I sound like a well-trained sales girl at your local used car lot, but I am serious — if you don’t LOVE the online experience, I will personally see that you get a full refund. I wonder if I couldn’t get a part-time job selling cars?

Question: The supply list said to wait to do any ordering of supplies (the essentials). I just want to confirm that, we shouldn’t order the essentials before class begins?

Answer: You are welcome to order supplies whenever you’d like to. Library of Memories is a chance for me to “hold your hand” and I would hate for someone to make a purchase that they later regret. I personally use (and love) the products I recommend on the supply list, but I also prepare a slide presentation that gives students more information, insight and options once class begins. For this reason I suggest waiting.

Question: Is it ever too early to start your LOM? My kids are small (8 to 6 months). I am not sure there are connections to be made through the category files just yet. My pics are already sorted by event, though not in a binder. They are in a box and most have a note that outlines some things I don’t want to forget. Isn’t it early for cold storage?

Answer: I don’t think it is ever to early to learn and adapt a system for finding and using your best photos. The sooner you start triage with your photos, the sooner your category drawer will age them and show you magical things. I’m also a firm believe in viewable storage binders vs. boxes. Boxes can work for awhile, but from my experience, storage binders are worth their weight in gold — and they can get pretty heavy! If you don’t feel inspired to scrapbook pictures and they are creating a sense of obligation for you that is preventing you from telling stories you feel compelled to tell, then it is never too soon to put those photos into cold storage. I would put one or two from each event or time period into my category drawers and then move them out of sight and out of mind!

There have been many, many questions about digital highlight folders. I am working on a post that will hopefully give you some additional direction with this very important piece of my digital workflow. Stay tuned …

LOM Logistics

Question: Could you ever offer this course in the spring or fall? I ref basketball and the first two months of this class I am busy nightly with this seasonal activity, and have little time to produce LOs, never mind sort photos. I wonder if there are others who are limited by activities at this time of year.

Answer: I’m sure there are others who find the February through May time frame challenging. Right now, early in the year is the only time that I can manage teaching on top of my work and family responsibilities. I’ve entertained the possibility of a summer session, but there is no plans for that as of yet. The good news is with forever access at BPS, once you are registered you can access the classroom anytime. Even if you could join us, commit to a slow start and follow along with reading the assignments, while participating on the forums and in the chats — you would be ahead of not starting now. Make sense?

Question: Can you give us a ballpark figure for what “a fair amount of money” (investment) means? I want to take the class, but if it’s going to cost me hundreds for supplies, I know I won’t be able to do it. Thanks so much for your attention to this!

Answer: I hesitate to give even a ballpark figure simply because there are so many options for students beginning this process that I would hate to deter anyone from joining in simply because they cannot afford to purchase all of the organizational products I use right away. But, you asked, so here goes:


storage binders are $16 each. You need enough to hold 5 years of printed pictures. This will be somewhere between 2 and 10 binders. If we start with 5 binders we are at $80.00


category drawers are $53 dollars each (exactly what you see here) and are worth every penny. You do not need to start with these sturdy metal drawers. You can start with simple photo boxes — I did. When you are ready to purchase drawers, two drawers (exactly what you see here) will likely suffice for quite awhile. You will simply store two of your main categories in each drawer.

You do not absolutely need to purchase new library albums to house your finished scrapbook pages, so I sincerely believe that these are the products you need to jump in, learn, progress and begin to adapt this system to your life. Keep in mind you will also need to print photos. If you have NOT done this for awhile, then there might be a significant expense in printing.

I think realistically, you could be well on your way for $200 — make that $300 with the class itself!
Hope this helps!

Phew …
If you have a question I have not answered here, please feel free to email and put LOM QUESTION in the subject line. Again, I am working on a post regarding highlight folders.



  1. So glad you did the expense assessment — that was holding me up from taking the class a few years ago. I tired to go at it with just the book as a manual and the organize tools I already owned. Boy am I GLAD I took the class AND purchased some of the suggested supplies. Those drawers are the best there is — if you have access to office surplus sites use them, I found my drawers for a steal and saved a lot so that I could buy the pioneer books. Also, if you think you’ll save money by purchasing the pioneer three ups at costco or walmart. . . don’t bother, they are a substandard product so that pioneer could come in at the price required for the outlet. Find someone that will help you order wholesale from pioneer though, it’ll be worth the effort.

  2. Stacy, I own your Photo Freedom book that sounds very similar to your LOM class. Is it different or very much the same? I got so much out of your book, I am wondering if the LOM class will be even more in-depth. If so, I am very interested in taking your class :)

    • I am not Stacy but I will tell you that Photo Freedom IS the LOM class and yes the class is more. The process is outlined in the book but in the class we got more specific examples from Stacy on the different areas, challenges, homework assignments that I actually did, stuff like that.

      The best thing I got out of the class was being able to ask for help with areas of LOM I got stuck on, despite the book. Everyone has to customize LOM to suit their own lives and process and goals. So I went as far as I could and then I got stuck. Once I could just dump all my concerns out on Stacy or the coaches, I got some great suggestions that unstuck me and helped me move forward.

