Friday FIVE for March 19th

FIVE awesome layouts from LOM …

LOM for those who don’t know, stands for Library of Memories, which is a 13 week workshop I’m teaching at Big Picture Scrapbooking right now.
We are about halfway through our 2010 session of LOM and my students are starting to create some wonderful and personal connections on their pages.
This makes me so happy!

With each page I share, I’ll also share some insights from the scrapbooker who created them.


{Vicki in NE}
Pix of Jeeps in the family from 1948 – present


{Bree in NM}
Thanks to category drawers I was able to pull a pic of my DD and my DH cuddling at different times in their lives, while also describing what I feel when I lay my head on my own dad’s chest.


{Sarah in CA}
While pulling photos for my category drawers, I came upon a ton of photos of my daughter with books through the years, and that got me started thinking about how much I love to read and how important it is to me that she does too.

Journaling reads: Journaling reads: As a former Children’s Librarian, I’m a firm believer in reading to children from birth, and I want my children to love reading as much as I do. Laura has always been surrounded by books. We read to her as often as possible, and lots of other people are eager to read to her too. “Book” was one of her first words, and “Dadda read a book” was one of her first sentences. She knew her letters by 18 months. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when, at 3 and a half, she picked up a new book and read it straight through. And now, at 4 and a half, she’s reading Winnie-the-Pooh (the original, of course!). She reads everything she sees, and rarely stumbles over a word. Which can lead to some awkward moments at places like the doctor’s office (there are some things you shouldn’t have to explain to a four year old). And I can’t leave things like Christmas lists lying around anymore. We still read to her. But she loves to read to us too now, and to other people. I hope she continues to love reading this much. I’d say she’s well on her way.


{Ann in TN}
Three photos of little cars my toddler son has left in various places over the last 6 months…I keep finding them when I least expect it!


{Created by Molly in MN}
This is the first pg I’ve scrapped in about ten months! Never would’ve put these two photos together (different seasons, no major event) – but I love that this is just SO Mathias – this is my son how I want to remember his life right now.

In LOM, we talk a lot about using our photos to draw connections between the people, places and things in our life. Life unfolds so quickly, that even as an avid scrapbookers, it is possible to completely miss rituals in daily life or patterns in personalities and relationships that become (over time) our most cherish memories. Students in my class learn how to spend more time with their photos and how to look for a few pictures, that taken out of context that were captured in, can help them illustrate a more authentic memory.

I’m excited about the changes to my I Love Color blog. If you’ve not yet taken advantage of my weekly color combinations, now’s the time. I just posted a delightful daisy-inspired combination and you could get FREE Core’dinations cardstock.

Also … Jill over at A Matter of Memories posted a review of my latest e-book, UR2Cre8tive. This book is primarily content repurposed from the very first class I ever taught at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I’m hopeful that we (BPS) can continue to partner on ebooks that will help BPS content live on in a new form.

Be Happy.


  1. I’m a 2008 alum and making more and more connections. Last week I discovered that my eldest is so like her Daddy–they even make the same silly faces in photos taken years apart! And these are photos of them as individuals! Then I learned that my little one wants so much to be noticed that she very often makes a big “Look at me!” pose when she is being photographed. These are both NEW things I learned about my kids thanks to LOM.

  2. Stacy,
    I was hoping to take your class,but I missed it, maybe next year. I love reading you blog and about LOM. Thanks

  3. You’re fave number four is my favorite sister in law, Ann in TN. I’ve texted, called, called her husband and am ready to text her daughter. THAT’ll get her attention. Thanks for making her day.

  4. Do you only do this class once per year? I just heard about it and am SO disappointed I missed out!!! :(

    • Hi Cathy,
      I do. I just teach Library of Memories once a year, beginning in February. As long as you are registered as a student at BPS, you’ll be notified!

  5. Someone told me about this site on Facebook. I tried it just for fun, and I found a lot of quality material here. Thank you! I like it when there are good articles, blogrolls and things to entretain me. Just retweeted it, hope you get a few extra visitors for that! Have a nice week!

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