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Good Monday morning!

I’m recovering from an extended weekend that included an annual visit from our friends the Cordon (of Phoenix, AZ), the launch of Library of Memories, four full days of extra kids and extra activities and a super-bowl gathering of close friends, after church.

Weekend and life report coming soon!


In the meantime, my laundry room (this morning) reminded me of an email I received last week from my friend Darcy (an LOMer)

Here are Darcy’s very acute observations concerning laundry and LOM (photo organization)
Since I’ve been immersed in picture organization while preparing for class, I’ve come to another realization – LOM is a LOT like laundry, with individual photographs a lot like individual pieces of dirty clothes! Let me explain:

1)  There is no such thing as “the last load of laundry.”  The same goes for pictures.  I’ll never stop taking them, so the cycle of caring for them is endless.  Sometimes this is disheartening (as in, “I have 5 loads of laundry on my laundry room floor – when will I ever get it all done!”) but more often than not it’s reassuring.  (“My family is active and happy – I have laundry!  It’ll all get done as I have time…”)

2)  The more I stay on top of sorting my laundry, the easier it is to stay in control.  Even though I have the same amount, if the laundry is divided into groups, it seems much more manageable.

3)  Some laundry can be placed in a few different groups, and that’s OK.  That light gray shirt can be put with the light colored clothes, or with the jeans.  It will be fine either way – it’s my choice! Same goes for many of my pictures.

4)  If I get the laundry out of the dryer right away, it’s easier to put away. If I do this, I can often fold or hang the clothes and I don’t need to spend extra time ironing or re-doing things.  The same goes for my pictures. If I tend to them right away (speaking in relative terms, of course!) they are easier to handle.  I have the most trouble, and spend the most time on, pictures from years and years ago that weren’t properly organized and were instead just thrown into a shoebox or drawer.

5)  I tend to have the most laundry after big events or vacations – and this is also normal and to be expected. I have more pictures after vacations, birthday parties, and special events, and I have come to expect and anticipate these backlogs.  Preparation and expectation is key.

6)  No matter how hard I try, some laundry still needs special attention. I take loads of dress shirts and suits to the cleaners each month so my husband can be dressed appropriately for work.  I occasionally puchase a special outfit or blouse that needs to be dry cleaned (this is very rare, but it does happen!)  Some things need to be hung to dry instead of thrown into the dryer with everything else.  My pictures are the same.  Some very special pictures need extra TLC – they need to be enlarged, touched up, or otherwise dealt with in a special way.  But my system takes this into account.  And since I know these items exist, I can watch out for them and give them the attention they need!

Hopefully you’ll think of this the next time you go to your laundry room and have a little chuckle…

and indeed I did.
Thanks Darcy … I’m off to switch the loads, do some yoga (breathe) and then get to work!



  1. cute :) and funny. and now I might enjoy laundry more. MIGHT. nah probably not.

  2. Probably why I like laundry… the organization of it all. What a great observation and I totally agree.

  3. What a great email and linking LOM with Laundry…….Enjoyed this post. Now, off to do my laundry.

  4. Love this! I hate the hampster wheel called laundry and now I’m inspired both for LOM and laundry. What a great observation!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great comparions Darcy! So true.

  6. What a great way to put it. Darcy’s got it.

  7. Hey, it’s laundry day here for real, and now I can think about it in a LOM-y way. Fun!

  8. Molly McCarthy says:

    Darcy is a genius!! This is the BEST analogy for organizing photos I’ve ever heard!!

  9. interesting way to think of laundry.

  10. LOVE this analogy! Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed by my photos. Is taking more pictures a bit like shopping? LOL

  11. What a fabulous observation!

  12. WOW, I love it when someone makes a connection between things and I get that ahha moment! Thanks for the comparison. I thnk we could add any household task to this comparison list because these chores are never done either but we feel better when we stay on top of them and like how the house feels when we clean, sort, purge and embellish with our own special touches. Thanks for sharing these insights girls!

  13. Loved this, Thanks Stacy!

    I wanted to add – sometimes when something happens in our life and we have to step back and the loads become too much for us – we take the laundry to the Laundry Matt so we can do a bunch at the same time – With my photos and laptop in hand, I sometimes book myself into an all day crop just to sort through photos that have been left because of some unexpected life event.


  14. carol in seattle :) says:

    I love how timely your posts are Stacy. My goals for today were to work on laundry and to work on my LOM stuff. Amazing that you would have this on your blog today. Super cool analogy too!

  15. Love that analogy, Darcy! So true!
    Stacy, I am really loving LOM and your book arrived in the mail yesterday and I’ve already read it cover to cover! I’m so excited to implement your system in my life! I thought I was pretty organized before, but I see that I still have a long way to go! Thank you so much!

  16. Renee T. (italgal on BPS) says:

    Wow! What a PERFECT, and insightful way to look at all the pics we take!

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