Creative is as creative does.

Guess what?


The very first class I ever taught at Big Picture Scrapbooking is now a book.

I’m 103% delighted.

I know I’m biased, but seriously — there is so much great information and inspiration in this e-book. Angie (and team) at Ella Publishing did an amazing job of pulling together content and helping me put a fresh spin on this most favorite topic of mine.

To sort-of borrow a line from Forrest Gump, I’m a firm believer in

‘Creative is as creative does.’

So, referring to the illustration of colorful toes on the cover of this new book … YES, I do  paint my toes different colors! In fact, I just ran upstairs and snapped this photo. I not only paint my toes different colors, I ask (in public) to have my toes painted different colors — and yes, I shrink just a little every time I do, but it is so worth the almost-cringe.


When you decide it’s OK to do oddly creative things (and some just plain odd things), you will in fact start to see yourself as someone who seeks out novelty and unique expression and both of these are scientifically proven to result in more creativity.

As I see it, there are opportunities every single day to mix things up and have a little fun. My *sprinkle* this week is a perfect example. Most of us have to feed our families every single night — why not do something unexpected that will result in smiles and a new kind of dinner-table conversation? UR2Cre8tive is all about recognizing the little things you can do to become a MORE fun version of you, and a more FUN version of you will have MORE FUN scrapbooking, driving, cooking, blogging, mothering … you get the idea. Creativity makes life more FUN.

So, let’s cut to the chase and give away a copy of UR2Cre8tive should we?
Leave me a comment.
Tell me another BPS class that you like to see become an e-book and you could be a winner — I’ll select one comment in a very random fashion on Friday (about 4:00 pm pacific time.)

And now, I have to run back upstairs and put together Clark’s birthday scavenger hunt. Yippee!



  1. Seems like 52 cards would make a great ebook – loved that class. Oh! And the 30 days Hath September project from Have More FUN would be good too!

    Laura :)

  2. I would like to see Art of Becoming More made into an E book! Thanks for the chance to win one of my favorite topics by you!

  3. I heard about the card class and would like to see that into a book

  4. OOh, I’ve got it in my cart and was about to purchase, I would love to win a copy! :) I loved the “Have More Fun” class, I think it would make a great book!

  5. I think Glimpses would make a good e-book, with it’s formula for scrapping parts of yourself. Or maybe combine Glimpses with one or two other projects that are “All About Me” things like Cathy Z’s Me: The Abridged Version.

  6. Amy Goetzinger says:

    The cards class would be OUTSTANDING!! I am just now planning on making my daughter’s high school graduation party invitations and this class would be so much fun. I know I have more creativity in me…I just know it! Thanks, Stacy!

  7. Sherrie M. says:

    An updated version of the Challenge of Me (Lisa Day) would be awesome as well as your Have More Fun class. Thanks Stacy!

  8. Love your toes!!! I think that EVERY class should be a book– it makes it easy for those of us who can’t participate in the class right now able to do it on our schedule :)

  9. I think Have More Fun sounds like a winner!! I would love to win a copy – I’m just learning so much!

    Oh, and you should know that and I wear different socks on random days ever since I saw you speak at the Novi, Michigan Great Lakes Megameet!! :)

  10. I would like to see Wendy’s class on organization be turned into an ebook.

  11. Helen Roady says:

    I will have to agree with the others that I loved the “Have More Fun”. I actually like all the classes since they challenge me to be totally out of my box and circle and triangle and I can’t think of a better way to help me than to win a copy of your book.

  12. I’d love to see “Me: The Abridged Version” become a formal ebook!

  13. I think any class would be a great book but maybe the next could be your Have More Fun. I think that would be a logical sequel, and in the same vein as the other Ella books.

    Happy Birthday Clark–it sounds like you are having a great day!

  14. Dn’t pick me, because I’ve already gotten this book! I’d love to see the upcoming Nic Howard design class on embellishments as a book. I’d devour it.

  15. Me: The Abridged Version- that would make a fun ebook.

  16. Elisha’s photography class would be cool or the 30 days hath september from Have more Fun.

  17. Andrea West says:

    There are two books that I would love to see. The first would be Photo Album Scrapbooking. And the other book I would love would be about Memorabilia – the various types and ideas about how to organize, display and scrapbook it. Thanks for considering these books.

