midweek muse on momhood

If you’re a mom, I have something fun for you to do — ready?
Make a list of 22 things you’ve learned as a mother.
Do this before you read my list of 22 things
I found this little movie created by Amy Krouse-Rosenthal and I knew I would LOVE it, because I pretty much LOVE everything Amy KR does.
But … I wanted to know what my list of 22 things would be, before I heard hers.

Some of the things on my list are similar to Amy’s list and I think that is utterly fascinating and speaks to the universality of motherhood,
so … go make your list and then come back and tell me if we (me and you or you and Amy) have anything in common.

do it.

22 things my children have taught me

1. you should buy the decorative band aids

2. shoes are a nuisance

3. cookie dough should be tested for quality control

4. anti-gun laws cannot be enforced as long as you own a spatula

5. for the rest of your life if you see something different, weird or interesting you’ll want to tell your kids (ie, a large yellow duck sitting in the river that runs through Osaka, Japan)

6. a child loves a plastic toy from the dollar store as much as a fancy one from a catalog and they tire of either just as quickly. note: dollar-store toys are easier to get rid of.

7. crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, paper and Play Doh should be as accessible as your silverware

8. it’s just furniture

9. don’t buy Popsicles if you don’t like sticky sticks all over the house and yard

10. it is easier to get a small stuffed frog into the living room light fixture than out of it

11. there’s no such thing as too much syrup

12. toddler’s can move faster than mom’s can snap (think onsies)

13. kids don’t go on picnics to eat food, so don’t fuss

14. sing in the car

15. the best way to have happy kids is to always give them two choices that you’re ok with

16. skid marks are standard with boys — just use bleach and don’t fret

17. clean windows and mirrors attract small hands

18. kids will talk, bargain or even sometimes work for ice cream

19. never take personally the cleanliness of a teenager’s room

20. you can’t pick your child’s favorite blanket so don’t even try

21. eating off the floor won’t kill you

22. never say, “When I have kids I’ll never … ” unless you like crow

OK, now you can watch this movie …

wasn’t that fun?

Thank YOU Clark, Chase, Trey, Taft and little miss Addie. I love learning with you!

p.s. don’t you think this would make a delightful scrapbook page?
Use your favorite colors and random pictures of your kids and add your list.


  1. I loved this Stacy – thanks!

    Now, that I have 40 things I have learned I’m going to make a page… or maybe a little book that I can keep close when I think I am going crazy :-)


  2. very cool! Acutally laughed out loud at a few of those! I think I need to make a list today — before I forget or all the cute things that 4 and 7 year olds can teach me!

  3. this is great, stacy! :) thanks for the inspiring post! we have “singing in the car” in common :)

  4. I try to do this every year – I recall X number of things that I learned about a subject (during my lifetime), where X matchs the number of years I am turning and the subject changes each year (About being a mom, about life as a female, things your mom didn’t tell you, about being a wife, etc)… it’s a great page to do instead of scrapbooking your birthday party (unless you want to). My favorites? 35 things your mom didn’t tell you growing up and 32 things that you swore you would never do/say…

  5. Thanks, Stacy! What a fun exercise. I’m going to post my list on my blog.

  6. My list is here: http://chksngr.blogspot.com/2010/03/22-things-motherhood-has-taught-me.html

    Bandaids appear to be a common thing among moms…hmmmm…..

  7. Very fun–21 and 22 are my favorites. I’ve been thinking about this for a while–what I’ve learned from my kids–but I’ve never sat down and made my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. #15 and #22 were on my list

  9. Loved this, Stacy!! I hope you don’t mind…I used is as my “Wordy Wednesday” on “Words of Me Project”. I put a link to this post as well as a photo of my fave book by you…BPS!!!

    Check out my list…totally different than yours. http://wordsofmeproject.blogspot.com/

    Loved your list…so cute and fun!!

    Thanks for the inspiration:)


  10. Stacy – you are da bomb. Thanks so much – once again, you’ve showed me to be a little bit better at parenting. (PS – All mine were different. Love that!)

  11. Michelle Evans says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Stacy…what a great post…my head is spinning with ideas to use my list which I did compose before I read yours or Amy’s….I didn’t have any of the same ones.

    One of my favorites:
    There is wonder to be found everywhere you look (I think ladybugs and fallen leaves that they have “collected”!)

  12. One I have is that “snuggling is one of my favorite pastimes”.
    I love that it reminded me how lucky I am that I am the MOM!

  13. Caroline says:

    This was wonderful! Mine were more serious, so most of mine were different (I did have one about letting them make choices). A few of mine –

    – Unless you write it down, you won’t remember things that you thought you’d never forget.

