east meets west.


image source: serenaandlily.com


There is just something so intriguing about orange, red and pink together! They are just the spark this green on white comforter needs.

Challenge: Study how this entire bedroom design stems from the color in a central piece and harmonizes a western and eastern influence. See if you can use bright colors and bold, contemporary lines to ground a diverse collection of colorful memories!

Even Better: Use paint as your primary source/medium for the green.

This week, let go and play. Be sure to post the results in our Flickr I LOVE Color group!


  1. I laughed when I saw this combination. Not because I dont’ like it but because my grandmother actually had a bedroom many, many years ago with these colors and my mother had a fit that she used orange, pink and red together! I always thought it was fun!

  2. My scrap space is orange (fuschia) pink & green does that count? I love red & purple so there’s plenty of that splashed about down there too!

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