midweek muse: memories

name: stacy julian
passion: memories and stories
cause: women with abundance
life work: unleash the potential in others to do good and amazing things


Here’s the deal: It’s not so much the things that Seth Godin writes that I love. Its the stuff that happens in my head and heart when I read the stuff that Seth Godin writes (follow?)

I had one of those ‘showers of inspiration’ (literally) in the shower this morning. I’m preparing to fly to Houston to the Mom 2.0 Summit tomorrow. The resistance (voice of my lizard brain–a reference to Seth’s book, Linchpin) is trying to tell me that I’m not “enough” to hang with the three other women on my panel. Stupid resistance.

I feel I should have some amazing cause, like impoverished or disadvantaged women in third-world countries — and certainly that is an amazing cause. I love to see people become activists for foundations they believe in and certainly there are foundations I believe in and support. I’ve wondered about becoming more vocal, raising my voice to defend, advocate or benefit a worthy movement. But, what I just realized this morning (thanks to Seth, in a round about way) is that I do have a cause. My cause is women with abundance.

Let’s see if I can explain.

If you have ever wielded a camera (and I know you have) to capture some minuscule detail of your life, or stared into the face of an unidentified person in a photo (likely also true) then I know you have sensed not only the importance of your family lineage, but also the nearly universal web of connection that stems from memories and stories. I know from years of personal practice that authentic scrapbooking gives rise to a greater sense of awareness that in turns leads to more gratitude. When we truly understand all that we have been given we are more willing to be accountable to intuitive nudges and inspiration for making a difference in a very unique way.

So, my passion is helping *primarily* women excavate meaning from their memories and use this meaning to put themselves on the path of personal enrichment that spills over into the lives of others.


If I can help other women who lead abundant lives, more clearly recognize both their privilege and their potential then the great spirit of the universe (which opposes lizard brain resistance) will take hold in their hearts and lead them onto a greater cause — one that they are destined to promote.

Memories are immensely powerful and I am now prepared to sit on a panel with other esteemed women and say with humility (and pride) I am a scrapbooker and I have a cause.

Go me.

p.s. check out the other three women on my panel: Tracy Clark, Donna Novitsky, Katherine Center and please, share your thoughts. What can I share at this summit for you?



  1. This is so beautiful, Stacy.

    thanks for writing it.

  2. Yes yes yes — GO YOU, STACY JULIAN!!!!
    You are amazing & beautiful & creative & inspirational beyond words.

    I wish I could road-trip it to Houston to see you tomorrow … but all my abundance is calling here at home. ;)

  3. Stacy — we are truly soul sisters. My “mission” has been, all along, to help individuals who can then turn around and help others. I call it the “ripples in a lake” cause. One stone, and the effect continues and continues and continues. I’m so happy that you can now embrace this too. :-)

  4. whoa, Seth Godin commented on this post : )

    I so wish I could go to this conference! Sound wonderful. You have a huuuuuuuuge cause, don’t question that for a second!

  5. Your cause is to lead others toward their true selves, finding joy in the journey, and keeping a record for the future. If we play with glue or pixels on the journey, so much the better. Thank you.

  6. Stacy, you above all know that you are a wonderful person. Why else would thousands of ladies from all over the world hang on your every word? I for one have tried very hard to learn from your lessons. You are constantly striving for more and because you chronicle your journey with great thought and feeling it makes it easier for me to really see that I too am worthy of so much more than I ever thought possible. You are such a role model for so many and I am proud to think of you as someone I want to be like when I grow up!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

  7. debbie McIntyre says:

    Go you!
    I look forward to meeting you at the Inspired Event in May. People have told me that I’ll love you, and your words will move me and probably bring tears.
    You do an impact on people, Stacy. Mac

  8. What a wonderful opportunity, Stacy. Go you, indeed! Those women at 2.0 will be very lucky to hear from you. LOVE Katherine Center and Tracy Clark. Off to check out the other lady. And a comment from Seth Godin himself? Wow. Just wow.

