Friday FIVE for March 5th (giveaway too!)

I tried to write a post all throughout the day yesterday and finally finished late last night. I’m saving it for tomorrow, as I’ve also had this very FUN Friday Five planned. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about products I love, so here goes …

ONE. LunchBox Love

I adore bright happy notes that I can tuck into my kids’ pockets and backpacks, or as the name suggests, lunchboxes (or at our house lunch sacks.) I found this particular line not too long ago and wanted to share them with you. You can buy several different volumes, each with 10 different cards and phrases and they have several new releases that will help you say positive things to teenagers, girlfriends and co-workers too!

The company, Say Please, Inc was founded in 2007 by two moms who got tired of seeing negative verbiage and sentiments on products being sold to children and adults. They decided to create a company that put more positive words into the world. (totally something I can get behind!)

You need to know that Say Please is not a sponsor of (yet) but I did contact Say Please and ask if I could do a little giveaway on my blog. I said please, so they said YES! See details below …

TWO. Scarlet Lime Watch Art

Can’t even say how much I’m enjoying my two Scarlet Lime Watch Art bracelets that I got at the CHA Super Show. If you haven’t yet seen these, go NOW. They are so totally chunky and fun. I of course selected the flower-shaped watch and two of the interchangeable bracelets, the Tropical Fruit punch (pictured above) and …

Hello Sunshine. Because each watch face is only $7.95 and bracelets are $8.95, I’m sold! Next up for me?

Crush, and …

Fruit Punch.

THREE. Clear Converse Tennis Shoes

Hello? How cool are these — Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes in clear! Now everyone can see my very colorful Little Missmatched socks that I love to sport so much. I’m currently breaking mine in. My feet are aging with the rest of my body and don’t like wearing new shoes more than once a week, but I LOVE these and I got mine on Amazon.

FOUR. Kokuyo Dot Adhesive

Still my favorite for photo to paper. And just to make sure that you know you can purchase this from my sponsor, Cherry Blossom Studio. There are some new adhesives I’m playing with, but for now — this is my standby!

FIVE. Cute stuff from Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker, Jillibean Soup and Bella Boulevard

So, this last pick isn’t so much a product as it is a push for something that I think ROCKS. I love to promote collaborative efforts in the scrapbooking industry because I believe when we decide we are all on the same team and choose to work together, we will ALL succeed.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes from your Friday to  participate in a Blog Crawl that brings together three great manufacturers.

Not only will you be able to purchase great product, you could win some delightful homemade items. Nikki Sivils in giving away this collection of 8 greeting cards which feature her product along with product from Bella and Jillibean. Kudos to Nikki, Jill and Stephanie!

Lunchbox LOVE

So … one lucky blog reader will receive volumes 1-4 of Lunchbox Love from
Leave me a comment and tell me what else you like in your lunch, besides LOVE!


  1. wendy b. says:

    My son is a “jelly” sandwich kind of guy! He loves when I write little notes as he is just starting to read! He also has a picture of a little boy praying to remind him to say thank you before eating his lunch! Thanks for an opportunity to share more “love”!

  2. Samantha says:



  4. jennifer hamilton says:

    I like a good combo of sweet and salty. Hersey kisses and Cool Ranch Doritos fill my lunch box with love :)

    Sweet giveaway!

  5. Color!! Different colored foods and/or cheerful napkin!!

  6. PBJ, something salty and something sweet.

  7. PBJ is my fav, now I just need to get my son on board with it for 1st grade school lunch next year! Happy Friday.

  8. My son is in the 6th grade so there are big changes ahead for him – and big challenges, too! This would be so cool to be able to slip one in his backpack every once in a while to let him I’m always there.
    In my lunch? Love to have a little bit of chocolate to finish everything off!

  9. Kim Hopkins says:

    Homemade soup! I try to make a big new pot every weekend to last us a few days. We need it up here in the North!

  10. I love those little notes and my daughter would also love to see them in her lunch box! I like to include chocolate in my lunch.

  11. In my lunch, I love the good ole standby: PB&J—strawberry, please! YUM!!!

  12. In my “lunchbox,” I love fresh cookies! Nothing beats a homemade cookie to top off lunch! I would love to get some of these notes to put in backpacks – so cute!

