Sprinkle No. 21

I have ulterior motives for our *sprinkle* this week. These motives will be revealed on my main blog in a couple of days. This week you are to set aside one meal with your family and enforce a C-food diet.


The “C” is for creativity, of course. The purpose is to simply infuse your daily routine with a little more whimsy. So, consult the photo above, the list below, your pantry or your local supermarket and stock up on C-food.

And be sure to leave me a comment with your chosen menu. I can’t wait to hear what FUN you served up in your home and the reaction you received.

Those on the C-food diet, may eat unlimited quantities of the following foods:
cake (how about carrot cake?)
Campbell’s soup
chocolate (this should be must!)
cereal (Cheerios anyone?)
Cream of Wheat
Canadian bacon
Cheetos (although I’m not sure these qualify as real food)
chowder (and of course clam chowder)


Note: Hang onto the box of Lemon JELL-O. Just let the anticipation build!



  1. I love it! I love foods that start with “C” b/c “C” is for Cookie and that’s good enough for me. Have my thinking cap on and I’m staring that that box of lemon jello…….

  2. “C” is for cake in my house today…my Chocolate birthday Cake to be exact

  3. How fun! We decided on an entire day of “C-Food” for Thursday this week.

    Breakfast – Cheerios cereal and cantaloupe with coffee (for the adults) and chocolate milk (for the kids)
    Lunch – Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, cheese with crackers and chocolate milk
    Snack – cherry chocolate cheesecake cups
    Dinner – creamy chicken casserole made with Campbell’s cream of celery soup, carrots and cauliflower
    Dessert – Crazy Chocolate Cake

    The kids had a blast helping me pick out the “C-Foods” to make and DD practiced her reading while looking through recipes to find ones that fit the theme. Thanks for the great idea. You are always helping us be creative. :) Still have my box of lemon jello waiting in anticipation too.

  4. Boy this one is going to be a challenge for me. I am on a diet and will have to try to fit those C-foods into low calorie. Maybe I will do this the day I go to lunch with my “big” brother. We are going to Swiss Chalet for Chicken and I will dip it into some of their yummy Chalet sauce, have a diet- Cola and If I am really naughty have Carrot Cake for dessert. Better not have that Cake, he is diabetic and I need to lose wt. or I will be too!

  5. Weird. This is what is already planned for today, not even realizing it is a C-Diet!

    Cheerios for breakfast..
    Corn Chowder for lunch…
    Chili for dinner (with Corn bread)

    Crackers & Cheese and Carrots for snack.

    I’ll have to work on the C-foods for veggies and fruits… and beverages. And, alas, the toddler is on the BRAT diet today. But the rest of us can eat C-food!

  6. We are having: Chicken, Corn and Cresent Rolls (it qualify’s) for dinner this evening. Right now I am snacking on Cheerio’s-YUM!

    I LOVE that box of Jello, it just reminds me of summer!!!

  7. Ronnie Crowley says:

    You forgot Coke – can’t get through the day without my Coke Zero!

  8. I had girl scout COOKIES with my Campbell’s soup for lunch…does that count?????

  9. Could this have anything to do with Ella Publishing?

  10. Of course Cheetos are a real food…..how could you question that? :)

    You are just too much FUN, Stacy!


  11. To be creative-you could also eat a new food that starts with c, like chayote (a kind of squash).

  12. Oh, and I just ate M & Ms (chocolate)!

  13. Karen Schmidt says:

    This is so much fun… My husband got home before me and he feed the kids dinner of Chichen & Coldslaw. When I got home with my older daughter she thought I was crazy when I mentioned eating only C foods. We all topped it off with a spoon full of cookie dough. Ahh. just had a thought of getting a picture of all of us with our hands(spoons) in the cookie jar(mixing bowl). What an excellent idea…:) I still have some left so I’m going to do it tonight.

  14. Jennifer P. says:

    Tonight we are having Chilli with Cheese and Corn bread and Cantaloupe on the side! And Chocolate freeze pops for dessert!!!

  15. Michelle says:

    I had alot of fun deciding what to cook for dinner….we ended up with Chicken Casserole, Cheesy Cauliflower, Cherry jello with Cool whip, Cheese biscuits…..I let my family (4 kids ages 9 – 16 and hubby) eat the whole meal and then asked them if they could guess what all the foods had in common…..they guessed a few things…mostly bad guesses…and then the one who would claim to be the least creative said, they all start with C! I said yep, the C-food diet….(With a house of almost all boys that had another meaning!) The winner got to have Chocolate cookies…..(oreos) which, by the way, he had been asking to open for a week! So I had the perfect “winner”.

    Thanks for the creative idea to make my every day task of cooking a little more fun….and my lemon jello is staring at me on my counter!

  16. Heather says:

    I just realized what the “sprinkles” are in my mommy-hood. STRAWS! A straw makes any drink better! Totally random and not on topic but had to give a shout out.

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