  18. The one I’d like to see would be an ebook version of “Me: The Abridged Version.” I’m been stopping & starting doing that as a tribute album and just need that extra hand holding reference guidance. :-)

  19. I totally enjoyed “Have More Fun” but any thing you do, I will sign up for!

  20. Lol…and I thought I was being wild when I paint my toe nails blue! :)

  21. How about a ‘best of’ Adventures in Scrapbooking – and combine bits and pieces from the different classes (kits, hybrid, etc.) Happy birthday Clark!

  22. photo freedom a definite eclass!

  23. May Flaum’s Scrapbooking the Seasons would be great as an e-book.

  24. I would love to see Ali Edward’s class “Yesterday and Today” in a book format. It truly changed the way I scrapbook and what I want to leave behind.

  25. I agree with several above that Me: The Abridged Version would be a great E-book, and so would Have More Fun. I also think Art of Becoming More was a brilliant class and would be an amazing book- love Kolette.

  26. Trisha Hamilton says:

    Definitely Have More Fun!

  27. Design Your Life – Cathy Zielske

  28. Cathy Z’s course “Everyone Can Write a Little”.

  29. I think Glimpses would make a cool e-book. So would colorful you. I love the idea of Kolette’s the art of choosing joy as an e-book too!

  30. Can I say it would be wonderul to have all the classes in an e-book format? But if I had to pick just one it would be the most recent one I took: Ali Edwards’ Yesterday and Today. And then probably after the next class I take it will be that one, and then the next one, etc.

  31. This looks like so much FUN!! Love your toes, Stacey!

  32. Glimpses

  33. 52 Cards…is that the name? I’d also like the one that was based on The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker since I got the book after the class was over! Glimpses and Inspiration Defined would be fun, too.

  34. I’m in need of a pedicure! I wonder how much they’ll laugh at my nail salon? Oh, and Ali Edwards’ class would make a great book, I think!

  35. Bang 4 your buck or the Ali Edwards class. Of course you have all the great classes.

  36. Congrats Stacy! I went and purchased – I am unabashed about my love for your work! Without question Yesterday and Today by Ali E. GREAT course! Would be a fabulous book; her style is so wonderful!

  37. Ali Edwards’ class should be turned into a book

  38. Melinda Wilson says:

    I would love to see Ali’s Yesterday and Tomorrow!

  39. Anne-Marie Wiley says:

    Life Tunes would make a gr8 book, in my opinion!

  40. I was very inspired by your Glimpses class. And I think something related to organization (i.e. your color bins) would be a good one to do.

  41. I simply loved taking Kolette Hall’s Giving Well Class. What a sweet honor it was to be with her in class. That would make a great book (along with Kolette’s story!) Now, aside from all the Stacy Julian books I already own, your new book would be a welcome addition!

  42. Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske would make a fabulous book! And of course anything by Stacy Julian!

  43. Hi Stacy! I love your toes! I am going to do that this weekend. :-)

    I’d love to see an e-book of ‘Have More Fun’.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!


  44. I would like to see a LOM e-book. I love scavenger hunts! I would love to see more on Clark’s birthday one!

  45. Yes, I agree with those creative people “Ali Edward’s”
    By the way love your nail polish.

  46. Andrea MacDonald says:

    Yay for you! I have to agree that Ali’s Yesterday and Tomorrow would make a great book.

  47. Me the abridged version would make a great ebook as well as Design your Life…. Oh and Yesterday and Today…..can’t decide. And some of the other ones people mentioned got me very curious about the class or the ebook as some I wasn’t familiar with.

  48. Library of memories!!


  49. Tess Davis says:

    Me: The Abridged Version, Glimpses and Have More Fun seem to be adaptable for e-books in some way or another. And…I visited an actual Little Miss Matched Store in Downtown Disney for the firsts time last week. I love the website, but man, being surrounded by all that colorful socky goodness was simply awesome. What a happy place it was. :)

  50. Michele in La says:

    Lisa’s “This is ME” class. I really enjoyed it :).

