my word.

I’m so excited about my word for 2010.

I don’t remember where Ali got the idea to encourage us to select a word for each year, but I LOVE the process of reviewing past years’ words (2008 & 2009) and contemplating a new guiding word. I take this process very seriously and I have therefore been thinking (more like stewing really) over my word for weeks and weeks this year. I think this is because I am at a crossroads in my life and very anxious to make changes that will keep me healthy, centered and close to my sweetheart, my children and my extended family. Sometimes in life we keep doing what we’ve been doing because it is working, because it is moving us forward and because we assume the path we are on is a good path—and maybe it is. But sometimes we need to STOP and really look around and think about where the good path we are on is taking us. Is that destination in fact a place you want to go to — even if it is a good place? Is there another destination that might be equally good or perhaps rewarding in a different or more important way?

These have been my thoughts and before I bore you to death with my mental mumbo-jumbo, my word for 2010 is …


I’ve mentioned my experience with Baron Baptist’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution before. This six-week (spread out over 8 weeks for us) yoga program has help me approach everything–even yoga–differently.

I was FAR from perfect in applying the principles or the progression of yoga in Baron’s book and program.The fact that I attempted this process during the holidays had something to do with this — but I also think the impossibility of complete adherence was a big part of my personal breakthrough. I finally “gave in” and am really, truly accepting the fact that an inner revolution is not about taking control or exercising will power. Baron says that “At a certain point, we learn that unconditional surrender is a far superior approach to life than our compulsion to control.”

I have another post that I’m working on that will share a portion of the last chapter of Baron’s book. It was AWESOME.

but, back to my word and the practice of slowing down.

Ever since launching I have felt restless, driven and even compulsive in my doing and getting things done. I feel so much pressure sometimes its crazy! No one creates this pressure, but me and that is the really crazy part. Over the holidays and in large part because of the things I was learning in my yoga practice I started to SLOW down and just let go. Interestingly enough I still get quite a bit done. I still make lists, though I’m not making them as often. I still want to do an unrealistic amount of stuff most days, but I’m even talking and moving slower and that feeling of almost crushing anxiety is gone.

My life isn’t what it was three years ago.

  1. I don’t have a magazine to run any more.
  2. Big Picture Scrapbooking is not subject to corporate demands or measures. Kayce and I learned a great deal this year about running a healthy business and we have been blessed!
  3. My new website does NOT need to be everything I’d like it to be tomorrow, or even in six months. There is no rush.

My only goal (more on this coming soon) this year is to SLOW down and not have any goals. My purpose is to manifest goodness and health so that I can truly enjoy LIFE right now.

I want to go slow.


  1. Sandie Conry, Kent, WA says:

    Hi Stacy! Nice choice! I just happen to be reading a book called “The Power of Slow” by Christine Louise Hohlbaum. I haven’t gotten too far yet, but the Introduction is worth the price of admission. It talks about the concept of time and our relationship with it. Good stuff! Check it out!

  2. Stacy I found it very empowering to hear such an energised person as you talk about slowing down. I have seen your energy at the fantastic workshops you ran in Wellington, New Zealand and have seen your drive and enthusiasm. For you to be saying slow down when you are successful is so strong. Last year I chose to stop working in highpowered executive roles, to seek rewards other than work. I’m sure you will do slow with style and panache.

  3. Stacy, my sweet-late mother-in-law told me once that after 40, it’s all maintenance. SLOW should help you find the most important foci (plural of focus) in your life.

    My own 2010 word is: HEALTH. Focusing on my physical, spiritual, mental/emotional, financial health(s) is my main interest.

    Looking forward to another alumni year with LOM. Maybe this year I’ll finally stop fiddling around with this and jump completely in; sounds like a healthy thing to do?!? :)

  4. lOVE your word. That’s kinda where Im at without all the productivity. choosing a word is so hard for me because i know so many apply and that in itself is so frustrating. I know I just need to go with it. Today I will think.