  13. Sherrie M. says:

    The best lunches are homemade…my husband and daughter love homemade cookies and chicken noodle soup.

  14. sandwiches – i like ham or shaved chicken and fruit with a sweet treat for afters :>
    great giveaway :>

  15. Melissa says:

    Such cute positive cards and bracelets!

  16. amyellen says:

    I have just started to do bento boxes for my kids and they love them!
    Cheese flowers and mini saltines are favorites :)

  17. I like to make a big batch of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and stick them in individual bags in the freezer so they’re easy to throw into lunches.

  18. Fontaine says:

    Those cards are so cute! I stay at home with my little guy, but when I pack lunches for my hubby to take to work, I try to include lots of proteins and usually something warm. Somehow some Saltine crackers (my hubby’s FAVE snack) always make their way in the box too :)

  19. some little bit of chocolate-can make any day a little bit better!!

  20. Kimberly Goon says:

    I send my own note in my daughters lunch about once a month and it just makes her day. I’d send more and more often if I had these. I like a sweet in my lunch like a cupcake or cookie for dessert.

  21. carol in seattle :) says:

    As much as I love a little “goodie” in my lunch, I’m learning to love having a piece of fruit in there too. Great post today Stacy!

  22. Monica R says:

    For lunch I love soup and Olive Garden salad! The kiddos will eat anything i send for lunch as long as cookies are involved!

  23. I love leftover fried rice.

  24. I love cheese and yogurt and grapes in my lunchbox. Yum!

  25. Melanie says:

    (1). E.N.A.B.L.E.R! The Fruit Punch watch, flower watch face, AND dangle necklace kit somehow ended up in my cart. (the watch seemed lonely without the necklace) :-)

    (2) For me? An ice cold Coca Cola? Argh. I know, i know. Bad habit.

  26. Cute pics! Today I had the yummiest sandwich. On artisan bread, real turkey, provolone cheese cucumber, tomato, spinach…amazingly good. Especially because it was made with love by my dear hubby.

  27. What fun products! I love the watch face and different bands!!! I like a little something sweet at the end of my lunch, and since I’ve given up chocolate for lent, it’s fat-free yogurt for now.

  28. Julie Lueck says:

    When I used to be in the work force, there was one girl who always had the yummiest lunches. I asked her where she got them…the last nights dinner. What a concept!!!! I love having warmed up left overs for lunch and when that didn’t happen, mashed potatoes and green beans.

  29. Dove chocolates would be good;)

  30. These are fabulous – how fun to open your lunch box and find this sweet note and then to pass it on to someone else

  31. Super cute … love these posts! :) I’m going with cookies in my lunch – delish!

  32. I love a sandwich made with LOVE. I don’t mean to sound mushy but my husband has been kind enough to take on making our lunches lately…even though the sandwich isn’t spectacular…it is made with LOVE and thoughtfulness…that’s all I can ask for. Thanks!

  33. Great products you have shown us this Friday! I totally agree with your statement about us coming together as a team….. when creativity strikes it is always better to have strength in numbers to get it all out there. It is a good thing to succeed together. I have been blog crawling all day and I think I am in inspiration overload. As for Lunch….I love some yummy sweet fresh strawberries with a little sugar sprinkled on them. It is always a nice treat in my brown bag! Hugs,Amy

  34. I love Soup Wednesday when a local church sells soup! Perfect lunch and they deliver it to my workplace.

  35. I’m partial to a good, old-fashioned peanut butter and butter sandwich!! No jelly for me :)

  36. Stacy I love a good ham and potato chip sandwich on whole wheat bread! It’s kind of like your whole lunch in a sandwich.

    I bought some of these lunch box cards to send to my grandchildren. I’m working on the cards to go with them.

  37. Rhonda Zamora says:

    My Mom’s homemade cookies and a PB & J will always be my favorite lunch box items.

  38. Stacy, Thank you for your support! The response to the Blog Crawl today has been overwhelming! And we still have the whole weekend to go! I’m so blessed and honored to work together with Jill and Nikki. I hope this is just the beginning for many more fun adventures! Thanks again! -Stephanie/Bella

  39. Definitely a cookie! :)

  40. Merri Lynn says:

    I love anything food related in my lunch box and if I didn’t have to make it that makes it even better. Great products you reviewed.

