my (60minute) weekend project

Totally had my butt saved by this GREAT Little Yellow Bicycle product over the weekend.

I told my dear friend Kerry (weeks ago) that I would help her host a bridal shower for a sweet girl that used to babysit for both of us. All I had to do was bring the veggie tray and a little scrapbook-y gift that attendees to could write notes or advice in.

No problem, right?

Except … I tend to put things like this off. Saturday got busy with cleaning, errands — Addie and I ran downtown and did a little shopping (including the shower gift) and all of a sudden it’s 4:00pm — I’m supposed to be at Kerry’s at 5:30ish to help her set up. I dash down to my studio — clear away my yellow and green page that I really want to work on and start to get that panicked feeling that I have in fact waited too long and that my creativity may still be napping.

Just then I spy the box of new product from Little Yellow Bicycle that came the day before.
Curiously, I rip it open to discover among other wonderful things, this “Decorative Edged Tablet”

Hmmm …
And, just so you know, this is generally NOT the kind of product I am drawn to (a pre-packaged coordinated book-in-a-tablet)

But, I was time-crunched, so I whipped out some chipboard, my Xyron, a bottle of acrylic paint, my sewing machine and …

I had an adorable shower gift in 60 minutes flat.

Note: I cut the photo of the bride and groom holding hands from the wedding announcement to personalize the cover.
The bride’s name is Whitney, which is why only the “W” shows when the album is closed.

When you open the first page, you see “JPW” for Joey and Whitney Plumb.

and … I loved this sheet of stickers, which I used to create a place for Whitney to a list of shower memories.

Seriously, if you see the Fresh Print Clothesline collection — buy it.
As the name suggests, it’s fresh and full of hip prints that result in an Anthropologie-ish feel.
Perfect for spring, Easter, weddings, little girl … totally now and completely easy to work with!

This is not btw, a sponsored post.
This will be my product pick on the Paperclipping Roundtable this morning!


  1. Beautiful book~ I love all the little extra details you do to add your own little “Stacy sprinkle” to it. An adorable kit for sure.

  2. Great job on putting together the gift! I like the product and it’s very cute!

  3. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing such a neat product! Your final project is awesome!

  4. Christine H says:

    Wow, an hour? I’d need a little more time, me thinks. Very cute!

  5. I am not one for pre-packaged either, but I love it!

  6. Candace B. says:

    Yes, impressive, and your ability to “whip” it out is amazing..I would have agonized…but I love the hipness of the whole thing!

  7. Stacy, this is a great project, even if it was last minute! :) I really enjoy your contributions on PRT, as well as your other online resources!

  8. So… You stuck the paper on chipboard? How did you trim the chipboard to size? It looks super!

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