2 Minute Memories (Winners)

I’m a bit confused.
There are so many scrapbookers that claim difficulty with journaling and yet when I ask you to leave a comment and reveal something (often) quite personal you consistently blow me away. Your responses to the question: Who would you pay tribute to in a 2 Minute Memories book — are AMAZING.
If we could capture this kind of emotion and authenticity on scrapbook pages from time to time, we would be set.


I’m delighted to send the following blog readers a FUN little package of tribute goodness.

Kristyn G who wrote, I have been trying to come up with a cute valentine gift for my husband and son. I think I will turn this tribute album concept into a little “i love you” album for each of them, listing 10 things that I love about them. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheryl T who wrote, I would pay tribute to my Grandmother. She was a lovely woman. I don’t have that many photos of her but I can do a lot of journaling from what I remember about her.

Suzanne M who said, For 18 years I have been wanting to create a tribute to my mom who passed away in 1992. My best friend, my hope and inspiration, my support of my life – my mom. I have often felt I needed to start a foundation in her honor, write a novel about her, so many things but sadly, I do nothing and it hurts. I would love to be able to break the ice and begin, and perhaps this mini tribute will be my motivation.

Laura P. who wrote, It is really hard for me to say who I’d pay tribute to, but it would be one of the three people -
My mom, who died way to young of breast cancer
My dad, who, despite lots of sorrow and uncertainty, is still a rock in my life
My sister, who has grown into an amazingly wonderful, funny and creative person.

Brenda M who said, My husband died 6 years ago when my son was only 11. He will graduate from high school next year and I would love to give him a memory book to carry with him as he walks across the stage so that he will feel that his dad is with him during this important rite of passage. Even if I don’t win, I will make this for him. Thank you so much for the idea!

Stacy who said, I would actually like to pay tribute to a “time” instead of a person. We just recently had and ice storm/blizzard that caused us to be without power for 10 days. The first 4 days were without electricity, water, heat or a generator. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I have learned a lot from you, and I put some of it to work during that time. I decided to be thankful for everything I had instead of be miserable because of what I didn’t have. When you are in a situation like that, you almost get giddy when you find something you are thankful for. I really want to remember this time, and all the little lessons I learned, all the little things I was thankful for (even a candle addiction!) I took pictures of a lot of stuff because I knew I wanted to remember time…but have been struggling with what kind of album to put it in. This was an AHA moment for me…I think this process would be great way to do it.
Thanks Stacy, for all you do, for all the encouragement and inspiration. You really have changed my life!

Verona H who said,  I’ve never heard this idea, but I like it and the closure it would help to give. My husband’s brother has know he had terminal prostate cancer for over 6 years and it ended today and he has been called home to Heaven with no more suffering. He has been such a help to me in the last two years with a bad health diagnosis that I got, it was like we had a connection that no one else understood and I will miss his interest and his caring. He was very much like my husband in that regard. I believe it would help me very much to honor him this way and the book could be a gift to my husband. Thank you so much for letting the Lord lead you down this path today, to be a blessing.

Sheila who wrote, I would make one for each of my three children about their daddy who died four years ago in a car accident. They were 6, 4, and 10 months old when he died. Even though we have a ton pictures of him with our family, I would use it to customize a story about each of their relationships with him and to share with them about “who” he really was. I have been wanting to do something like this, but have been overwhelmed about how to tackle a project like this. This would be perfect!

Teal M who wrote, This is so touching! I would love to do a book about each of my parents, but for my daughter. They had to wait a long time for a grandchild, and I want to make sure that she knows how wonderful they are even after they are gone!

Sara P who wrote, I would do one for my best friend. She moved away last summer and I miss seeing her bright smile everyday!

If you are a winner, please email Allison your address allison@stacyjulian.com



  1. Congrats to all of the winners!

    (BTW Stacy where can we buy these treasures? I’ve been searching for them forever!)

  2. Awwww, Stacy, if only we had you hovering over our shoulders, egging us on. I remember this: years and years ago, in Redmond, Washington, you gave a lecture class and the main thing that stuck with me was how you’ve traveled around and seen so many beautiful albums and layouts, and the scrapper would tell you how this picture meant this, and that picture meant that…and there was only a title, maybe a date. I so totally embraced your message. I’ve had the pleasure of getting a few friends into scrapbooking, and the first thing I tell them is, pretend you’re telling me about that picture. What’s the story behind it? I….*ahem* stockpiled a few of those cute little books, and they make the perfect grandma gift. Easily replicated. Ooops, I wrote a novel, but you’re right!!!! – the story is the key.

  3. Congrats to the winners and to all those who have posted. I am really touched by all of your comments. A special thanks to you, Stacy, for all of your inspiration!!

  4. Can the product be reborn by any chance? I would love to have small books like these to do as gifts. If they can’t, how about a template of sorts to make our own.

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