Friday FIVE (life right now.)


Elections at Central Valley High School.

These three kids have been friends since the 2nd grade, when we moved here and guess what? All THREE of them won their respective races yesterday.
From left to right, Clark (Activities Coordinator), Jarod (Student Body President) and Kelby (Vice President)

No serious way — what are the chances?
They are going to have such a FUN senior year. We had Jarod and Kelby’s families over last night for banana splits!


Non-stop fun this week. With LOTS and LOTS of what I call “mom”ents — where there seems to be an incessant stream of
“Mom, where’s my …” or
“Mom, why haven’t you …” or
“Mom, when are you …” or
“Mom, I need …” or
“Mom, can you paint my fingernails green?”

Add to this an active and emotional 3 1/2 year old and constant noise from construction and just know that I need a “mom”ent of peace.

Yesterday was Greenacres spirit day, leading up to the big (1st annual) Hoop Hysteria basketball game between rival elementary school teachers. There was about 3 minutes of basketball for every 10 minutes of entertainment, so it ran a little long, but we won both the game and the spirit contest. My boys were beyond excited …


Thinking about hosting a child for two weeks this summer, as part of The Friendly Town Program. Basically, we’d get to show a child from New York City around Spokane and let them experience two weeks of summer here. This would naturally include a gondola ride over the Spokane river!  Learn more at The Fresh Air Fund.


Loved reading about Eric, Nick and Fabian and their entrepreneurial spirit in the Costco magazine. They started a company called Chocomize after one of them found a bag of candy that had melted all together. I love to learn about people who stumble upon FUN ideas. I’ll be order my own customize chocolate bar, as soon as I’m done eating good (this month!)


Can’t stop singing this song, because Trey can’t stop singing this song.

And that’s pretty much it, except Taft hugged Geoff good-bye this morning, bringing on a sudden bout of torticollis (twisted neck.) We spent some time at the chiropractor this morning and are soon headed to the periodontist for a gum graft — poor Taft!
I’m having a little gathering tonight for my friend who is moving to Hawaii, so I’ve got to fit in some prep for that too!

Here’s wishing you RELAXING weekend.


  1. Kyrsten Brinkley says:

    Your “Mom”-ents are right on track- There is a running joke in our house that my uterus must be a homing device since that is one of the few differences between my husband and I- why does everybody ask Mom where stuff is?
    I have even received calls on my cell phone when my kids are not only home with their Dad, but in the same room with him. “Have you asked your Dad?” is only met with eye-rolls and exasperated sighs- ah, the joys of motherhood!

  2. I’m laughing at Kyrsten’s comment. It’s the exact same at our house! I just take it as a compliment that I can handle those kind of pressures.

    I love your Friday 5′s Stacy, keep ‘em comin’.

    And I ALL about Subway! I frequent the place several times a week. And my kids sing the song… Any, Any, Any…

  3. Laurie T says:

    Hi Stacy – thank you so much for sharing the link for the fun watches at Scarlet Lime! I just got mine in the mail today (Citrus Splash Chunky) and just finished putting it together – sooooo easy with their tutorial on the website. Anyway, I’m feeling springy and fun with my fabulous new watch. It’s amazing how such a little thing (and really quite inexpensive) can make life so much more fun! I’ve already ordered 3 more to put in my daughter’s and daughter-in-law’s easter baskets. Have a fabulous weekend! :)

    • Laurie,
      I’m so glad to hear this — thanks for telling me. I totally agree that seemingly little things can make a big difference. Happy spring!

  4. HI Stacy! Wow! You ARE busy! Hope Taft is Ok…

  5. Hi Stacy! Thanks for sharing this slice of life…and I’m now glad to have the subway song in my head instead of the McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish commercial (which I could NOT get rid of!!) Have a super weekend! Hugs-

  6. Love your post as always Stacy!! Happy Weekend!:)

  7. Love the term ‘MOMents’!

  8. Jodi Berg says:

    Stacy this is such a coincidence but Taft is a picky eater, so is my Lili. Taft gets torticollis, so does my Lili. Here I thought I was the only Mom who had things issues. I’ll keep posted to see if you have any picky eater ideas.

  9. Barbara Konopa says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Our family did the Fresh Air kids back in the 1980′s. We have four sons who were about your boys age at the time. Our boy from New York City was our kid’s age but was years ahead in “street smarts”. It was a learning experience for all of us and at times rather frightening. These are the things the program folks don’t tell you about.

    I love reading your blog and enjoy your “mom”ents. Brings back lots of memories.

  10. seanna paul-hus says:

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one with a picky eater. My 13 Y/O eats certain chicken nuggets, PB only sandwiches, plain pasta and ham subs. I can get her to drink V8 Fusion which has veggies and fruits in it. I worry about her all the time I hope in time she will try more things.

  11. Growing up my family hosted kids with the Fresh Air Fund many summers, they are some of my fondest childhood memories, it was such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it!

    • Yay Lauren — thanks for letting me know. I told Geoff about this and he seems pretty OK with the idea. He isn’t sure Spokane is rural enough, but I do … we can certainly go find some wide open spaces or take our city-dweller to my parents house!!

      I’m really excited to do this.

  12. Stacy- You are a Super”MOM” :-)
    Never a dull moment at your house.

    Hope there was some time to relax!!!

  13. 1. That girl looks a teensy bit like you & is she wearing a swatch?

    2. On the Renee TV thing last week: I don’t know if you knew what I was trying to say – but you were talking about the journaling note about your son being a picky eater & then having the same deal w/ him a year later or something – the connection that I was suggesting to you was that (during one of your talks on LOM I think you mentioned about how you love yellow & you wanted to paint your room yellow when you were young & your mom questioned that – but that you still love yellow) – maybe there is some kind of connection you can make that kids tell you what they really do like / dislike if you just listen to them; AND I also commented that somehow you’ve got to get the kids to eat healthy. P.S. On that, we’re having the most difficult time with my 6 yr old daughter who up until now has lived on Apple Juice – and the newspaper on Sunday said that apple juice has too high levels of arsenic b/cs it comes from China – even the organic apple juice – in fact the one that has sesame street characters which we used to buy from the health food store was the worst! So I’ll be making some kind of scrapbooking page about apple juice in the very near future!

    3. Are you really taking ideas for classes at BPS, b/cs I’ve got a few – ok, 20! What is the best way to submit an idea?

  14. I love to read your posts, Stacy. I love your little guys with their green hair and green fingernails – what a FUN idea for St. Patricks Day!! I can’t wait! Congrats to Clark and his friends – How FUN!

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