1 pound of food for your good mood.

Kayce and Stacy and the hot dog hot rod.

I was raised in the 1970s. This means among other things that I ate a LOT of Oscar Mayer hotdogs. Today I rode inside one of the famed wiener mobiles (there are six total) and it was so FUN. We sang the B-O-L-O-G-N-A  song and learned about the application process to become a hot-dogger. You must ‘cut the mustard’ — be college graduate with a good driving record and one full year to dedicate to road tripping?

Oscar Mayer, as mentioned in our little movie is behind a really cool movement to help feed hungry Americans. Essentially, you use your good mood to ‘purchase’ one pound of food. You can learn more about at goodmoodmission.com

I’m learning a ton of good stuff here at Mom2.0 — more coming soon!



  1. FYI – I was totally singing along! :)


  2. My sister will totally be jealous! She only got her picture taken next to the Weinermoblie, not in it! LOL

  3. How fun is that??!!

  4. Love the bologna song! Ah, the wienermobile – lucky you!

  5. Michelle H says:

    I think I’m more excited about the fact they have a sticker for tweeting from the Weinermobile than anything.

  6. I get such a kick out of that song. My favorite commercial of all time is the little boy at the end of the pier singing the Bologna Song. I think it is neat that you got to ride in and video your ride in the weiner mobile.

  7. Molly McCarthy says:

    How fun!! I wish I was there too!!

  8. Stacy you crack me up!!! I would love to have my picture with the Weinermobile!! OH What A scrapbook layout!!
    I am going to be singing that song all night…… B O L O G N A!
    Thanks for the smile today!

  9. I am so jellous!

  10. I went outside my motel in Athens, Georgia in November of last year to see the Oscar Meyer Mobile in the parking lot! I was so excited! I took several pictures of it for my grandchildren, who were nearly as excited about it as I was! I should have found the driver and asked him/her if I could take a ride in it too.

  11. Are you still in Houston? If so, you may experience one of the really fun Houston events-snow. As someone who grew up in Michigan, I love the delight people in Houston show when there is the slightest bit of snow in the air.

  12. Karen Schmidt says:

    Looks like fun. When my daughter was a baby a friend worked in a grogery store and they gave us the stuffed Wiener mobile, its big and it looks just like the one in the picture.

    How fun! the song made me laugh.

  13. I’m in Houston and had no idea the weinermobile was here!!! I see The House of Blues in the background……what a fun place with very good food!!!! So I’m wondering what was going on in Houston that brought you here……. the warm weather?????

  14. What a great resource!

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