Friday FIVE for March 26th

A girl can dream can’t she?

Here are FIVE things I would LOVE to put in my new upstairs office, right off my kitchen.


The Zelda Love Seat from Maine Cottage. Heck, I’d take anything from Maine Cottage …

like these Hot Lime ceramic vases


The Brady 2-piece Charge & Sort Entryway System from Pottery Barn


The Double Border Sisal Rug (in Berry) from The Company Store


A set of 9 Adorable Daisy Frames in a variety of sizes, designed to hold photos from 1.5″ to 2.5″ (Available from


Apothecary Chest by Doodlebug Design. On sale NOW at for $116.99

If you’re dreaming about some home decor project, take a few minutes to browse The Little Missmatched furniture collection … it will make you smile!

Shop fun furniture for boys & girls!

And … just for FUN, leave me a comment and guess which of my Friday FIVE I have actually purchased.


  1. I think you should get all five! Your room would be spectacular and you’d never want to leave it. I digress. I think you purchased the entry cabinet and will build your interior around that.

  2. tammy perkins says:

    I’ll guess the daisy frames – although all are great!

  3. I am guessing Apothecary Chest by Doodlebug Design because you know the price! :) Love those vases!!! Green is my favorite color!

  4. Ahhh – it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?? Beautiful things! My guess is the rug. :)

  5. The Apothecary Chest because it was on sale! And I bet you’ll stalk the other items till they go on sale too. At least I would if I was doing a new office. Have fun!

  6. I’m going with the rug. It’s the “grounding” piece.
    Love the Maine Cottage furniture. Maybe that’s next?

  7. I’m going to guess the rug. I really love those daisy frames too!

  8. I think it was the chest- but they are all darling. Can’t wait to see your finished office.

  9. I think you bought the chest! On sale duh! Haha it all looks great but I’m really loving the rugs…gotta dress up my porch for the summer and these look so cute!

  10. The daisy frames! I love the LMM furniture. I’ve been wanting the artsy craftsy stuff for ages.

  11. Vinyl lady says:

    I would have to guess the love seat from Maine Cottage. It is marked down by 50%, still a little expansive but for Maine Cottage stuff that is a great deal. I would love for you to help me pick out wall colors for my house. I am repainting the whole living space of our home this summer and need some great ideas. In VA anytime soon? lol Love your style.

  12. I would guess the Zelda love seat – it’s adorable!

  13. I think you bought the vases. Super cute!

  14. I’ll say the Love seat. It was a tough choice! –And you’re buying all of them at some point, right?!

  15. i’m saying daisy frames, one for each adorable child – you, your hubby, one family pic, and one with the name “julian” written in your adorable handwriting :))

  16. Jo-Ellen says:

    I think you bought the rug as well. Though the chest was a guess since you know its on sale, but it is something you might know since they are a sponsor on BPS.

  17. # 3 is what you’ve bought

  18. Hi, Stacy! I’m gonna guess the cute frames, but I also love it all. Where do you find all these cute things? Congrats on your new office!

  19. Lynn in FL says:

    I guess the rug, ‘cuz you’re a build from the ground up kinda girl! Looks like a lucious office shaping up…can’t wait to see the finished product! Enjoy it, Stacy, you’ve earned it.

  20. I am going to guess the daiy frames

  21. I was going to say the rugs too! You have got to have a place to start and build around..right! Have a fun Friday as well!

  22. My guess is The Brady 2-piece Charge & Sort Entryway System :-)
    I love your style! And my fav color is green so you always pick out my favs!!!
    Happy Friday to you!

  23. I think the doodlebug storage drawers-because they are just darling!!!

  24. Hmmmmm…I think you bought the rug!!

  25. ooooo- how did you start with just one? such good stuff :)

    I’m going with the picture frames.

  26. That entryway cabinet from Pottery Barn–omg, it’s something I swear I’ve been looking for a long time! Ages, even!

  27. Candace B. says:

    I pick the daisy frames because they would be really cute in your daughter’s room :)

  28. TracyBzz says:

    That love seat is to die for! My favourite colour combo is blue and green. Polka dots or stripes make wonderful colour combos even better.

  29. Chris Crosw says:

    I’m going for the white piece from the Pottery Barn!

  30. Melinda Wilson says:

    I think you have purchased the lime vases which is also the first thing I would purchase because of their color!!!! I also think you should purchase them all since you deserve girl!!!

  31. Penny Grimsley says:

    I’m gonna’ guess you went with The Brady 2-piece Charge & Sort Entryway System. It’s hard to know if you were form over function or color happy. =) I’m gonna’ guess you were getting the organizational thing nailed first. But, they are ALL adorable and I think you *need* all of it. Happy Friday and hope you’re having a delightful break. – pennyscraps

  32. Oh my gosh, I just fell in love with Maine Cottage — and I really NEED those ceramic vases for MY black, white and lime craft room!

    And you definitely need the entire Friday Five for your upstairs office! I think you’ve already purchased the apothecary cabinet.

  33. I’m going to guess the rug. It is on my wish list!

  34. Tracy Dayett says:

    The Daisy frames…can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  35. I guess the vases…! GREEN is my Favorite color :-) I just LOVE the Maine Cottage….. I have never seen that store before. I want everything :) in my dreams!

