Sprinkle No. 14


Your *sprinkle* this week is to STOP.
Really. Every time you encounter one of these very familiar signs. I want you to come to a full and complete stop.

This *sprinkle* is both literal and figurative. If you’re like me (confession time) you roll up to a stop sign, take a quick look both ways and then pull out in front of a car or cars because you can — there is both room and time to move on. However, if we stopped, all the way. We could pause; we could notice where we are and think for a minute about where we are going — the school, the library, the store … maybe even home.

Stop all the way this week.

After all, it is a brand new year, before we proceed full speed ahead in life, it might be nice to STOP. Look. And then proceed.

I think we might realize how often we feel hurried and how good it feels to deliberately stop.



  1. This is good. My husband always tells me to not roll through as I typically do – although I think I stop enough. I will stop completely this week. Now, I just need to get my husband to use his arrow keys!

  2. Great idea…whenever I see a Stop sign I’ll also tell myself to STOP procrastinating and FOCUS (which is my one little word for 2010)!

  3. Thanks for the reminder – such a good one. I think I’ll go stop for a bit before starting dinner.

  4. Thanks Stacy . . . great reminder for this time of year. I will be making an extra effort to stop at every sign. ;-)

  5. I am going to take this and use it another way. I am going to STOP what I am doing and actually listen to my children. I too often just nod and only half way listen to them. Today I sat down and made a point to have breakfast with my 8 yr old. We even lit a candle. She thought it was wonderful. These precious children that God has given us grow up way to quickly. They deserve to have us STOP and pay attention to them.

  6. What a GREAT idea! LOVE your blog!

  7. Stacy, this is so beautiful. Thank you for teaching us a most beautiful lesson. The concept of STOP can be applied to many things. I have to make a note to include this in my scrapbook. It is so much fun learning with you!!

  8. Stacy, this sprinkle reminds of that old Ferris Bueller quote that says, “If you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile, your gonna miss it” (meaning life) I think that’s what he meant anyway, and I think that’s how the quote goes. Coming to a complete stop, can help us in so many ways throughout this new decade, and maybe prevent a few less fender benders to boot.

  9. When I saw Thich Nhat Hanh for a workshop — he said that sometimes when the light turns red —
    we just
    And just be in that moment — and not wish to be into the next. To just be in that place and savor life @ that moment.
    It’s been many years since that lesson — and I often find myself in a better place when traffic gets backed up I am stopped — to breathe and be — and to let do the other obligations that are revving me up in the moment.

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