  5. This is a wonderful word Stacy! I think you need to be in a certain “place” in your life before you really see and understand the importance and necessity of a word like this. I’m there! “Sit still” is one of the action steps to my word (inspired) this year and the most challenging for me too! Slowing down and sitting still is not as easy as it sounds but it sure is worth the effort to learn how. Happy New Word! :)

  6. Monika Wright says:

    Amen, Brother John! (I don’t know who started that saying, but…it fits.) Well, rather, Amen, Sister Stacy! I put way too much pressure on myself, too. We all do. Perfection is does not always mean better, or happier, or even perfect. I have to remind myself of that, because I am way too Type A. Really. I applaud you for recognizing that you need to slow down…and in essence you have encouraged others to contemplate this and do the same.

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing and for slowing down. : )

  8. Good for you Stacy! It’s interesting how many of us want to take this approach this year. (My word is Stability for the same basic reasons as yours) Enjoy the slow life. It really is what God intended for us! :)

  9. Lynn in FL says:


    Well, my word rhymes with yours…it’s GROW. I hope to grow spiritually, creatively, and mentally, and am trying to journal each day about a way in which I grew that day…however small. (Hmmm….sounds like a scrapbook in the making!) 365 days of growth. My only area in which I do NOT wish to grow is physically…need some shrinking there! But…..I hope to do all the above SLOWLY, and enjoy the process of literally seeking a way to grow as a person each and every day. And I will just add that reading your blog each day is one way in which I have grown already this past year. Thank you for all you do to inspire us, Stacy.

    Lynn in FL

  10. My word is Reconnect, because I have been living my life at a speed which caused me to lose all connections with my family, friends and most importantly, myself. Slow would apply as well, but it is really all just semantics.
    Ultimately, we all need to value the things we say we value with actions. I SAY my family is important to me, but if I am travelling so much that I slept at home only three nights in October, are they feeling valued?
    Having been hit with a major health crisis has forced me to slow down and as anxiety-provoking as it may be, I’m not sure I will ever go back to that former life. I did lots, I accomplished so much, I affected many peoples’ lives, but my own true self had almost disappeared.
    Stacy, I wish you luck , no, make that wisdom, with your choices. I love how my husband has always put it. He has never discouraged me in anything I’ve done. But on occasion, he will stand before the frantic, frazzled version of me and say, “Is this the healthiest choice for you?” It allows me to make the final decision, but offers me a moment of reflection that I tend not to seek out on my own.
    Love y’a Stacy. Keep keeping it real for yourself and all of us.
    (P.S.: Did you get my “Photos of my life in five-second-bursts” e-mail? I’m never sure if those e-mails get to their destinations)

    • I did get your email. I probably have about 17 “draft” blog posts written right now. I’m just swamped with LOM prep. Someday soon — I promise! And, thank YOU.

      • Stacy, go SLOW! There was no pressure implied. I have just had trouble with e-mail that have attachments lately – and that one was HUGE! I didn’t want to think that I had simply ignored your request and never replied. Doesn’t matter to me if the world never sees them, I’m just so glad to have been able to express my gratitude to you with that e-mail exchange.

        Sent out an invitation to a sushi-making party as the first step to living my word. Going to RECONNECT with friends and people who have piqued my interest over the years. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  11. BALANCE.

  12. My word for this year is “Finish”.

    I’m the queen of unfinished projects. I am good at starting stuff, I’m not good on finishing them. Not only albums, but also layouts – journalling has never been my strong point. This word also refers to everything else in my life that I start – organizing, losing excess weight and debt.

    I love the picture of your word, with Slow in the middle of the street. I’m currently going to look for a picture online of a finish line, print it, frame it and put it somewhere I can see everyday…also use it in a layout. Didn’t decide to do this until I saw your photo so thanks for the inspiration as always!