  36. I’m going to guess the daisies, because they’re SO CHEAP for SO MUCH FUN!
    Why wouldn’t you get them…even if you were saving for the couch, I can’t see not making a little splurge on the daisies! Too tempting!

    IN FACT…I’m very happy you found these for me. My daughter’s room is green/yellow with a frog prince/princess theme. I need to transition it from baby to girly, so either their daisy frames or the swirl of dragonflies will look AWESOME on her walls!!!!!!!


  37. I am going to guess the vases, because I know that green is your favorite color and maybe the daisies too. Have fun decorating your new space!

  38. Peggy Leland says:

    All of the above? I think the love seat, because it is on sale. :o)

  39. Charmayne Bowling says:

    I am guessing the rug! Can’t wait to see your room when it’s finished.

  40. My guess is the vases! They are awesome. : )

  41. first instinct is the vases, then I second guessed myself and thought the rug.

  42. I’ll guess the rug! They’re all really cute.

  43. My guess is the vases, they are really cute

  44. I am going to guess the Doodlebug cabinet as you new it was on sale :)

  45. I’m guessing the rug (in yellow?). Cuz your kitchen is green and you like green and yellow and it would be WAY cute! :)

  46. I’m going to guess the sofa, since it’s on sale…now is the time to buy!

  47. OMG I luv the vases!! I am guessing that you splurged for the daisies….they are adorable.

  48. Well, I’m just going to pretend you’re my soul sister, so I’m going with all of it. Just kidding. I love the daisy frames. They went straight to my wish list. I can’t wait to see your new office. I’m going to start redoing my room this summer…just a bit of painting and reorganzing, but I love seeing others’ spaces!

  49. Nancy S. says:

    I’m guessing the sofa – you need a fun place to sit and dream about what other purchases you will be making!

  50. The Pottery Barn piece. Because that’s the one I want most. Badly.
    My second choice are those daisy frames because daisies are my favorite.

  51. I think you bought the daisy frames…


  52. Vanessa Lewis says:

    I think the daisy frames.

  53. I’m guessing you purchased the chest and it will go into that new office area. My second guess would be the rug.

  54. I think the frames — everything is totally cute though! I would love all of it — any of it???Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  55. I would guess the Pottery Barn Piece–so practical and soooo cute!

  56. i’m guessing those adorable daisy frames. You already have an apothecary chest, don’t you? They are very useful, though!

  57. Tawnya S says:

    I think you already bought the lime ceramic vases…

    :) Tawnya

  58. Love all your choices. :) But I would have to say you have purchased the Zelda Love Seat from Maine!! So cute + fun!!

  59. I think it was one of the rugs.

  60. I hope the love seat ’cause it screams Stacy!

  61. You have got your point over a lot better than I at any time could, thank you!

  62. erin white says:

    the apothicary piece.. you are all about organization:)

  63. my guess is the rug!

  64. Jill Stewart says:

    I am guessing you actually bought all of them for your new space!

  65. I would guess one of the rugs. I love everything that you’ve shown!

  66. I’m going to say the Daisy wall frames. And they may make their way into my studio very soon.

  67. I am guessing you already have the daisy frames. I am so glad you know about Maine Cottage. I have loved that company for years! Can’t wait to see pictures of the office as it comes together.

  68. My guess is the Apothecary Chest since you knew the SALE PRICE!! lol

  69. My guess would be the Zelda loveseat but everything is very fun and would set up a wonderful office space! Love the rugs!

  70. Nancy Holdaway says:

    I think the Pottery Barn piece because it is so practical.

  71. vases!

  72. vases and rugs! :)

  73. I think it is the apothacary chest, it is so cute!

  74. I think the daisy frames because you have been talking about daisies lately – and because your kids pictures would look very sweet in them :))

  75. Margaret Burton says:

    I believe its number 2 because with LOM you will always need more room to store everything. Meggie

  76. I would say, or hope, that you’ve purchased the Zelda love seat. What a happy piece of furniture. And in green no less!

  77. I am guessing the rugs… but all the items are so much fun and so useful!

  78. i think you SHOULD have all of it – the pieces just seem so you and the colours would all match perfectly – it would all be fab together and so like SPRING! but if i have to guess -i’m thinking maybe the 2 seater so your kids can come and join you in your new office :>

  79. Maribeth Thomas says:

    UHMMM! Love seat, rug, daisy frames… I guess the love seat!

  80. Mamasue123 says:

    Wow what great pieces, I am guessing the Pottery Barn piece as well as the Apothecary chest?? Any of them would be great!!!

  81. I’m guessin’ the rug – but you deserve it all!

  82. Lisa Cooper says:

    I thinking the ceramic vases! They’re your favorite lime green color and they are so doggone cute. How could you resist?

  83. Rebecca Brooks says:

    I’m guessing the set of 9 Adorable Daisy Frames – the remind me of your blog header!

  84. Summer Mobley says:

    I bet you bought that rug!! It’s awesome, and a perfect place to start decorating!

  85. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m hoping it’s the loveseat! It looks like a lovely place to curl up and look through scrapbooks. Have a happy weekend!

  86. I’m saying the zelda loveseat. Seems like the perfect place to snuggle in to gaze through books/mags for inspiration.

  87. Cheryl Anderson says:

    the daisy frames

  88. The rug…but I love those daisy frames

  89. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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