Meet Laura & Margaret

About a week before Christmas I got an email from Laura. She explained that she lives in Kansas, but her parents live in Greenacres (one town over.) She wondered if it would be possible for me to help her surprise her dear friend Margaret. Margaret loved Simple Scrapbooks magazine, loves BPS and loves my blog.


Laura and her husband (who is currently serving our country in the Armed Services *thank you*) dropped by my house. We enjoyed a short visit and it was an absolute treat to meet her. I gave her a handful of goodies and sent her on her way.


After Christmas I received this photo in an email from Laura, thanking me for my time. I received this photo from Margaret on the very same day.


This is Margaret, her daughter and her dog in her scrapbook corner.

When I read the email and then stopped on this photo, I started crying! I know I’m emotional, but still I was caught off guard. It wasn’t my time of the month and I was in total work mode, cruising through email. I paused and thought about these big, fat happy tears. I’m pretty sure I was crying because …

  • there are friends like Laura in the world.
  • Laura and Margaret think it is cool to have something signed by me.
  • because there are women (like Margaret & Laura) that have made space in their homes and in their lives for being creative and honoring memories.

I’m pretty sure I was crying big, fat, happy tears mostly because this little girl (and her dog) who are quite mistakenly in the photo are living in an environment overflowing with the awareness and the gratitude and the happiness that creative women inspire.

Do me a HUGE favor and have someone take a picture of you in your creative space this weekend.

Then look at it and let the happy tears flow!

Thanks Laura!



  1. Beth Smith says:

    You are always so timely with your posts. It’s the little “God-breezes” as I’ve heard them called. I got on my computer to print some photos so that I could create after a months-long hiatus, and this post appeared on my RSS feed. Guess I’m headed in the right direction :) Thank you!

  2. Stacy, You are the best! What a sweet wonderful thing you did! Wow! Karen C.

  3. How neat. I’m glad that you made the day for Laura and Margaret and in return they touch you. There’s that circle we are all a part of. I’m looking forward to the day I get to meet you. I keep hoping you will be down this way so I can. (Phoenix area).

  4. And what a fabulous thing it is to be a part of this circle. I think back to the days before we had computers and the internet in nearly every home and thank God for living in this time when we are only a “click” away from the inspiration and affirmation we all share through this worldwide connection and the awesome possibilities it gives us to meet – both online and in person.

  5. Thanks for always inspiring me Stacy to live my best creative life: with kids, and work, and pets, and responsibilities and everything else thrown into the mix. It’s still possible to be creative while you do life! Thanks for that reminder.

  6. And now I have big tears! What a sweet and wonderful post today. Gratitude is a wonderful thing to share. Of course you are so sweet to share a moment with a “fan” (who I am sure became a fast friend). But the BIG PICTURE here is the feeling that comes when you are appreciated. Gratitude is good to share, great to share. But I have a hard time receiving someone’s gratitude. Receive it well, as it was given!

  7. Christine H says:

    You took the time and energy to make someone’s day and it bounced right back at you. Just the way it should be. I hope I remember this next time someone asks for a piece of my time and energy.

  8. Loved the story Stacy! I just cleaned up my Craft Room so will have my hubby take a photo this weekend. It’ll be a great journal entry.

  9. And now you made me cry too:)

  10. Thank you for your encouragement to create, and your kindness to others. It’s truly inspiring.

  11. Stacy,

    Thank you for being so kind to my dear friend Laura, and, by extension, to me, too. We are inspired by your creative energy and spirit of kindness. I love what Deb J and Terri Q added about this fabulous circle of life. And I’ll add this to the circle notion: creative women inspire happiness, and happness, in turn, inspires more creativity. We are SO lucky to be in this.

    Smiling from ear to ear,

  12. Oh Stacy, I LOVE this post. The funniest thing is that when I first saw you at Camp Croppin’ in Calgary, I saw everyone lining up to have you sign their books. I felt silly doing the same. Now it is one of my biggest regrets. I did get to speak to you later on and I will always treasure the memory of how kind and REAL you were. Big warm fuzzies and tears here, too.

  13. Monika Wright says:

    My craft room is my laundry room is our art project room…and I have taken a few photos of the kids and I creating handprint tote bags for Grandmother’s on Mother’s Day, Christmas ornaments, paper airplanes. It’s not your average gloomy, grey laundry room, either…it has two windows, a rug, a printer and scanner, a Mac…oh yeah, and a sink and washer and dryer, ha. Thanks for helping me to relive the lovely moments I’ve shared with my children in this room. And, my 18-year-old son sometimes makes fun of my happy tears, oh well.

  14. Hello Stacy! Although I follow your website because I loved Simple Scrapbooks magazine I’ve never been compelled to comment or take a class on BPS or been so moved to chime in until now. The fact that you would take time out of your life to welcome a stranger and sign autographs for her friend speaks volumes about your character. You are a very kind and gracious person. You are truly nice, and I mean really nice, that my blog friend is rare these days. May the new year bring you many, many good things covered with lots of sprinkles!

  15. Stacy, would you ever consider coming to the New York or Long Island area? Please, please, please! Would so love to meet you.

  16. You inspire a lot of people, me being one f many. Such a lovely post x

  17. I’m shedding a few happy tears at this post – so cool – you are the grooviest Stacy! I’m sure you made their day! Fun Fun. Ok I’m going to take a picture of me in my space now. :)

  18. Laura Sessoms says:

    Thank you so much for all your kind words! Margaret and I were truly touched that you put us on your blog. I really appreciate your outlook on life and how you treat others with kindness. I will never forget my little adventure! Keep on doing what you do with the knowlege that you do affect others for the good!

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