  51. I’d like to see Amy Sorensen’s classes as an e-book…Write Now! and/or My Word!

  52. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    you really ARE the most creative person I know! I have to say, my favorite class was the one on Principles of Design. I don’t remember the “real” name of the class, but you dressed in your ‘mad scientist’ outfit and had the periodical table all done with scrapbooking stuff. would love to see that as a book!

  53. I’d like to see “Saving Your Sanity: Celebrations” be put in an e-book.
    I’d also love to see your class “Finish Line Scrapbooking” available as an E-Book.


  54. Cathie in Ut says:

    I agree with so many…Library of Memoriesw would be great.
    Anyway congrats on the new book and can’t wait to see what is up next.

  55. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    ok – duh! I commented and then read all the rest of the comments and wondered why they were all online classes (not your live ones) and duh! cuz you ASKED for a BPS class to be made into an e-book.

    SOOOOOO —- my other FAVORITE class of yours (besides the scientist design one) is the LOM class. Absolutely LOVED it. Wasn’t able to sign up as my alumni perk becuz we just moved a week ago. and for a week. crazy busy around here. Would love a book on it! for sure – you are the BESTEST!

  56. Karen Schmidt says:

    I would like to see everyday adventures at an E-book. What a fun idea this is. Love your inspiration you give to us.

  57. I’d love to see DYL or Ali’s class as an e-book. Ella books are fabulous!

  58. I took Ali’s Yesterday and Today class. It was great. I’d love to see an ebook to expand on what was covered in the class.

  59. Angela Weinzierl says:

    Don’t pick me, I already bought your e-book, but I think one on photo album scrapbooking or a “30 Days Hath September” would be fun.

  60. stamphappy2001 says:

    I loved a Baker’s Dozen back in 2008 with your sister, Darci. I think it would be a fun ebook.

  61. Turning BPS classes into Ella ebooks has to be one of the best ideas ever!!! I love it! I think I would love to see Ali’s Yesterday & Today class, or Cathy’s Me: Abridged made into ebooks. :-D

  62. Kimberly Ann says:

    Design Your Life, definitely! I really need to learn some basic design principles.

  63. Love the toes! My family, started with Mom, does miss match socks. Older sis takes it to the extreme and does not even both to try and match socks. Mom did it by accident several times and now it just happens. Me & young sis don’t do it too much, have to look some what professional at work- Ha! – LianeZ

  64. Julie Lueck says:

    I would love to have it be LOM. Thank you for yet another way for me to cultivate happiness in my life.

  65. Kathie Simmons says:

    I would love to see Cathy Z’s Me: Abridged as a book! I’ve never been one to paint my toes, but after seeing the extreme cuteness, I believe I will. How cool is that?

  66. Design Your Life!

  67. You are so inspiring! Thank you for the happy thoughts I get reading your blog.

  68. Okay, so I know it’s not officially happened as a BPS class yet, but I vote for Finish Line Scrapboking!

  69. I’d like to see any of the album ideas from Have More Fun as a BPS class or e-book.

  70. I would love to see Cathy Z’s Design Your Life, as an e-book! It might be hard to capture her “live” personality in book, but the design concepts are timeless.

  71. Nice toes! :) I’d love to see “30 Days hath September” as an e-book – I love that album!

  72. wow – great ideas – i did darci’s bakers dozen and LOVED IT!!! so i already have her fab ideas and sketches but others would LOVE it as an ebook – what a grand idea stacy :>

  73. I would love seeing Cathy Zielske’s class “Design your life” as a book since I read somewhere that she will not teach this class anymore. I have heard so many great things about this class and of course I missed it.

  74. I am just loving DYL at the moment so that would make a great e book.

  75. Oh boy its going to be hard to pick just one, LOL! Creativity: A Daily Dose was a great class, also Tena’s book making classes. Oh dear I really did love all the BPS classes I have taken over the years. 30 Days Hath September was another great fav too. Thanks Stacy for the chance to win this great book, I was just thinking I needed more FUN in my days at the moment.

  76. love those sentiments – doing little odd and imaginative things is so important for creativity. I’d love to have design your life as an e-book. ta muchly if you could just facilitate that happening!

