Paperclipping Roundtable


I’m super excited for and proud of Noell Hyman (Paperclipping) and Nancy Nally (Scrapbook Update) and their whole team (thanks Izzy and Ana) as they launch the brand new Paperclipping ROUNDTABLE.

This weekly panel discussion is sure to be a resource for news and invaluable insight into the scrapbooking and papercrafting industries. I am delighted to be the Rountable’s first guest. In fact, in my opinion (as the newly appointed Zen Master of scrapbooking) this is just the kind of “aggregation” that will shape the future of our industry.

I hope you’ll have a listen HERE. In fact, you can subscribe to the Paperclipping Rountable via iTunes, by clicking on this link.



  1. Great podcast Zenmaster :) I love having my photos all around me. Framed, digital frames, screen saver, and of course all kinds of scrapbooks, photo albums, mini books, Shutterfly books. Surround yourself in your memories and moments.

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