  41. Um, those watches? I think I need to add one to my birthday list…love it! And lunch always has to have some form of dessert. :)

  42. Ashley Decker says:

    Definately have to have my mountain dew…to keep me going the rest of the day!!

  43. Michele says:

    I love a good sandwich – complete with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and a bit of mayo. Mmm, mmm good.

    And I LOVE the Scarlet Lime watches. Mother’s Day is approaching, and a few of these beauties went on my wish list.

  44. Definitely a sweet treat, like a small chocolate!

  45. Ashleigh says:

    I love chicken fajita wraps for lunch w/more veggies than meat! DD doesn’t go away to school yet but sometimes we have picnics which is when I’ll pack PB&J for her or a turkey and cheese sandwich!

  46. I like to have fresh fruit, potato chips and a Coke with our sandwich if we’re having a picnic. If we’re eating at home, I usually want something hot. (My daughter isn’t in school just yet.)

  47. Kimberly Ann says:

    I love a special treat in my lunch, like a chocolate, and I like it to be a surprise! Lucky for me, my husband packs our lunches for work, so I often end up with surprises :)

  48. Oh, how I could use some Lunchbox Love!!! We had a full blown lunch stand-off situation this week that even the assistance of Mommy SWAT teams could not diffuse. The suspect (1st grader) ate NOT. ONE. BITE. of his lunch. I later learned it was because I had not informed him prior to packing that he would be dining on a cheese sandwich (made to his exacting specifications) instead of his standard PB&J. This little shake-up apparently disrupted the axis of the earth in the lunch room.
    And he is 7! Lord help me when we get to the teens!
    So, all that to say, I will be packing PB&J almost exclusively. Unless I get prior authorization for a renegade cheese sandwich. My other son (whose broad culinary horizons ALMOST make up for his brother’s rigid pickiness) prefers cucumber sandwiches or sushi!
    I feel the need to say it again: Lord, HELP me!

  49. Caroline Edwards says:

    Homemade yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries!

  50. Sara Padgett says:

    I haven’t had one in years but a bologna sandwich brings back so many memories. Even better if it has potato chips on it! Yummy!

  51. My mom used to pack hot soup in a thermos back in the day. It always made me feel special that she would take the time to give something warm for my tummy:)

  52. I like to find that my banana did not get yucky brown spots on it!

  53. Sabrina Kapp says:

    Chocolate :) And specifically, a York Peppermint Patty! Chocolate AND fresh breath, all in one!! Beautiful bracelets and cards – thanks for sharing.

  54. Peggy Leland says:

    my daughter would LOVE those clear converse sneakers. She has a pair of black sequined ones.

  55. lynne moore says:

    as long as the lunch is made by someone other than me, it is a good lunch. for some reason I never like what i make. Which is why for lunch I eat alot of canned soups and frozen meals.

  56. Just a little something sweet to finish my meal – preferably chocolate, but even a really sweet juicy mango or orange or grapes will make me happy.

    Love the clear Converse sneakers! Thanks for sharing all these fun finds!!

  57. Nancy S. says:

    Chocolate chip cookies always makes for a happy lunch.

  58. Stacy – I contacted Cherry Blossom about the kukoyo and they said have no refills and only machines as they can’t get this product again. Any other places that you have ordered this from – everyone raves about this product?

  59. Shannon Mc says:

    I still love Oreo cookies and Swiss Cake Rolls in my lunch! I’m not sure that my rear end likes them as much as my tummy though! :)

  60. I love soup in a thermos and something whole grain to go with it…plus some chocolate!

  61. I love this idea! I got something similar from Compendium (which I was searching after seeing their books on your blog). I would love to see what Say Please! is all about. :)

  62. Oops. Didn’t say what I like in my lunch. But I’d have to say an organic fruit leather from Trader Joe’s!

  63. I love a yummy salad with loads of veggies! But I’ve been lazy lately & packing more Lean Cuisine types of meals. ;)

  64. I love it when my 10 year old daughter offers to pack my lunch for me (I teach at the school where she goes) and she’ll put a note in MY lunch box saying she loves me, and to “make good choices” (boy, I wonder where she heard that one?). You’re never too old for lunch box notes!

