so true.

I can’t wait to tell you more about what I’ve learned from my 40 Day yoga experience. Geoff and I attended our last group session this morning. I’m off now to a teddy bear picnic where Trey and Taft and Addie will meet their new primary teachers at church. Addie has graduated from the nursery and will be a Sunbeam — what the 3yr olds are called in primary. So fun.

I came home to this email from Elizabeth Dillow and her Inspiration Defined workshop. This is so in line with what is on my mind after yoga this morning. Interesting how often life shows us moments of pure synchronicity.


One of the biggest barriers to creativity is getting caught in an endless cycle of routine (not the kind that makes life easier, but the kind that threatens to shut our eyes and ears to new experiences and feelings). The best remedy? Change your perspective! Today, grab your camera and capture a few photos from a different angle, take a walk on a different route, call a friend you don’t talk with on a regular basis. Before you know it, you’ll be a little more aware and alert as you move through your day! This is usually just the kind of refresher needed to clear the cobwebs out of the part of your brain responsible for cool scrapbooking ideas.

so true.



  1. Great thought to grab the camera and do something ‘creative’ with it. On my way to the kitchen to get my camera and do just that! Thanks.

  2. This goes right along with my Word for this year–Intentional. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. I love taking shots from a different perspective. Even if I don’t have my camera I find myself ‘framing my shot’ and looking at things from a different view. It does change your frame of mind.

  4. Speaking of how “life shows us moments of pure synchronicity” being so true! I have chosen the word CHANGE for this year and your speaking of a change in perspective fits right along with what I m feeling I need to do this year. Thanks for all you do.

  5. I too loved this idea in my inbox. :)

  6. I love reminders like this, on perspective. I have a pair of shoes with 4-inch chunky heels. I remember the first time I opened the fridge to get some milk for breakfast. Those 4 inches changed the whole way I viewed the fridge! Silly little thing, but hugely memorable for me.

    Oh! Have you read the words to the second verse of the “Sunbeam” primary song? I loved learning that verse in our primary last year.

  7. Just a quick note to thank you for introducing me to LittleMissMatched socks some time last year. I bought packs of three socks and gave them to girls and women who are important in my life for Christmas. They were a huge hit!!!

  8. Such a great idea, Stacy! I’ll have to remember this!

    And… I started a Twitter account today. *sigh* I was trying to stay away, but I decided it would be cool for Write 365, and I made a hashtag (had to Google that one!) for it too. #letswrite365… will be what I’ll put in each one. :-) Thanks for the inspiration! You rock! :-D

    • Reyanna,

      perfect! I will use your hashtag too then. Twitter doesn’t have to be only about connecting with people — in fact I think it started out more as a micro-blogging service and has become so much more.

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