Sprinkle No. 20


Next time you go to the grocery store, purchase a box of lemon JELL-O. Place this box of JELL-O on the shelf in your pantry. When you glance at it, stop and wonder what Stacy has in mind and feel that magical thing called anticipation.




  1. Ooo, I’m definitely intrigued. Of course I have a score of Jello flavors in my pantry and none are LEMON!

    ps. We had our Love Fest Sunday night… grand idea, Stacy! I posted it on my blog with pictures!

  2. Just used my lemon yesterday to make layered jello squares. I posted a photo to the I love colour Flickr gallery:

  3. CherylAnne says:

    I’m super excited about my first sprinkle ever!!! I bought a box for the office and home…it makes me smile everytime I walk into the room…Anticipation is fun!

  4. I don’t even like jello, but I put it on my grocery list! :)

  5. Lemon Jello (or Jelly as we call it in South Africa, American Jelly, we call Jam…) in my pantry! Watching with Anticipation. Did you know that you just “sprinkled” me with excitement?

  6. Anticipating. Meanwhile we’ll be eating our strawberry and orange flavored Jell-O:


  7. Just came across your ‘sprinkles’ and love the idea! Lemon Jelly (which is what we call it here it NZ too) is now on my shopping list for tonight!

  8. I bought green lime jello instead. Green is my happy colour. I figured that would be ok. It has made me smile all day.

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