    - If you let a two year old “help” you cook, when he’s ten you will be the one helping him.

    - Compromise so your child learns to, too.


  14. Andrea MacDonald says:

    This was fabulous! and oh so true ; )

  15. I made a list too, I have so much more to add though. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. GREAT IDEA! I made my list, and included: “The 5-second rule never hurt anyone” as well as “It will always take 3 times as long to get a toddler dressed to play in the snow than that said toddler will actually BE in the snow!”

    Also – Stacey! Nothing about sprinkles?!? I thought that would be first on your list!! :)

    Now gotta go scrapbook that page!

  17. LOVED this challenge, Thanks Stacy..made my list..I learned..many bad things are helped by a kiss and a hug…and if you spray the hose, lookout there will be payback…best of all I am crazy and they still love/fear that lol..

  18. Yours are lighthearted and great! Yes, #23 should be everything tastes better with sprinkles. I blogged my list, too because, well, I have a thing for lists. http://emilyt-expresslane.blogspot.com/2010/03/twenty-two-lessons.html

  19. Wow! When you have to sit down and think about it, it can be a hard list to write! There are so many things that you just take for granted being a mom. Most of my list was different. “ketchup should be sold by the barrel”, “grocery shopping is faster without tag-alongs of any age” and “kids can be amazing” were some of mine. Thanks Stacy! This was fun!

  20. Mine is up here! Love this

  21. Mine is up and posted! Fun fun!

  22. How fun! I just posted mine at http://www.jpatrick-livingthedream.blogspot.com. A fun one – If you give a mouse a cookie, he doesn’t ask for a glass of milk. But he will tell his friends about where to get the good cookies.

  23. What a fun idea – I made my list and have some in common. I had to put that little people have big ears and usually repeat word for word what they heard – when you least want them to. And that a whole box of Kix cereal really is fun to watch bounce on a hardwood floor:) Off to make a page!

  24. Okay, so I did my list. Did anyone have a hard time at the end? Maybe I was thinking too hard but I did it. I had some similar things. I will sure make a page of this.!!! Thanks for the challenge!!

  25. My son is just a year old, but I was still inspired to start my own list: http://1200somemiles.blogspot.com/

    Thank you!

  26. Thanks Stacy!! My kids are on their own now so it was fun to think back.

  27. Thanks so much! I really needed to sit down and do that today. Mine is on my blog:

  28. That was awsome – thanks

  29. Marge Johnston says:

    ROFL!!! OMGoodness ….. #16 about made me spew my coffee every where!!! I was just actually having a conversation with the dh on that very topic yesterday while doing the laundry!!LOL I asked him, “what is with this? don’t they wipe?” He said, “they’re boys, they’re in a hurry!” LOL Oh my…. I should do a page about this…..:) My boys will thank you one day SJ for the weirdness of their mothers pages!!!LOL

  30. I just posted my 22 things and link to your blog. THANKS, great exercise!

  31. lynne moore says:

    very cool all the way around. My #1 is “kids aren’t as scary as I thought” and #2 is “Kids are as scary as I thought…” I definitley thinik it is time for a page.

  32. I loved this and made my list right away. Mine is maybe a bit different since my boys are toddlers, but there were a lot of similarities. Can’t wait to make this a page.

    Mine is here: http://michelle-livingandscrappingmylife.blogspot.com/2010/03/today-on-stacy-jul ians-blog-i-saw-this.html

  33. I also did my list and went on a more serious take. It was a rather difficult exercise for me but now I will definitely make a page with them!

  34. Thanks for the challenge, Stacy. I responded to it to. I apparently DON’T have the “brevity is wit” writing ability because mine got long…but it was a good challenge anyway!

  35. Mine was totally different. 22 seemed like a lot until I actually started writing. Now I keep thinking of more. Kids are totally awesome. Especially mine! And 21 is so true. With my first, it stressed me out. On to number three, now I am the one saying it’s fine, just blow it off.

  36. Love your list and Amy’s! Glad I followed directions and wrote my list first. Definitely scrapbook page worthy!

  37. Well, I’ve only been a mom for a year and a half, so I only came up with a few so far….. But, it was a fun post, and I think I’ll have to scrap about it!


  38. Vanessa Lewis says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! It will make a lovely scrapbook page with a picture of my kids that I’m planning to take next week.

  39. Hey I love watching bleach, much better than dbz !

  40. Kristy S says:

    Such a great idea. My two children are only 3 and 6 months but I did this list and was amazed at all they have taught me in such little time. I have not had much time to scrap lately but I made myself move away from the “To Do” list and scrapped my learnings. Will be great for the kids to look back on and I plan to do it again in a few years to see what else I can add.

    Thanks for the great inspiration and all you do!


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