  65. I have to have something sweet to finish my lunch, a Ghiradelli chocolate with caramel is my current favorite.

  66. I love to have fresh turkey slices and really fresh strawberries. Yum.. is it lunch time yet?

  67. Nancy C. says:

    The thing I love to find in my lunchbox the most is something sweet, and that means chocolate.

  68. christine says:

    a yummy treat is always great!!

  69. Jennifer O. says:

    I love a turkey sandwich. As a kid I always loved it when my Mom slipped in a special treat for dessert like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

  70. Kelly Massman says:

    I love chocolate in my lunch box. But, lately I have been liking whole grain pasta with veggies–maybe a little cheese thrown in. Thanks for the chance at the giveaways!

  71. PB&J!! my all time favorite.
    Thanks for all the great ideas, love the shoes for my oldest daughter!

  72. When I was in elementary school, I was always jealous of my friend whose mom packed her cheesecake!!! Sometimes she’d even share it!! I also liked a Strawberry Shortcake thermos. :D

  73. Hmm, in my lunch, I’d like to find lunch! Most days I am so busy that I skip lunch – a very bad thing I know – so having actually having lunch would be wonderful!
    Thanks for the opportunity Stacy – LOVE these little cards.

  74. Ileana Carlile says:

    BLT – love it!!! And my mom always wrote notes to me – I loved that too.

  75. I like homemade chocolate chip cookies in my lunch – great big treat!! And I’d love those notes too :)

  76. I just like when I take the same things to eat at work that I have put in my kids lunches… so as I eat it, I think about them eating the same thing :)

  77. Snack Pack pudding! It always makes me smile!

  78. Any lunch made by the hands of another! Love this fun stuff you featured. I need some of those lunch notes to send with 3 of my four beautiful children. (the fourth is still home with me during the day)

  79. What do I like in my lunch? That is a very tough one for me since it has been so long since I packed myself a lunch. I think one of my favs is left over pizza and we do have some wonderful pizza in the Buffalo, NY area!

  80. I love chicken salad sandwichs!!!!!

  81. Jo-Ellen says:

    I like something savory in my lunch. I also like good company.

  82. Leauriy says:

    25 almonds with a few chocolate chips and dried cranberries mixed in eaten with apple slices! yum

  83. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    Chips! ALWAYS have to have some form of chips in my lunch. Crunchy salty ones, orange fried ones, cheddar ones, or plain ones. But the crunch must be part of the lunch.

  84. My daughter has an exact “recipe for lunch” that must be followed when she does the bag lunch thing (we generally buy lunch in the winter and she is allowed to bag lunch during the spring and fall) Anyhow she must have a sandwich or a lunchables, a fruit, a snack item of some sort, a juice box or milk box, and for dessert she must have a homemade cookie. Luckily one of the things that my mother taught me was that nothing is better than a homemade cookie so there is always a cookie jar full of homemade goodness. I did try to slip a girl scout cookie in last year because the kids finished off the jar the night before “cookie day” (yes I have a day that is designated every other week for baking cookies and it is wednesday) and I still haven’t heard the end of it.

    Oh for Kelly who talks about the soup in the thermos…I REMEMBER DOING THAT TOO! I also remember that my mom would pack me tomato soup and a grilled cheese wrapped in tin foil (to help keep it warm) because I loved to dip my grilled cheese in tomato soup.

  85. Kathleen says:

    Cute lunchbox cards! I love a good peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich on soft white bread….yummy!

  86. I love yogurt with granola…yummy! Of course I don’t pack my lunch since I stay at home with the kids, but I can’t wait to pack theirs when they get in school:)

  87. Cheese! Any kind, plain or on crackers, or in my soup. I love cheese!

  88. Chris Cross says:

    I take a salad, banana, and yogust almost every day for my lunch. Could you share a picture with us of your socks inside those adorable tennis shoes? I can’t quite get the picture of how they would look, but they sound TOO CUTE!

