pod cast: Creative Growth


If you haven’t had a chance to listen to my new pod cast about creative growth, I really hope you will.
I have taken a tiny bit of wisdom from one of my mentors, Todd Henry and applied it to scrapbooking.

Click HERE.

Listen this weekend, while you scrapbook and then tell me what you think!

Remember, there is always a ‘hidden’ image associated with each of my pod casts — just click where it says ‘click to full view’

p.s. speaking of the creative process, scrapbooking and listening to something this weekend … the new Paperclipping Roundtable has been posted and our topic was the creative process. Noell, Nancy, Angie, Izzy and I had a great conversation.



  1. Just listened to this podcast. Thanks so much Stacy. I’m going to listen to it again at some point in the next week. I love that your podcasts are the perfect length. Heidi

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