      You can learn and implement LOM from the book. But only the class gives you the community, the access, the ability to ask for help and get an answer you can use. As an example from my own life, I have always saved every photo even the really bad ones and I have always wanted to use every single photo, and I saved duplicates of photos I had already scrapbooked “just in case”. From the class, I was able to let these go. I was able to realize I wanted to tell my OWN story, not everyone else’s. I was able to quickly flip through a pile of old photos and easily throw out pictures of people I did not care about, duplicates, similar prints, and ugly photos. The rest I was able to file away knowing they were safe “just in case” I wanted to use them. That was a big leap for me!


      • Thanks Meadow — love you!

      • Thanks! You sound so much like me, it’s really quite funny. I too print all my photos, expecting to scrapbook all of them. I also save the duplicates I have already scrapbooked, just in-case I feel like doing another page with them, and I have, silly me. I am finding myself overwhelmed with too many photos lately. I have a computer full of photos that I have yet to print out and scrapbook, and basically too much scrapbooking supplies. A lot are frankly outdated, or not my scrapbooking style any more. I have learned so many great ideas from Stacy’s book, but I guess the one on one time would be tremendously beneficial.

        My biggest problem is that I need to retrain my brain. I know that sounds weird, doesn’t it? It’s just that a year or so ago, right after I purchased Stacy’s book, I went out and bought 4 new albums and titled them into catagories. It did totally free me up, as far as feeling more caught up, and current with my photos. The problem is that I can’t seem to get my brain to agree with that concept. In some sad way, I can’t seem to let go of chronological scrapbooking. Why is that? I almost have a guilty feeling for not putting all the photos in order, because “what if” someday my family won’t be able to remember when something happened, oh my… what then? Crazy, huh!

        So maybe this class will reassure me. I have reread the book several times, and love everything in it, asside from being able to allow myself to “let go” of the old scrapbooking process.

        • nomad scrapper says:

          I, too, was totally stuck on chronological scrapbooking, and was very apprehensive about not scrapping every single picture and event. Then I took LOM last winter, and it totally changed my perspective on scrapbooking and how to tell the stories that are really important in my family’s life. Take this class–it will change how you view scrapbooking, and it will, in at least some small way, change your life.

        • You can still scrap chronologically. I scrap many events and I make sure the date is on those pages. I also write captions on some photos with the date taken. I just store them in the 4 categories.

          One thing I have learned from 10 yrs of scrapbooking is that other people never never look at my albums and pictures the way *I* think they should. Only other scrapbookers notice if things are chronological or not. My family members don’t notice. If they are looking at an Easter LO and wonder when the pics were taken, I have the year on the page somewhere anyway. Nobody but me notices or cares beyond that.

          So for me it was more an issue that I wanted to “control” how others interacted with my pictures. I was actually shocked when I realized no one but me really cared about the when, except in a very general way.

    • Amy,

      I wrote Photo Freedom after teaching LOM for three years. It is the book form of the online class. Listen to the audio message on the class description page — I “attempt” to outline the differences between book and class in that audio message.

      In addition to M’s comment (which is awesome) I need you to know that I have made some pretty big updates to the curriculum overall that I feel book-learners and alumni will really appreciate.

      I would LOVE to have you in class!

    • Take the class it will change your life. The book is the cliff notes of the class. The handouts, audio, slide shows have more in depth detailed information and examples. Any hangups or confusion can be quickly answered by the message board. Stacy and the coaches give fantastic advice to guide you through your process. Your fellow classmates are there to sympathize with your worries and encourage you along. Your joys can be celebrated with your fellow classmates. You can encourage and offer advice to your fellow classmates.

  3. Hey Stacy!!! Wow LOM already! hooray!

    I wanted to share this info with you. I initially tried using a cheap $4.96 photo album from WalMart for Storage Binders. I found using the cheap photo albums to be problematic when using them as working tools, rather than display. I wrote a whole blog entry with the details —

    I also wanted to mention I had initially thought the nice Pioneer albums were beyond my budget due to cost AND due to having to pay for shipping. Then I learned that I could buy a 2pack of these albums from for $20 — $10 each. More do-able. AND FREE SHIPPING!!! I am not a member of Costco so I learned that non members will have a small surchage added to their order. For these albums?


    Therefore for less than $22, no shipping, I am able to get 2 of these albums and they make a huuuuge difference. It is still more expensive than the $8 albums from Target BUT I think $2-3 more each is a lot easier than twice as much each.

    I have ordered from Costco 3 times so far. It takes maybe 8 days to get my order. Once, I got a 2 pack with one good album and one broken one. I called them and they made arrangements to replace the broken album and have me ship it back to them.

