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I got a sneak peek of my Library of Memories navigation that Kayce is building in my classroom — so FUN!

There are more albums (ie more features) than ever before and If you’re an alumni, I bet you can pick out one or two that look new and different. I continue to get questions via blog and email about LOM highlights folders.

If you are currently enrolled in LOM and working your way through pre-class materials, there are 3 things I need you to do.

1. Make sure you have a photo-management software that you like. LOM supports Picasa (FREE), ACDSee, Adobe Bridge, PSE8 and iPhoto
2. Learn the basics of your photo software so that you can take advantage of specific tools (tagging, keywords, smart albums, facial recognition, location search, etc..) to help you find and manage your photos.
3. PARE down your collection. Set your timer once or twice day for 15 minutes and scroll through photos, deleting images you are never going to use.

If you will do these 3 things before LOM begins, then my team and I will be able to help you with specific questions you have!

By the way, we are giving away a FREE seat in Library of Memories on the Big Picture Scrapbooking BLOG. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me your greater purpose in scrapbooking. I’ll be over tomorrow to pick a winner.



  1. I love to scrapbook because it gives me, my family & friends and hopefully people I have not even met yet, a chance to remember and learn from the stories I tell through scrapbooking.

  2. Amy Ferguson says:

    To me it’s all about the story. The story of me, before us and the story of us now. I wish i knew all of the stories from my grandparents (now deceased) and I want more than that for MY grandkids.

  3. Definitely the story. I don’t have kids yet, but I want to record our life and the moments/objects/emotions that make my husband and I the people we are, so that when we do have children our story is already on it’s way to being told, and I can focus on their stories.

  4. Ohhh, lots of albums/tabs for the LOM classroom! Can’t wait.

  5. Jill parkinson says:

    When I blog about my children, I see an instant ego boost, light in their eyes, a spring in their step. I so want them to feel this love on a more consistent, continual basis. I think the LOM system is perfect! I just need someone to hold my hand so I can get it done!

  6. elizaBeth B. says:

    My greater purpose in scrapbooking is to document our family and lives for future generations. I love looking at my grandmothers photos and only wish I had more stories to go along with them. I’m sure future generations will wish the same thing.

  7. I love to tell the story…in case I forget or something happens to me. I want to leave the family a legacy of our lives and their importance in mine.

  8. erin white says:

    i think the new year is a great place to start anew and rethinking my way of scrapbooking is what i am ready for :) this wouldnt be wasted on me :) i have 7 years of life spend with my new husband and our blended family and i would love to change my old ways of documenting just like i have changed my life with them :) its time.

  9. I have always loved family history and photography, and scrapbooking is such a fabulous marriage of those two passions. I’ve started on Photo Freedom but LOM would be a huge boost, I’m sure. Just couldn’t afford to do both at this time!

  10. Erin in Germany says:

    My greater purpose in scrapbooking is to tell stories that would otherwise go forgotten. Plus, scrapbooking ties several of my hobbies – photography, crafting and writing – all together in one big happy bundle.

  11. I think the idea was to post on the BPS blog to win the free seat

  12. My greater purpose of scrapbooking is to document all the little stories that get forgotten… so when we look back we can see and remember those little special moments.

  13. My greater purpose in scrapbooking: hmm well I guess I really don’t know. I scrap because I love the creative outlet it gives me, I love that the finished product tells part of our family story, and I love to showcase favorite photos. I guess my greater purpose in scrapbooking then is LOVE!

  14. My greater purpose in scrapbooking is to tell the stories of my children’s childhoods. I that they can look back at their albums & say things like “I really did that or I really liked that didn’t I?”. For them to be able to remember their stories gives me great pleasure!

  15. peg risley says:

    I scrapbook to preserve our memories/life for future generations. I scrapbook so I can look at the changes we’ve made/how the kids have grown. I scrapbook so I can get out of the house and be with friends.

  16. I try to scrapbook to tell the story. I love to see my kids faces when they pull out a book and see themselves and smile! But it’s also an outlet for me. My ‘me’ time.

  17. I need to find more time for scrapbooking… I love everithing about it, but story is probably most important and my favorite!

  18. I want to leave a legacy for my grandchildren-I hope the books I create for them will not only tell their story but knowing someone loved them enough to scrapbook the events of their life. There are lots of “things” you can buy grandchildren but time spent making memories last for them cannot be replaced.

