photos, chocolates and I LOVE Lucy.

I know you’ve seen this before. My friend Maureen Sargent (see pg . 110 of Photo Freedom) reminded of it.

When you start scrapbooking, the prospect of doing something fun and meaningful with your photos seems like a wonderfully sweet and doable thing. At some point, we realize that the conveyor belt of memories isn’t about to slow down and in spite of our best efforts to keep up and we exclaim with Lucy, “I think we’re fighting a losing game!”

I say, go buy a big bag of your favorite chocolates and come join me in Library of Memories.
I can help.

There are just just a couple of days left to sign up. Registration closes Monday night at 10:00pm.

Here are a few more answers to some of your questions:

Question from Cindy P.
I just finished your book, Photo Freedom and I’m ready to develop my system.  I have scrapbooked chronologically until 2004 when I essentially stopped to have three babies.  Now I’m looking to pick up where I left off and don’t know where to begin.  I have my photos organized and I kept track of my journaling on a blog, but I want to adopt your system and get rid of chronology…it’s too stressful to always be years behind.  My Four categories are Our life (all about us and every day life), Celebrations and Traditions, Places (travel) we go and People we love (family, friends).  My Question is… can I keep my chronological albums as done and start fresh at 2005 with my categories, or should I move the layouts from my old albums into my new categories? I’d love to get your thoughts on this, thanks so much for your time.

Cindy, the short answer is absolutely. The longer answer — and this is what I tell students in my Library of Memories class, is keep anything that is complete in it’s finished and complete state. If you have years of annual albums that are finished, then leave them alone. If you have a few years of unfinished chronological albums and they are creating guilt for you — break up those layouts and incorporate them into your new library albums.

If it feels weird to have two kinds of albums in your home, and you need closure or at least a transition, then simply create a layout for the last page protector in your last completed chronological album. This layout should feature a photo of you (and your 3 kids) along with an explanation of how you are always learning and evolving and you are now approaching your scrapbooking in a new, more liberating fashion!

Question from Julie O.
I just finished reading “Photo Freedom”. I could not put it down. I really just stumbled upon it as I was recreating my scrap space in my home office. It has changed the way I think about my pictures, my scrapbooks and my photo ops. Could you give me a few pointers on “tagging” photos in my computer? What exactly is tagging? Is it the same as a rating system? (I am using Memory Manager 3.0 from Creative Memories). Thank you for sharing your system. I will definitely be sharing it with my friends, family and customers.

Julie, you are not the only one with questions about how to create a collection of your BEST and most scrappable digital images. Depending on the software you are using (I’m not familiar with the Memory Manager) you can rate or tag your photos — so that you can essentially search for those photos that you have deemed most valuable to you as a scrapbooker. The purpose in purging and sorting images is two-fold. One, we need to reduce the amount of photos we have to scroll through, so we can find and use our photos. We ALL take far more pictures than we can deal with and yet we don’t want to delete the additional 17 photos we took of our child blowing out her birthday candles (after all we *might* need those pictures someday!) so we end up with thousands and thousands of images. If you can rate (or tag) 3 of those birthday images and copy them into a highlights folder and then train  yourself to scroll through the highlights folder when you need to find an image, you will save yourself time. The second reason I recommend highlights folders is they can be uploaded for online archiving. Once you have a highlights folder complete you can store it at a service like Shutterfly and have the security of know your very best images are safe and archived outside your home.

Question from Aileen O
I have been trying like crazy to figure out how you color coded your main tabs in your category drawers.  I know you ordered acid free index tabs from highsmith, but I can’t figure out how you got them green, brown, etc.  I love things color coded.  It helps me think more clearly! I love ALL of your ideas and you have helped me tremendously!!!

Aileen, I have a Xyron machine and I simply run an index card through my Xyron to apply a fine layer of adhesive to front. I then adhere my sticky card to a piece of colored cardstock and use a craft knife to trim away the excess. I also use an emery board (or sandpaper) to sand the edges a bit–which cleans up the edges. If you do not have a Xyron — you can simply apply a thin layer of glue (glue stick) to the entire front side of an index card.

Question from Caroline E
Hi!  I’m working on the “homework” leading up to the LOM class and as I go through my digital and print photos, I’m finding ideas for pages popping into my mind.  I’m just jotting them down in a list, but I was wondering if you have a special notebook for scrapbooking ideas as they come up, or another system that you could suggest?  Most times when I come up with an idea I am in the middle of something else, and can’t just drop everything to start right then – I want a good way to preserve those ideas so I can follow up with them later.

Caroline, This same exact thing happens to me and I just keep an ongoing list of ideas in a little notebook — sometimes I then take these ideas and develop them further on a “story card” — story cards are an LOM extra that I’ve introduced into my system since writing the book Photo Freedom. I will explain this process more in class! I also use sticky notes to note names, dates and extra details right inside my storage binder — hope this helps!



  1. If you can afford Stacy’s class TAKE IT. You won’t believe how much it helps you with scrapbooking. I’ve taken it 3 times and because you learn more every time. Stacy is a genious at this and boy did it help me a lot. (She didn’t ask me or pay me to say this either). I have friends who still do the chronological stuff and most of them find they have to make themsleves scrapbook because they are so far behind. Don’t be like them. Find freedom through taking Stacy’s class.

  2. I wanted to offer an alternate response for Caroline E. The Log Your Memory book was designed exactly for keeping track of all those memories you are making and noting which you want to scrap!

  3. The video ~ YES that is exactly what the digital camera has done to us! Those pictures just keep coming in, no matter how fast you try and scrap them you just become overwhelmed. Cue LOM into your life and there is a solution.

  4. I’m signed up for LOM & I am so excited. I have been watching Scrapbook Memories and absolutely LOVE your segments on simplifying, unfortunately I don’t have your Photo Freedom book, but when I first saw the info about LOM on Scrapbook Memories I was instantly intrigued. The only question I have right now is, using the American Crafts Modern Albums, how do you keep the edges of the binder looking so nice, I used one of them for a project last year & by the end of the year the album was a mess!

  5. Ack I wish I could sign up! I just started my job and don’t get paid until the 29th. :( Will have to wait until the next session. I’ll start tweaking my photos in iPhoto in the meantime. I can’t wait to take this some day! I absolutely need a kick in the pants – the 12,000+ pics in my iPhoto library have literally overwhelmed me, don’t even know where to start anymore.

  6. As an LOM alum, I have to say that it is TOTALLY worth it! After 2 years, I cannot say that I am totally following the “system,” but I completely love Stacy’s ideas. I am applying them as I can and getting the photos scrapped that I want to scrap. I don’t feel “obligated” like I used to. Sign up if you can! You won’t regret it.

  7. Silva’s knees

  8. Noemi Pedroza says:

    I laughed so hard viewing the video. Thank you Stacy! Thumbs up for Stacy’s class. The creativity and connections with pictures will come full circle again. Highly recommend it!

  9. just wanted to comment on memory documentation… I keep a stack of 4×6 index cards out on my desk. As an idea/memory jumps into my head I jot it down. Then I take this card and file it in my Us, People We Love, Places, and Things file drawer in the area it is most applicable. Then I can pick up a stack of my favorite pictures of my kids with a grandparent along with a memory card to start the scrapbook process….

    ttfn – Laura

  10. So honored that you answered my question personally. Was pleasantly surprised to see it after not reading for a few days.


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