  77. i took ali’s yesterday and today and feel that would make a brilliant e-book. it was so full of information, but i think she could evolve that class into so much more in a book,
    Jo xxx

  78. I loved that class of yours – I think it was the first one I ever took online. I still have the “I Am Creative” sign that hung in my car :)) I’d love to see Lisa Day’s latest class in an ebook.

  79. Any of Cathy Zielske’s classes…she rocks scrapping!

  80. grungedandy says:

    hey theres nothing wrong with being different! I ware odd earings when the fancy takes me one long, one short, or different colours in each ear! seeya hugya *G*

  81. there are so many that I would love to see in book form — I would love Ali’s memory class or the make your holiday’s class — that way could work on it at other times of year.

  82. I am not familiar with the classes, but winning this would be a good introduction!

  83. mrsmojanks says:

    I would have to say Design Your Life…

  84. “103% delighted”…loved this!!

    Ok, trying to think of a BPS class to turn into an ebook is hard…some of the great classes are just too BIG for that format and part of what you get from the class just can’t be translated…for example LOM is worlds different from just reading Photo Freedom, the class makes all the difference. I’d love to see something based on the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker class and the Have More Fun class.

    Stacy, I love your zest, your love for life…keep it up, it’s infectious! :-)

  85. Stacy, I love this blog, it’s my morning inspiration before I start my day. Your positive energy and zest for life are contagious. Thank you!

    I have gotten so much out of every BPS class I’ve taken, but if I had to choose one, I would vote for “The Art of Choosing Joy” with Kolette Hall.

  86. LOM would be my choice.

  87. I’m not familiar with the BPS classes yet. Maybe I need to find out more about them huh?
    Can I still be a winner?

  88. Definitely an ebook on photo album scrapbooking…it’s a release and it’s such a cute finished product! I love your creativity and visiting your colorful blog! Your blog inspires my creativity too so….THANKS STACY!!!

  89. What awesome toenails! I need some color like that in my life. Too bad my toenails are ug-ly. I love the class about chronicling your baby’s first year.

  90. betty koch says:

    Stacy… I so admire your passion for color and I love the freedom you allow yourself with creativity. It translates to me “I CAN DO THIS TOO!” Thank you for the inspiration and the colorful spin on creativity!

  91. I have to vote for Yesterday and Today by Ali, or your Finish Line Scrapping…both would be awesome!

  92. I would love to see the “30 Days Hath September”, “Have More Fun” and the “Abridged Me” classes as e-books!

  93. Love the toes!!!! Design Your Life or Have More fun would be great e-books.

  94. I just recently discovered your blogging site – hooray! I have your books and am a big fan of your scrapbooking “system”. ANY class you turn into a book would be much appreciated. I am always looking for inspiration.

  95. cathy’s design your life!

  96. Design Your Life

  97. Yesterday and Today by Ali Edwards. I just couldn’t scrape enough money together when this class was offered and I’ve been bummed ever since!

  98. Thanks for the continuing inspiration and “permission” to let go of perfection and just BE. ;-) My vote goes to Finish Line Scrapbooking.

  99. Brandie Boulter says:

    LOM, Ali’s Yesterday and Today class

  100. Michelle Evans says:

    You have inspired creativity in me (and LOTS of others, I’m sure). For that, thank you! Besides your LOM class (already a book), the next one that has helped me was Design Your Life. My pages look so much better since that class!

    Also, seeing socks on the cover, reminds me to say….Thank you for turning me on to Little MissMatched socks….they have helped me get through a very difficult time that I’m going through in my life right now and I am forever grateful to you. They literally “bring up” my mood as I slip them on!

    • Hang in there my friend. It is strange and magical how little things can make a difference during tough times!

  101. Christine Mc says:

    I just finished reading The Last Lecture – I so want to be a Tigger! But my natural tendency is to be an Eeyore. I think this book would help be bust out my bouncing springs!

    • Christine,
      You would LOVE Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. It is #1 on the best seller list right now — I got it last weekend and it’s SO GOOD. She addresses the Tigger vs. Eeyore phenonmen.