  19. Honestly, I’m not a scrap booker, but from the little I have read about LOM it just feels like something that makes sense to me and would allow me to share my families lives with my children in a way that would hopefully help them to see just how wonderful being part of a family really is and instill in them a desire to want the same thing!

  20. Desiree Chandler says:

    I want my kids to remember all the different moments of their lives growing up.. from the special occasions to the every day life… I’m currently doing the Project Life and so far so good. I took a class from you at the CKC Bellevue a couple years ago and I LOVED it!! I can’t wait to take another class with you :) You are the best and truly an inspiration to me.

  21. lynne moore says:

    Oh Stacy, Will you please make a t-shirt that has your quote, “There is exactly enogh time to scrapbook your most important memories.” I have the sticker above my deak but i want to wear that quote around town! I’d even buy it in white and I almost never wear white!

    And I still haven’t figured out how to describe the thoughts about being a Family Journalist vs. Family Historian. I still want that t-shirt too!

  22. Thanks Stacy. I do use PhotoShop Elements 7. I am really looking forward to this class. I am hoping to streamline my process in scrapbooking so that I can make a better effort on the journaling. Putting my hands on the photos I want quickly will help with that. I realize that my scrapping chronologically has limited me in my journaling comments for the page. I just finished Ali’s class and that has taught me so much about focusing on journaling. Once my photos are organized I hope that it will make this fun project fun once again. After all, what are the scrapped pages without any words or thoughts. I want to leave my family with something real and not just a bunch of photos that cannot read my mind. Thanks again.

  23. My greater scrapbooking purpose? I helped transcribe my great-great-great grandfather’s journal. All 40 years of them. I got to know Grandpa pretty well. It was the daily details that brought those journals to life and help me relate to them. My hopes? To connect the generations with my words and photos. Just like Grandpa did.

  24. Lynette C says:

    Scrapbooking for is a way to express my creativity and documenting my life, people and the world around me.

  25. …to have fun and to help my aging memory…

  26. Candace B. says:

    Thank you so much…and I love the answers posted! I preserve memories through scrapping because it makes me smile, and allows me to relive the past (since we cannot time travel yet!). I just need to play with paper! or I get cranky. :)

  27. Judi Weldon says:

    I love the sense of community from the scrapbooking world. No matter where we all live we have this vibrant, creative interest in common.

  28. I scrapbook to preserve memories for me, my children and their children.

  29. Cindy Davis says:

    I scrapbook because it is my creative outlet. I also love that I can capture family memories for all to enjoy!!

  30. my greater purpose in scrapbook is LOVING MY BOYS! in a way that they won’t appreciate for quite a while….but it will be there for them…when they need it!

  31. i scrapbook because it helps me embrace gratitude on a daily basis. while i can’t always carve out time to actively play with pictures and paper on a daily basis, i do see my world differently each and every day because every so often i document the stories of my life – the many blessings that flow through the highs and lows.

    and on that note – thank you, stacy, for creating BPS and sharing of yourself through your blog – you provide an encouraging example of authenticity in motherhood, creativity, and spirituality. i’m thankful for you!

  32. I scrapbook for my two daughters so they don’t forget the big & little things of their childhood. I have very little photos of me while I was growing up. There are no scrapbooks, no stories, just a few photos of me growing up. How I wish there were stories to go with the 40 pics I have of my childhood in an album. Right now they are just sitting in a box. That’s sad!!
    I take way too many photos (that’s why I need your class) now of everything my girls do. I want to tell their story so they and I don’t forget, so there is a story with the photos, so the photos don’t just end up in a box. I love when I see my girls looking at an album I have created for them like your picture of Addie looking through her album. That’s priceless and they have their pictures & memories documented forever to share with their families someday :)

  33. I would like to win a seat in Library of Memories. Not sure if you need a comment here or over in the Big Picture blog, so I’ve left a comment on both.

    I’ve always thought that I scrapbook for the same reasons that many people have mentioned – as a creative outlet and to preserve memories for my two boys. But over the years, it has become more of a collecting hobby. I have too much paper, tools, paints, stamps, ink, idea books, stickers, rub-ons…stuff! I’m now a hoarder, not a scrapbooker. And at some point, I’ve become more concerned about creating a beautiful, award-winning page (nothing wrong with that really) than about telling a story and reliving a memory. I need to find a way to combine the two.

  34. I really really need to focus more on positives in my life – in spite of financial difficulties – I would really love to win the free seat in the Library of Memories Class (if I’m not too late).

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