  9. Marta Valdes says:

    Stacy, as one of your BIGGEST fan and stalker (heehee). You are a very special person, to me an Angel. You will probably never know the extent of what you give to your followers/scrapbookers.

    You spirit comes forth everytime we meet. Your words and stories are so inspiring. You always look for the good in everything you do, which you have taught a lot of us to do. You have bought us, happiness, joy, tears, laughter, and so forth. You have taught us how to cherish our families, friends and our memories.

    I can remember watching “a day in the life of Stacy Julian” that changed me forever.

    Thank you again for being you. Congratulations! I think you will be fabulous.

    I think I am beginning to sound like a stalker, let me stop.

  10. Stacy, You have a gift of sharing yourself that in turn inspires others to be more real and share themselves. I can say this with utmost confidence because a very long time ago, I think 2002, I took a class with you at CKU in Utah. I’m sure the class had something to do with allowing yourself to scrapbook in whatever way makes you happy. But the thing I remember most from that class was the story you told of the missing tooth fairy, 4 or 5 nights in a row. It was a real story from your life that had the whole room in tears and at that moment I knew you were a real person with a real mission and a real gift for inspiring the best in others. “Go You” is right on!

  11. Danielle Wycough says:

    I felt inclined to comment because I know what I have learned from you. Some people may think “paper and glue”, but it is much more. Having someone encouraging you to document the moments that make up your life, is like giving someone a journal and helping them to see the meaning in what they write. Do not doubt what you do. I am thankful that you choose to share your gift with us. Many Blessings!

  12. Go Stacy….I love this. You have a unique cause, and a unique way of touching people. I definitely think much more about the way people and photos relate across time and space, much more so than I did before scrapbooking. It is really taking an historical and cultural perspective…being more than “this is what we did on this day”. Its the perspective and experience that makes it more than a scrapbook. You keep on cheering for this cause!

  13. Bec Kilgore says:

    I am a big Seth Godin fan. I had seen the book at my local Barnes and Noble but hadn’t purchased it. After you mentioned it and I followed links to some interviews about the book, I downloaded it (love electronic reading). Hooked me right from the start. I am reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (for about the 4th time) along with it.

    I do not live all that far from Houston. I heard this was a Mom summit and decided not to work my schedule to be able to go despite some of my favorite people being there. I am an empty nester with no grands yet. I thought perhaps I was too old or wouldn’t fit in with all the young mom stuff.

    Now I am regretting listening to the resistance.

    Much more I could write about the impact of both books. Two of my professional friends are waiting for their books to arrive. A mini book club maybe?

    I always appreciate your honesty and that you keep it real.

  14. Julie Lueck says:

    I have been so blessed by your pearls of wisdom and insight, but most of all by your living example. I found your blog right at a time when I realized, I need to be happier. I have such a long way to go. Taking small sturdy steps, I realized I read your blog everyday, but have not started my daily personal scripture study. Yikes! Even in this area you are an example to me. I feel like you are the best visiting teacher I never had. I have read all the comments and see that I am not the only one who has been touched.
    It was wonderful to meet you in person too. Thank you soo much again.

  15. I wish I lived in Houston too. Stacy, I met you at a Delta Phi Scrappa retreat and was hooked. I now check your blog everyday for inspiration on real life as well as scrapbooking. Quite honestly you have taken the stress out of scrapbooking for me. I do not get all hung up on being caught up or looking at all the photos that are unscrapped. I treasure all the memories and when I chose photos to scrapbook, it is pure joy and relaxation that I am doing something I love. You have created this new feeling in me. I know you will inspire and motivate the women at the conference as well as change their perception of life & scrapbooking. Helping Moms who are overwhelmed is a great cause Go Girl!!!!

  16. Not only do you have a very worthy cause, you are also the catalyst for many causes. Your inspiration knows no bounds. Go Stacy!

  17. Molly McCarthy says:

    As always when I read your words I’m inspired to do great things.

    Go to Houston and be your naturally awesome, enthusiastic and positive self and you’ll have them wrapped around your every word by the Summit’s end.

    It’s not about the scrapbook… it’s about the memories.

    Sending lots of hugs for a wonderful trip!