  13. Well said: “Sometimes in life we keep doing what we’ve been doing because it is working, because it is moving us forward and because we assume the path we are on is a good path—and maybe it is. ”

    DH & I have always thought of that concept as the “escalator”. It’s easy to automatically keep getting on the next one (especially when it comes to career/job stuff) … even if that’s not really where you want to/should go.

    Thanks for sharing … I am going to have to think of a word too. (Hmm — maybe LISTEN. I like that one.)

  14. I would love to take the yoga class that you have gone through. I want someone to teach me. I don’t want it to be another one of those projects that I take on and then immediately feel behind it. I love your word and your enthusiam. I enjoy the realness in your posts and project. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Stacey – I like your word for 2010. It is one I have been plugging also. I want things to stop being so urgent and must have this done ASAP.
    I just want to go SLOW.

  16. Slow is fab!!!

    My word is LIGHT. Lightness of physical and emotional being, lightness of spirit.

    I’ve been doing a series on my blog about fun ways to keep your One Little Word front and center: Here’s the latest post!

  17. Stacy, thanks so much for your thought-provoking post. I love life and change (as strange as that sounds to some people I’m sure!) because I love that there are ebbs and flows and “rhythm” to just about everything in life. There is a time for slow and a time to go! There really is a time for everything as it says in Ecclesiastes. In all aspects/areas of life. I’m going to read that Scripture right now. THANK YOU for the reminder that God gives us a time for everything (and sometimes even uses banging pots it seems to get our attention) so we don’t miss our opportunity to take the gift of what He wants us to be doing with the time He is giving us (and I’m talking time in the more “short-term” vs time as in “our life”). Whether it is to slow, go, or all of the continuum in between…………


  18. My word is change – I want to change to a healthier lifestyle, spend more time building my relationship with God, and enjoy my family. In selecting my word, I realized it is a slow process to change things that I’ve been doing a certain way for years. Making positive changes SLOWLY will be a good thing. Reading your post about slow just clicked with me and my goals for the year. Thanks for being so transparent in your blog.

  19. I like your word. Like you I have to remond myself that most of my busyness is because I have set artificial expectations for myself. So I am trying to learn to go slower and be Intentional (my word for this year). Hang in there and enjoy that slowness.

  20. brenda in sunny socal says:

    Hi Stacey, I love your word, mine is simplify, everything from schedules and carpools to chores and weekends.
    PS Can’t wait for LOM to start!

  21. I love this Stacy, so true and so needed in this pace of life.
    Special thoughts coming your way…

  22. Mary Bennetts says:

    Love your word Stacey. Last year my word was growth and this year I think it will be balance. I am like you and always take on to much, my hubby says to may “Just do one thing at a time” I am always trying to do about 3 things at once.
    So I think I need to have some balance in my life and maybe set myself limits to what I can do. Life is for enjoying so we all should slow down and do just that

  23. Loved reading this post!! My word this year is STILL and I’m finding great joy in slowing putting this into words.

  24. Wow, that is my word or rather words for this year. I need to SLOW down, not put so much pressure on myself. I need to look at my whole picture which is pretty darn busy and see what I can eliminate and what I might be able to delegate and then slow it all down to my speed of life which itself has slowed right down. Slowed down due to health problems that have risen from trying to do too much. I don’t know how to slow work down, I manage a mall and also have a scrapbooking store, sometimes I think, sell the store which I love so much and then within a day, we are talking about expanding. I will decide this ONE decision within one month. I am proud and excited to be carrying the Olympic Torch on Feb. 3rd. That one is a keeper. Thanks for your post Stacy, I need to regain my health and my family life both of which are of the utmost importance to me.

  25. Thanks for the inspiration Stacey. My word is “CONNECT”. It will remind me to make sure the ‘things’ I feel I must do connect me with the people and the things I should do for my family and myself. Thanks for inspiring me to simplify. I already feel encouraged that I only have ONE word to focus on rather than an arm long list of resolutions! Looking forward to LOM starting in a few weeks!!

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