My Lucky List.

7 is a lucky number, so here are 7 very lucky things in my life.

image source.


I’m so very lucky that I LOVE the color green. To find out if you really LOVE the color green, visit Flickr and search “green.”


I’m so very lucky that I have children who put up with my shenanigans year after year.

Leprechaun Kisses
NOTE: If you missed my *sprinkle* this week, it’s NOT too late.
Leprechauns can KISS the people you love any day this week!

Green Eggs and Bacon (this is a first for me!)

NOTE: The younger you start the better. Addie had no problem whatsoever with green eggs.


I’m so very lucky I live 2 minutes away from a Great Harvest bakery, where I can Irish Soda Bread to surprise my friends with.


I’m so very lucky I have friends that are coming to our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight.

image from 2007


I’m so very lucky that I write a blog YOU read.
Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day to
connect with me!

I love hearing from blog readers, so, thank you especially for your comments and emails. Here’s a recent email from Andrea …

Stacy -
I just wanted to say you made my day yesterday… when I saw the comment you left on my blog!
I would be so honored to be one of your “creative women” – especially since you are mostly responsible for my “creativity rebirth” in the last year or so.
It may sound silly… but your way of scrapbooking completely changed my outlook and life – my “real job” (in tv news) is so demanding and depressing sometimes.. but refocusing the way I scrapbook has really changed me.
I’m having so much fun now!  (i even submitted an ebook to ella :)
Thanks again for all the inspiration!!  You definitely have a friend in the bluegrass state :)

Andrea Stahlman

btw, there’s a giveaway today on Andrea’s blog.


I’m so very lucky I get to work and teach at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Since it is St. Patty’s day and LUCK runneth over.
You should definitely login in to your BPS account and see if you are the lucky WINNER of a FREE pass to Tami Morrison’s newest workshop, called Everyday Adventures.


image by Tracy Clark

I’m so very lucky I get to rub shoulders with passionate, talented and generous women (this references No. Six) like Tracy Clark.
Be sure to read Tracy’s guest post on the BPS blog today.

p.s. I hope you’ll also peek at the Mom2.0 art exhibit and auction, where you can bid on beautiful creations to benefit the relief effort in Haiti.


  1. Happy St. Pat’s Day!! I am not “officially” irish on the other 364 days of the eyar but on this one day I am. Four is my Lucky number so my lucky list wil consit of four lucky things:
    1.) I LOVE LOVE green!!
    2.) That my DD loves math, jsut like her mommy
    3.) That I have a super-cool boss and my job rocks
    4.) That I finally have taken the time to learn how to be a better photographer.

    Oh there are tons more things that I am “lucky” about. But those are my favorites for today!

    Enjoy your dinner, beth

  2. Hannah Wilde says:

    I LOVE your blog, Stacy!!!! My lucky number is 8…… (in no special order)
    1. love my 4 wonderful children
    2. love the color green – always have
    3. love my green eyes!
    4. love my 6 beautifu grandchildren
    5. love spring
    6. love my friends
    7. love to scrapbook
    8. love the ablilty to connect with people who love to scrapbook and quilt just like me!
    Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. I had my corned beef at noon today – leftovers for dinner!!!!!
    You rock!

  3. I love all the things you are lucky for! Lucky you! My number one thing that I’m lucky for today is sunshine!!!

  4. I’m lucky I started scrapbooking after my DD was born. It let me reconnect with family and old friends and it’s helped me meet all sorts of cool people that I would have never know if it weren’t for scrappin’…including you. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing. You are one of my lucky’s. You have helped me to enjoy my creative time without becoming overwhelmed. I am hoping to get a chance in the future to actually take the LOM class. Your book has just given me peace to enjoy and continue making the memories without the pressure to get them in a book NOW!

  6. Thanks for sharing on your blog Stacy!

  7. I’m lucky I found you and your blog years ago. I’m lucky to be inspired by you and your music and sprinkles. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom and to tap into my creative spirit. This Winter has been a good one…I started my blog, joined a gym, redid two rooms in our home, and have started making art again. I am one lucky girl.

    • Oh Julie,
      I am so happy to hear you are doing so many things to feed your spirit. I’m going to go peek at your blog now!

      • Thanks for popping into my new world and leaving such a sweet message. Now that my studio is done, I think it’s time to take your Library of Memories Class! I’ve worked really hard to edit our home and fill it things with happy memories and pieces we all love. It’s quirky, and unique, and I love this place.
        With four kids ages 6-12, I’ve needed to feed my spirit for a long time…finally I have some wings again!

  8. I think we are all pretty lucky to be able to read your blog. You give such inspiration and joy! Thank you! You are a peach!!!

  9. This is quite simply a wonderful post that just made me smile huge! I am quite fortunate, myself. I like that word better than lucky. I don’t know why, really.

  10. We are so very LUCKY to have you and your wonderful blog!! You always put a smile on my face! Thank you for all of the wonderful things you bring to our lives!!!
    xoxoxo Green is my favorite color too!

  11. We are all so lucky that you share your attitude with us. It is uplifting and refreshing.
    (I love green too.)

  12. This “LUCKY” blog post made me smile. Thanks for making us readers consider how many lucky things we have this moment.

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