  18. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

    Stacy this is what you teach us every day. Yes there are grand things and noble things and momentous things. However, momentous things can’t happen without stopping to capture, realize and live in the moment. You help us recognize that.

    Plus, everyone has memories no matter what they do. A precious few of us get the privilege to be our family’s creative journalist. That’s important. That’s Big!

    Have a great time in Houston. I’m not sure where you are staying or eating, but 2 of my favorite places in Houston are The Grove http://www.grovehouston.com/ and The Red Onion http://www.caferedonion.com/. Enjoy!

  19. Sheila Harnack says:

    This is one BIG co(GOD)incidence. Last month I was inspired to e-mail you a connection I recognized between Seth Godin’s work and what you said in your paperclipping roundtable interview about communities earlier in January. Now I read that he is inspiring you to further inspire the attendees at Mom 2.0. I feel the connection and have goose bumps. Amazing. Seems to me you have received your anointing.

    How I wish I could be there this weekend with pom poms cheering you on (doesn’t that make an obnoxious visual?) Instead I will be at my semi-annual scrapbooking retreat doing my LOM homework. And I will not get overwhelmed because I have The BIG Picture in mind. Thank you for that. Go Stacy!

  20. Stacy, you are going to do GREAT. I can’t wait to see you here in Houston and meet with you! Jenn

  21. Jeanne Sandven says:

    Stacy, What a surprise when I opened up your blog today and I see a picture of myself! (I’m the one on the far right taking a picture). This was the first time I met you (at a benefit in Montana), and you’ve been inspiring me ever since. What you said about how it’s the stuff that happens in your head and heart after reading what Seth Godin writes…I GET IT!!! I get it… because that’s what happens to me after reading what YOU write. You inspire me to be a better person, you inspire me to record my memories so that my family will know what kind of person I am, you inspire me to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I get it…because of you. You DO have an amazing cause…and you’ve been doing it for a while. Thanks for what you do!!

  22. Stacy,

    We met at a “finish line” class in Virginia in January 2008…about to share it with my sistahs on a retreat this weekend.

    I too read Seth’s daily posts and had the very same thought yesterday morning. But you know what, my cause right now is raising my four kids at home in my Christian faith. I get asked to speak, do interviews and I always let the seed of doubt remind me that I’m not good enough, but now just as quick as that comes to my I boot it out just as quick. Scrapbooking is a lifestyle, it changed my life back in 1996 (my story is in the Chicken Soup for the Scrapbookers Soul) and I can attribute much of who I am to two things in my life, competitive baton twirling and scrapbooking. YOU, I, WE do have a cause and we are blessed. Look forward to seeing you again in the D.C. area.

  23. So many people talk about these “worthy movements” and I get so frustrated! There are so many people HERE that need help. The woman down the corner that is stressed by her “abundance” lifestyle.

    I’m so glad that you’re brave enough to share your story and to advocate the the millions of people that need to hear what you have to say.

  24. Stacy, Stacy, Stacy!

    What are we going to do with you? You know Heavenly Father has taught us that there is no greater work then that of the family. What a joy and a blessing to capture the memories, moments, feelings that make our families special! Think about it…..you do so much more then teach us how to capture those things, but in learning from you how to convey those things through our art we are teaching those same things, gifts to future generations. It is the best kind of geneology out there! Your work has meaning an purpose! Don’t let Mr. Doubt or Satan convince you otherwise.

    Your joyful spirit will lift and inspire even those who don’t scrapbook.
    It’s contagous!
    I love ya,

  25. Welcome to Houston. I hope you enjoy your time here.

  26. Wow, Stacy! It is hard for me to think that you would doubt yourself or the impact you have on this world!!! You are an amazingly inspirational person and you, daily, help people to see the good in themselves and others. Many a time I have seen you or read your words and thought about how what you are saying so relates to my life. You just have a way of setting things straight, making me feel that what I am doing, what I am setting down on paper and in my scrapping is important. And it truely is important. I think you are helping us all to be better people and inspire us to be the best we can be.
    I know you are helping me to be the best I can be! And that is very big!!!!!

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