Today …

Today, I’m running around like a crazy women.

Today, I managed to post  Sprinkle No. 21

Today, I attended three phone meetings from my van (go iPhone!)

Today, is the open house for the new Spokane Valley ENT surgery center. I’m leaving right now to make sure the chair in the waiting room are arranged like I like them!


Today is this boy’s last day of being 16. He will never be 16 again.

Note: All I have eaten today is an apple, a Walker’s shortbread cookie, a half a bag of organic popcorn (from World Market) and a gigantic handful of Jelly Bellies. I think I’ll add to this list a bunch of hors d’oeuvres at the open house.

Today, I am happy to simply attempt to keep up.



  1. Girl…I am right there with you! We WILL get it done! We have to!! To cute about the c-food diet too! My son always likes it when I make his food into fun things. Sure wish I had more time these days to do more of that again! I will!! XOXO Shanie :)

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Tomorrow is a great day to have a birthday. It’s mine too. :)

  3. Peggy Leland says:

    You go! Hopefully you get a real meal before the end of the day. Happy Birthday to your son!

  4. Bec Kilgore says:

    What a handsome young man. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Clark. Mine turned 17 a few weeks ago. I like the way you put it…the last day of being 16. It all happens too fast! Happy Day to you, Mom!

  6. Happy Birthday Clark. My son turns 17 in 2 weeks {sigh} WHERE does the time go?!!! Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were BORN?!
    Wishing your husband much successs in his new digs. Looks fabulous! Loving the way the chairs are set up in the waiting room :)

  7. Happy Birthday to Clark! Hope he enjoys being 17, my son has just about three months left and so far seems to be enjoying it. Not sure I’m ready for him to turn 18 tho’!

    Gonna suggest the “C” food diet for family fun night this weekend thanks for the inspiration. Oh and start carrying nuts/dried fruit in the van for manic days. Those plus jerky keep me sane and the blood sugar more level on the worst days.

  8. Ha! I was just thinking about your post from last year about giving his friends 16 candy bars & the 16 pancakes picture — my son’s birthday was a few weeks ago & I was trying to think up something clever to do. I didn’t end up being so clever but I did make a scrapbooking page about him being 8 inspired by a Wendy Smedley scrapbook page. I can’t imagine my boy being almost 17. Happy Birthday to him & congratulations to you :)

  9. Do you ever get the feeling that you are overscheduled???!!!??? I love being super-mom but it sounds just a tad hectic. Good for you for keeping up with it all.
    Aloha, Kate

    • Do I ever get the feeling I’m over-scheduled? I’m past feeling — I KNOW I’m over-scheduled. the problem is, I’m having too much fun to do anything about it. I do crash and burn quite often — hopefully this will keep me going!

  10. Stacy, enjoy the day even though it’s hectic. All good stuff, even the strange combo of foods eaten. Love hearing about your life that is actually a lot like the rest of us but crazier. Happy Early Birthday to your son. I always get sad and sentimental the day before milestones occur too. Love the picture. It will make a great scrapbook page one day.

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