  102. My favorite classes at BPS were LOM (already a book) and DYL (probably too long for an e-book.) I did take a couple of Nic Howard’s instant classes and they would be great!

    Thanks for the chance.

  103. I’m not sure I’m the one to suggest anything to you. I mean, you give me inspiration and I love that about your blog! I just finished Photo Freedom and have implemented the LOM system (loving it) but this new book looks veerrrrrrry good too! Have a great day.

  104. Any of the classes could be turned into books in my opinion.

  105. Stacy – your toes are too cute! I used to do that when I was a teenager. Why does it seem that we grow out of the fun things in life? I SERIOUSLY want to change that in my life. I have come to the conclusion that adulthood is HIGHLY overrated!! Thank you, AGAIN, for the inspiration!

    I’d like to see your finish line scrapbooking class become either a BPS class or an e-book.

    aka RScrapIT

  106. It took me years to do things like the different color toe nails and other things that are just me! My daughter is being herself too, and I love the self-confidence she has in expressing herself. Design Your Life was great, but I loved the 30 days hath September class. A scrapbook I finally finished!

  107. oh the finish-line scrapbooking would be a wonderful e-book!
    thanks for being such an inspiration to us all!

  108. I have totally been loving Design Your Life – but it’s probably too long for this! Anything that you do Stacy is wonderful.

  109. I would love copy of your new book – you ROCK – You give me a little smile every day

  110. carol in seattle :) says:

    I love your ScrapHappy class! It reminds me that although situations in our life can be dreary, *I* don’t have to be. *I* can make the conscious *choice* to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! Thanks for all you do Stacy, you make a difference!

  111. Lisa Roberts says:

    I think the Finish Line Scrapbooking class would be a good e-book.

    Off to paint my toes. Maybe I’ll wear piggy tails today too.

  112. hey this blog is great. I’m glad I came by this blog. Maybe I can contribute in the near future. PM ME on Yahoo AmandaLovesYou702

  113. Two classes that I think would make great ebooks are Talia’s baby album class and Finish line scrapbooking.

  114. Amy Anderson says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!

    I think the Fortune Cookie one might make a fun ebook. I have a love affair with all things “mini album” and love the idea of a mini album to showcase the fun fortunes I’ve collected over the years. Just a thought….

  115. I loved the photo album scrapbooking that we did as part of your three month class.

  116. lynne moore says:

    I love the classes that have daily inspiration. Gretchen’s 28 days, Darcy’s Baker’s Dozen and Lisa D’s product Playgrpunds are the ones I think about most often. Some of them i haven’t finished the projects yet, but they are in packets ready to grab for crops to finish.

    Wouldn’t they be great as ebooks!

  117. Do I have to pick up just one??

    Design You Life

  118. Hmm…. I think “30 Days…” would make a great e-book, or Lisa Day’s “Challenge of Me.” I’m trying to think of classes that would adapt to a book format and not be too long. Ali’s “Yesterday + Today.” Oh, just anything. BPS classes + Ella e-books = creative nirvana.

    Speaking of which, my Finish Line “Complete Bliss” kit arrived and I LOVE it. Setting a weekend aside in March to assemble it.


  119. Hi – thanks for the chance to win. Don’t have any suggestions because I haven’t taken anything at BPS. I guess that should be on my “to do” list! I would love explore and take some classes!

  120. I have a wishlist of classes that I would like to take, but haven’t taken any yet. I love your blog! It is an inspiration to me. Thanks!

  121. Jenny McGee says:

    HOw about Design Your Life. Love the colorful toes. too cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

  122. tammy perkins says:

    Would love this book! I loved “A Penny for your Thoughts” – How about that for a book?

  123. Georganna Halls – Family History would be a great basis for an E book on scrapping our family history – old photos; scanning; old letters; how to research a litlle etc.

  124. Tammy Thomas says:

    I’d like to see design your life, finish line scrapbooking, ANYTHING taught by you, I’ve been a fan since core composition! love the journaling classes too.

    would love this e-book, I wasn’t able to take the class!