  89. Oh how I love a good sweet apple in my lunch! Yum! Add good company and it’s perfect!

  90. CindyML says:

    I love fruit, yougurt and homemade granola in my lunch. The more fruit the better!! The girls eat the same thing everyday… I try to mix it up an sometimes I will change the snack sized sweet treat. My oldest doesn’t bring a lunchbox… not cool. so I use the jumbo lunch sacks from Target, double bag them (because the ziploc I fill with ice cubes sweats) and because it is a paper bag, I write notes with a sharpie on the inside so when she opens it, she reads my words. My youngest still brings a lunchbox so I use scraps of SB paper to put notes for her. Love the idea of printed notes of inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  91. You always share the greatest ideas! I love these lunchbox cards. We love Honeycrisp apples and string cheese in our lunches. Yum!!!

  92. Jinny KL says:

    Absolutely love the Lunchbox Notes!! As a mom & teacher, I love the idea of positive energy brightening up a child’s day & bringing a smile to their face in the middle of a hectic school day! Great idea/product–thank you for sharing & for the chance to win!

    FRESH fruit is always must in our lunch–whatever’s in season and from the earth, not a plastic container or repackaged as “fruit.”

  93. Jenny McGee says:

    Love is great in the lunch box, but since I have been dieting (lost 28 lbs since Jan) I eat healthy stuff in my lunch box. Thanks for chance to win.

  94. Susan R. says:

    Cheryl and Co. cookies. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes them a perfect treat to keep in my lunch. I don’t eat one everyday, but they are part of my stash just in case I “need” one.

  95. Beth O. says:

    I love anything in my lunch, expecially if I remember to grab it on my way out the door in the morning. More often than not it’s forgotten in the fridge!

  96. I love lunches. Must have a banana in it. They make me happy. And a kiss from the family, but i stay at home to i don’t take a lunch anywhere.

  97. There always has to be something sweet – like a cookie or small piece of candy. It’s extra good when you can share that sweetness!

  98. Something crunchy, whether it be an apple, carrot sticks, or just some popcorn! That and sandwiches cut with cookie cutters were always my favorite growing up.

  99. I love these lunch box notes! I love crunchy sweet stuff in my lunch box!

  100. Melyssa Leighty says:

    why a little smackerel of chocolate of course! :) Thanks for the giveaways!

  101. Love to have fresh fruit!

  102. CatherineL says:

    I love to have a bit of chocolate with my lunch!

  103. Cool post I just Love it, Keep posting more like this!

  104. I love to put a sandwich (occasionally on fun bread) with fruit, veggies, yogurt, and a surprise fun size sweet…and a note of course.

  105. Karen Schmidt says:

    I love PBJ sandwich and home made chocolate cookies.

  106. Superb with thanks puppies details

  107. tomato sandwiches

  108. A nice big salad. I love all the containers now that hold the dressing for you and then you can just realease and toss.

  109. mrsmojanks says:

    I love to have a bit of chocolate with my lunch too!

    Amy M.

  110. Tammy Thomas says:

    I love fruit and fresh veggies for lunch. would love to win these notes!!

  111. Liz Brown says:

    I always have to have a little something sweet on my lunch…a couple of chocolate chips will do fine in a pinch!

  112. Jen Matott says:

    Thanks for the love on our Blog Crawl (I’m one of Nikki’s DT girls)! LOVE your picks. I love something sweet in my lunch… Tee Hee.. Chocolate preferably!

  113. I have a big Gala apple in my lunch every day!

  114. I have to have a fuji apple and Nuttela spread in my lunch every day.

  115. Nicky from Canada says:

    chocolate milk

  116. almonds!

  117. Salad with lots of toppings!! Love a salad every day for lunch. :)

  118. I love bananas with my lunch but they have to be cold. Also a few frozen grapes add to the tastiness!

  119. I love a “just ripe” banana. Goes great with a cup of coffee and much better for me than a muffin or the delicious butterfly cakes my local cafe makes every Friday afternoon to tempt me!

  120. i love carrots and hummus in my lunch. Add some gluten-free rice crackers and i’m especially happy!

  121. must be a yogurt in there!!

  122. KristiG says:

    Something healthy that doesn’t make me feel guilty!

  123. Nancy Lee says:

    peanur butter and jelly sandwiches and berries of any kind

  124. Julie Trout says:

    Salad with sunflower seeds! And fresh fruit….when it is in season!

    I love putting little notes for the kids to find too!

  125. jokes and a piece of fruit are lunchbox staples at our house!

  126. Rebekah says:

    I like to get the jokes off our oatmeal packages from breakfast and hide them in my daughters snacks and lunches.

