Sprinkle No. 17

This week your *sprinkle* is to follow your curiosity and use Google or Wikipedia to learn more about an interesting person. Quite often when I’m reading books, I’ll circle the name of someone that is mentioned or quoted and write “Google” in the margin. It is delightfully fun to dive a little deeper into influential lives.


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I just recently watched the fabulous movie, Julie and Julia and must admit that I was completely enthralled with a story of creative expression through cooking and the healing and guiding power of personal connection.

Life is busy, but I hope you’ll snatch up 15 minutes to look up someone you’ve read about or been introduced to via television or the movies.

Enjoy the chance to learn just a little bit more.
And … if you still have time, make something delicious with real butter.



  1. Wasn’t that just the BEST movie!!! I loved it; it was delightful and entertaining. A nice little reprieve from life. I gained a whole new appreciation for Julia Childs. Bon Appetite!

  2. Stacy,

    I did the same thing. I also went to youtube and watch one of her “How to Make an Omlette” videos! I had never seen her before… so fun!

    I looked up the other woman too and while I’m impressed with how her blog turned into a phenomenon, her recent book is pretty disappointing…

    I love learning about people!! :)

  3. I always use real butter in my baking!!!!!!!!!

  4. I did this recently after hearing Bob Marley songs, and wondering about his story. I was amazed at what I didn’t know. Very interesting!

  5. Stacy,
    I was intrigued by Julie & Julia, too–I just knew Julia Child as a ‘character’ on TV (barely). I read her book “My Life in France” and it was fascinating! What an interesting life she led! I recommend it. :) Great sprinkle!

  6. Kelly Habrock says:

    I’m a culinary student & was intriqued by the thought of a movie about Julia. I wasn’t a big fan of French cooking, however after watching the movie, fall in love with Julia & increased my curiousity about classic cuisine. Wonder movie, great book & so much to learn from her and you. Thanks for the sprinkle.

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