    Also, re: Category Drawers. I still cannot afford the nice metal drawers and no way can I afford the shipping on them! My solution is Sterlite Show Drawers found at Walmart in the Sterlite storage aisle. These drawers are the exact right size for 4 x 6 photos and my category tabs too. They are clear plastic but I keep them on a closed shelf to avoid fading. They are $3.67 each and are stackable! They don’t have the spring arm to prop up my photos, so I have some small boxes in there — I use an empty box from checks weighted with decorative glass pebbles or whatever I have around the house.

    Maybe someday there will be the Stacy Julian line of LOM products and we can all buy apple green metal storage drawers and brightly colored leather storage albums! lol

  4. Very timely post! I just got my welcome package in the mail yesterday, and I plan to print out the pre-course info today so I can peruse it during the day without being hooked to the computer.
    Looking forward to February!

    • Yay for welcome packets!

      Joanie (and others) the more you can do now, the more prepared you will be for February 4th.

      I’m so glad you’re on board!

  5. Jodi Berg says:

    Stacy…it’s Jodi from DPS retreat last year, one of the train girls. I am finally taking the LOM class. I can’t wait to start. I’ll miss you this year at the DPS retreat. Hugs.

    Jodi Berg

  6. As far as I can tell the Steel Master drawers are not available in Canada:(

  7. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    Regarding printing photos–Shutterfly has a special right now for 200 photos, prepaid at 10 cents each (usually you have to buy 600 prepaid to get this price). So if you know you’re going to need to print photos, now might be a good time to buy 200 or 400 prints and then you’ll just have to pay shipping later when you order them! I love using Shutterfly–it’s so convenient! And I’m excited to take LOM one more time and get back on track. I cleaned my office yesterday and set up a folding table so I have a place to scrapbook! Yay!!

  8. I hesitate to ask this right now as you are eyeball deep in LOM. My questions is in regards to your storage by color and your layout on WCS. The labels that you used looked to be made by the same manufactor. Do you store them together even though they are different colors or did you go to all the different drawers to get them out for your layout?

    • Julee,

      Great questions. In addition to individuals folders (for paper/letter stickers) and bins (embellishments) for each color, I have a MULTI Brights and MULTI pastels folder. I only have a MULTI brights bin (since I prefer bright colors over pastels) The October Afternoon sticker sheet that I used on my WCS layout was in the Multi paper folder — hope that makes sense?!

  9. When you describe putting the digital photos into seasonal folders, do you just move them or put a copy in them and then what do you do with all the other pictures? I hope you just don’t delete them, but I hesitate to maintain two sets of folders

    • Do you have a PC or a Mac? On a Mac, using iPhoto, creating folders only makes a link or a thumbnail to the original, so you are not copying the same file sover and over. Stacy’s set up is like mine — there is the main photo library with all photos and then folders with links to a smaller selection, for organizing. I am not sure how to do it on a PC but there is a digital person in the class who can answer questions using almost any software!

  10. I do plan to take the class, I just have to wait a week or so before I sign up. But I will, if there’s still room for me. You will be surprised to know that because of this post, and all this talk about the LOM class, I did something totally out of my comfort zone this past weekend. I attended a scrapbooking retreat (not at all out of my comfort zone, btw) which was held at a beautiful camp that overlooked the frozen tundra here in central Illinois right now. It was beautiful! Not only did I do a demonstration at this retreat (my first ever) on a Christmas album I recently completed, I started an album called “People We Love”. I sorted through my photos, and any photo that had someone outside our immediate family, I put in a separate pile. All weekend (Friday night into Saturday 4 a.m., and Saturday until 3 p.m.) I worked on my “People We Love Album”. It was so much fun to mix and match old photos with more recent ones of certain people, and I am totally in love with all the pages I created. All 11 of them. Did I tell you that I was a slow scrapbooker. I’m a bit anal about it. Anyway, I just had share. I am really thinking that this class is going to be a sanity saver for me. I can already see myself not being so overwhelmed anymore.

  11. Stacy, I don’t think anyone will read my comment way down here, but I felt the need to reply. I took your class in 2007. My first child was born 3 weeks after class started. I definitely don’t think this was too soon to start learning LOM. I am SO glad that I started this system when my family was young and that I already have photos of my child waiting in category drawers for the connections. Plus, my family life is not ALL about my child – I have grandparents, parents, siblings, aunt and uncles, nieces and nephews – all of these people are important to my story and my child’s story.

    Also, as far as supplies. The first year that I took the class (2007), I bought 2 storage binders. I was determined to use the albums (post bound) that I already had, and I used photo boxes for my category drawers. The second year, after you convinced me to print my pictures, I bought 8 more storage binders (I’d still like to add a few, but haven’t yet). I didn’t get my first set of category drawers from Staples until November 2009. I only need one set right now because my drawers aren’t full. I have approximately 11 years in my storage binders – 1998-2009. I’ve been scrapbooking since 2000, so a lot of my pictures from 1998-2005 (when I went digital) are already scrapbooked, but there are still a few I’ve yet to take care of. My point is, this system is doable on a minimum of supplies and it is ok if it takes years to get all the supplies you “need.” The system is so worth it, and is so much more than the sum total of the supplies.

    Thank you, Stacy!


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