  125. I’d love to see the Elisha Snow photography series as an e-book. It would be a GREAT, easy read and so helpful!!!

    And, BTW, the first page I put together in months was a 2-page spread that I made of the “places we went” in fall 2009. It had ten photos on it, and it was so EASY to put together b/c I had all my photos in a storage binder!!! Looking at it is such a great reminder of all the happiness we had last season. Thanks for your inspiration :)

  126. Kary in Colorado says:

    Hey, I took UR2Cre8tive!! I loved that class!! So excited to see it as an ebook. Hmmm–any of Cathy Zeilske’s classes would be great as books, or Elizabeth Dillow’s Inspiration Defined (in fact, I printed that one out and spiral bound it already!), or 52 Card Pick up or any of Amy Sorenson’s classes. And I can’t wait for Finish Line to show up at BPS!

  127. I think Lisa’s Wellness Journey would make a great EBook. Although I took the class it would be helpful to have a book as a resource tool to use when I’m not at the computer.

    My son’s girlfriend was over the other day. Here she was in her Tom’s shoes and little mis-matched socks. I love that she wears the gifts I gave her. I don’t follow all Stacy’s recommendations, but those that I do sure end up winners:) Which may mean that I should follow ALL your suggestions. ha-ha!!

  128. Sara Padgett says:

    Would love to see Design Your Life as an eBook or book.

  129. I think the gift of words would make a good ebook. I agree with the other posts that have Cathy’s Design Your Life as a great book. I would love a second chance to take that class. I just couldn’t fit it in this year.

  130. Design your life! I Love Cathy!!

  131. Okay here are my choices: Finish Line Scrapbooking ( never took it, but really want to), Darcy’s Baker Dozen, and Beth’s The Power of 10….Get a Load of This and Have More FUN would be great too, oh man there are so many good classes that maybe you should just do them all!!

  132. If I have to pick just one I Would love to see Design Your Life as an eBook
    BTW I just love your toes! You are so fun!!!

  133. Blythe Shupe says:

    I would love to see Nic Howard’s stuff in an ebook. Missed the deadline for her class–so bummed.

  134. Cathy Zielske’s Me: The Abridged Version would make a great ebook!!

  135. Cathy Zielske’s Me: The Abridged Version would make a great ebook!!

  136. I didn’t get a chance to take it so I’d love to see Design Your Life as a book.

  137. I love Cathy Zielske’s style almost as much as yours so anything by her would be great!

  138. Lynn in FL says:

    Someday, when my dream life becomes a reality, I will have ample funds (made from selling my crafts, of course!) to partake of anything and everything that Stacy has anything to do with! I SOOOOOO wanted to take LOM this time around, but funds (or lack thereof) just would not permit! I’ll keep dreaming the dream, however, and one day…..

    Meanwhile, I try to learn from your daily blog, your Sprinkles, and bits and pieces of all you espouse, because I so admire you and your life! Thank you, Stacy, for making each day more “colorful”, and reminding us to find the beauty and color in each moment of our lives.

    Lynn in FL

  139. I always seem to just miss class sign ups but would love to see Design your life become a book! I would also love to see your ScrapHappy class become a book.

    I love everything you do stacy – you are my cheerful inspiration for scrapbooking and life! :-)

  140. I would love any of them turned into books. But put Design Your Life on my list. Love your creativity and colorful toes:)

  141. I loved the 28 Days class and any of the photography classes would make great books.

  142. Perhaps Yesterday and Today. I’m loving Library of Memories but it would need more than one book I think.

  143. My gosh thats a hard one 1st choice
    Heidi Swapp AYTR
    my friend took the Ali Edwards class which I missed I would love to get a 2nd chance at that one.
    52 card pick up was so fun and I have my cards displayed so I look at them often.
    A book of Tena Springers books.

  144. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff. Took “Finishing” class at CHA. Everyone loves my book and yes! building it went quick. I’ll be ‘paying it forward’ in March when I show my friends how to build a book. Taking LOM now, can’t wait til my pics are ready for scrapping. And last but not least…..I love books, so I’m ready to get your new one. (Photo Freedom will be delivered in March)

  145. I’d love the chance to win your book! I haven’t done a BPS class yet (*YET*), but having browsed through a ton of recommendations, I’m going with “Design Your Life.”

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