Random LOVE.

LOVE that Library of Memories is finally OPEN. I forget how much excitement there is on the first day of class — it is so energizing.
I have great batch of new students and three times as many alumni — I need to pinch myself and realize how very cool it is that I get to teach my ‘system’ online and I get to see so many happily and successfully adapting to their own lives.

And on that note …

I absolutely ADORE April, Kayla, Monica and Tami. These four women are my AMAZING LOM trainers and they rock. I am blown away by their wisdom and selflessness and it’s the FIRST day of class!


I am thrilled to introduce three new LOM coaches this year. Thank YOU Margie, Tracy and Molly for joining the FUN.

Just got this iPhone app for Dropbox. Can’t even tell you how much I LOVE Dropbox.
It is the easiest way to know to share folders on multiple computers or share and work collaboratively with a friend.

If you don’t have it yet. Get it HERE.


LOVE this layout that Mary (Canay on the BPS forums) sent me. Mary’s very sweet husband drove over six hours so she could take Finish Line Scrapbooking at the Craft Super Show in Anaheim. You can see a little sneak peek of her very cool Disneyland album that now shows off several years of Disneyland highlights — so cool!


LOVE our ‘heart attack’ wall that we created at Family Home Evening, when we hosted our very own love fest (have you read your *sprinkle* this week?)

LOVE my two new blog sponsors
Cherry Blossom Studio (where you can purchase among many other things, Kokuyo adhesive from Japan)
Elle’s Studio, a delightful online shop full of cool things (like really cute & colorful vintage calendars — mini!)
Elle's calendar

also, LOVE that fact that I have such wonderful blog readers. As of this posting there are less than 10 Complete Bliss kits left. You people ROCK — this means, I’ll get to do more product kits soon and I LOVE that.



  1. Great post. I’m so glad LOM has started even though I’m not doing it again this year. I just know how much those ladies will learn and how this will revolutionize their lives.

  2. Christine H says:

    Thanks for the Kokuyo info…..I’ve become quite the hoarder when it comes to this stuff. I am addicted and have been for years.

    • Christine, please tell me what you like about this adhesive. I am looking for something better than I am currently using. Thanks.

      • lynne moore says:

        it’s just the best. it sticks everything well, never gums up, easy to reload, easy to hold. But hard to get in the US.

  3. Okay, I’m sure you’ve posted about this already or have already been asked a hundred times, but where on earth did you get that chalkboard/hook system??? I love it!! Please say it’s somewhere I can get it too!!


  4. I agree with Katy’s post…I, too, would LOVE to know where you bought that chalkboard/hanger system. It would be so helpful in our house…Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Two questions….first, where did you find that chalkboard? Second, how do I find Mary’s gallery? I looked on BPS.com and couldn’t find her by searching the username (Canay). I would love to see her disney album.

  6. So disappointed..can’t seem to find the buy now paypal link. Does that mean you’re out? Wouldn’t surprise me..please let us know when you get more in! I would love this set!

  7. Umm, yes, CHALKBOARD info, please! And I’m enjoying LOM for the second go around! :)

    Thank you, Stacy! Love all your great ideas!


  8. The kokuyo is the best and even better is the Japanese versions has 2 different size dot n rollers.

    • Meant for this reply to attach to Lynn’s comment asking what was so great about the Kokuyo. A bit computer challenged

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