Sprinkle No. 18

Ahh, February, the month of  LOVE.

Definition:  love·fest
Pronunciation: ˈləv-ˌfest
Function: noun: love fest 2; broadly : an expression or exchange of goodwill, praise, or affection


Your *sprinkle* is to cut out some big, imperfect paper hearts and use them to decorate a window or door.

Last night, each member of my family was given pink or red paper and a pair of scissors with the instruction to cut one paper heart for every member of our family. We then wrote on those hearts, one thing we love about each person.

I believe this qualifies as a LOVE fest.
it was FUN.



  1. Brandi Hennessy says:

    Love it Stacy! We are totally going to do this with our kids!

  2. Perfect timing. We are decorating this weekend and adding a Love note to the hearts will be great.

  3. rachel marquette says:

    or you could call this is a heart ATTACK!

  4. Sounds like a great addition to our family meeting – thanks :)

  5. I am doing a Bible study that teaches several different techniques to digging deeper. One was to make flash cards to help memorize the verses. Since the verse was about LOVE, I used red construction paper and made “paper doll hearts” that linked together — long enough to fit the verse. I ended up making 8 of them to use as the place cards for each table setting at our ladies’ meeting at church. :) Talk about REAL LOVE NOTES. :) The best kind! :) :) :)

  6. Trish Adams says:

    I did this with my activity day girls ages 8-11. We cut out heart and wrote notes to people in our ward. They wrote notes that expressed to the people how they were examples, friends, “good yard keepers” etc. We then taped several hearts on their door with a treat and rang the doorbell and ran. Those girls had the best time! I was so impressed with the people that they choose. One elderly man was a neighbor of one of the girls. She wanted to heart his door because he “is my best friend.” How cute is that! Thanks for your posts! LOVE them.

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