Funny cartoons and Linchpin

Two things.

ONE. How appropriate are these Cathy Cartoons for the first few days of Library of Memories …




Trust me, when I saw you are not alone in the overwhelm that digital photography and technology has innovated in our world.

TWO. Just bought this with 1-click.

I cleaned up my studio while listening to Todd Henry’s interview with Seth Godin.
I’m sold.
Book is on it’s way to me. Click below and it can be on it’s way to you too.

It’s that important.

btw, Seth is speaking in Salt Lake City next Friday at an event with Startup Princess. Click HERE to register.
I wish I was going to be there. I tried my very best to make it happen — maybe next time.


  1. Seth Godin is good. Love the Cathy cartoons.

  2. The Cathy cartoons are oh-so-true! I’m looking forward to participating in LOM again. I am getting that much closer to photo freedom! ;)

  3. Molly McCarthy says:

    Stacy – those cartoons are perfect for Library of Memories! Do you think “Cathy” has taken LOM? If not, maybe you should send her an invite!!

    As for Seth, anything he does is awesome!

  4. these are excellent :) I love them!

  5. Bec Kilgore says:

    Linchpin is definitely thought provoking. Re-reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield along with it.

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