Sprinkle No. 19

What if you were a person completely and totally motivated by LOVE?

Love red-cupidLove

  1. How would you greet your children (spouse) in the morning? After school?
  2. How would you listen to friends (co-workers) when they talk to you?
  3. How would you view other people (drivers, shoppers, etc.) that cross your path?

Your *sprinkle* for this week leading up to Valentine’s Day is to increase the LOVE in your heart, by demonstrating more LOVE in  simple, everyday interactions with others. Yes, you’ve likely got a few cards and gifts to get and send. Perhaps a party to plan or cupcakes to buy. In the midst of all of that, examine your ‘real’ heart and see if you can be your own kind of cupid —  send people on their way with a greater chance of falling in love with their life.

When you meet with success, tell me about it!


  1. I have a very old Uncle. This Uncle never married, never really worked much. Today, knowing the things we do he would probably be diagnosed with Asbergher’s Autism. He is totally alone in his life. My father passed away 22 years ago–he was the one that just made sure things happened for him. No one else has ever been able to look past the past—and that he did the best he probably could.

    Well, This week I decided to send him a Valentine! It was a cute little My little pony one left over from one of my girls.

    I hope that this tiny bit of kindness and love will put a tiny spark of sunshine in a very lonely life.

  2. I needed to be reminded to slow down and remember why we do all the things we do as mom’s every day. Got caught up in the winter blahs and daily have to’s. Think JOY! Go World!

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