  127. Love this idea. I love fruit….and SPRINKLES, of course!

  128. I like to drink soy bean milk with lunch when I am eating at my desk. That way I make sure I get it into my diet.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great Sunday!

  129. My favorite lunch is tomato sandwiches made with fresh from the garden tomatoes, white bread and hellman’s mayo. There is nothing better!

  130. Hummus, pita chips and berries. Never fails to bring a smile to my face packing it or my kids’ faces when they eat it.

  131. I really like fresh fruit, especially peaches ♥

  132. My lunch ‘staple’ item is baby carrots . . . love them!!

  133. A California cajun turkey wrap on whole wheat! Yum!!

  134. Julie E says:

    I like those super sweet juicy little oranges that peel off super quick in one piece. I have some today! Mmmm….

  135. Hummus, pita and baby carrots. A lunch staple around here.

    Love the watches. Adding them to my wish list.

  136. Kristie says:

    I love grapes and yogurt and a small piece of chocolate :0)

  137. Salads and fruit.

  138. Fresh strawberries…a must for a great lunch.

  139. The old standby bologna and cheese sandwich with potato chips on it:).

  140. I have to have something fresh in my lunch. Fruit or carrots.

    I’ve been sending little notes in my girls’ lunches for a couple years. They love them. I use scraps and stickers, then write a little note. I just found a stack of them in my 10yr olds room. She LOVES them and refuses to throw them out. Makes my heart sing.

  141. What cute notes!
    I love to have yogurt and fruit!
    Stacy- your blog always makes me smile, thanks.

  142. I am just loving red seedless grapes right now. They’re so sweet and easy to eat!

  143. Michelle Evans says:

    turkey w/sprouts sandwich and a piece of fruit (and would love a love note, but I make everyone’s lunch, so I’d have to give it to myself!)

  144. I love small bags of things: goldfish, baby carrots, craisins. Makes for fast packing!

  145. Clara Ewell says:

    a good drink

  146. Lunch is never complete without a cold glass of milk. Yum!

  147. Stephanie S. says:

    My daughter loves to get notes in her lunchbox. It makes her day. I don’t do it everyday – I like there to be some surprise to it. Her favorite lunch is hummus and veggies – she’s a vegetarian six year old. My favorite lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before!

  148. These are so cool. At the beginning of the year I was really good about putting a note in the kids lunchbox but as the has gone along I’ve forgotten to do that. These would be so helpful.

    When opening my lunchbox as a kid I would always eat my favorite part first… the sandwich ;) Some times I would trade my hostess ding dong for other kids sandwiches. Silly huh. I still love sandwiches; especially a turkey sandwich with crisp lettuce on it.

  149. Tina S. says:

    Even though I am a grown-up (sorta!), I still like ants on a log in my lunchbox. For those of you who are unfamiliar, they are celery stalks cut into about 4-inch lengths, stuffed with peanut butter and topped with raisins. At my last job people made fun of me for eating them….but I didn’t care!

  150. Fluffernutters of course! (Peanut butter and marshmallow creme) This is not diet food.

    But all last week I ate some fantastic Butternut Squash soup I found at the grocery store:

    This was awesome and great with a sandwich or crackers. I never seem to eat enough veggies and this was a great way to get an extra serving in.

  151. Lynette C says:

    I love to have cherries, a banana, a bag of chips, mango juice and a piece of peppermint bark chocolate in my lunchbox. Now is there room left for the main course?

  152. A tuna salad sandwich, baked ruffles, a fresh plum, and a bottle of really cold water. On those days I just have to have chocolate – a small milky way.

  153. Marygail says:

    I’d love these lunchbox love for sure. Other than that in my lunch box I’d love a subway sub – the sweet onion chicken teriyaki :)

  154. Turkey on wheat, fruit, water and gotta have a small piece of chocolate!

  155. I love warm soup in my lunch! Odd, i know. But even in the summer, in the cold house i want something to make me feel comfortable, and i know a bowl of soup will do it every time!

  156. Amanda S. says:


  157. Viki Powell says:

    Lunch Box Love….It’s always good to have nourishment along with that love note, but also a bright fun napkin is a must along with a wetones :~)

  158. Outstanding many thanks in your considerably more details

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