my two favorite VISA commercials…


created for the WINTER Olympics.

Which do you love the most?
Go World!



  1. I’m a sucker for the Dan Jansen commercial…it makes me tear up. But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sara Renner one. I had not seen it before your blog. I totally LOVE stories about good people doing good things who don’t expect anything in return. That coach probably didn’t think twice about giving her his pole, it was just what he knew to be the right thing to do at that time. The fact that she is an Olympic silver medalist BECAUSE of a simple gesture is amazing. What a story! Thanks for posting that.

  2. Both of them made me bawl. If I had to choose it would be the Dan Jansen one.

  3. The Dan Jansen one for sure…gives me goose bumps every time, and I remember how sad and hard it was at the time.

  4. Have you seen the P&G commercial they are showing during the Olympics about Moms? It makes me get misty eyed every time (and I’m not even a Mom!) I love it so much, and not just because my husband works for the company… haha! It’s very touching.

  5. Love them both, but remember the whole Dan Jansen story as it unfolded over the years. Love all these Visa adds for the games.

  6. Well that’s really hard as I am Canadian and I didn’t know the story about Sara Renner, so thank-you for posting that Stacy. Also, I love the Dan Jansen story as my sister had leukemia as a child. Unlike Dan’s sister though mine survived and now has four children of her own! So there are wonderful stories in the world! Thanks Stacy – you are an inspiration!

  7. Dang! They both make me cry. I just can’t choose. Thank you for posting! I so rarely watch commercials that I hadn’t seen either.

  8. Stacy, I was expecting you to point out that the Dan Jansen commercial was an excellent example of showcasing CONNECTIONS (Library of Memories concept) of two things (both Dan’s sister and his daughter named “Jane” and the Winter Olympics) that occurred six years apart!

    By the way, I work for Visa, and even though I have nothing to do with creating the ads, I get a thrill from hearing that people are enjoying the Go World commercials!

  9. Love them both, but I’m drawn to the Sara Renner one especially for some reason. Maybe it’s people helping people and the world feeling closer because of it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Dan’s commercial. It gets me every time. Perseverance and love. Can’t beat that! I do love the selfless act though. That’s a true coach and lover of the sport.

  11. The Dan Jansen one, butI’m a Milwaukean & know the story really well. We were really all rooting for him then & he still holds a special place in our hearts. His is an incredible story of heartbreak & joy.

  12. you made me cry.. thanks :)

  13. both are great stories! but watching him skate that lap with his daughter…wow…tears every time…

  14. The Dan Jansen one makes me cry every time I see it. When I first saw it, my hubby teased me b/c I could not stop crying for an hour after that. Go World! Loving watching the Olympics this year!

  15. Molly McCarthy says:

    Dan Jansen – I remember him in BOTH those Olympic games and cried when I watched him skate his victory lap with his daughter Jane.

  16. I like the Dan Jansen one but I also like the Lindsey Jacobellis one

  17. I saw the Dan Jantzen one last night and cried. So emotional.

  18. Hum! Do I have to choose? The Dan Jansen one really gets to me on an emotional level. The Sara Renner one just makes me happy that there are stiill good people out there.

  19. Love all the VISA Olympics commercials. So inspiring!

  20. Dan Jenson all the way!

  21. I love the one from P and G about all the Olympians being children in their mother’s eyes. Great perspective.

  22. Go World! Visa nails it both times. The Dan Jansen one gets me every time because I remember watching in unfold at the Olympics. Gotta love the good feelings inspired by the Olympic spirit. Thanks, Visa!

  23. Dan Jansen commercial is amazing. Have you seen the Proctor & Gamble commercial about moms? I think my husband runs from the room when that commercial comes on because I cry and just keep saying over and over “I love that commerical!”

  24. I just love the Dan Jansen commercial – seeing him carry his daughter named after his sister around after he won just grips my heart. I love the Olympics!

  25. I was SO honoured to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. So many stories, both happy and very sad. I like Dan Jansen’s commercia, brings tears to my eyes

  26. I remember my mom crying when Dan Jansen lost, that commercial makes me tear up every time. I hadn’t seen the Sara Renner one, it’s shows the spirit of the games – I find myself wishing everyone could win. Aren’t the Olympics awesome? Did you see the interview with the Canadian skier who won gold Monday night – the one with the brother with cerebral palsy? The positive attitude from 4 years ago, not that you lost, but that you made it to the Olympics … and now four years later he won.

  27. Oh, the Dan Jansen one. I remember the story too from watching it IRL. I will have to watch the other one…

  28. OK, I just watched the other one too. What a perfect combo–laughter and tears. Thanks, Stacy!

  29. Being that I play hockey and I’d like my daughter to play too, I love the WalMart commercial with the mom who saves money by shopping at WalMart so she can pay for her daughters equipment and ice time. :)

    I do remember Dan Jansen. It was so sad when his sister died, but so loaded with happiness when he won with his daughter there with him.

  30. Melissa Reed says:

    OMG! The Dan Jansen ad makes me cry every single time. Every time!

  31. Definitely the Dan Jansen one. I remember watching him when he fell and thinking how could anyone go out and run a race just hours after knowing you had lost your sister? The other one is good too but that one I remember the first time! Actually I think the Olympics, while competitive, does bring out the good in a lot of people. Thanks for posting them both.
    Aloha, Kate

  32. i haven’t seen the sara one but that dan commercial made me bawl like a baby.

  33. I’m sitting here in tears over the Dan Jensen commercial.

    I’m overseas and get most of my television through the American Forces Network. They are not allowed to show commercials (a big point of contention for the Super Bowl), and so these are the first Olympic commercials I’ve seen other than the few they show on EuroSport. Thanks for a little taste of home.

  34. I love the Dan Jansen commercial because he is one of our hometown heroes here in Wisconsin. I can remember those olympics when he won the gold. I think that’s when I was hooked on the winter olympics. Next olympics commercial…Bonnie Blaire. Love her too.

  35. I like the one where the skier had drawn a picture of herself as an olympic champion when she was little and now her dream has come true. (Sorry I don’t remember the name)

  36. Oh Stacy,
    How can I pick just one! I remember watching Dan take that victory lap with his daughter. It brings back sweet memories of that moment. But the selflessness of a coach that has the true spirit of what the olympics is all about that is just awesome! Please don’t make me pick, I just can’t!

  37. I love the Sara Renner one. I haven’t seen it before but it got me all teary eyed. I love how it shows that there is good in the world, kindness, and the desire to help others no matter who they are or even if they’re on the opposing team. Go World! and let your goodness run wild! Thanks, Stacy.

  38. I’m having such a great time watching these videos on YouTube! I can’t choose a favorite! LOL.

  39. I had seen the Dan Jansen commercial, but not the Sara Renner commercial. I love them both-both made my eyes tear up. Both made me say “Awww” and feel warm inside. Thanks for sharing.

  40. OMGoodness! I love the Dan Jansen commercial! I remember when he fell and I remember when he won and took the lap with little Jane! I almost cry every time I see that commercial. I had never seen the other one before or heard that story. Wonderful!

  41. The Dan Jansen makes me cry every time, and the P & G one is a killer. So great. Love Morgan Freeman’s voice. Go world!

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